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My baby girl grew up far too fast.

Her tiny ringlets soon lengthening and cascading down her back.

Her beauty thrived, everything about her perfect, she even kept the blue eyes that I don't have any more, she was a million times more beautiful than me – a billion.

Her gift strengthened with time and soon she only needed to blow onto seeds and suddenly they were erupting into a stunning flower.

She lit the way wherever she went, her gift being growth. But I described it more as creating beauty – giving out a little part of her own perfection to everything else.

We ended up having to move away from Forks just two years after moving back, suspicions becoming high at our anti aging skin and body.

The whole of the Cullen family decided to take a break out of the "real world" and live apart from everyone, where we could do what we liked without having to be so careful and could stay close as a family. We chose to go and live on Esme's island; it was the perfect hideaway for us and our child.

So our children (Edward, Bella, Emmett and I's) grew up together, best of friends, talking in their minds to each other constantly.

Now sixteen full years have passed and we're going back to the place where everything began.

Through the years Jacob and Renesmee have been glued at the hip, Jacob spending practically every second month with us and Nessie pining for him when he wasn't there. But lately it had become more of a physical attraction, for the past two years they have been properly dating. Jacob proposed three months ago and it's all been a whirlwind since then. The weddings tomorrow; I feel very bad about not flying out earlier but Emmalie was doing her exams. She had been taught by the family but had to take them at a school, therefore they were the same times as everyone else, so Nessie understood. Alice knows all of our clothes sizes of by heart and I trust her to make sure we are wearing something spectacular, no doubt her and Renesmee were partners in crime when it came to the OCD in fashion.

Emmalie had never been on a plane before, she placed her head onto my shoulder and wrapped her long arms around me, "Mom, what's it like on the reservation, I don't remember too much of Forks, never mind the reservation,"

"Well," I started, placing a loose curl behind her ear, "it's rainy for one thing," she smiled slightly, "it has a beach," she grinned, "high cliffs,"

"Lots of bears," Emmett threw in, laughing.

"And amazing people," I finished, pulling her warm body tighter to me.

"It sounds like fun," she yawned.

"Maybe you should sleep, we'll be there soon," I told her, handing her a blanket I had kept with me in case she got tired.

"Mom I'm fine, I'm too excited to sleep!" she stifled another yawn as she spoke and my mind was made up.

"No Emmalie, sleep now," she pouted downheartedly.

"Dad please," she asked and I shook my head at her, annoyed that she would stoop to the level of asking her dad - he better side with me.

"No Allie," he said, using his little nickname for her to soften her grumps, "it's sleep time and you know you'll be there quicker,"

She frowned slightly before flopping back onto the seat, "fine then, but you better wake me up the second we start to land,"

"Okay sweetie," I promised, kissing her on the cheek and tucking the blanket over her. She was so big now, you would never have believed her if she told you she was actually only eight years old.

Her eyes closed and before I think even she knew it she had fallen asleep, I knew she was tired.

A male flight attendant happened to walk by, he spotted not just me but my daughter, he smiled at me slightly, I raised my eyebrows as Emmett slipped his arm around my shoulder, obviously he had seen him, so his eyes moved to my daughters face, I watched as his eyes lit up when he really took a look at her face, his mouth forming an `O` shape, Emmett and I literally emitted two growls, he jumped out of his skin and scuttled away as Emmett tucked Emmalie's hair behind her ear carefully, muttering under his breath curses at the stupid man.

"Calm Em, he never knew any better," he bit his lips, shaking his head, muttering something that sounded to me quite like;

"Shallow asshole," I ignored it and took the time to kiss him passionately as Emmalie was currently fast asleep. "Rose, I'm so lucky,"

"Yeah you are," I giggled a little and Emmalie stirred ever so slightly.

"Shhhh, mommy, you might wake her up," he laughed silently as I stuck it up at him. "Don't you go teaching our child rude mannerisms Rosalie Hale," he smirked and I mock slapped him.

"God, you can be so irritating sometimes..." I mumbled looking down.

"Well what about other times then, what am I then," he grinned, finger under my chin, forcing me to look him in the eyes; unable to hide my smiles any longer I told him the truth.

"Your funny," I said, running my fingers across his lips, "romantic," I sighed, manoeuvring myself untold I was practically on top of his lap as he purred slightly with happiness, and most of all your so amazingly fantastically my blowing good in-"

I was interrupted by a panicked moan/mumble, "Mom I'm still awake, shut up!" I jumped a little as I turned to face Emmalie, if I was human my cheeks would have blazed with shame, but as it was I was not human, so I kept a straight face while lightly climbing off of Emmett's lap and sitting down softly.

"Sleep now," I instructed and turned away from her to face Emmett who was too trying to keep a straight face.

"You know, I think I'm gonna go touch of my make up in the bathroom, after all, this is a pretty long flight and we look a little conspicuous not going to the toile the whole way through it, maybe you should go too Emmett," I added with a double meaning, I winked and he shot up as he realised what I wanted him for.

"Okay," he practically squeaked, and he began following me towards the teeny weeny cubicle. We would have to be quick, quiet and careful, but it would still be amazingly hot and spontaneous. I loved to spice things up for my man.

We reached the hotel which all wedding guests were booked into and we were greeted by all of the women which were staying, the men were apparently booked to stay somewhere else just for the night as it was the day before the wedding. So Emmett was packed in to a cab and sent off to find them. I was sad to see him go, even if it was only night, he left me with a passionate lunge of a kiss, he had almost attacked me at the side of the hotel, away from our daughters view – assaulting my mouth with his, taking his lips away from mine just as I was ready to have him there and then, just as I had on the plane, but he just smirked his usual smirk and walked away, telling me he would see me tomorrow while he gave our daughter a bear hug and reassured her that if any boy even looks at her, it would be necessary to call him so he could "sot them out" – I laughed inwardly, how ridiculous.

We had arrived at around midnight, just as they were finishing the party, Nessie needed her beauty sleep and I would be sending Emmalie to have another sleep whether she wanted to sleep or not.

Renesmee looked beautiful as usual, even though she looked very stressed and tired. But obviously she was fully excited and in love with Jacob one only had to say his name and the sparkle in her eyes danced with happiness.

Both Emma and I were dying to see the dress but were told that it wasn't being taken back out of its packaging till tomorrow. Emmalie and Alice and I were to be the bridesmaids, Emmalie being the maid of honour – me forcing her to do her exams was not the best idea I was now realising that she was pretty much depressed that she was missing out on playing her role, she had wanted to be here earlier and it just wasn't possible.

Emmalie had designed the bridesmaid dresses and sent them off to Alice only 3 weeks ago, no they were a reality and I couldn't wait to see them – Alice herself had designed the wedding dress, having grown considerably in confidence since the last wedding in the family, Renesmee's parents.

Renesmee was considerate enough to have Emmett and I put us further down the hall from most of the guests, I think that Bella or Alice must have advised her on that – Emmalie had a joined room to Renesmee; I watched in happiness at our next generation – Emmalie and Renesmee wrapped around each other hugging and squealing in their excitement at what was happening, finally taking off to bed and leaving us "olders" to ourselves – it wasn't a very large wedding list, just close family really, most of the humans from Jacobs sides were already in bed, including Leah who seemed to be ecstatic compared to the last time I saw her:

"What happened to Leah?" I asked Bella and Alice, "She looks so different,"

Bella and Alice shared knowing glances as we opened the door to Bella's bedroom, ready for a night of endless talking."She fell in love again, well she imprinted really" Alice all but whispered, amazement in her eyes, "it's a wonderful story," giggle slightly, "Remember Leah was so depressed when we left Forks?" I nodded, "Well the wolves sent her away to university to lighten her up – she had wanted to go before but could because of the obvious, so now they trusted her enough and she trusted herself, and when she was there was this whole car accident thing, and Leah was involved, obviously, she would just heal right back up but Jason didn't know that – and he jumped into the car which was already starting to light at the back of it and dragged her out onto the street, the wolves were called straight away and managed to get to the scene and take her home as she was already coming round and they justified their actions by saying they wanted her treated by "their kind of people" – and Jason followed them, he only had some sort of cut on his shoulder and decided to check that she was going to be okay, when they reached the reservation he saw her walk out of the car and Leah spotted him, when they both looked it at each other properly for the first time Leah imprinted, and they just fell into each other's arms kissing and hugging just so happy to be alive, apparently Leah's been different ever since." She finished with a small sigh; she seemed in some way contented by the ending.

"That's uhm, lovely for her, I guess," I answered, not knowing what to say.

"Yeah," Alice continued, "it's just, when you had Emmalie, Leah was really the only one left with no happy ending, now she has one, the world just seems sort of – perfect."

I smiled, now knowing and agreeing with her, as did Bella; we sat down on the bed in unison and began to catch up, it felt good to be reunited with not only my sisters but my best friends.

We woke the humans, Emmalie and Renesmee at six, the wedding being at 11 it gave us 5 hours to prepare, first thing we done was shove both Emmalie and Renesmee into a shower, looking into the cupboard and pulling out the hair kit. Alice, Bella and I are all pretty good at cutting hair, we only need to look at a style and our vampire eyes see every single strand that must be cut and our steady hands make sure there are practically no mistakes.

Alice told us all what hairstyle we were to give them as she decided to do the flowers, we were mostly just trimming then tightening Emmalie's curls and straightening Renesmee, that was the brilliant thing about them both, their hair still grew, even Renesmee's we had discovered still grows, although, it does mean they also needed to have their eyes and legs waxed about a week ago.

When their hair was done we started on our own, then onto the undergarments, then onto setting the dresses...

Emmalie was first to try her's on. She had never ever looked so beautiful than at that moment, she blew me away, but then Renesmee pulled on her wedding gown, the white shone, and the embroidery flower pattern finished the whole thing off with a WOW. I couldn't talk, near could Alice, there was silence except from Bella's soft dry sobs. Her daughter was so beautiful.

We drove to the wedding in limos, even though it was only in a small venue, but a very beautiful one at that. It was so surreal. All the bridesmaids got out first, then the bride, there was gasps from those still outside and people ran in, instructing the piano player to start playing as Edward almost choked on himself, he walked forward slowly, stretching out his arm for his daughter, I'm sure tears would have been in his eyes if it was even the tiniest bit possible. Emmalie stood at the front of the party, leading her way down the aisle, we began to follow, then the bride, and just as I entered the door, I knew something was different, I looked ahead to see my daughter stood still staring her face of complete shock and some sort of denial. I looked across the church finding with my skilled eyes the one she was focused on. When I saw the person she had halted the wedding for, I couldn't believe my eyes were telling the truth...

Emmalie's POV

I treaded carefully, looking straight ahead, the thin curls which hung down from the stylish but were tickling my cheeks, someone sneezed loudly and I looked around, and I caught someone's beautiful face as I did, my eyes flickered back the form, my blue eyes focusing into his deep, dark, intense brown ones.

My mind slipped.

My head began to pound.

Every single thought I had was disappearing. Somehow I knew what was happening, I had heard about it so many times. And I refused to be another victim.

I was being connected to this man before I even knew him, I fought against it with all I could, my eyes closing in an effort to keep it away, but I was being locked down, I felt the changed trapping itself around me, he was infecting my mind, drawing me into his world, one I didn't even want to be part of, nothing I could do was stop it but I was insistent, I shook as my hands balled into fists and I felt someone's hands wrap around me, calling my name but I couldn't give up, I wouldn't.

I wanted to fall in love with someone I choose.

Not this man.

Rosalie's POV

As my daughter began to shake I held her in my arms, glaring in the direction of the boy who had caused my daughter this pain. But really, what could Seth Clearwater have done?

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