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Chapter Seventeen

The Decision

Renesmee's Point of View…

The drive was exhausting but I am toughing it out because I get to be in the arms of the man that I love in less than an hour. My nerves began to sink in, how will he react when he sees me there? Will he be glad to see me without even letting him know what I am coming? I felt my heart began to pick up its pace.

Calm down Renesmee, everything will be alright. I kept telling myself. Yeah everything will be alright.

I stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank. It took ten stops in total and one night at a motel. After filling up the tank, I went to the bathroom to change into some fresh pair of jeans an a pink plain t-shirt. I walked back into my car and with car enthusiasts starring at it. By the looks in their faces, they have never seen such ostentatious vehicle driven by a teenage girl before. I ignored them and drove away to see my love. A little over half an hour later, I pulled into an unpaved driveway. It looks like no one is home, there's no car in the driveway. Maybe the cars is in the garage. I then walked out the car. I took a couple of deep breaths as I approached the front door. I knocked on the door twice until someone finally opened it.

"Renesmee? Is that you?" asked a teenage girl.

"Claire?" I asked as the two of us hugged each other. "Oh my gosh! It's so nice to see you again!" I exclaimed.

"I know, oh my gosh, your all grown up!" she excitedly said as she was still hanging on to me. "We have so much to catch up on!"

"Claire whose at the-" says Quil who stopped when his eyes met mine. "Nessie? What are you doing here? Does Edward-"

"Quil! I came to see Jacob," I said replied as Claire slowly let me go.

"He's not here Nessie," Quil replied.

"Quil and I are house sitting. Paul and Rachel took the kids to the day care. Billy is back in the hospital again." Claire replied as she walked up to Quil and took his hand. Quil smiled. They're so cute together and I do hope imprinting works out for them.

"Didn't Jake tell you? Billy has fifty-fifty chance of making it through." Quil replied.

"No he didn't," I replied in a whisper. Is that why Jacob gave up and left all of a sudden? To be here with Billy.

"Well he's at Forks Hospital tending Billy. He went straight there after arriving from Fairbanks." Quil replied and then creased his eyebrows. "Wait, what are you doing here?"

"I thought Jake would have told you." I replied in a whisper.

"Like I said, he went straight there this morning. I haven't spoken to him. Paul was the one who asked me to look after the house and Calirebear here doesn't have school, she's in her winter break." Quil said as he kiss Claire's left cheek and wrapped his arms around her waist. Claire giggled.

"Oh okay… well I'm going to go see him. I'll see you two later." I replied as I reached for the door. I stopped and then turned around. "Please don't tell him that I'm here." I said adding a smiled. Both Quil and Claire nod their heads. I turned around and walked out the door. I got back on my car and then drove towards Forks Hospital.

I passed Charlie's house and found my mom's old red truck in the driveway. Charlie's cruiser was gone. He must be at work. Forks Hospital is the biggest building in Forks. You can't miss it because its just right off the freeway. I parked my car at the visitor's parking lot and walked inside.

"Hello," I greeted the receptionist.

"Why hello," she replied with a friendly smile. Her blonde hair was pulled into a tight bun.

"Hi my name is Renesmee Cullen," I said with a friendly smile.

"Cullen? Any relation to an Edward Cullen?" she asked. Judging from her age, she must have went to school with my parents ten years ago.

"Yes, he's my uncle. Carlisle adopted me after my parents passed away in an accident." I replied.

"Oh I am sorry to here that, I am Jessica by the way. I went to school with him and his wife Bella was my best friend." Jessica, hmn… oh… mom's jealous high school best friend. She was jealous because mom captured the heart of the only available Cullen kid.

"Nice to meet you Jessica." I said still with my friendly smile.

"How are they by the way?" she asked.

"They're doing well… I am actually here to visit a friend. His name is Billy Black." I said. As much as I'd love to talk to her, I need to see Jake, fast.

"Renesmee," Oh great who is it now? I turned around and there standing by the nurse's station is Leah. Still looking young and beautiful as ever. She had a wide grin across her face as she pulled her long black hair in a ponytail. I guess she knows why I am here now. She and Jake must have talked about the situation. She's been through that before.

"Leah," I said as I walked up to her. Leah never loath me like she had with my other family especially my mother. She's glad that Jake had found someone.

"Hey kiddo." she said pulling me into a hug. "I got it from here Jess," Leah said as she pulled me into the hallway. "Came to see Jake?"

"Yeah," I replied as we walked side by side through an empty white hallway. "How's Billy?"

"Honestly Nessie, I don't think he'll make it through the night. It's gotten worse since I called Jacob." Leah said in a whisper. I grabbed her hand and she smiled. "Well here's his room, good luck." she said and walked away.

I took a couple of deep breaths and knocked at the door. The door slowly open and there, stood directly in front of me was Jacob. He slowly looked up and his eyes grew wide. He bit his lower lip and pulled me into a hug and began to cry.

"I am very sorry Jacob." I said in a whisper.

"Having you here is good enough for me." he said between sobs.

"I love you Jake, I want to be with you forever or as long as forever would let us." I said as I joined in his tears.

"I love you too Nessie," he said as he looked at me and wiped the tears off my cheeks and then his. "Does your parents know you're here?"

"Yeah, mom let me borrow her car." I replied with a light laugh. Jacob smiled and gave my lips a light peck.

"How about Peyton?"

"I will deal with him tomorrow, right now, I just want to be with you and Billy." I whispered and gave him a quick kiss. Jacob pulled me into the couch facing Billy.

"Renesmee…" Billy whispered. I quickly got up and stood by his side.

"Yes Billy, I'm here." I whispered as I take his right hand.

"Please take care of my Jacob." he said as he takes a heavy breath. "Promise me that he'll be alright."

"I swear Billy. I will love Jacob more than anything in this world." I replied as I kissed his hand. Jacob stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Take care of each…" Billy said as he take another heavy breath as his heart monitor erratically beeps. "other…" he said and closed his eyes. He gripped my hand so hard that a normal person would scream for pain.

"Nurse!" Jacob yelled in the hallway. "Nurse!"

"Billy, hang on, please hang on." I cried.

"Please Nessie, take care of him." he whispered and took one last breath. The heart monitor stopped beeping and Billy's hand turned cold as it slowly slipped off of mine.

"Dad!" Jacob yelled as tears once again steam down his cheeks. "Dad…" I pulled Jacob into a hug and let him cry on my shoulder as nurses and doctors rushed into the room trying to revive him but it was unsuccessful.

The following morning, I was woken up by the bright sunlight that reflected through Jacob's bedroom window. I turned to examine the small room. It reminds me of the size of my walk in closet back home. I got up and quickly made the bed. I grabbed my cellphone as I walked outside and saw Jacob still sleeping on the couch. He looked so peaceful all cuddled up in his brown blanket after last night's tragedy. I walked outside of the house and dialed my cellphone.

"Hello?" a familiar male voice sounded on the other line. "Ness? Is everything alright?"

"Yes Peyon," I replied as I take a deep breath. "How was the drive to Montreal?" I asked sounding a but enthusiastic.

"It was great, you didn't call me to ask me how I am doing didn't you?" he asked as his voice turned from excited to sad.

"N-no." I replied in a whisper.

"I thought so," he sighed. "I understand its Jacob you chose."

"I am so sorry Peyton," I replied.

"No sweat Ness, you two are great together but hey I got to go. I have some unpacking to do." he said as I can hear sounded of doors shutting.

"I am though very sorry Peyton and I do hope we can still be friends."

"I do too and I love you Ness. If you ever need me, don't hesitate to call." he said sounding a bit like normal.

"I will I love you too Peyton and I wish you the best." I replied as I smiled.

"Same to you," he replied and we both hung up the phone.

That's it, Peyton now knows I have chosen Jake over him and he wishes the two of us the best.

One year Later…

"Mom! Dad! Hurry up! We're going to be late!" I excitedly yelled as I waited for my parents by the front door of our house.

"Okay we're here," my dad said as he appears besides me tying his tie and my mom bottoming up the last button of her dress. I don't want to know what had just happened between the two of them causing them to be late.


"Backpack?" my mom said with an eyebrows raised.

"Check." I said flashing her my pink messenger bag. "Sweater check." I said before they could bother me about the sweater because of the weather outside. "Cellphone check. Car Keys check." I said with a bright smile.

"Alright," my mom said with a smile as she grabs her black computer bag and so did my dad.

"Forks High school here we come." my said in a light laugh.

"Again." my mother said with a giggle.

"I'm here!" aunt Alice said as she appeared downstairs. Followed by uncle Jasper, uncle Emmett, and aunt Rosalie.

You've guessed it, the Cullens are back in Forks. Well… except for Carlisle and Esmee. Story is the two of them stayed in Alaska while the Cullen kids returned to Forks. Aunt Alice is the new dance team couch and the theater teacher. Uncle Jasper is the new world history professor, uncle Emmett is the new gym coach, aunt Rosalie is the new guidance counselor, my mom is the new English teacher, and my father the new Spanish teacher. When Forks High school found out that the Cullen kids applied for a job in their school, they gladly hired them on the spot. I on the other hand pretended to be my dad's niece who lives with him and my mother because I lost my parents from a tragic car accident.

"Well… see you guys at school." I said with a bright smile as I walked out of the front door. I hopped inside my white Cadillac escalade that my father had bought for me and drove to school. Just like I have remembered from my parent's instructions. It wasn't that hard to find Forks High, just like everything else in here, its right off the freeway.

As I was about to turn into the school's student parking lot. Red and blue lights started flashing behind me. Oh no… was I speeding? I pulled over on the side of the road and placed my car into park. I saw a police office approaching me. He took his aviator sunglasses off and knocked on my window. I smiled and rolled the window down. "Why hello there officer Black." I laughed.

"Morning there ma'am." he said with a bright smile as he peeked inside my car.

"Oh what on earth did I do wrong to get pulled over?" I asked still keeping my smile in tact.

"For being too beautiful and for your dear boyfriend to greet you good morning and wishing a great day at school." he said as he leaned inside to give me a quick kiss. Ever since Billy passed away. Jacob started hanging out with grandpa Charlie. There, grandpa recommended him to the police academy and within a year Jacob earned his badge. He loves being a cop and he lives in a small house next door to grandpa Charlie.

"Jake…" I giggled. "I have to get to class."

"Alright, I'll see you at dinner tonight?" he asked.

"Of course." I replied as I gave him one last kiss and drove towards the parking lot.

As I stepped out of the car, envying eyes followed me. I smiled and I am now used to this. This is what it means to be a Cullen. Always envied by humans if only they know our little secret… As I entered the school, there I saw three people with pale skin like my family. One girl with a waist length wavy black hair wearing a light blue knee length dress and a white flat shoes, another with shoulder length blonde hair wearing a black jean mini skirt, a plain green v neck shirt and a black stilettos. Then a guy with light brown spiky hair wearing a plain black t-shirt, black pants, and a black leather formal shoes. Their golden brown eyes locked towards mine. Hmn… I guess this time around the Cullen aren't the only vampires in school.

Well… I am Renesmee Cullen after all and high schools will never be the same when I'm around.

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