Two Days Later

I am currently sitting in Edward's lounge room waiting for his parents to come in. We were going to tell them I'm pregnant. I have been wearing a baggy top to hide the small bump forming, we wanted to tell them, not have them find out.

"Hello Bella" Esme greeted me as she walked into the room, Carlisle following close behind her.

"Hi Esme, Carlisle how are you?" I asked

"Very well dear thank you"

They sat down opposite me and Edward; I didn't know how to start. I just sort of blurted it out to my dad but Esme and Carlisle are not my parents.

I looked at Edward expecting him to say something but he was too busy looking at the roof. I rolled my eyes and nudged him hard in the ribs.

"OUCH… what?" He grumbled

Esme and Carlisle were waiting patiently for us to tell them what we wanted to tell them.

"Tell them" I hissed

"Tell them what?" He asked, pretending to act as if he had no idea what I was talking about.

"Edward" I warned

"Alright, alright" He sighed. He ran his hand through his unruly hair and focused his eyes on the ground.

"Well… ahh…. Mum… dad…. Me and Bella… well…. We… you see…" He trailed off

"Just tell them" I growled

"I am pregnant!" I started giggling at how he put it, Carlisle and Esme's eyes grew wide "I mean we are pregnant…. SHE IS PREGNANT"

"Finally got it right" I laughed

'"Shut up" He muttered

"Well Edward, I'm certainly glad you're not pregnant" Carlisle laughed

I looked at him astound that he was actually laughing.

"You're pregnant?' Esme asked me

I looked at her and nodded my head.

"When did you find out?"

"I was six weeks when we found out, I'm ten weeks now" I told them

"And you want to keep it?" Carlisle asked, looking at us carefully. His expression suddenly turned serious.

"Yes we do" Edward answered as he took my hand in his.

Esme smiled at me kindly "Well, there isn't anything we can do apart from support you"

"Really? You're not going to yell at us and tell us we are making a mistake?" I knew that they would take it well, but I expected some kind of lecture.

"No" Esme replied, shaking her head

"If you guys are happy and are sure about this then we will support you one hundred percent" Carlisle said with a smile.

"And you got nervous" I muttered to Edward

"Their my parents" he replied matter-of-factly

"We want you guys to be able to tell us anything, Edward please don't get nervous when you have something you want to say"

"Thanks Mum" Edward replied, he stood up and gave her a hug.

"Well, congratulations" Carlisle laughed, he opened his arms offering me a hug. I complied by returning it.

"Are you finding out the sex?" Esme asked

"I think so"

"Yeah, if we don't we will probably get a whole heap of yellow and white stuff" I laughed

"That's a good point" She grinned "What about a baby shower?"

"I'll be planning that" I turned around to see Alice walking down the stairs

"Alice no I don't want a ba-"

"Shush Bella, you are having a baby shower whether you like it or not"

"No, I don't want on-"

"Again SHOOSH you are having one." I opened my mouth the refuse again but Edward covered my mouth with his hand.

"Just let her do it love, other wise we will be standing here forever arguing with her"

"Fine" I mumbled under his hand, I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at Alice who was dancing around the kitchen getting dinner ready.

"Staying for dinner Bells?" She called


"Good, call Charlie and let him know"


"Bella" Edward laughed "Don't argue with her"

"You guys seriously suck!" I growled

Esme and Carlisle were laughing as they watched us "It's not funny" I whined

"It's kind of funny" Alice yelled


"You can defiantly tell she is pregnant" I heard Esme mumble

I shot her a look before storming upstairs muttering profanities under my breath.


There we go, sorry I know it's short!

I hope you guys still liked it; I thought it was better to post a short chapter then to post nothing at all.

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