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Beep, Beep, Beep.

Beep, Be-.

My hand slammed down on the extremly annoying alarm clock, crushing it to tiny, minescule, metal pieces; I had been downstairs when it began to ring, to signal the time Emmett said he would be back, the second I heard the clock I sprinted to towards the bothersome noise, already the anger was boiling up inside me, he said he'd be back by 6:30 and he wasn't home, I'd given him two days to hunt with Jasper and Edward wherever they liked, it irritated me that he could dare to be late home when he knows how bored I get after two days of shopping and talking to Bella and Alice on the webcam, both of them would surely recieve their vampire other halfs on time, Jasper and Edward were the true romantics, my Emmett, well, he would be in serious trouble for being...

"Baby, I'm home!" Emmett hurled himself towards me, pushing me up against the wall and passionately kissing me, I pushed the oaf of me and brushed myself down, he knew he would be in for it.

"Where exactly did you get of to Emmett Cullen, you are exactly 6.8 seconds late and I have been bored out of my brains for the last two days while you jumped about the place with your brothers, I know that they would get home on time, they would be getting home early most probably, did you not miss me?"

I sped forward so my face was only millimetres from his my hair brushing against his cheek. He inched back a little and answered in a small voice.

"I wanted to get one extra bear, I wanted to beat them,"

"EMMETT CULLEN – what have I told you about doing this to me."

I let out a loud moan and pushed my lips against his, I tasted a little animal blood on his lips and my passion rose even higher, I pushed him against the wall, quickly ripping his shirt from his muscular frame.

"Baby, I've missed you." I murmered, getting into the kiss, our perfectly practiced tongues pleasuring each other in turn.

And then the moment was ruined. The mobile in my pocket began beeping out an arrogant lady gaga tune which I had boredly downloaded the day before, Emmett moaned, making it even harder to break away from the lustful kiss, I lifted the phone to my ear and flipped it open just as I pushed my husband of many times of of me.


"Yes Carlisle, What is it," I knew I sounded exasperated but it really couldn't be helped. I was doing all I could to actually answer the phone.

"I need to see you and Emmett, no one knows except Esme, since the family have been split for a couple of months, Edward hasn't been here, so except from Esme you will be first to know."

"Carlisle, what is it," Despite my desirious mood, I was intrigued, why couldn't he just say it on the phone?

"I can't tell you over the phone, it's too important," he spoke the words with hope and excitement, Emmett by this time had stripped to his blue boxers and was standing next to me listening silently to the conversation, his face twisted a little into an expression that was clearly ready for me to put down the phone and do it with him right then and there.

"I don't want to tell you till I can see you both face to face, would it be ok if Esme and I came over tomorrow?"

I scanned the pristine house, I had also used the time in which Emmett wasn't here to distract me to replaster and paint, and just in general to fix the broken parts of the beautiful house which had been sadly ravaged by Emmett and I's over excitement, it was almost a shame to do it to the stunning homes Esme had bought and decorated for us. Almost...

"Yes, of course you can, you're welcome anytime, I miss having my family around all the time, but I suppose Edward and Bella need there time with Renesmee, even though I miss her millions, will we invite everyone?"

"No, no, it's just you two I need to speak to."

"Thanks, then."

"See you tomorrow."

With that I hung up the phone and whispered in my husbands ear how gentle we would have to be with the place due to Carlisle and Esme untimely visit. He nodded quickly and we started back at where we had left off...

I towel dried my hair as quickly as I could, Emmett and I's "fun time" had ran overtime and now we had a few minutes to get ready for Crlisle and Esme and I still had to dry out my hair – only Emmett was ever allowed to see my hair in the state which it was residing in this morning, I dried faster, my hair dry after just 45 seconds of the fast movements, my high voltage straighteners were heatd to full and I swiftly pulled them through my soft blonde locks having that done in a record breaking 5 seconds, only about 1 minute before carlise and esme turned up, I ran to my closet, smacking into Emmett I was in such a hurry, he was perfectly dressed in the dark ripped jeans, tight black v-neck and black converses I had laid out for him. I felt a wave of desire as I eyed the tight clinging top.

I gave out a low menacing growl as I side stepped him, pulling open the doors to my humongous violet closet, I decided to go for the smart and sexy look and picked up a deep red pencil skirt with a slit up to my kneee, a frilled white blouse and deep red beads to go, I slipped on spiked red heals with several white straps and took of downstairs just as I heard Esme and Carlisle's voice.

"A true lady is always fashionably late," I laughed as I hugged both Esme and Carlisle.

"And you are most definetly a lady," Emmett winked, from the corner of my eye I saw Carlisle and Esme share a private joke over our love life with there eyes and quickly invited them into the sublime living room.

We all seated ourselves holding our partners, I was snuggled into my bear of a vampire and Carlisle and Esme were sweetly holding arms and sitting squashed together.

"Rosalie, Emmett, what I am about to tell you, you must consider all of the proceedings before you give me a yes or no, especially you Rosalie," he gave me a small smile and then continued, "I believe I have developed a way to make you become pregnant." I gasped, it was unbelievably, I loved Emmett with everything I could, but there would always be that missing part of me which yearned for a child, Edward and Bella having Renesmee only made it ache harder, I thought I would always have to settle for being cool Aunt Rosalie.

No matter the proceedings, my mind was already made up, and nothing would change that.

I opened my mouth to speak, and Carlisle put a finger to his lips, I noticed Esme give his hand the tinest squeeze and he ploughed on, I leaned harder on Emmett and he seemed to pull me closer to me, his unneeded breathing increasing, his arms snaking themselves around my slim waist.

"I have been trying to develop this for years, 50 at least, and in the past month I made a huge break through, in theory, everything should work, it was supposed to be for Esme, but we already have our children and even a grandchild, we're not exactly sure if we want an addition at the moment, I was thinking of just putting it in a corner of such and waiting till the time was right, then Esme reminded me of your desire for a child, it wasn't really that I forgot, it was just that I wasn't really convinced you would want to go through it." Esme gave me a little smile and I beamed back, a chance for a child was really a chance for contentment..

"If I tell you this and you don't want to do it, then it's okay, it's alot to ask of you," he looked directly at me when he spoke, scaring me.

"Tell me," I squeaked. Emmett heard the fear in my voice and whispered into my ear words of encouragement, holding me even tighter, making me feel safe, just like he had always been able to do.

"Firstly, I would have to go inside you and retrieve eggs, have you ever heard of IVF treatment?"

I nodded."Well the first part is a bit like that, the eggs inside you are frozen there, so they can be used, Emmett will have to give me a sperm sample-

"No problem," Emmett interupted proudly and I giggled inspite of myself.

"I will have to prepare your womb so that you are able to hold a baby, this is the start of the scary part.

I took a soothing yet unnessecary breath and he proceeded. "It will take 6 weeks for the baby to grow to full size, this is about seven weeks growth in normal baby weeks to a week, meaning that you will need one pint of blood circulating your womb every two days and this means you will have to lie still in a bed for the whole six weeks, the tube will be inside you and will be there the whole time, also, because the baby needs a pumping supply, I will have to insert a something which will replace the heart into part of the tube, you will also have to have an oxygen tube underneath your nose incase you forget that you need to breath for the babies sake, the whole pregnancy will be painful, uncomfortable and quite embarassing to be honest, I'm sorry Rosalie.

The last words he spoke to me I hardly even heard because I was to busy on cloud nine.

Only six weeks of pregnancy and I would have my own baby.

"Wait, would the baby be vampire or human?"

"The baby would be half and half just like renesmee because when you became a vampire the eggs which froze inside of you were human, and Emmett's sperm is vampire.

Even Better.

"How would the baby come out?"

"Ahhhhhh." He sighed and pinched the ridge of his nose like the thought agitated him, just like Edward would do. "This is the part that I was dreading to tell you; you see, the baby would have to come out the way a normal baby would because it wouldn't be able to bite through your skin, this means that we would need to break bones to get the baby out because of the toughness of your skin, this is where you come in Emmett," Emmett jumped a little and his body tensed. "You are the strongest here so you would be able to make a clean break, you would have to-"

"NO!" Emmett thundered his vooice sounding petrified and angry at the same time. "I would never do that to you," he whispered to me.

I snarled at him, I had tried to hold it in, but i had felt it building the second he interrupted Carlisle. "You told me that you wished we could start a family, now's your chance, don't deny us this, please." My voice started to beg at the end, I was so desperate for a child of my own, he needed to do this.

His shocked eyes were still saring into mine, a creamy gold, still shocked, but softening, "Babe, please, don't make me hurt you."

His whole face pulled on a pleading look but I wouldn't let this go, ever. "No Emmett, you have to, I want this baby, you want this baby, come on."

He looked reluctanly, and his eyes switched to the floor, "Fine, I'll do it Carlisle."

"We'll do it." I added, making sure he had my consent.

"Time to go then."

End Flashback

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