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A/N : This is gonna be a more combat and courting oriented Rune Factory Fic. I'm gonna give Raguna more personality and dialouge. Don't get me wrong Raguna is THE coolest main Harvest Moon main character (I like Raguna better then red in RF2). I'll also give Raguna a cooler and more serious attitude but don't worry he'll still be the Raguna we all know and love.


For several years the fearsome Sechs Empire has been expanding it's borders conquering all the Eastern countries one by one. But the west is ruled and protected by the benevolent Norad Kingdom. The Norad Kingdom is the only country in the west powerful enough to frighten even the Sechs Emperor. If the Norad Kingdom were to fall the whole world would fall in the hands of the Sechs Empire forever.

Our story begins in small town called Kardia just at the edge of the Norad Kingdom, near the Sechs border.


'I've been traveling for days without knowledge where I am and what I should do or who I am'

A man traveling somewhere miles from the town of Kardia covered in mud and wearing thick leather clothing he has blue eyes and brown hair.

'I haven't eaten a proper meal in days' He thought 'Who am I?' he asked himself 'What am I doing here, Curse the Gods!' He thought as he wondered who he had been to have been punished to live hungry, cold, and alone without knowledge why he had become like this. Angrily he walked on. He refused to submit he did not know why but some he had some pride left he did not remember where it came from but he still had it.

After a few more days his time was almost up. 'I died fighting even if I can't remember how I lived.' He thought.

As he was about to die he saw a house but since he knew it was over for him anyway he did not call out he just slipped slowly into a deep sleep.

'Hello' said a voice 'Are you okay?'

He opened his eyes. His vision was still cloudy but he was able to make out a blond beautiful blue eyed girl dressed in blue and white looking down over him. 'An angel' He thought 'She's too pretty to be real. So I must be dead. Heh I can't have been too bad a person to go to Heaven.'

He tried to say something but his throat was dry 'Food, water' was all he could manage.

'Oh okay' the angel replied rushing into the house she came back with holding several items. None of them food or water.

'Here you go'

'A watering can and hoe' he replied 'when I asked for water I meant drinking water' he said weakly

'Oh! Sorry' She then ran back to the house and brought a glass of water 'Here you go' Gratefully he took the glass and drank.

'Thank you' He said 'but why did you give me farming tools'

'To farm with of course' She replied 'You look like the farmer type'

'Well now I'm pretty sure I'm alive.' He thought 'No angel can be this weird'

'Soooo. Hi I'm Mist and who are you.' She asked

'I can't remember' he replied

'You can't remember tour own name!? How about your home? Where you're from? What about you're favorite color?' She asked

'No' He replied shaking his head 'Nothing'

'Well I'll have to call you something. How about Raguna'

'It'll do for now I guess' He said

'What are you gonna do now?' she asked

'I don't know'

'I know you can work at my farm that way you can remember who you are' Mist suggested

'I don't think that'll work'

'Sure it will and you can stay the house I own over at the farm' Then an idea popped up 'and you can work at the farm as payment'

'Well I have no other choice' Raguna sighed

'Well follow me' Mist said happily

When they reached the farm. Raguna saw it was covered in stones weeds, large chunks of dead wood and some tree chunks even. It was obvious no one had used it for quite a while.

'Welcome to the my farm' Mist declared 'Well how about you give it a name'

'What why?' Raguna said still surprised from the state of the fields

'Because you're gonna use it might as well name it' she replied

'Uhhh' Raguna thought for a moment 'I'll call it Mist Farm'

'What! Why?' Mist said surprised

'Because this farm is where my new life will start, it seems fitting to name it after the one who saved my life and let my start again' He said smiling

Because of this speech Mist was blushing deep red. We-well... I-I... I mean um...Thank you' she said blushing deep

Oblivious to Mist's embarrassment Raguna continued talking 'Don't thank me I'm in your debt because of you I have chance to live again. If it weren't for you my existence would be worthless' Mist took that the wrong way and blushed even deeper.

Suddenly both of them heard a piercing roar from behind them. They turned around and a green dragon at least 2 feet taller than Raguna. With it's cold reddish eyes it eyed the two people. Then it struck at Mist since she was the closest. In a second it was on above her fangs bared. It moved so fast when it struck Mist didn't even have time to scream.

Nothing happened. There was no pain. She opened her eyes to see Raguna using the hoe she gave him to block the dragon's arms and claws. She looked at him there was a calm look in his eyes. For a split second she thought she saw a look of happiness in his eyes and a smile in his lips. No not happiness something different the look in his eyes was almost manic, the smile sinister. But it left as quickly as it came, replacing it was a look of pure determination.

Then Raguna countered by slashing and whacking with the hoe continuously. Using the hoe he struck the head, chest, arms and legs of the beast giving it no time or room to counter attack. Mist might not have seen it Raguna felt it but did not know why, the beast knew it too well. It was obvious to Raguna and the dragon that the dragon was hopelessly outmatched. In the end the dragon fell to the ground in defeat.

'Its dead' Raguna said

'No' said Mist 'the hoe like any other tool or weapon is laced with Retornen'

'laced with what?' Raguna asked

'Oh right no memories forgot' said Mist apologetically 'Retornen is like a magic that coats weaponry it allows you to send a monster to it's true home after you defeat it'

'So if the didn't have Retornen the dragon would've died. Why do that though why not just kill it?' asked Raguna

'Monster don't come here by choice they only attack to protect themselves. Besides once you defeat the monster, it teleports away and will be unable to return here so its as if you already killed them no need to take life. But anyway... That was amazing! Where did you learn to fight like that'

Raguna looked at her calmly

'Oh right well I guess now we're even.

'You kidding' Raguna laughed 'you not only saved me you gave a new home as well I can never be able to repay you. I'll help you out through any trouble no matter what'

Mist still flushed from Raguna's last speech turned even redder! And even the way he looked at her the smile was already enough for her 'Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod' she though in her head

'Oh well it's been a long day time to get some sleep I'll give you some seeds tomorrow so you can get started soon. Enjoy your stay at your new home' she said indicating a small but cozy house then hurried back home.

Raguna looking tired went straight to the house he knew he would sleep easy tonight. He could't even remember the last time he slept on a bed. Then again he couldn't remember much of anything.

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