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"James, I haven't seen you in so long," Aro purred his fragile looking body wrapped in a black cloak. He and James stood alone in the dark corridor, both bodies tensed and ready to fight in case the truce was broken. "How long has it been? A decade? A century?"

The blond vampire smiled crookedly moving to lean against the frigid wall. "Aro, you know time is meaningless to me. I'm just pleased to be back in the presence of an, ah, old friend." His hand snapped out wringing a rodent by its neck. "I'm so happy our problems have been resolved. It's so hard to be mad at you… and Victoria sends her love." James maintained his feline-like grin.

Aro laughed loudly, letting it echo throughout the hall before he continued. "Well, I didn't invite you here to have a friendly chat, James. I have a proposition for you. You're a tracker, yes? Almost as good Demetri, I might add." Aro frowned at James' lack of reaction to his bragging. "How would feel working with him on my mission?"

James rolled his head around his neck. "Demetri and I didn't exactly get off on a great start. I don't know if we'd be such great partners in crime – not to mention how jealous Victoria gets." James gave a cocky smile. "She tends to get a little out of hand, if you know what I mean."

The black cloak moved closer, the hood bent at an angle James took for a glower. "Maybe if I know what I'm after, I might consider the offer," James said slowly. Even someone as cocky as he knew not to frustrate the Volturi.

Aro gave a grin from behind the shadow of rich fabric. "You remember Alistair don't you? That English nomad that gave us so much trouble last century? A… fellow tracker I believe."

"I don't have any 'fellow trackers', Aro," James said mildly, although he glared from deep within his red eyes.

Aro waved his hand in dismissal. "Yes, yes. Well, apparently he's causing some trouble up north. Something about the Netherlands or some coven in Northern Ireland. He's building up power, James. Awfully quickly."

James quirked an eye brow. "We are talking about the same Alistair, correct? Moody, sulky, not much of a people person if I remember."

"That Alistair," Aro laughed. "You'd be surprised how good he can be with people when he wants to." Aro looked at a wall opposite and sat in silence for a while.

James growled his mind skirting to Victoria waiting outside. "I thought things like this were the Volturi's job. Not wanting to get your hands dirty?" James asked mockingly. He kicked the limp body of the rodent beside him. "I do have things I need to do."

"James, don't you want to spend time with me?" Demetri chuckled from behind. James spun around on his heel with a snarl. "Don't be like. It was so long ago." The dark haired vampire grinned devilishly licking his lips.

"Behave yourself, Demetri." Aro warned. "He hasn't said yes yet."

James swallowed roughly, his fingers curling into a fist as Demetri stood cockily beside him. "Do I have much of a choice? Either I say yes or you tear me apart." James glared knowing his assumptions were right.

Aro sighed. "I need to keep my authority. But I'm delighted you said yes! Victoria will be thrilled!" Aro said. He spread his arms out in a wide motion. "Meet back here tomorrow night. I'm sure your mate wil want to hear all about our discussion, no?"

James growled and stalked into the shadows, feeling Demetri's gaze burning into his back. "She'll be thrilled," he muttered.