Chapter One

Back to Basics

Renesmee's Point of View

"Mom! Dad! We're going to be late, hurry up!" I called my parents as I impatiently waited for them in the living room.

First day of school.

After being home schooled for nine years, I am glad my parents finally agreed that I am ready to go to a normal school, under one condition… they go to school with me as well; along with my beautiful Aunt Rosalie, my teddy bear of an uncle Emmett, my fashionista of an Aunt Alice, and my calm Uncle Jasper. This is what I get for having vampires for a family, they never aged. Stuck in their teenage years forever. My dad is physically seventeen years old and my mom eighteen. She had me when she was still human.

"Don't forget your jacket young lady, we don't want you to get sick." my mom said appearing next to me. She was wearing the blue strapless dress that Aunt Alice had made yesterday.

"Your jacket sweetheart," my dad said appearing next to my mom handing me my black hooded jacket. "Here you go love." my dad said handing my mom her plain white button up sweater.

"Do I have to wear this? I don't want to ruin my outfit." I asked pointing at the new ensemble that Aunt Rosalie had designed for me and Aunt Alice had sawn.

"Your Aunt Alice said its going to rain sweetheart," my mom said with her beautiful youthful smile. Great, Aunt Alice, the omniscient of the family. She's never wrong when it comes to the weather, especially here in Fairbanks, Alaska. Its always cold but the cold never bothered me. My body temperature is always hot. I rarely get sick but I don't know why my parents always worried about me getting sick.

"But mom…" I groaned. I heard her let out a growl.

"Sweetheart, please…" my dad said with a pleading look. I gave in and placed the jacket on.

"That's my girl," my mom said smiling. "Finished your breakfast?" I swear this woman worries about me too much. As much as I love her, her worrying about me is so irritating. For goodness sake, I am half vampire with a special ability! And I also have a shape shifter for a boyfriend! Though he can only shift into a warewolf.

"Yes mom," I replied as I zipped the zipper. "Happy?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied.

I saw my dad took a deep breath. "Jacob?" my mom asked. My dad smiled as nod his head. "Bring him in." she said taking a deep breath.

I laughed.

My parents aren't too fund of Jacob's smell. Jacob too, arent too fund of my parent's smell. It's the whole vampire-warewolf rivalry thing. Jacob thinks my parents or any vampire smells too sweet and it makes him feel like he's about to vomit. My parents thinks Jacob smells like a wet dog. I love Jacob's scent and so as my parents. Eventhough I am half vampire, Jacob told me that I smelled sweet but not to the point that he would run away from me, unlike full blooded vampires.

"Goodmorning, Bells…" Jacob said as he entered through the door as he gave my mom a hug. "Edward." he said turning to my dad. My dad smiled. "And Nessie…" he said running up to me pulling me into a tight hug. I giggled as I gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Jacob had left La Push to move to Alaska with my family. He lives in the guest house in our backyard. Jake had imprinted on me when I was born. My parents didn't approve of him imprinting on me but what can they do? It took a while for my mom to accept it, she and Jake had a history together back when she was a human. She loved Jacob but not as much as she loved my father. So she was happy for Jake to have found someone. I understood the situation after my parents had sat me down along with Jake two years ago.

"Ahem…" my father said clearing his throat. A code for Jake and I to pull apart. "Do I need to bring out the cages?" he asked in a chuckle.

"Hold your venoms down Edward." Jake said as he placed his left arm around my shoulder.

"Shall we?" my mother asked. My father was starring towards Jacob. Jacob must have called to his attention. He showed a sly smile and nod his head.

"Sorry Bells, Edward just gave me the thumbs up for Nessie and I to go to school separately from the two of you." Jake said with a light laugh. My mom glared at my dad.

"Edward! We planned to make an appearance at the same time!"

"Bella, lets just give them a bit of a privacy. Jacob has a point. Its not cool to be seen with your parents in the first day of school." my father said with one of his crooked smile that mom couldn't resist.

"But they're not going to know we're her parents. We're going to introduce ourselves as Mr. Mason's adopted children, just like you and your sibling did back in Forks. Remember Edward? We went to J. Jenkins to change our identities. Sure we have the same first names but our lastnames are now Mason." mom protested. Knowing daddy, he will win this argument. I saw my dad glanced at me and winked. He just read my mind.

I smiled.

"Bella, we will make an entrance with the others." my dad said giving her a light kiss on the lips. Dad is such a charmer.

"Fine," my mom gave in.

"I'm so excited, first day of school!" Aunt Alice excitedly said as she appeared in the living room. She was wearing a purple long sleeve shirt, a black leather jacket, black knee length pleaded skirt and a black gladiator style high heel shoes. She had a notebook on one hand.

"Urgh, I knew I smelled something bad." Aunt Rosalie said wrinkling her nose as she appeared along with Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett. Aunt Rosalie was wearing a pink summer dress, a purple pair of stilettos, and a white leather jacket on one hand. Uncle Emmett was wearing a plain white V-neck t-shirt, black faded jeans, and a pair of black shinny formal shoes. Uncle Japer was wearing a purple long sleeve V-neck shirt and blue faded jeans and black shinny formal shoes. I bet Aunt Alice wanted the two of them to match on their first day of school.

"Rose…" my dad said in a sigh with Aunt Rosalie's comment.

"Its okay Edward," Jacob said with a devious smile. He and Aunt Rosalie never gotten along. Everyone learned to ignore the two of them bicker except my father. He hates negative entity just like my grandfather, Carlisle.

I saw my father grinned after reading Jake's thoughts.

"Smile!" I heard someone said and a camera flashing right in front of me. There, grandma Esme appeared along with grandpa Carlisle. I blinked my eyes multiple times trying to regained my vision. "Sorry sweetheart." grandma Esme said as she slowly approached me. I smiled and gave her a hug. "Enjoy your first day of school." she said in a whisper. I then turned to grandpa Carlisle and gave him a hug.

"Make new friends and gain more knowledge." he said as he rubs my back.

"I'll make you proud grandpa." I said in a whisper.

"I am already proud of you Nessie." he said in a whisper and kissed my cheeks.

"Now everyone gather up, I need a group photo." grandma enthusiastically said. Everyone smiled and we posed for a picture before we headed for school.