I do not own any characters from the Ben 10, Teen Titans, TMNT or the Justice League Unlimited series. I will only claim ownership of any original characters and alien forms used in this story. This story is set in the future at the end of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. Note that Ben 10 Omniverse will have no connection to this series universe, with the exception of some of the alien forms and maybe even Malware later on in the story.

Do note that this is the 2-part season 1 finale for Ben 10 Forever. I have 5 seasons currently planned out but seasons 2-5 still need to go through the final touches of planning and outline mapping. After the end of season 1, each following season will range no more than 13-15 chapters. I am also taking any suggestions that I might be able to use in the next upcoming season which will be started sometime next year.

Well, that's that. It's been a long wait but now I bring you the Ben 10 Forever season 1 finale. Enjoy!

Last time, on Ben 10 Forever…

The royal family of Tamaran arrived to visit the Anders' sisters and Blackfire is now to be married off to an old childhood friend from the royal family of the Solrudian Empire. Ben, Batman and the Ninja Turtles are alerted by Grantond'r of the upcoming circumstances with Blackfire and they go to stop the wedding. After fighting a horde of soldiers of both Tamaranean's and Solrudian's, Ben and the others are now on board the battleship and Ben's gained a new, unused alien form. The final battle is about to begin.

Opening Theme – 'cod-E ~E no Angou~' (By: SOPHIA – Kamen Rider Eternal Movie Theme)




By: GuyverGenesis

After resting for a few moments, Ben, transformed into Slipstream, used his telekinetic powers to levitate the Turtles as Grantond'r carried Batman by his arm up to the ship. Grantond'r aimed his free hand at one of the hull bay doors while Slipstream opened his maw, gathering energy for a blast attack. Together, the two blew a hole in the hull, allowing them entry. The alarms didn't even sound, signaling to Grantond'r that the Solrudians, as well as the Tamaranean Council of Elders, were probably trying to keep this little transgression as quiet and under wraps as they possibly could.

Letting go of Batman, Grantond'r said, "I think they already know we're on board the ship."

Setting the Turtles down and transforming back into his human form, Ben couldn't help but give a small quip, "Gee, what was your first clue?" he asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice as a big group of Solrudian and Tamaranean soldiers made their way towards them. And each one of them was clad in much more powerful looking armor than those of the sentries outside the ship.

"Ah, just the way I like it," said Raphael as he drew out his sais, his brother's drawing out their weapons as well.

"You know, friend, you would make a fine addition to the Tamaranean war force with your love for battle," Grantond'r complimented the turtle.

"Heh, it's not actually battle that I love," Raph replied. "I just love a good fight now and then. It keeps me nice and sharp." He added onto his statement by clicking the long tips of his Sais together, causing energy to crackle from the tips.

Grantond'r smiled at this as he and the others prepared for battle. Ben, shifting through the DNA library, found the image of Fourarms and smacked down on the core, activating the transformation. In a flash of green light stood the alien form of, "Four…what in the heck?" Ben complained. He hadn't transformed into Fourarms but into an entirely new alien that he had never seen before. "Great, the watch chooses to screw with me now?" he complained, his voice having a hint of a German accent to it.

"New alien?" asked Batman and Ben nodded. "Well, figure it out…fast."

"Not to mention name it," added Mikey.

Ben groaned. "I'll name the damn thing later. Right now, all that's important is stopping that wedding!" The others nodded and, each striking their own poses as the soldiers rushed at them, the group of heroes charged forward. The fight to stop the wedding and rescue Blackfire had finally begun.

As the music continued to play, Blackfire made her way to the alien alter. Coming to a stop next to Joxian, she held a neutral look on her face. She did not want to go through with this and she knew that she could simply fight her way out, but she also knew that she might not get far and the Solrudians would either kill her or declare war on Tamaran. Oh, what was a princess to do in times like these?

As the battle continued, Ben and Leonardo fought back to shell; Ben's new unnamed alien form allowing him to generate green rapier-like swords in both hands. Leo had taught Ben how to duel-wield katana's back during his earlier training and that training was coming in quite handy right now. Ben's new alien form was definitely something else. In a way, due to its looks, it slightly reminded him of Wild Claw. The new alien form had a black colored waist and legs with green trim in slits, the thighs and lower legs covered in armor-like plate padding. His shoulders were shaped like serpentine heads and silver in color and his hands were also black and slightly armored, his fingers tips with yellow black claws. His armored forearms were a mix of black and green and his armor platted-like chest, ribs and upper arms were emerald green in color. The eyes on his serpent head shoulder plates had yellow eyes and he also had a slight armor-like high collar. His head was mostly black in the back and green on the front, to a point where one could not make out his mouth and eyes. His face was black in color, with green armored slits covering it, hiding his facial features. He also had two small silver horns pointing outwards on the sides of his head. The symbol of the Omnitrix rested just between his lower chest and waits, right around the area of his diaphragm.

Swinging his right sword upward, Ben blocked a lance strike to his head before vanishing out of sight in the blink of an eye. The Tamaranean soldier, confused, was then sent right into a wall as Ben reappeared behind him just as quickly. Hearing a soldier running towards him, Ben turned to see a spear coming right for his chest but the weapon was knocked out of the Solrudian soldiers' hands by Leo who jumped up and over Ben, knocking the weapon away with his swords as he landed between them. The soldier, holding his hand, looked up to see two sets of feet slamming into his chest cavity, sending him skidding across the floor and into the backside of another Solrudian soldier.

"Not bad," said Leo, seeing that Ben's skills in hand-to-hand combat were vastly improving.

"Same to you," replied Ben, the two both then running onward to continue fighting.

Grantond'r was helping Batman in his fight, firing off Starbolts to cover Batman who blocked a right hook, knocking the arm away before striking with a left hook of his own, right in his opponents jaw. Batman then leapt into the air, flipping over a group of soldiers, flinging gas pellets at them as he got above them. The pellets released knockout gas, causing the soldiers to quickly lose consciousness. As Batman stood up, a pair of Starbolts raced past his head, striking two Tamaranean soldiers coming at him from behind. Grantond'r, lowering his arms, then jumped in the air and used his hands to slam the heads of two Solrudian soldiers also coming at him as well. A few more of them rushed the two, both warriors jumping and striking with roundhouse kicks, sending their adversaries to the ground.

"This is getting us nowhere," said Batman as he backhanded another Solrudian soldier in the face that was trying to sneak up on him. "We need to thin the line so Ben can go and find Blackfire."

"Agreed," complied Grantond'r, using an uppercut to knock out another one of his Tamaranean kin. "At this rate, we will be too late to stop the ceremony."

Batman and Grantond'r looked to their right after taking care of the group of soldiers that had come at them, noticing Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello working as a team to take care of a group of twenty Solrudian soldiers that had surrounded them. Mikey used his energy-chucks to keep his opponents distracted while Donnie and Raph used their weapons to take them out. Seeing that the line was starting to thin, Batman looked for Ben, noticing the transformed hero vanishing and reappearing faster than his eyes could follow.

"Lingrem's are an amazing race, are they not?" asked Grantond'r as he watched Ben fight.

"Lingrem?" inquired Batman.

"Yes, that is the name of the race which Majister Tennyson has turned into," Grantond'r informed the Dark Knight. "They are powerful warriors of the planet, Phantomar. They possess spiritual abilities and can move very quickly. They can also be a somewhat…what is the word…playful race; tricky too."

Batman thought about the race name for a second. In a way, it sounded like the word 'Gremlin', but with the letters mixed around a bit. They then noticed as Ben was dog piled by a group of Tamaranean's but they were soon thrown off as a flash of green light appeared underneath them. In a feat of strength, the soldiers were sent soaring as one of Ben's classic alien forms took the floor.

"Fourarms!" the Tetramand shouted and then looked at himself. "About time," Fourarms complained as he held his arms back and then swung them forward, using the Big Smack to send more soldiers flying off of Leonardo, the leader of the Turtles having also been dog piled.

"Ben!" Fourarms looked over to Batman who had called out to him. "You and Leonardo go on ahead. The five of us can handle things here."

"Are you sure?" asked Leo as he ducked under a jab and came back up, slamming the top of his head into the Tamaranean's jaw, knocking him out.

"You two just get going and leave the mooks to us!" Raphael shouted as he slammed the heads of two Solrudian soldiers together, sending them dropping to the ground.

"Alright, thanks!" said Fourarms. He and Leo turned to make a dash for it, only to see even more soldiers standing in their way. "Or, maybe not."

"Great, just what we needed," complained Leo. "Well, no one said this was going to be easy."

"Guess it's time to bring out the heavy firepower," Fourarms said as he slapped the Omnitrix, transforming into, "Humungousaur!" He then slapped the Omnitrix again, activating the Evolution Function, upgrading himself into, "Ultimate Humungousaur!" Ultimate Humungousaur aimed his arms as his hands morphed into their cannon forms. "Get behind me," Ultimate Humungousaur told Leo who did what the ultimized Vaxasaurian ordered. Ultimate Humungousaur then fired off a wave of projectiles, striking the second wave of soldiers, taking them all out. He made sure they weren't lethal strikes, but also made sure that none of them would be getting up for a while. Reforming the cannons into his hands, he gave a grunt and turned to Leo. "Road's clear; let's go."

"Right," Leo nodded as he and Ultimate Humungousaur made their way down the corridor.

As the Royal Overseer began to recite the rights of marriage for Blackfire and Joxian, the ship shook slightly, catching everyone's attention. The Solrudian and Tamaranean King's looked at one another and Myand'r, with a heavy look on his face, looked to one of his warriors, a woman, and gave her a slight nod. The warrior nodded in return, following the order of the Grand Ruler of Tamaran without a single word needing to be said. As the warrior left, taking a few other warriors with her, the Justice League, Plumbers and Titans looked on.

"Dudes, what in the heck was that all about?" asked Beast Boy. Superman, using his enhanced hearing, listened for other sounds coming from within the ship and could a battle taking place. He could also hear a few familiar voices and smiled a little.

"Looks like a certain someone has come to object to this wedding," Superman said as he crossed his arms. Robin and Starfire knew who he was talking about and agreed with him completely. Now only time would tell if that certain someone would make it in time.

Making their way down the corridor, Leo and Ultimate Humungousaur encountered even more soldiers. It seemed that whoever was actually behind the wedding was doing everything they could to stop Ben from making it in time. One soldier threw a right hook at Ultimate Humungousaur, only for the evolved Vaxasaurian to catch the punch and flip the soldier over him, slamming him into the ground. He then swatted another away with his clubbed tail while backhanding another into and through the wall. Three more soldiers jumped on him, trying to pull him down but Ultimate Humungousaur threw them off of himself while letting out a roar.

Leonardo was fairing about the same, roundhouse kicking three soldiers before him before blocking a strike to his head, smashing his elbow into the soldiers' face. He used his swords to block their weapons, cutting one lance in half before slamming the pommel of his katana into the nose of a Solrudian soldier, breaking his nose. Coming to a stop for a brief second, he saw a Tamaranean fire a Starbolt at him, a head shot, so all Leo did was scrunch in head into his shell, surprising the Tamaranean. The soldier looked in surprise, not expecting the Turtle to do that, and then got another shock as Leo's head popped back up just as the Turtle reached into his belt and flung out a shuriken, the weapon striking his armored chest, exploding on contact and throwing him into a wall.

"Man, I love being a Turtle," Leo declared as he slid into another kata, preparing for more.

Ultimate Humungousaur, while being powerful and durable, was also a bit too big, and as such, he couldn't maneuver very well within the corridor. Taking that into account, he slapped the Omnitrix, reverting into Humungousaur, and then slapped it again, transforming into, "Rath!" The soldiers before him stopped in their tracks as the Appoplexian let out an enraged roar before pointing at them. "Let me tell you something…you…soldier guys! No one forces Rath's girlfriend to marry some other guy while Rath's away! Not without Rath giving them one hell of a major beating! Now, prepare to feel the pain!"

Rath then lunged at the soldiers before him, slamming one's head into the floor while suplexing another. Two tried to jump him from the sides but they only found Rath's claws jabbing into their armor before he smashed their bodies together, taking them out. One Tamaranean fired a volley of Starbolts at Rath, the attacks striking him fiercely as smoke rose from his body. The Tamaranean looked on, a smirk on his face until he saw the smoke clear, leaving an angry Rath unscathed and looking very livid. The Tamaranean gulped as Rath let out a low growl.

"Grr…you think something like that can hurt Rath!? Well, Rath doesn't think so! Now let Rath show you how it's done!" Rath lunged at the Tamaranean soldier and grabbed him by the head. "Solaris Head Butt!" Rath declared as he rammed the front of his head into the Tamaraneans', knocking him out as the soldier had swirly eyes. Rath let out a roar of victory until he felt someone bump into his back. With a roar, he turned around, expecting another soldier. "You wanna fight!?" He only saw Leonardo.

"Whoa, Ben! It's just me!" Leo defended.

"Oh…right…you wanna fight!?" Rath asked again, causing Leo to sigh with irritation.

"Ben, switch to something less aggressive," Leo suggested. "You won't be able to save Blackfire if you're too interested in beating the crap out of every single person you see."

"You don't tell Rath what to do!"

"Right, I know. So to switch forms is your idea," said Leo, trying to calm Rath down.



"OK, changing forms," Rath said, letting out a disappointed sigh. Slapping the Omnitrix, Rath disappeared in a flash of green light, and in his place was now, "Hellion! Hey, I think I can make this form work!"

Leo was about to make a remark when they heard a sound of small applause. Looking behind them, they saw a female Tamaranean clad in skimpy purple clothing that resembled a two-piece swimsuit with small bits of armor on the shoulders, lower arms, lower legs and neck. "Well done," said the woman. Like all Tamaranean's, she had orange-tan skin and fiery reddish-brown hair and emerald green eyes. "So, what do we have here? A reptile and a shape-shifter?"

"Who are you supposed to be?" demanded Hellion before he noticed a group of a few more warriors behind her. "Oh, wait. Lemme guess, you're the next road block?"

"You could say that," she said. "My name is Suekond'r, one of King Myand'r's best warriors. And you are?"

"I'm Leonardo," said Leo.

"And I'm Ben Tennyson…well, most of the time," Hellion replied. "And I'm here to take my girlfriend home so if you wouldn't mind getting out of our way…"

"I do not think so, little one," said Suekond'r. "We have our orders to stop you here and now."

Hellion scowled at her. He did not like how they were trying to take Blackfire away from him and he had about had it. As he was about to launch himself at her, he saw Leonardo step out in front of him. Hellion gave him a questioning look while Leo sheathed his swords.

"Ben, I'll take her on," said Leo. "You go on ahead."

"You sure," he asked and saw Leo smirk. He was serious.

"Raph isn't the only one who likes a challenge once in a while." Leonardo slipped into another kata, Suekond'r noticing this and smiling in approval. In acceptance to his challenge, she performed a kata of her own, preparing for a fight. "Ready when you are, lady!"

"Well, it seems that this planet does have courageous warriors after all," she said. "Very well…let the challenge commence!"

With that, Suekond'r flew at Leo who ran at her in return. Hellion, taking this as his cue, surrounded his body in a fiery aura and rocketed past the other warriors, heading further down the corridor. He just hoped that he made it to Blackfire in time. He also hoped that Leo would survive this fight so that he could hear all about it later.

(Insert BGM: Shredder's Suite – TMNT Movie 1 OST)

Jumping backwards so as to avoid getting blasted to pieces, Batman landed in a crouch as he tossed out a handful of explosive caps at his attackers, the soldiers getting hit and sent to the floor from the small explosives. The Turtles were doing just as well as Mikey had one of them in a strangle hold with his energy-chucks, Donnie having one pinned to the floor with his staff and Raph performing a sweep kick to trip one that ran at him. All in all, they were having a busy night. Grantond'r was quickly surrounded by a group of Solrudian soldiers who soon flew into him, driving him into and through a wall and over into a parallel corridor. The soldier being pinned down by Donnie fired off his eye beams, grazing Donnie's armored shoulder, enticing a pained grunt from the brainy Turtle. As Donnie backed away, the soldier rose up and flew, ramming into him and sending the Turtle to the floor.

As the Soldier flew at him again, preparing to use his arms like clubs, Donnie flinched and aimed his staff at the solider, glowing end first. Pressing a trigger button, the glowing end of the staff fired off a beam of tachyon energy at the Tamaranean soldier, frying him as he cried out in agony before hitting the floor. The soldier looked a little blackened from the shot, smoke rising from his body, but was otherwise fine. Standing up, Donnie looked behind himself as he heard Mikey let out a yell from being thrown across the room.

"Whoa!" Mikey shouted as he nearly crashed into Donnie. Helping his brother up, the two Turtles where then grabbed by their shells and flung down the hall, crashing into Raph.

"Hey! What the shell!?" Raph groaned angrily as he pushed himself up. Along with Mikey and Donnie, the three saw that the one doing the attacking was a tall and built Tamaranean soldier, dressed differently than the others. He wore what could be seen as ninja style clothing as his whole body was covered. He wore bladed gauntlets and shin guards and even a metal mask over his eyes and mouth. His hair was long, reaching down to his waist, tied back in a ponytail, and his emerald eyes glowed from behind his mask.

"Ugh…man, ninja man here grabbed me from behind after I choked out the guy I was fighting," said Mikey as he held his head, trying to regain his center of balance.

"It might take all three of us to take this guy down," added Donnie. They were strongest when Leo was with them as they worked best when all four of them were fighting as a team. Unfortunately with just the three of them, it might be a little rough. But Donnie believed that they had a chance. They just needed to go at this guy and not give him even a single inch.

"OK, so does anyone know who…or what this is?" asked Raph with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. In a way, the Tamaranean warrior looked almost like an alien version of the Shredder, minus the cape, longer blades and full helmet. His suit was also a mixture of red and purple and looked a bit like velvet.

"I don't know," said Mikey. "But I'll bet it never asked for fashion advice." The joke got a small laugh from his brothers.

The warrior just stared them down, not concerning himself with their form of humor. "You fight well, in the Earth Style. But you've caused the Council enough trouble. Now you face…the Destroyer."

"The Destroyer?" asked Donnie, confused.

"Uh, maybe I'll give him some spandex and a helmet and make him into an alien Power Ranger," Mikey mocked. Batman soon joined them after finishing off the last of the soldiers with a set of sleeping gas pellets.

Raphael, brandishing his Sais, took a stance in front of his brothers and Batman and smirked. "I got 'em."

The Destroyer summoned forth a bladed lance and twirled it around like a master, ready for Raphael's attack. Taking the invitation, Raphael ran and struck with his Sais, the Destroyer blocking each blow with his lance before finally using it to catch Raph behind his legs, sweeping him and sending him to the floor; Raphael rolling away and sitting up, holding his leg. Mikey and Donnie gaped at the sight while Batman gave the Destroyer a mindful gaze. This new opponent wasn't going to be as easy to defeat as the soldiers. It seemed the Council of Elders decided that enough was enough and wanted to end their little rebellion here and now.

"He's pretty good," said Batman as he acknowledged the Destroyer's skills.

Mikey looked over at Batman and said, "Yeah, why don't you go next."

Batman gave him a stern glare, making Mikey cringe in fear. "Alright then…" Batman said as he turned his Batarangs into a pair of Bat-Wing shaped swords.

He circled the Destroyer who kept his eyes on the Dark Knight, before running at him. Batman struck with a right horizontal slash which the Destroyer blocked and then tried to attack with a downward vertical slash with his left, but found it blocked as well. He threw in a knee thrust but the Destroyer side-stepped and then knocked Batman to the side with an elbow strike. Batman went on the attack again, lunging at the Destroyer with his swords but the master Tamaranean warrior countered the attack with his lance, knocking Batman to the side. The Dark Knight performed a counter of his own with an upward slash, nearly knocking off the Destroyer's mask in the process. In retaliation, the Destroyer kicked Batman in the gut, sending him into a wall. Batman used this to propel himself at the Destroyer from the rebound, but the Tamaranean warrior was ready, using his lance to strike Batman in the back, sending him to the floor, before kicking him away. Donatello and Michelangelo looked on with slight shock. This guy had just bested Batman and not many could pull that off. Whoever he was, he was very good.

Looking at his brother, Mikey gulped. "Uh…match you for it?"

Neither of them was sure that they could do this on their own. Looking at each other, the held their fists out, preparing to use an old tried and true method of deciding things; Rocks, Paper, Scissors. Shooting their hands four times, they both said "One, two, three…" choosing their option with the fourth shot; Mikey choosing Rock while Donnie chose Paper.

"Damn…great," Mikey complained as he prepared himself, having lost to Donnie. Twirling his Energy-Chucks around, he then launched himself at the Destroyer while letting out a battle cry.

(End Song)

Trading blows with Suekond'r, Leo struck with a right cross before blocking with his left. The Tamaranean warrior had been able to relieve him of his weapons but hadn't even used any of her powers, relying on her skills alone. To Leo, she seemed to have a code on honor and wouldn't fight with a handicap. Leo found himself respecting her a lot on that, even as he found her fist smashing into his face, sending him soaring across the floor and into a wall. Hitting the floor, he was up in an instant, not even losing a step as he ran right back at her with a flying side kick which she dodged. Suekond'r struck back with a forward roundhouse which Leo ducked to avoid, countering with a quick sweep kick, taking her legs out from under her. Suekond'r hit the ground but used her arms and hands to spin like a top, her legs out to her sides and striking Leonardo with a twirling Spinning Bird Kick. Leo was knocked back and wiped a bit of blood away from his mouth. He was actually enjoying this fight.

Suekond'r righted herself, standing proud and tall as she got into a stance and smiled back at Leo. "You're pretty good, Leonardo," she complimented. "It's not very often that I get to fight a warrior near my own caliber."

Leo let out a soft chuckle, "You're not too bad yourself, Sue." Suekond'r looked at him, hearing him calling her by a shortened version of her name.

Suekond'r found herself liking the new nickname and ran at Leo, using her powerful legs to kick at Leonardo relentlessly, forcing him to duck, dodge and step backwards just to avoid being hit. She was putting him on the defensive and he couldn't afford to have that. Catching one of her kicks, he spun her around in the air, sending her to the ground and then jumped and repelled off the wall as she tried to counter. Landing behind her, Leo started to go on the offensive, using a combination of punches and kicks, putting Suekond'r on the defensive this time around. Their arms collided, each blocking a strike from the other, as well as using their arms to block incoming kicks. They both jumped backwards and, cocking their fists back, lunged at one another. Letting their fists fly, the struck one another across the face, each strike hitting their mark. Leo's strike caused Suekond'r's head to snap back a bit and sent her staggering backwards but her punch hit Leo so hard that he was sent flying, hitting the ground with a dull thud, shell first.

Slowly getting up, Leo rubbed his chin as Suekond'r rubbed her cheek, both smiling.

"Keep this up and I might not let you go back to Earth, Turtle," said Suekond'r as she took a stance.

"To be honest, I wouldn't mind having you as a sparring partner," admitted Leonardo.

The two of them then rushed at one another again, their fists colliding before they settled into a flurry of punches, kicks and blocks.

Rocketing down the corridor, Hellion was about to make it to the main hall when he found his way blocked by more soldiers, this time all of them being Solrudian. Scowling, the fiery Victinite slammed into the wall of soldiers, using his telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities to hit soldier after soldier that got in his way. 'Man, just where do they all keep coming from?' Hellion complained inwardly. His focus completely set on the soldiers for the moment, he didn't see a cage being crafted and thrown at him. Looking up after seeing a forming shadow, Hellion quickly found himself trapped by the cage. Looking at his prison, he saw the bars aglow with a strange blue aura. He tried to pry it off with his telekinesis, but it wouldn't budge. He then tried burning it with his fire but found that that too did not work.

"What the deuce?!" he exclaimed, puzzled by the effectiveness of his confines. He then looked up at the sound of laughter coming from the soldiers.

"Little fool," said one of the soldiers. "We were warned by the alien forms that you can assume from one of our spies who saw your battle with the Utrom earlier, so we prepared this cage just for you."

"Psychokinesis, fire and even intangibility cannot break these bars, nor phase through them," said another. "You, Ben 10, are as good as stuck and shall be executed for your attempted attack, in front of everyone, as our wedding gift to the new royal couple."

Hellion scowled angrily. He did not like being contained like this. He tried to think of a way out but knew that they had made it so the bars could not be melted, electrified or even dampened. He couldn't even phase through them. Thinking about it for a moment, he then got an idea. Could he possibly cut through them?

Donnie, Raph, Mikey and Batman were in a huddle, trying to think of a way to take down the Destroyer. They were all panting heavily and noticed that the Destroyer didn't seem all that out of breath. It was as if he had been shown their moves, giving him time to learn their techniques. It would seem that both Tamaran and Solrudis had been spying on not only Blackfire but everyone close to her and their allies. All the way up to their attack on the battleship.

"Now…at…exactly…what point…did we lose control here?" asked Mikey, exhausted from the battle.

"Maybe someone oughta tell 'im that…Ben's Blackfire's rightful lover and that…we're the good guys," supplied Donnie.

"Yeah…" Mikey agreed, breathing heavily.

"Any thoughts, brainiac?" asked a tired Raphael.

"One, stop calling me that," complained Donnie. He hated it when Raph called him that. "And two, something Master Splinter once told us might be useful."

"And what would that be, Donatello?" asked Batman as he detached his cape from his suit so that it couldn't be used against him again.

"Four strands of rope," said Donnie. Mikey and Raph knew what Donnie was talking about.

In their early days of training, Splinter had shown them the many pressure points that existed on the human body, some of which they shared due to their humanoid body structure. He also trained them to act as a unit, four strands of rope united as one, making them stronger. So, to defeat their opponent, they'd need to work as a team and attack his vital points. Batman also knew of this training method, having been taught it by Splinter as well and having taught it to his fellow founding Leaguers as well as to Robin and Batgirl. The Destroyer looked over to them, seeing the four standing up. They all shared knowing looks and, with the Turtles letting out battle cries, the four of them charged at the Destroyer. The plan was simple; first, distract the target from their true intentions, and then move in and light him up, hitting the most pivotal vital points they could find.

Donatello struck first with his Tachyon Staff, striking at the Destroyer who blocked and knocked away Donnie's weapon with ease. But Donnie did not let up as he struck again, this time with a left kick, which the Destroyer block. Donnie followed up with a sweep kick, which was avoided, and then tried a jump kick, which was also blocked. As he landed, the Destroyer used his lance to catch Donatello behind the legs and take his legs out from under him, flipping him through the air and forcing Donnie to hit the ground hard. Mikey came in quick; jumping over Donnie and swinging his energy-chucks at the Destroyer. The Destroyer blocked the attack and then ducked under a forward roundhouse before bringing his lance down, forcing Mikey to use his energy chucks to block. The Destroyer was quick though and quickly used his lance to catch Mikey between the thighs and, with his superior strength, lifted Mikey into the air and sent him flipping, causing him to fall on his stomach with a painful thud.

Raphael retaliated with a flying jump kick which the Destroyed ducked under to avoid. Raphael then struck with the pommel of one of his Sais before performing a spinning back kick into the Destroyer's gut. But the warrior took the hit, placing his lance under Raph's right thigh and lifted him into the air, sending him falling hard into the ground.

As the fight continued, an explosion from the hole in the wall erupted, the Solrudian soldiers that had tackled Grantond'r earlier being forced out. Grantond'r flew through the hole, seeing his opponents knocked out cold. He then noticed the Turtles and Batman dealing with the Destroyer and was about to help when he noticed more soldiers coming from the two side doors. "Well, this would be what Earthlings would call…leftovers," he said with a smile. He looked around and noticed a small structure beam from the ceiling and, picking it up, let out a shout as he threw it through the air. The soldiers, hearing the cry, looked over to only see the steel beam crashing into them, sending them all to the floor in unconscious heaps.

As he moved over to them, two remaining soldiers rushed at him with intent to kill. Grantond'r decked one with a right hook before planting his fist right in the center of the other soldiers' face, knocking them both out instantly. He relaxed his stance and took a quick momentary breather.

Letting out a small, amused sigh, he merely whispered to himself, "Mother always did say that I had a talent for fighting."

Batman attacked with a dual slash with his B-Blades, which the Destroyer avoided by ducking. He then attacked again, the Destroyer dodging before countering, causing Batman to use his weapons to block the downward strike from the Destroyer's lance. The Destroyer used his great speed though and struck at the swords from the bottom; breaking Batman's stance and making him stagger back a bit. The Dark Knight went on the attack, as did the Destroyer, the two attacking, blocking, parrying and countering the others attack in every way possible. Batman was lucky enough to clip the Destroyer on the arm, slicing through the fabric of his suit and cutting his flesh a bit. The Destroyer retaliated by kicking Batman away from him but Batman came at him again with another sword strike. The Destroyer blocked the attack with his lance and then used his lance to knock Batman against his side, sending the Dark Knight to the ground.

The Destroyer backed off for a moment, holding his injured arm as Batman and the Turtles all slowly got to their feet. They were soon joined by Grantond'r who floated over to them so as to aid them in the fight against the Destroyer. The five heroes were tired from the constant battles and fighting the Destroyer wasn't making it any easier.

Taking a moment to catch his breath, Raphael was the first to speak up. "I never would have expected a Tamaranean to enjoy forcing one of their princesses into a loveless marriage. So, I'll only ask this once. Where's Blackfire?"

"Ah, the little bitch?" asked the Destroyer in a somewhat sarcastic and amused tone. "So she has friends…or at least she had friends."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Batman.

"Fools," mocked the Destroyer. "The Council sees no worth in such an impure, spoiled child such as Komand'r. They only removed her banishment and denouncement so that they could marry her off to the Solrudians. The Solrudians want to control both worlds, so as to have more forces for when they go to war with the Gordanians. They do not care for our kind and neither did that little brat. So it made perfect sense to use her as an offering to create a peace treaty with our two worlds."

The Turtles, Batman and Grantond'r were shocked at hearing this.

"So, you're saying that you would willingly sacrifice her freedom, her right to have a life, just so you can sell your own people over to another race of warriors?" asked Donnie. "What kind of messed up logic is that?"

"Yeah, don't you care that you're selling out your own people?" added Raph. Grantond'r, standing behind them, clenched his fists tightly, blood dripping from his hands as his nails dug into his skin; his teeth grinding. He did not like what he was hearing.

"Pheh, like my kind have any idea on what they should do anymore," scoffed the Destroyer. "We are a race of warriors. Yet we are looked down upon by many other races. We are seen as being nothing; not worthy of mention."

"I have doubts that Lord Myand'r and Lady Luand'r would allow such a thing to befall both their children and our people," stated Grantond'r with an edgy tone. The Destroyer looked at him, giving him a serious stare.

"Then you do not know the truth," said the Destroyer. "The Grand Ruler and his cow have no knowledge of what is really happening behind the scenes. This is all the elaborated plot of the Council of Elders and their treaty with the House of Solrudis." The Destroyer twirled his lance around a bit and prepared himself. "And not even the mighty Ben 10 can stop their plans. Now, it is time that we end this!"

"You're right," said Batman. "It is time that this ends…NOW!"

The Destroyer's eyes narrowed as the Turtles ran as fast as they could, charging him. His eyes glowing, he fired off a stream of his eye beams but the three brothers quickly dodged to the sides, with Raphael jumping up and over and landing right before the Destroyer. "Let's light this guy up real good!" he shouted as he struck with a kick to the Destroyers torso.

The warrior caught Raphael's leg upon contact but didn't react fast enough as Donnie got behind him and kicked him just under his left arm, forcing the Destroyer to wince in pain as he released Raphael's leg. Donnie kicked him again, but the Destroyer grabbed his foot and shoved him away, only to have Mikey pop up in front of him and jab both of his fists into his diaphragm. This did little to deter him as he grabbed Mikey by the front of his shell and lifted him up, effortlessly. He paid for this though when Mikey jabbed his fist into the Destroyer's throat, forcing him to release Mikey who fell to the floor. As he held his throat, the Destroyer was kicked under both of his arms by Raph and Donnie before receiving a high snap kick to his forehead from Batman who had joined the fray.

Mikey rolled forward along the ground and slammed the bottom of his foot into the Destroyer's crotch, causing the Tamaranean warrior to nearly double over as he staggered backwards in intense pain. Raph and Batman kicked at him again, striking him in the throat and forehead respectively as Donnie kicked him in the diaphragm once more. They all continued to do this repeatedly, using the most sensitive areas to inflict the most damage. They were lucky enough that Tamaraneans were similar enough to humans when it came to such sensitive areas. After all was said and done, the Destroyer staggered back, groggily, and looked ahead to see the Turtles and Batman step aside. Looking forward, he noticed Grantond'r flying towards him, his fist glowing with green Starbolt energy. Grantond'r ended the fight, slamming his fist into the Destroyer's gut, sending the Tamaranean warrior flying across the floor and into a wall. Hitting the floor with a thud, the Destroyer glared at them all before finally succumbing to unconsciousness. The Turtles and Grantond'r cheered but their victory cheer was soon ended by Batman.

"That's enough," said the Dark Knight. "We need to hurry and help Ben and Leo."

"Well what're we waiting for?" shouted Raph as he took the lead. "It's time to crash us a wedding!"

The soldiers surrounding Hellion's cage were still laughing when the Victinite smirked. Noticing the smile, one of the soldiers leaned down and asked, "What is it that you find so amusing, runt?! Last I checked, you were the one all caged up!" It would seem that the Solrudian soldiers were not all too familiar with all of Ben's aliens. And Ben was about to educate them on two of them.

"Lemma ask you this again," said Hellion. "I can't use any form of Psychokinesis or elemental attacks to break out, right?"

"Yeah, and…" said the soldier.

"And I can't phase through it as the energy around the cage counters such a technique, correct?" asked Hellion.

"Like I said, yes!"

"Well, did you make sure I couldn't cut through it?" The soldiers stared at Hellion with confused looks in their eyes until they saw the Victinite reach up and slap the Omnitrix on his chest. In a flash of green light, Hellion was replaced by the form of, "Wild Claw!"

The Greedorian let out a feral roar as his high frequency claws extended. With quick movements, Wild Claw slashed away at the cage bars. It didn't seem like it had done anything at first and the soldiers began to let out sighs of relief and also began laughing. That was, until the heard the "Ka-Chink" and saw the glow that was coming the cage fade away. The cage itself fell to pieces around Wild Claw's feet, the Greedorian letting out an amused chuckle as he raced forward and made short work of the soldiers with a few swipes of his claws. They all hit the floor, the lights in their heads fully shut off upon making contact with the floor. Letting out a snort, Wild Claw then ran towards the door but was soon stopped by another set of soldiers, this time a group of Tamaranean warriors that looked almost like the ones that were with Suekond'r.

"Ah man!" complained Wild Claw. "Will you guys just stop getting in my way!?" Wild Claw demanded as he rushed at them but one of the Tamaranean warriors pulled out a gem which glowed a brilliant blue color.

Suddenly, the vases that lined the corridors, as well as the water pipes within the walls, burst, allowing the water to flow free and envelop Wild Claw. Greedorian's of Wild Claw's kind were immune to many things, but water was not one of them. Trying to free himself, Wild Claw noticed the warriors preparing to fire on him with their Starbolts and Eye Beams. Not wanting to become a deep fried Greedorian, Wild Claw quickly tried to think of a way out and, as a last resort, slapped the Omnitrix, transforming into…

"Draculance!" The Vampiric alien then slapped the Omnitrix again, going Ultimate. "Ultimate Draculance!" By the way of looks, Ultimate Draculance looked almost identical to the Berserk Draculance form that Albedo used against him back during the fight against Slade. The only real differences were that Ultimate Draculance had charcoal black skin and looked a bit more Gargoyle-like that Berserk Draculance did; plus his mouth could split open in a similar fashion to that of a Loboan.

The warriors, seeing this change, fired their attacks but the eyes of Ultimate Draculance fired off a blast of his own eye beams which canceled the attacks of the warriors, continuing on until the beams hit the warriors. Instead of causing them pain though, their eyes glazed over, as if they had lost all control of their minds. Holding out a hand to them, Ultimate Draculance sent them all mental commands.

'Now, release me!' he ordered and they did so. Now free of his watery confines, he continued. 'Which way to the wedding?' One of them pointed to a set of doors about one hundred feet behind them. Smiling, he then ordered them, 'Thanks. Now, take a nap.' With that, the warriors fell asleep as the Omnitrix flashed red before bathing Ultimate Draculance in red light, returning him to being Ben again. "Wow, now that's a cool, if not dangerous, power," Ben said to himself. Such a power and form would be used but only as a last resort. He hated mind control and didn't like forcing his will on other beings like that. It reminded him of his old enemies. Looking at the Omnitrix, Ben saw the red symbol and knew he'd have to wait at least a couple of minutes before it was ready for more use.

Leonardo and Suekond'r were still trading blows, the two of them fighting in a sort of dance that only other skilled fighters could enjoy watching. To some, it seemed like a sort of ballet, while to others, it was just a regular fight. Leonardo found himself developing a sort of interest in Suekond'r. She had a level head and fought with honor and possessed skills that few other warriors had. He respected her and, despite whatever outcome came from this day, he wanted to fight her again, to see if he could keep on improving his skills.

Suekond'r had very similar feelings to those of Leonardo. She respected him for his skills and his honor. After she had knocked his weapons away from him, he decided to leave them and continue their fight in hand-to-hand combat. While not as skilled as she was, he gave her a challenge and did his best to keep up with her. During their battle, she could see the looks of her fellow warriors and they looked more bored and irritated than pleased at the sight of the fight. Of course, they were warriors who normally served the Council of Elders so their views of the thrill of a fight differed greatly.

Leonardo struck with a backhand which Suekond'r blocked but he continued on, trying a forward roundhouse which Suekond'r ducked under, flipping Leonardo around until he landed on his shell. Suekond'r then struck with a hell kick, kicking downward. Leo blocked the strike with his forearms, and then grabbed her leg before kicking her other leg out from under her. Suekond'r fell to the ground but rebounded quickly, righting herself but also noticed Leonardo back to his feet well. The Tamaranean warrior smiled and charged, throwing punch after punch at Leo who was forced to block and counter. She threw one punch that he stopped with both arms, locking her arm with his, but she reacted by opening her fist out flat, her fingers striking him in his throat. Staggering backwards while trying to clear his throat of the pain, Leo was soon dragged into a knee to the gut, doubling over before Suekond'r grabbed his arm and flipped him around and through the air, slamming him down on his shell. Suekond'r then went down on one knee, driving her fist to his face but Leo moved his head, dodging the punch, before grabbing her arm to keep her stationary for a moment. With a swift upward kick, he smacked her in the face with his foot, knocking her backwards.

Leo flipped himself up onto his feet before performing a backflip into the air. Coming down in front of Suekond'r, he struck with a backwards drop kick, sending the Tamaranean warrior to the floor with a kick to her chest. Leo then charged and went down, performing a sweep kick but Suekond'r used her arm strength and pushed herself into the air, landing on the floor and lashing out with a roundhouse, catching Leo on his chin and knocking him away. Leo quickly rebounded after hitting the floor, getting to his feet and held his position. His shell and shoulders rose up and down as he breathed in heavily, panting from exhaustion. Suekond'r panted heavily as well as she placed a hand to her chest, feeling a twinge of pain from Leo's last kick. Leo himself rubbed his thumb across him mouth, removing a small trickle of blood from his lips.


The two turned to the other warriors who were making their way towards them, coming to a stop only a few feet away.

"The Elders want this threat neutralized sooner rather than later, Suekond'r," barked one of the warriors. "Now, do your job or do we have to do it for you."

Suekond'r leveled her gaze and replied in a low tone, "I do not take orders from the Council of Elders. I only dedicate my loyalty to the Crown." She then looked over to Leonardo. "Leonardo, you are a worthy opponent, one I would enjoy facing again in honorable combat some day in the future."

"And I feel the same," he replied.

"You know, you'd make a fine warrior for the Crown," Suekond'r said, trying to persuade him. Leonardo just shook his head no.

"I'm sorry, Sue. It's a tempting offer, but I have my own master to tend to, as well as my brothers." Leo took a bold stance after he recollected his swords and returned them to their sheaths. "Plus, I'm here to help my friend put a stop to this wedding and to help him take back his girlfriend. I owe Ben my loyalty. He's helped my family so many times that I just can't turn my back on him now when he needs us most. To ask me to do that, it would be cowardly…and dishonorable."

Suekond'r took his response to heart, smiling at Leo's loyalty to Splinter, his brothers and Ben. She admired such loyalty in a warrior and admired those that helped and raised him and saw that he would never betray them. "A very good answer, my friend," Suekond'r replied. She then frowned as the other warriors took a step closer.

"Suekond'r, the mutant Earthling has made his choice. Now, either destroy him or step aside and let those with greater power do the job for you."

Leonardo simply frowned at how they treated Suekond'r. 'My, aren't we cocky,' he thought. He noticed the warriors each take a stance, preparing to attack him. Leonardo, being one who would not go down without putting up a good fight, drew out his swords and prepared for more. He turned to Suekond'r and spoke, "Suekond'r, no matter what happens, know that I enjoyed our little match. It's not every day that I get to fight someone who is as skilled, beautiful and elegant as you in combat."

As Leo prepared to fight, he felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Suekond'r stand by his side, giving him a smile. "Leonardo, not many men can impress me. So be glad to know that you have done what few could accomplish," she told him before she took a stance alongside him, preparing to help him fight the other warriors, her eyes and hands glowing, ready for a fight.

The lead warrior sneered in disgust. "Traitor!" he yelled. "You dare to defy the Council!?"

"You will pay for this outrage, cow!" shouted another.

"Less talking, more hitting!" Suekond'r barked back at them before she flew at them with Leo running by her side. Before any punch could be thrown or any energy blast fired, a series of pellets soared through the air, striking the warriors and covering them in a cloud of purple smoke. "X'hal, what is this…?"

"Get back, Suekond'r!" Leonardo warned as he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back.

The two watched the gas cloud closely for a moment before it dispersed. With the gas gone, they saw the warriors lying on the floor, each of them asleep. Wondering what had just happened, they soon heard the sound of footsteps coming up from behind them and turned to see Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Grantond'r and Batman running up to them.

"Hey, you guys made it," said Leo as he ran over to his brothers and friends.

"Of course we did," replied Raphael. "What, you think we can't hold our own without you?"

Leo just shook his head. 'Same old Raph,' he chided mentally.

The Turtles and Batman then noticed Suekond'r and got into battle stances. "Careful, Leo," warned Mikey. "Bat's missed one!"

"Whoa, hold it guys," stopped Leo. "This is Suekond'r. She's on our side."

The others blinked as Grantond'r came forward and held out his hand, Suekond'r taking the offered hand. He was glad that another Tamaranean was helping them with their cause. After taking a moment to explain what had happened and after listening about their fight with the Destroyer, the four brothers, two Tamaraneans and the lone Dark Knight made their way down the corridor to where Ben was headed. They just hoped they could reach the main hall in time to be of help to him.

The Overseer was close to ending the ceremony, coming to the final verses. The Justice League, Titans and Plumbers X were getting edgy. They knew this was wrong but could not do anything to stop it; at least, not until the Overseer would ask if anyone objected to the union of Blackfire and Joxian. Blackfire herself was not looking too pleased. She enjoyed seeing Joxian again at first but had noticed the dark change within him. He was not the same bright boy he had once been. He had become what Blackfire once was; a selfish royal warrior who got stuck up in their own little world and she doubted that he cared anything for the ones he hurt.

In the audience of those attending, Gwen looked around and messed with a small bit of her dress. She was getting twitchy as Ben should have been there by now. She was about to go look for him when the Overseer got to the part that everyone had been waiting for.

"Now, if there is anyone who does not see any greatness from the union of these two, then please speak now and state your case," spoke the Overseer. For a moment, no one said anything. Blackfire looked at them all and had an expectant look on her face, wanting someone to speak on her behalf. Joxian smiled as did his family. They would get their warriors and Joxian would get the girl he had always dreamed of having. That was, until…


The doors to the main hall were busted open, being knocked off of their hinges by big green diamond-like rock shards coming out from the ship floor after a flash of green light dissipated. Everyone looked to the doorway and saw the familiar form of a Petrosapian standing in the doorway. His arms to his side, the alien shouted out…


Blackfire had a big smile on her face while Joxian and his family scowled. Myand'r and Luand'r both looked on in confusion as Galfore kept a stoic expression on his face. He looked to Starfire who smiled and nodded to him. This warrior had been expected. Little Keland'r had a curious look on her face, but her eyes twinkled like stars as she thought how cool the warrior looked right now.

"You! You dare interrupt my wedding!" barked Joxian. "Who in X'hal's name do you think you are!?"

Diamondhead glared at Joxian before deciding to use some witty banter. "Last I checked, the guy behind you did ask if anyone had any objections to you marrying the princess." Diamondhead raised his arms and pointed them at Joxian. "And my objection?...No one tries to marry my girl when I'm out of town, rich boy!" With that, Diamondhead fired off a barrage of gem shards but Joxian fired off a wave of Ethereal Energy, vaporizing the shards in mid-air. Diamondhead, seeing what Joxian had just done, and also seeing the raging glow in his eyes and hands, gulped. "…uh-oh."

"You…WRETCH!" Joxian bellowed as he fired full blast at Diamondhead, the Petrosapian jumping to the side to avoid from getting vaporized. "You dare try to steal my woman away from me!?"

"Hey, last time I checked, she was dating me," Diamondhead shot back. "She even gave me her Seal of Unity." Diamondhead proved this by turning back into Ben before pulling the pendant out from under his shirt. Blackfire and Starfire's parents saw the pendant and gaped a bit. Their eldest daughter had actually given her pendant to an Earthling? She really had changed a lot over the last couple of months. Myand'r, seeing this, decided to try and not only make things more interesting, but to do something good for his daughter.

(Insert Song: I Need A Hero – By: Jennifer Saunders – SHREK 2 Soundtrack)

"My fellow Tamaraneans, guests and my friends, the Solrudians," Myand'r began. "Why not settle this the old fashioned way?" The Tamaraneans and Solrudians looked and mumbled amongst one another before giving out cheers of agreement. Blackfire spun on her heel and gave him a glare.

"Father, what do you think you are doing?" she demanded. Myand'r tried to calm her down.

"Now Komand'r, I want to give your beloved shape-shifter over there a fighting chance," said Myand'r. He then looked to everyone else. "Now, let the challenge commence!"

"Challenge? What challenge?" asked Ben but soon found himself rolling over to one side as Joxian fired another wave of energy at him. "Hey, watch it with the Starbolts, jerk!"

"They are not Starbolts," chided Joxian. "They are Ethereal Energy waves and are far stronger than what some lowly Tamaranean could ever hope to produce." Many of the Tamaranean's in the room glowered at him for that remark. "As for the challenge, we shall now fight one another for the right to marry Komand'r. Be forewarned, I am much stronger and faster than any Tamaranean in this room…human," he added, saying human as if the word put a bad taste in his mouth. "Now, die!"

Ben, wide eyed, jumped out of firing distance as Joxian flew high into the air and fired more blasts at him. "Hey, cut that out!" Ben shouted as he hid behind a table. Getting tired of getting shot at by some blowhard alien prince, he decided to even things up a little. Shifting through the Omnitrix, he looked for a usable form. "Come on, give me someone useful. Feedback, Slipstream, Echo Echo, anybody!" Trying his luck, he smacked his hand down on the core, transforming as his body was bathed in the familiar green light. After a few seconds the light faded, leaving the Lingrem alien form from earlier standing in Ben's place. "This guy again? OK, need a name…looks like an alien Gremlin…got cool powers like super speed and weapons. Has a slightly German accent. How about…Blitz Geist!"

Blitz Geist – A Lingrem (Gremlin with the letters switched around) from the planet, Phantomar, of the Phantari System. Their race has many forms but most can be seen as representing the darker beings of human folklore. Blitz Geist got his name due to his fast speed and looking like a Gremlin as well as having a slightly German-like accent. Geist is part of the German way of saying "Gremlin". Blitz Geist is extremely fast; to the point it looks like he vanishes from one spot and appears in the next in the blink of an eye, making him a good choice for hit and run attacks. He's also a great weapon combatant, his kind able to turn ethereal energy into weapons, such as dual rapiers. This form can cause Ben to act a bit childish at times and can make him act a bit like a prankster, but nowhere near as bad as Ghostfreak. Lingrem's are known for being tricksters and will sometimes pull pranks on tourists to their planet, just to brighten their own day and just to get a laugh. Despite his great speed and attack power, Blitz Geist lacks suitable defense, making him mostly usable for duels, high speed combat and reconnaissance. (Blitz Geist is inspired by Gremlin / Sora, from the tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider Wizard).

Standing up, Blitz Geist looked around for a vantage point and saw one, an open ledge on a column. Using his speed, Blitz Geist disappeared from sight, causing Joxian and everyone else in the room to try and look for him. The only ones that were able to keep up with his speed were Superman and The Flash, the two keeping a close eye on Ben's new alien form. Joxian had an enraged look on his face as he blasted table after table, chair after chair, looking for his quarry. As the prince kept trying to find him, Blitz Geist watched from the top ledge, crafting a pair of rapiers from ethereal energy, before disappearing and then reappearing behind Joxian, slashing out with his swords.

"Here's Blitzy!" Blitz Geist shouted as he slashed Joxian across the back, enticing a pained scream from the Solrudian prince. Blitz Geist them performed a drop kick while still in mid-air, his feet slamming into Joxian's back and sending him careening into the floor below. Landing in a crouch, Blitz Geist chuckled, "Sucks when they can fight back, doesn't it?" Joxian got on his knees and looked back, glaring at Blitz Geist with glowing, enraged eyes. "Uh-oh…"

"Heresy!" Joxian roared as he flew at and slammed into Blitz Geist, sending the Lingrem right into a wall, creating a crater under the impact. "No one has ever hurt me before…NO ONE HURTS ME!" he shouted as both of his hands glowed. "For daring to scar the perfect skin of a royal prince of Solrudis, you shall pay with your life, shape-shifter!"

Blitz Geist held his head as he pushed himself up. "Man, talk about a whiney little bi…whoa!" Acting quickly, Blitz Geist used his speed to jump from where he was as a big blast of Ethereal Energy blasted the wall, vaporizing it. "Talk about a temper tantrum," Blitz Geist said to himself before looking over to Joxian. "OK, junior, it's time for someone to go and take a time-out."

As Blitz Geist and Joxian continued their battle, Blackfire and her parents made their way over to Star and the others, all of them cheering for Ben. They were soon joined by Batman, the Turtles, Grantond'r and Suekond'r; the six of them coming through the door just as Blitz Geist was being thrown across the room and into an ice sculpture that looked like an alien swan. The ice statue shattering under his body, Blitz Geist skidded across the floor but was right back on his feet, just in time to see Joxian fly right at him with a fist cocked back. Blitz Geist was gone in the blink of any eye as Joxian came down, his fist slamming into the steel floor of the ship, denting it and forming a crater. It would seem that the prince was not bluffing about his strength. Standing up, Joxian found a flurry of punches striking him across the face as Blitz Geist reappeared before him. Staggering back, Joxian held his face and then removed his hands, looking at them. What he saw made him even angrier. He saw his own blood.

"You've…mangled me," Joxian growled.

"I'll do more than that, your highny" Blitz Geist gloated as he threw a punch at Joxian's face, only for the prince to catch his fist in his hand. Blitz Geist could see the look in his eyes and began to feel the pressure being placed on his fist as Joxian squeezed. "Ow! OK…not a…good idea!" Blitz Geist groaned as he was forced down to one knee.

"That's right, bow and beg for forgiveness!" Joxian order as he delivered a thrust kick to Blitz Geist's chest, sending him flying right into the alter.

As the alter fell to pieces around Blitz Geist, Blackfire had to be held back by her father so that she wouldn't interfere. "Let me go, dad! Ben needs me!"

"I cannot," Myand'r replied. "You know as well as I that a royal challenge for the hand of a member of the royal family cannot be interfered upon. If you do so, then the challenger will lose and forfeit his life."

"What? His life?" asked Leonardo in shock. He turned to Suekond'r. "Is that true?"

She looked at him with saddened eyes. "Yes, my friend." Her eyes then gained a determined look. "But, from the strength I saw of your loyalty that you have for him, I doubt he will fail."

Leo and the others looked at her, nodding in understanding. They both believed in and knew that Ben would not lose. Starfire held her hands up in a prayer fashion, whispering as quietly as she could. "Please, Friend Ben, win so my sister may return home with all of us." Blackfire, hearing her sister's small prayer, developed a determined look of her own.

"Don't worry, Star." Starfire looked to her big sister in surprise. "Ben won't lose," Blackfire told her. "He doesn't know how to lose."

Standing back up, Blitz Geist was holding his side. That last attack had done some damage and he was sure he was going to be feeling every single bruise in the morning when this was over. 'Damn, just how can I beat this guy?' he thought to himself. 'It's like fighting Blackfire on steroids.' Blitz Geist wasn't given much time to think as Joxian flew at him again, throwing punch after punch. Blitz Geist blocked one with his forearm, knocking the offending appendage away, before quickly spinning on his heel and smashing his elbow into Joxian's face, busting his nose.

"Ow!" Joxian cried as he floated back a bit. Holding his broken nose, he curse, "Damn you, human! You dare to defy my edict!?"

"Junior, you don't know who you're dealing, do you?" questioned Blitz Geist. "I'm Ben 10, wielder of the Omnitrix; most powerful device in the entire universe. I defy people like you every time I get out of bed in the morning."

Joxian, enraged with how Ben talked down to him, flew at him in a rage and began to pound his fists down onto him like clubs. Blitz Geist dodged a few of them but found two slamming down onto his shoulders, sending him to his knees in a heap. "You die! You die! YOU DIE!" Joxian repeated over and over. For years, he had planned on taking Blackfire for his wife and he was not going to let some back water planet dwelling ape keep him from accomplishing his dreams. He had wanted Blackfire for years and, whatever he wanted, he always got. It would be no different this time either.

He brought both of his arms down upon Blitz Geist who used both of his arms to block, a deep crater forming underneath them as a shockwave nearly knocked everyone off of their feet. Taking too long to recover, Blitz Geist was sent into a wall from a well delivered uppercut from Joxian, the Solrudian prince then taking a fallen column. After using his eye beams to shape one end into a pointed spear-like head, he flew high into the air. He glared at Blitz Geist with hate for stealing the heart of who he declared was his woman.

"Komand'r is now and forever will be mine, human," declared Joxian. "Now…DIE!" He flew down, driving the sharp end of the column down onto Blitz Geist. The Lingrem caught the tip and used all his strength to keep it from piercing him but he felt his arms giving.

His strength giving way, Blitz Geist didn't know how much longer he could hold out. 'Damn it…what now? What can I do now!? I have to stop this guy! I have to…I want to go back home with Komand'r!' With that thought in his mind, Blitz Geist suddenly saw the world around him go black, as if he was drifting off into a black void of endlessness.

(End Song)

Floating in the endless black void, Ben found himself back in his human form instead of that of Blitz Geist. Looking around, he could then again see the windows of his memories, of his life. Only now they were filled with nothing but memories of his friends and of Blackfire. Groaning from the pain that wracked his body, Ben floated onward. He easily recognized this place. He had been here once before; back during that fight with Vilgax and when he unlocked the Omnicron transformation. His first Emergency Alien.

"Hello, Omnicron?" Ben called out.

For a moment, he got no reply. But then…

"Not quite, kid," spoke another voice. This time, instead of a dual voice like Omnicron's, this voice was singular and was very gruff, like that of a hardened warrior.

"OK, a new voice," said Ben. "So, who are you?"

"You can call me Ridor," said the voice. "So, I've been watching your last few fights and, I must say, I've been greatly impressed. But to use a Lingrem against a Solrudian…are you trying to commit suicide, boy?"

"No, the watch chose the form, not me," argued Ben. Liked he'd ever try to commit suicide. Now, if everyone he ever loved were taken away from him, then it'd be a possibility, but that was far from the truth at the moment.

"True, but you did use the form in ways that I haven't seen in a long time," said the voice of Ridor. "This girl," an image of Blackfire appeared before Ben, "you love her, don't you?"

Ben didn't even have to think about it. "Of course I do. She accepts my faults and doesn't love me for my reputation or my abilities. She…"

"Loves you for being you, for accepting her when no one else would," finished Ridor. "I've seen this. And she's a fine woman; perfect for bearing children." Ben blushed at the comment. It was too early to be thinking about having kids. Heck, he was already a dad thanks to Big Chill. "I see the love she has for you in her eyes and in her actions. She cares for you yet also demands that you both treat one another as if you were equals."

"And we are," said Ben.

"Then you want to save her, no matter the cost?" Ben thought for a second. Just what was Ridor getting at? "Listen to me, boy. Your transformations can affect your personality in some ways, though this you already know. But the Emergency forms can actually affect your very soul."

"My soul?" asked Ben.

"Yes," said Ridor. "Believe it or not, but Alien X is supposed to be an Emergency Alien too."

"Really? How in the heck did he slip by the programming block?"

"An accident on Azmuth's part," replied Ridor. Ben chuckled. The smartest being in five galaxies had made a mistake. "Rest assured that form has not yet tainted your soul. But I must warn you, every time you use one of the Emergency forms; you risk losing yourself to that transformation; the soul of the Emergency form taking over…permanently."

"The form's soul?" asked Ben. Now he was curious.

"Another topic for another time," said Ridor. "For now, it's time to send you back. I will lend you my power and those of my people. Now go, save your beloved and make me proud, kid."

With that, Ben was covered in darkness once more as the images faded away, Ben's mind blacking out from the void as he slowly returned to the real world. As he blacked out, he could hear a name being whispered to him by Ridor. It was as if he was telling Ben what he wanted to have the Emergency form named. All then went silent as Ben's mind woke up.

(Insert Song: The Rebirth – By: Boy Hits Car)

Everyone shielded their eyes as the room was flooded by purple light coming from the Omnitrix. Those that knew Ben thought that he was going crazy, assuming he had chosen to transform into Omnicron in such a small space. After the light faded though, they noticed that Omnicron was nowhere in sight. Joxian, still pushing down on the column, felt a greater strength pressing up against it, actually countering his own power. Looking down to the tip of the column, what he saw was not a Lingrem, but something else; something new.

"What in the…" began Joxian.

"Dudes, another new alien!" shouted Beast Boy as he pointed at Ben.

"Wait…it can't be," said John. "Is that a…"

"It's a Raiderian!" exclaimed Shayera, recognizing the alien that now stood in Blitz Geist's place. The alien, known as a Raiderian, looked over to them for a sec.

"Call me…Hopper!" he said as his hands began to glow with violet energy, the energy spreading all over the column. In an instant, the molecular structure of the column changed, transforming from being a column into nothing but a pile of dust. "Wow, nice technique," Hopper said, appreciating the new power he gained with the new form.

Hopper – Another one of Ben's five Emergency Alien forms, Hopper is a Raiderian from the planet, Kamasa. His race is currently extinct from dying off in wars. Raiderians are known as being one of the best warrior races in the entire universe. They possess the ability to change the molecular structure of whatever they're holding, changing something from one form to another so as to suit them better in battle. They are master warriors, with strength far surpassing that of many other super powered races. Their exoskeleton armored bodies are so strong, that it's considered to be one of the top five hardest materials in the known universe, just under diamond, being at number five. Raiderians can also change their own physical forms to better suit themselves in battle, a trick they learn and master as they get older. They can also sense mana and use their eyes to see a person's chakra lines and, in doing so, are able to use pressure points to disrupt the flow of chi from the chakra lines. (Hopper is a play on the name that some Japanese fans refer to Ichigo as; the first Kamen Rider who has a grasshopper motif. Hopper itself is inspired by Kamen Rider, his species name being a play on Rider, as well as Ridor's name, and his planet being a play on the word 'Kamen', which is Japanese for Mask. Hopper's first form resembles Kamen Rider Joker from the Kamen Rider Double series).

Hopper's entire body was black in color and was covered by an exoskeleton-like armor, except for his neck and joints. The areas of his knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, underarms, inner thighs, outer waist and neck were a soft leathery type of skin while the rest was all armor. His eyes were big and purple and looked like compound eyes. He also had two silver antennas with a red gemstone set between them. His armor looked rigged and segmented, giving him a ruff appearance. The lower trim of his shoulder armor, as well as his wrist and ankle armor and some areas on his chest were covered in purple etchings. The symbol on the Omnitrix was at the center of his abdomen, acting like a sort of belt, the hourglass symbol a bright purple color, indicating the Emergency status that this alien belonged to.

Joxian, in complete disbelief, slowly floated away from Hopper. "It can't be. Raiderians are supposed to be extinct. There's no way you could have that form."

Hopper bent his knees while getting into a stance and then launched himself at Joxian, planting his armored fist into the prince's gut. "Believe it, dewfuss!"

The blow sent Joxian hurtling across the room and into a window that showed the view of the city below. Sliding down the window and then the wall, Joxian hit the floor and slowly pushed himself up. Hopper stared at him, preparing to go again, when his eyes glowed. He suddenly began to see the mana flowing through the air and then looked at Joxian and saw dozens of chakra trails all over his body. He knew very well that the Starbolts of a Tamaranean were not natural and didn't properly flow from their own chakra lines. But it didn't appear to be the same for Solrudians. Their chakra lines seemed to be connected to how they handled Ethereal Energy. If Hopper had a mouth, he would have smirked at learning this.

Launching himself forward, Hopper dashed at Joxian who, on instinct, threw his most powerful punch at the Raiderian. Hitting Hopper square in the chest, his punch didn't even seem to faze the bug-like alien as not even his exoskeleton-like armor gave way to Joxian's strength. "No…that can't be!" Joxian roared as he charged up another attack. Hopped jumped back as Joxian fired, the Raiderian moving his arms around in a fluid movement, causing the Ethereal Energy to swirl around him before he sent it right back at Joxian, slamming him into the wall with his own attack and forming a crater.

"He's doing it!" whispered Gwen excitedly.

"Alright dawg," cheered Cyborg. "Kick his butt!"

"Do it, Ben!" shouted Kevin.

"Go for the win, soft shell!" Raphael added.

Hopper looked back at them and nodded in acknowledgement before he turned to face Joxian one last time. The Prince of all Solrudians glared at the Raiderian angrily before flying at him in a blind rage. Hopper concentrated before altering his fingertips into clawed tips and, with quick, fluid strikes; he struck at Joxian's vital points, cutting off the flow of Ethereal Energy within his body. Joxian screamed as he fell to the floor. For a moment, he didn't seem to be alive, but he slowly pushed himself up. Glaring at Hopper, he raised his hand up for a point blank range blast.

"Come on," goaded Hopper. "Hit me with your best shot."

(End Song)

Joxian concentrated but soon found he couldn't form an energy attack within his hands. He then tried again but still nothing happened. Standing up, he tried to levitate but also found that no longer possible. "What…what did you do to me?!" he bellowed, which got him a punch to the face which in turn sent him to the floor. Landing on his back with a thud, he looked up at Hopper who stared right back at him.

"Didn't you know?" asked Hopper.

"Raiderians can track the chakra lines of another living being and stop the flow of chi through their bodies," finished Shayera as she walked up next to Hopper.

"Which means your powers are gone, pretty boy," added Kevin.

"For…how long?" inquired Joxian.

Hopper simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "Meh, a few days at the very least. But look at it this way, now you get to experience what it's like to be an average human until then." Joxian groaned in disgust before he finally passed out. The Tamaraneans, those loyal to the Crown, cheered happily as did the League, Titans and Plumbers. Hopper, satisfied, was covered in a flash of purple light, reverting back to Ben. Looking over to Myand'r and Luand'r, he asked. "So, is it over?"

Clearing his throat, Myand'r stepped forward, clapping his hand onto Ben's shoulder. "Let it be known that from this day forth, Tamaran shall forever be the allies of Ben 10 and the planet Earth!" Myand'r shouted. He then looked Ben in the eyes and added, "And that, until the day comes, you will forever have my blessing for my daughter's hand."

Ben smiled and was about to reply when the Council of Elders spoke.

"This is an outrage!" spoke the lead Elder. "The boy is human and not of royal blood! Joxian was far better suited to provide a powerful heir."

"Oh, shut up you wretched old clorbag!" Suekond'r ordered, shutting the Elder up. "Brothers and sisters, it should be known that the Council of Elders and those loyal to them planned to use Princess Komand'r as an offering to Solrudis so that they would rule us and use all of you as their personal soldiers against the Gordanians."

"What!? How did you kn…I mean…" began another Elder but he was quickly silenced by Starfire.

"You shall be silent unless spoken too, oh traitorous one," Starfire commanded, forcing the Elder to be quiet. Blackfire patted her on the back with praise.

"Not bad, little sister," said Blackfire, making Starfire smile.

Luand'r faced Suekond'r and asked, "How do you know of this?"

"Grantond'r, the Batman and the Turtles all faced the Destroyer," she said. "During their battle, he told them everything after getting too full of himself."

"I see," said Luand'r who then turned to her own personal royal guard. "All of you take the Council into custody as well as those loyal to them. They shall be tried for treason once we get back to Tamaran." Her guards bowed and did so before she turned to face the Solrudians. "And as for you, planning all of this, just to rule us...you heartless clorbags!"

"Now see here, Lady Luand'r…"

"Shut up!" barked Blackfire, causing everyone to look at her, especially Ben. "My mother wasn't finished speaking." Luand'r looked at her with shocked and confused eyes. Blackfire merely looked back at her, eyes soft, and said, "Ben once gave someone who didn't deserve any chance at redemption…well, a chance. Two people actually. And now he fought for me. So, I guess if I'm going to honor such a lover, I should live by his example…for the moment."

Luand'r, tears in her eyes, brought her eldest daughter into a powerful backbreaker hug, even one stronger than Starfire's. "Oh, my little Bumgorf!~" she cooed, causing Blackfire to cringe.

"Mother…can't…breathe…." She said as she struggled before yelling, "Damn it, woman! Let me go already!"

Luand'r quickly let her go and apologized. "Oh dear, I'm so…" but Blackfire stopped her.

"Forget it," she said. "That past is the past and the present is the present. So how about we try to look towards the future?" Luand'r nodded as did Myand'r and Starfire.

"I think we're all for that right about now," said Superman.

Myand'r, after taking in the moment, turned to face the Solrudians. "You are all forbidden to ever set foot on our planet ever again," he ordered. "Do so and the entire Tamaranean people shall smite you all down." The Grand Ruler had a fire in his eyes that said he meant business. The King of Solrudis glared at him but bowed and left, his aides taking his son with them as his family followed. Myand'r, after a moment, then smiled and pulled Ben over to him as well as Robin. "Now, seeing as the two of you are paired with my daughters, it is time we laid down…oh, what is the saying again?"

"Some ground rules, your majesty," supplied Batman which Myand'r thanked him for.

"Ah yes, that. Thank you," he said. But before he could begin, Ben and Robin were taken from him by Blackfire and Starfire. "Girls?"

"Father, we wish to have a night of retainment with our beloveds," said Starfire.

"And we won't take no for an answer," added Blackfire. She then dragged Ben through the door, a hungry look on his face. "Come on, Ben!"

"Hey, where are we going?" he asked as Starfire followed them with Robin in tow. Blackfire gave him a seductive and saucy smile, which made it clear what she had in mind. "Never mind, I think I'm about to find out."

As the four of them left, the royal family, League, Titans and Plumbers had one last conversation about a treaty. During that time, Suekond'r and Leonardo shared some tips on their skills with one another as did Raph and Grantond'r, the latter two forming a sort of bromance. A couple hours later, the Turtles were returned to their Lair in New York as the Justice League went back to the Watchtower and the Titans to Titans Tower. The battleship would remain in Earth's orbit for a few more days, so that Myand'r and Luand'r could spend some time with Blackfire and Starfire and their future son-in-laws. Luand'r had even suggested on helping her daughters in the ways of showing a man what a real Tamaranean woman could do in bed, though only as a coach and without actually touching them…though the thought did cross her mind. That was, until Myand'r dragged her back to their own bed chambers for the night.

It wouldn't be until the next day that they would all get together to celebrate and Batman wanted Ben to travel to the Watchtower as soon as possible as he wanted to log in Blitz Geist and Hopper into the database. With all the fun and excitement, none of them expected that an even greater threat would soon be upon them.

Within a dimly lit room, a large monitor screen glowed with a bright white and blue hue as an image of a Solrudian flickered off, the screen shutting down. For a moment, nothing else happened until a being began to emerge from the darkness and into the light of the room. He was very big and had a broad, muscular build with greyish-blue skin and wore what looked like greenish-grey military garb, or something close to it. His knuckles and face were covered in spikes and boney plates and his red eyes were leveled as he gazed at a pair of pictures on his desk. One was of Blackfire and the other was of Ben.

"So, the boy saves the day once again, after all…" said the being aloud. He then looked at Blackfire's picture and picked it up. "Little Troq, you will once again be mine…soon, so very soon indeed." He looked at the window of his office, which was on a ship that looked out into the vastness of space. "I didn't go through all the trouble of framing you for my murder of the High Council, just for you to end up with him." Walking over to the window, he clenched his fist, crumbling the picture of Blackfire up in his hand. "I think it's time I taught you another lesson in who your master is."

GuyverGenesis: Wow! That's the end of season 1. It took me close to four years to get to this point if I'm not mistaken. And who's the guy in the end? The one who framed Blackfire!? Shocker! Now, to go over a few things. First, are you all shocked that I introduced a new alien form, a new Ultimate form and a new Emergency Alien in this 2-part season finale?

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