I'm baaaaaack! I know it is freaking amazing! This piece of awesome is back and ready for round two! I loved writing Bella's Prince and Emmett's Angel and I never expected it to be that good but apparently it was! I decided to do something with them being humans. I know some people love vampires as much as I do but I want to prove that you don't have to be a vampire to find love. ;) And it's about…you guessed it, Emmett and Bella! Shocker!

In this story, The True One, Bella goes to a school with Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale as her roommates. Her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, is roommates with Alice's boyfriend Jasper Hale (Rosalie's twin), and Emmett Cullen (Edward's older brother).

So to simplify that couples at the beginning are Bella & Edward, Alice & Jasper, and Rosalie &Emmett.

So what happens when Rosalie and Edward meet? And when Emmett and Bella meet does true love fly, or will they try to ignore the pulses they feel when they're together?

Read and find out!

Special thanks to my supporters who will hopefully be reviewing this as much as the other.

~You guessed it! That girl in the back with the curly brown hair, Kayla!