I do not own any characters from the Ben 10, Teen Titans or Justice League Unlimited series. I will only claim ownership of any original characters and alien forms used in this story. For those wondering, this story is set in the supposed future at the end of the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series. There will be many pairings, some of which are cannon but others that are ones that I thought would be a good mix. Enjoy the story. And, no, this series will not follow Ben 10 Omniverse though some of the aliens might get used later on.

Episode 1.

First Meetings

Author: Toku Warrior

It was a beautiful summer afternoon. The wind was blowing gently and it wasn't very hot. People were walking around without much worry nowadays as all of the worlds government had come together and made using renewable energy a common thing for modern man. Some of the technology had even been improved to help people out in their everyday lives. Some of this technology was created by the Justice League and some of it was brought over from a few alien worlds that had begun to open trade with the Earth. These worlds only started the trading with Earth thanks to the support of both the Justice League and the Teen Titans, seeing as both teams had a few members that were from other planets.

So, like everyday, today was just another ordinary day. Global Warming had been averted and the ice caps stopped melting. Everyone was enjoying the cool weather as the heat was not an issue for the day. Well, unless you were a trouble causing alien mercenary fighting a certain young man who has the ability to transform into many different alien beings. Then the heat could be pretty intense and totally unbearable.

At an abandoned metal works factory outside of Jump City explosions could be heard coming from the outer work areas where extra metal was kept for later use. A being that looked alien in origin was looking around carefully for someone. The alien was covered in a black armored body suit with yellow trim. There was an underlining to the suit which helped keep the armor from making contact with the skin which was a red color. The hands of the alien had three fingers each and the feet only had two toes each. The alien wore a belt around its waist which connected to a circular buckle that seemed to be a teleporter device of some sort. The aliens' helmet looked like a motorcyclist's helmet but the back of the helmet pointed outwards in a long fashion for almost an extra 2 feet.

In his left hand was a blaster that was about the same size as a 44 revolver while in his right was a light saber-type weapon. He walked around cautiously while searching for his prey. While the alien was looking around the metal works, a young man was hiding behind an old oil drum watching the alien. The young man had brown hair and green eyes. He wore black pants with black boots that used steel straps to fasten the boots on. He also wore a white short sleeved shirt that had a long black line running up and down the left side of the front of it. The line opened up into a green colored circle around the area of his heart. Within the circle was the number 10. This was Ben Tennyson, also known as 'Ben 10'.

Ben watched the alien with caution as this guy had attacked a group of alien refugees from a dying planet. He claimed that there was a bounty out on their heads and that he had come to collect. Ben had gotten in the way and made the alien follow him after destroying its ship. This had made the alien go into a rage as he chased after him. Ben looked on and noticed that the alien was getting closer. 'Damn! He's getting too close. Man, just when I was about to crack the master code on the Omnitrix this guy had to show up. Oh well, one mustn't complain when there's work to be done,' Ben thought as he looked at the Omnitrix and placed his right hand near the watches center. The Omnitrix had recently recalibrated itself, now looking very different from its old touch pad form.

This time the Omnitrix's armband, instead of just covering the Ben's lower forearm, covered his whole left forearm in a black, skintight covering that also felt like normal human skin. The band also covered the top part of his hand and his entire middle finger. The center part of the Omnitrix retained the dial but also possessed the touch pad functions that it had back when Azmuth had given it to him when he was sixteen. The voice of the Omnitrix had also changed. It used to have a computerized version of his voice at first. Now its voice was more like his and spoke with a less computerized tone.

"Damn you boy! Come out and fight me like a man!" the alien shouted. He lifted his blaster near the oil drums and began to fire. Thinking that the explosion would cause Ben to move from wherever he was hiding he opened fire. Ben's eyes widened in shock as only one thought went through his head. 'Oh shit!'

The alien opened fire and Ben did the only thing he could do, he jumped out of the way and ran for the other side of the room as the oil drums exploded. A huge fire ball appeared and blew the top off the old factory. As the fire ball cleared Ben got up while coughing up some smoke. A bit of his hair seemed to be a bit singed from the explosion as he licked his finger and put out a small flame on one of his bangs. He then heard a small clicking sound and turned around to see the muzzle of the blaster aimed right for him.

"There you are. Any last words before I blast you into oblivion?" the alien asked.

"Just a question really," Ben replied.

"Really, what is that?"

"Well, could you at least tell me your name? I figure I should at least know the name of the guy who's about to off me," Ben told him which the alien seemed to acknowledge.

"Very well. I'll let my name be my gift to you for your journey into the afterlife. My name is real name is Vraznel. But my code name Dodorius," Vraznel replied. Ben eyes went a bit wide as he knew of this guy from some of the reports that both the Plumbers and Green Lantern Corp. had on him. That was when got an idea and he let a small smirk cross his face. Vraznel saw this and grew a bit annoyed with the expression. "What's so funny, human?"

"Oh, nothing really. I was just wondering if you wanted a real challenge," Ben said as he looked Vraznel right in the eyes. This caused Vraznel to look at him curiously. He was always looking for a good fight and not many people could stand toe to toe with him.

"Interesting," he said as he lowered his blaster and put it back into its holster. The then retracted the light blade of the saber and stuck it back onto his belt. "So tell me, do you know of someone around here that would be of a worthy challenge for me?"

"Yep, I do," Ben said as he started the Omnitrix and shifted through his alien forms to find the right one. Vraznel noticed this and wondered what he was up to.

"What are you doing, human?"

"Just this," Ben said as he found the form he was looking for and slammed his hand down on the Omnitrix, activating it. "It's hero time!" A flash of green light covered everything as Vraznel looked on in shock and awe.

Opening Credits. Opening theme – 'Veloncia' (Bleach OP)

Up in Earth's orbit floated the Watchtower. One of the two locations of the JLU's headquarters. J'onn J'onzz was monitoring any and all disturbances that took place around the world and his shift at monitor duty was almost over when the screen blipped with a disturbance on the outskirts of Townsville. 'Hmm…what's going on here?' J'onn wondered as he zoomed in. He saw the old metal works factory and then saw the fire ball erupt fro the roof. A moment later he then saw a bright green flash of light. 'Strange, I better send someone to check it out to see if something is wrong here,' he thought as he opened up a communications channel.

He looked through the registry to see who was closest to the vicinity. He knew that Jump City was the Teen Titans jurisdiction but they were all on Tamaran attending a ceremony. So the League would watch over their city while they were gone. Going through the list he found out that the closest operatives near that location were Batman, Wonder Woman and the junior leaguer Static Shock. Opening up the channel, he contacted Batman via a video monitor on one of the small video communicators that they all started carrying.

"Batman, this is the Watchtower. Come in please."

"Batman here, what's wrong J'onn?"

"Batman, there seems to be a small disturbance at the old metal works factory just on the outskirts of Jump City. Can you and the others look into it?"

"Of course. We'll be there soon. Batman, over and out."

With that done the communications channel was closed and they started to make their way towards the factory. Of course, nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to see when they got there.

The green light faded away and when Vraznel regained his vision what he saw astounded him. Standing in front of him was an alien being that looked like magma rock in a humanoid form. On its chest was a circular object that resembled the Omnitrix. The body of the alien being was covered in a fiery aura and the being then brought its arms to it side in a type of power-up gesture.

"Heatblast!" the creature shouted out, saying its name for all to hear.

Heatblast - A Pyronite from the star Pyros. Heatblast is a magma-based life-form that can control fire at will, either projecting it in a wide range of forms or absorbing it into himself. He can fire streams of flame, create fireballs, manifest tornadoes of flame, utilize said tornadoes to carry himself and others short distances, and radiate heat in all directions for a localized explosion. He can also achieve flight by firing at the ground to propel himself like a rocket. Apart from this, Heatblast is also a highly durable alien, able to endure being thrown through buildings without being slowed.

Batman and the others soon arrived at the metal works factory and began to look around when Static noticed a huge fireball shoot out from the roof. He flew up on his disc to see what had caused it when he noticed an armored being running out of the south end of the building while firing his blaster at something.

"Hey Batman, Wonder Woman, you two may want to see this," Static told them over the com-link device hidden within their ears.

"What is it Static?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Well, I think I found the problem that J'onn was talking about."

"Well, what is it?" Batman asked in a monotone voice.

"Kinda weird really. There's this armored alien-looking guy running out of the south side of the building and firing his blaster at a type of magma-like creature covered in fire," Static replied. This caused Batman and Wonder Woman to quirk eyebrows at one another.

"We'll be right there," Batman told him as Wonder Woman grabbed him and flew the two of them up towards Static's position. When they reached him he pointed out the fight that was taking place. What they saw looked exactly like how Static explained it to them. A fire creature was fighting an armored alien being.

Heatblast dodged a blast coming straight for his head by ducking out of the way and then rolled to his left while flinging fireballs at Vraznel. Vraznel jumped side to side, barely dodging the fireballs that were being thrown at him. One of the fireballs managed to hit his blaster, causing it to explode in his hand, blowing it clean off. Vraznel kneeled down to the ground in intense pain while screaming in agony and yelling alien curses at Heatblast.

"I guess I'm too hot for you to handle, eh, tough guy?" Heatblast gloated. Vraznel just glared at him through the broken face covering of his helmet. The moment Ben had transformed into Heatblast he threw a fast and hard left hook at him, shattering his face plate.

"Damn you human! You are starting to get on my last nerve! That's the third time in the past two months that I've had this hand blown off and let me tell you it's expensive to get it replaced each time!" Vraznel yelled at him. Heatblast just starred and laughed at him while forming a huge fireball in his right hand.

"Well, Vrazy old boy, it's been fun but I think it's time that I brought you down and took you back for prosecution," Heatblast said as the fireball began to develop a bluish/white glow around it.

While all of this was happening, Batman and the others had watched the fight. It may have been short but it was impressive…well, to Wonder Woman and Static it was. Batman didn't really care but he did want to end this battle fast. He took out one of his Batarangs that had an ice bomb built into it, preparing to use it on the fire alien if he had to.

"Whoa! That one intense fire alien!" Static exclaimed. This would be a mistake as Vraznel had sharp hearing and he cocked his head up and saw the two Justice Leaguers and the junior leaguer flying above them.

'Perfect! They'll make the perfect distraction for my chance to escape,' Vraznel thought as he used his remaining hand and reached behind his back and grabbed a small explosive. He pressed the button and threw it at them which caused Heatblast to turn and look on in horror.

"Oh crap!" Heatblast shouted. Batman and the others saw what was coming their way and they only had one option.

"Static! Shoot it down now!" Batman ordered. Static listened and fired an intense electric blast at the bomb but it didn't detonate from the shock. Heatblast recognized the bomb as a level 4 alien tech napalm bomb. Very powerful and deadly and in complete violation of the allowed alien tech allowed on the Earth. Doing what he thought was an only option, Heatblast jumped up and in between the bomb and the Justice League members. The next thing to happen was…


The bomb exploded and the fire of the Napalm bomb came straight at them. Heatblast just floated in his spot in the air without the assistance of his fire power and began to absorb the fire as it approached them. Vraznel took this opportunity and ran for the hills, hoping that Heatblast would be too busy with the absorbing of the napalm blast. Too bad he didn't predict that Ben had a few new abilities since he had gotten older. Heatblast absorb the fire much faster than usual and then formed a sphere of bluish/white energy in his hand. He mixed in some of his fire and then hurled it at Vraznel.

"Here! Catch this you lousy piece of trash!" Heatblast roared as Vraznel turned around only to find the energy blast slam into his chest. The blast pierced his armor and went straight through him. Luckily for his kind, they had very durable bodies and could survive seemingly fatal injuries. But it still hurt like hell none-the-less. The force of the hit knocked him out cold as he hit the ground hard.

Heatblast and the Justice League members landed on the ground safely and then Heatblast approached Vraznel's body and picked him up, his fiery hand slowly melting his armor. Heatblast then touched the Omnitrix symbol on his chest and activated a communications device.

"This is Tennyson calling HQ. Come in HQ," Heatblast called out over his communicator.

"HQ here. Report, Magister Tennyson," a voice on the other end responded.

"I've apprehended the suspect Vraznel but I had to use some extreme force so he'll need medical treatment upon arrival."

"Very well. Good job at catching your quarry, sir. Please state the coordinates so that we can teleport the suspect into his jail cell."

"Roger. Location is at a metal works factory just outside of Jump City, USA. Coordinates are 72A5FE7-B9. Teleport prisoner."

"Teleporting now. Please stand by."


During this time, Batman and the others had gathered near Heatblast but just close enough not be hurt by his fiery body. Vraznel was then teleported away to Plumbers HQ somewhere in space and all was done. That was when all the questions would begin but none would be answered.

"Wow! That was pretty cool," Static exclaimed.

"It was indeed. Just who and what are you anyway?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I was wondering that myself," Batman added.

"All I can say is you can call me Heatblast…well, in this form anyway. This form is that of a Pyronite. I can't say anymore than that at the moment but I hope we can meet again in the future Justice League." With that said Heatblast used his fire powers and launched himself into the air like a rocket and was gone in an instant.

"Heatblast huh? We'll have to keep an eye out for him," Wonder Woman stated as she and the others began to head back to the Javelin.

"Indeed. Let's go, J'onn is waiting for our report," Batman told them as they headed back.

Up in the air, Heatblast was thinking about his quick encounter with the Justice League. They had been his childhood heroes and he had finally been able to meet a few of them.

'Man that was so cool! The Justice League. If I remember correctly, Grandpa's old friend, John Stewart, was a member of the League. I'll have to look him up sometime,' Ben thought as he headed back to his temporary apartment located in Jump City. The only thing is he would be completely unprepared for what was about to happen and the unexpected event that would change his life forever.

Within the intergalactic prison known as Zereb-9, a parole hearing was being held for a certain inmate. The guards escorted her into the room where the officials reviewed her record. Around her neck was a metal band which disabled her powers and abilities. The leader of the officials looked her over and she looked back with her violet colored eyes.

"This parole hearing for prisoner 77845-AZ will now commence. You may begin to plead your case in why we should grant you parole…Ms. Komand'r, a.k.a. Blackfire."

Toku Warrior: Ok, as some of this stories readers may have noticed, I made some slight adjustments from the original. I changed the Ultimatrix back to the Omnitrix so as to fit in with the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien story line somewhat. I also changed the pink energy into bluish/white energy. This is due to a certain development for Ben much later in the story and it will play an integral role with both his alien forms and his normal life. Expect these same kinds of updates for the other chapters as well.