My First day at Forks High, Washington. I climbed out of my Dark Blue Jaguar XF; I closed the door and turned around only to see about 50 pairs of eyes on me… or was it my car?

I walked towards the building that looked like the office, trying to ignore the stares I got from the males and the glares I got from the females.

I entered the office and walked up to the old lady sitting behind the desk.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan." I introduced myself, the old lady looked up from her computer screen a smiled kindly at me.

"Hello Isabella, Here is your class schedule along with a map of the school. Please get your teachers to sign this form and at the end of the day please bring it back here. I hope you have a lovely day dear" I smiled and nodded a thank you before making my way outside, I checked the time 8:30, I still had 20 minutes before class so I sat on the closest bench under a big old oak tree to look at my Schedule.

Isabella Swan – Schedule

8:50 – 9:00am: Locker time

9:05 – 10:00am: English, room 214

10:05 – 11:00am Biology, room 109

11:00am – 12:30pm: Lunch

12:35 – 1:30pm: PE, In the Gym

1:35 - 2:30pm: Math's, room 230

2:35 – 3:05pm: Homework Club, room 130

Home work club? Well that's new. I checked my phone for the time, 8:49. I Decided now was a good time to find my locker.

I checked my locker number, 33. And took of to find it. It wasn't hard to find, I just followed the rest of the students.

When I found my locker number I put my stuff in the locker and took out my books for English and Biology along with the form I needed to get signed by my teachers.

I think I must have turned around a bit to fast because I bumped into someone.

"OUCH, shit I'm so sorry!" I didn't look at who I ran into I was too busy picking up the books I dropped on the floor.

"It's ok, you didn't exactly know I was standing beside you" The girl said. I looked up to see a short, well very short black haired girl. She was very pretty and had big green eyes. I quickly looked away hoping she didn't realize I was staring at her.

"Hey, I'm Alice Cullen. You must be Isabella Swan, the new girl. Nice to meet you" I watched Alice jump up and down. Wow she had a lot of energy.

"Hi, just call me Bella. People only call me Isabella when they are angry at me" I told her with a small laugh.

"Well, Bella. What classes do you have now?" Alice asked with a big smile on her face. I liked her, she was nice.

"Umm I have English in room 214 and then Biology in room 109" maybe she would be in one of my classes; at least I would know one person.

"REALLY?? I have English with you" She said with a big smile. "And then you have biology with my brother" She frowned while she mentioned her brother. I ignored the weird look she had on her face.

"Well we better get going to class then" I said while I started walking towards English, I stopped and turned around to face Alice, "Ahh Alice, I don't know where I am supposed to be going" She laughed and grabbed my hand and started to drag me towards the English room

"Hey Bella, do you want to come over to my house after school? We can watch some movies and give each other make over. OHH it will be so fun" I laughed at how excited she sounded "Yeah sure Alice, I would love to".

Then she started jumping up and down again, god where did she get all this energy from. "Awesome Bella, oh I no we are going to be best friends!" I smiled at her a nodded.

We walked into class, and I went up to the teacher and introduced myself and gave her the form to sign. "Welcome to Forks High Bella, I'm Mrs. Long. Please take a seat anywhere you like" I smiled and thanked her. I saw the seat next to Alice was free so I went and sat down next to her.

English went by rather fast and before I new it I was in Biology. Again I went and spoke to the teacher and handed my form to be signed. He told me his name was Mr. Banner and assigned me a seat by the window. I went and sat down.

I started to doodle on my note book when I heard the seat next to mine scrape; I looked up to see who it was. It was a guy, a very good looking guy. He had Bronze hair that was messy, pale skin and emerald green eyes.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Isabella Swan" I blushed "Bella" I corrected him. He smiled the most dazzling crooked smile "Bella it is then" I smile and looked back down at my book and started doodling again.

Through out the class I keep stealing glances at Edward, only to find him staring at me. Which made me blush, then it clicked, Edward was Alice's brother. I wonder why she had that weird look on her face. He seems to be alright.

Then the bell rang signaling lunch. I jumped up remember my plans to meet Alice at my locker. I practically jogged to my locker, I saw Alice already there.

"Hey Alice, ready?" She smiled and nodded then started leading the way to the cafeteria.

When we got to the cafeteria we went and got out food then sat down at an empty table. About 2minutes later the cafeteria was packed with students.

"Bella, these are my friends, Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett" I smiled and said hello, then Alice went to tell me that Rosalie and Jasper were best friends, Emmett was he brother and Jasper was her boyfriend and Rosalie and Emmett where also Dating.

Then Edward walked in and came over to our table and sat next to me.

"Hey Bella" He smiled at me "Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice" He greeted the others with a slight nod.

"I see you have met Bella already, Edward?" Alice asked Edward. Edward smiled and said yep. We all started a light conversation.

"So, Bella. Where did you come from?" Rosalie asked. I smiled "Phoenix, I moved here to live with my dad" Rosalie Nodded.

"So why aren't you tanned then? Isn't it really sunny in Phoenix" Emmett asked I frowned at him and just turned my head away and he burst into a booming laughter that if he was sitting next to me would have deafened me. Rosalie smacked the back of his head and I giggled.

"Hey" I heard from behind me, I turned around to see a tall blonde haired blue eyed boy standing behind me smiling. He was good-looking, he had a baby face. I smiled and said hi then turned back around to face my new friends.

"Your Bella right?" The boy asked, I turned back around and said yes.

"I'm Mike Newton" I smiled "Nice to meet you Mike" I said with a slight annoyed smile. Didn't he get that I was busy talking to my friends.

"Ahh I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner sometime, maybe Saturday night" He said while looking at his feet. I could here my friends stifling their giggles behind me.

"Sorry, Mike is it? Um well im kinda busy on the weekend. Sorry" I could have said that nicer but this guy didn't even know me and didn't try to get to know me before asking me on a date.

"That's Ok, maybe another time when your not busy" He sounded hopeful, I was about to say something when Edward cut me off. "Mike she isn't interested, please leave" Mike looked up shocked, muttered a sorry then walked off.

Everyone burst into a fit of laughter and I turned beet red. The bell rang and I got up to head off to PE. The rest of the day flew by in a breeze.

I was standing at my car waiting for Alice. "hey Bella, I'm going to take Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper to my house, I asked Edward to ride with you so you no where to go. He should be here in a mintute. I'll see you at my house" I smiled and nodded.

"Hey Bella, Let's go" Edward said as he climbed into the passenger side of my car.

We drove to his house in comfortable silence. "I like your car" Edward said.

"Thanks, my dad brought it for me as a welcome home present"

About 20minutes later we arrived at his house. I got out of my car and looked at the beautiful white house. When we walked in I was even more shocked with who I saw standing there, right in front of me.

Why is she here? I thought she was still back in Phoenix.