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Emmett POV

I laid Bella down in her bed and collapsed on the couch Jasper sad next to me and handed me a soda. I mummled a thanks before gulping nearly the whole thing down.

"What happened with the sponsers?" He asked and I hated how he knew what was wrong. It was like he knew exactly what I was feeling. ;)

"They want me to consider going professional. They say I have great grades and they already love me on the field so I should honestly start thinking of wear I want to play." I said dully. It shocked me. This moment is what I used to dream about yet now that it was here...did i really want it?

"That's amazing Emmett!" He said oddly enthusiastic but at the same time sensing my dullness. "What could possibly be wrong?"

I looked away. "Nothing." I grummbled. I could feel his doubt in the silence.

"Emmett...why try to hide things from me?" He snorted making me smile slightly.

"It's useless I know." I sighed.

"So what's really wrong?" He pressed muting the TV so now i couldn't use it as a distraction.

"Bella." I said simpily. What would be the point of hiding it from him now?

"What about Bella? you guys are doing great!" He shouted but tried to quiet his voice when he rememebered Bella was asleep.

"If I go pro, then I'll leave her. I can't go on with life without Jazz she's everything I ever wanted and more." I sounded like a whimp but I knew football wouldn't mean anything anymore with her there. To my surprise he chuckled.

"Dude I asked her before what would happen if you made it professional." He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "She said as long as you would want her, she'd always be there. She is so in love with you."

At first there was no words to express my joy. Bella could travel with me and whatever team I chose and always be watching me and there when I'm off the field. I could earn enough money to buy her the perfect ring that screams "Bella" and propose to her after we win a huge game. THen we could get married and have children that willl grow up watching their father play football. When I retire I could live out my days as a father and a husband.

But then guilt and sadness sunk in. What about Bella? Even if she is willing to give up her own happiness for me, am I? She is so smart she could be a doctor or a lawyer. WHat kind of a sick bastard am I to take away everything from her just to be with me. She could have a professional career and meet someone who is smarter and could be with her every night. Unlike me.

"I can't." I whispered into my soda.

"Can't what?" Jasper asked taking the soda and putting it on the coffee table.

"I can't take away her life just so she could travel with me. She has dreams too." I punched the couch in my anger and confusion.

It was silent for a long time before he spoke.

"Sleep on it. Then talk with her tomorrow about this." He said patting my shoulder and walking to his room, not looking back once.

Bella...dammit she'll be the death of me. (hahahahah)


Bella POV

I woke up in my bed and it took me a minute to remember how I got here. Then I remembered last night and was overjoyed for Emmett. He's getting sponsered!

I jumped up and got changed in his jersey and my jeans, knowing how he loved it when I wore his jersey. I ran to the kitchen surprised that no one was home. I was making cereal when the door opened and I whipped around only to find it was Jasper.

"Oh that's nice. Dissappointed cause it's me." He said faking his hurt. "That hurts me Bella." I laughed as he sat on the stool across from me.

"I'm sorry Jasper. I'm jsut so excited for Emmett." I said using my best puppy dog face. He laughed.

"Alirhgt hon you're forgiven." He said with that hint of his southern accent. "So, Bella. Out of curiosity, what did you plan on doing before you met Emmett?" He asked seriously. It took me a minute to even remember.

"I actually wanted to be a high school teacher. Physics and Psychology specificaly. I don't know why but I've always liked debating of how things happen, why they happen, will they happen again, the theory of randomness and all that stuff. Plus what people think and that too." I said looking down somehow embarrassed.

"You still want to be a teacher?" He asked grabbing my box of cereal and pouring his own bowl.

I shrugged. "Honestly, I think I'd much rather follow Emmett in his career and maybe when he settles down..." I said thinking of once again, my future with Emmett. We ate in silence for a long time before the door opened, revealing my Emmett. I squealed and jumped up, running into his awaiting arms.

"I missed you." I said into his chest. He laughed.

"Missed you too." He kissed my head and I looked up at him. "So what were you guys talking about." He asked holding my hand as I went back to my stool to eat.

"I was just asking what Bella wanted to do in her future." Jasper asked dumping the last of his milk. Emmett stiffened a bit. "She wanted to be a teacher actually. Can you believe that?" He asked with a smile. I laughed making Emmett look at me.

"Yeah but I'd much rather be in a football career with my man." I said with a grin. Jasper looked at me and then left without a word.

Emmett didn't talk...something was wrong.

"Emmett?" I asked. "What's wrong?" He snapped his hand out of mine and jumped up standina good five feet away.

"How can you talk about giving up your dream so god damn easily?" He shouted making me flinch. I was still pretty stunned on why he jumped up so he continued. "This is what you want and you're just going to give it up for me? You might get stuck having no career at all and just wathcing football for the rest of your life. Is that what you really want?!" He shouted.

"I want to be with you!" I shouted standing up. My face was beginning to get hot with anger. "I love you so much I'm willing to follow you anywhere!" He looked so angry that I almost coward away.

"Why?!" He shouted. "You deserve so much fucking better than to follow me do whatever I want!"

"I don't deserve you!" I shouted. "I don't know why you even hang out with me when there are prettier people out there! But I am here right now and I am willing to go with you anywhere and you don't want me to go!" I shouted.

"Maybe I don't want you there!" He shouted making me freeze and both of us be silent.

"If you are trying to look out for my feelings than you are doing a really crappy job. I want to go with you! If you don't want me than tell me now so I can stop hoping for this to work." I shouted a little quieter. He was silent as we stared into each others eyes.

His voice was at a talking tone now. "I don't want you to come with me." He said calmly. My heart snapped in two but I didn't allow him to see that.

"You should've said so in the beginning." I whispered. "I"ll be out of your hair then." I said walking past him, brushing his shoulder with mine. I did stop to face his beauty once more. "I know this probably didn't mean half of what it meant to me to you. So thank you for this." I didn't wait to see his face. Instead I ran to my room and locked the door.

I was crying so hard it was blurry to see as I packed everything in my suitcase. I took off his jersey and threw it on the floor. I threw on an undershirt with a lacey hem. It was spagetti straps and I was sure I looked like a slut but I could barely care. I grabbed my phone and called Charlie.

"Hello?" His voice seemed like a safe haven.

"Hey dad," I said clearing my voice enough so I sounded normal.

"Bella! Man do I miss you! Food here sucks...Sue Clearwater has been feeding me lately. Did I mention Harry left us? Heart attack...poor guy he was my best friend." Wow...he was really rambling.

"Sorry dad...." I gave a slight pause. "I was actually wondering if you wouldn't mind if I came home for a couple days." A couple of days...forever...same deal.

"Of course! I'd love that! Do you have a break off or something?" I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"Yeah dad. We're done with major testing so we get a couple days off." My eyes burned with tears as they fell silently.

"Sure thing. Call me when you know what flight you're going to take." And he hung up without letting me say good bye. I called Alice next.

"Alice." I said not bothering to hide the crackling sound in my voice.

"Bella what's wrong?!" She squeaked. I could hear voices in the backround and they sounded like Jasper, Rose, and Edward. Great so everyone would know.

"I'm leaving for good this time Alice." I said sternly grabbing the last of my clothes.

"Bella!" Everyone gasped, so I knew I was on speaker phone.

"Don't even tell me to stop. There is no reason to. Emmett just broke up with me and I realized this school has way to much drama. I can't deal with it."

"Bella." Alice was crying. "Don't go. You're my best friend and I can't go to this school without you." She soudned so broken. "Don't leave because of Emmett!"

"I have to. He doesn't want me anymore and I just can't do this anymore because I fucking love him." EVerypne was silent. "I'm calling to say goodbye." I whispered and i heard her cry harder,

"I know I said I was leaving before. but now I have a reason never to come back. I promise to keep in touch with ya'll." and with that I hung up the phone. I looked in the mirror and let my hair fall so I didn't look like that much of a whore. I grabbed the rolling suitcase and unlocked the door.

Emmett was banging his head on the wall holding what looked like a bottle of soda in his hand. Normally the sight would be funny. But it wasn't. He turned immediately when the door closed. His eyes bulged when he saw was I was wearing and they got even bigger when he saw my bag.

"You're moving out?" He asked as if it were an impossible thought.

"I'm not just gonna live here with someone like you." I said grabbing some more of my stuff floating around the dorm.

"Gonna go live with Alice again?" He asked dully. I grabbed my toothbrush out of the bathroom and came out, not smiling.

"Nope." I said simpily.

"Where you goin'." I noticed his voice sounding wary but I ignored it.

"Home." I said snippy. It was quiet as I grabbed DVDs and games that were mine.

"You're going to go home because someone broke up with you?" My broken heart throbbed at the horrible pain i felt.

"There's no reason to stay. I'm sick of all this drama and all this shit." I growled still walking around the dorm.

"I didn't mean I wanted you to go." He said quietly.

"Well I'm not gonna stay if there's no reason to." I said zipping my bag. "I hope your football career goes well for you Emmett." I said walking for the door, wheeling my suitcase with me. I stopped just as I reached for the door handle. I let go of the bag and reached for my neck.

I unhooked his chain and I couldn't believe that yesterday I loved him. I held the unhooked chain in my hand before I hooked it back up and walked over to Emmett. I looked up at his perfect face one more time and those emerald green eyes...

I grabbed his hand and opened his palm. I put the chain in his hand then folded his fingers around it.

"Goodbye Emmett." I whispered releasing his hand and walking back to the door.

"Bye Bella." He said as I shut the door finally allowing the tears to flow. I got that same cab and this time I paid him even though he didn't want it.

As my plane took off I stared out of the window. I then wrapped my arms around myself...feeling broken once again.


"So Bells...how long are you here for?" Charlie asked as I made a chicken stir fry. I had already been home for two days. I shrugged.

"I already have all my credits done this year so techincally I don't have to go back till graduation." Charlie seemed thrilled by this fact.

"Good...cause I think Sue is running out of food ideas." I laughed with him and there was knock at the door. "Come in!" Charlie shouted and I watched as Sue walked in looking beautiful as always.

"Hey Bella!" She said happily. The stir fry was just done so I poured three bowls and set the table.

"Mmmm.. This is delicious Bella." Sue said graciously. I smiled and looked down. "So Bella..." She said with a grin. "What do you plan on doing for college?" I pretended to get enthusiastic.

"I'm actualyl going to become a teacher. A high school psychology teacher." She looked impressed. "I'm planning on going to that school in Chicago and probably get a job there."

"All the way in Illinois huh?" Charlie sounded slightly dull.

"Relax dad. I'll come holidays and birthdays and as much as I can. Maybe you could even come up and visit me." I suggested making him smile. I did have a future ahead of me...just without him.

Emmett POV

I still couldn't believe she left. It was all my fault she left. Alice wouldn't talk to me which meant Jasper didn't leave her side. Edward and Rosalie tried to console me though I didn't listen. I tried to focus on only my football career. According to my sponsers, I was going to be famous by twenty and I was already nineteen so I couldn't wait. I still had to choose my team....

________Three Years Later. Emmett - 22. Bella - 21________________________________

Bella POV

It's been three years. Three long and lonely years. I moved to Chicago right after my graduations stuff was mailed to me. I got a very nice house that seems a little big but I love it. Two floors with a huge kitchen and three bedrooms which I'm thinking of renting out. For now one is my office, another is my bedroom, and the other is my spare room.

I went to college to get my Psychology major for teaching and I just graduated early yesterday. I never got anything failed or below a ninety for that matter. I did all my volunteer hours and was starting my first teaching job when school stars again in a week.

It was sunday so I sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

The Chicago Bears were playing the Packers. Ever since I was at the one football game I always watched the games. At work the guys thought me of some kind of Goddess which was funny. The hardest part was cheering for my state's team, the Bears...

Emmett Cullen was the quarter back and it hurt every time I watched his games. He was just as great as the last time I saw him play and when I was in public I always cheered for him but when I was alone I cried for him. Of course there was an interview with him before the game knowing my luck.

He didn't appear to have grown older at all. He still had those bright emerald eyes and that dark curly hair. His face was jsut as perfect and his dimples were still lovable.

"So Emmett..." The interviewer started. "What was it like coming straight from high school to the big time?"

"It was strange..." His voice was as beautiful as i remembered. "I mean when I graduated it all happened so fast. Sponsers told me to pick and choose so i chose one of my personal favorites the Bears." He said with a small smile that didn't show how prominent his dimples could be.

"And tell us a bit about your personal life in high school. Did you have any special ladies." I froze, I had never heard this question asked to him. He was stiff too and his eyes looked in pain.

"Yeah I had a girl." He said his voice in pain. "She was...amazing. She had this amazing brown hair and these chocolate brown eyes that were wide and honest. I was really in love with her and I know she felt the same way."

"What happened?" The interviewer asked, trying to get as much dirt as she could.

"I was a fucking idiot." I smiled at his language. "I broke up with her so she could have her own life and so she didn't have to follow me." His eyes were in pain even more. "I really loved her. I still do." My eyes closed as a tear fell down my cheek.


I stood at the podium in my classroom staring at my Junior students. Most of them were boys which was funny because they all liked me. The girls admired me and I was everyones favorite teacher. We all were watching the quick wrap up of the game the other day which is another reason why they love me. I love football.

"Now who wants to tell me an example of prejudging?" I asked. Many kids raised their hands and I picked on Tanya Jay.

"When an emo boy walks in and you automatically assume that he has problems."

"Right. Who's to say that boy does have problems? Maybe he was abused? Maybe he feels alone? Or maybe..." I said looking at Tanya. "Some girl broke his heart." Everyone laughed. There was a knock at the door and I looked up to see a camera crew.

"You've been voted best teacher of the year so we're going to take a video to bring to our station where ten other teachers will be voted to see who is the best." The man said. "Just continue like we aren't here."

A boy, Anthony Taylor who always hits on me, raised his hand.

"So why do we judge?" He asked. He could really be smart if he felt like it.

"Excellent question." I said walking over to him. "Why do we judge? What makes one person so different from you?" I asked but no one raised their hands.

"You see!" I said raising my voice. "No one knows. In our society, everyone is so paranoid about being accepted that we are willing to degrade ourselves and other people just to be on top. If people would realize that everyone is unique for special reasons than imagine what a place this would be." I paused to gauge their reactions. All of which we deep in thought.

"Let's do a demonstration." I walked over to the camera man. "DO you have night vision?" He nodded and i turned off the lights. I grabbed a box full of bandanas and gave on to everyone. "Everyone put them over your eyes." Once they did I left the classroom to get a students in senior year that no one else knew. I brought them in and paired each guy with a girl.

"Now everyone get to know each other." The class started to murmer and immediately I heard once girl ask "Does anyone have blonde hair?" She was loosing points for that...

In the dark I thought of my first kiss with Emmett. When he trapped me into the counter. I started to cry and quickly wiped the tears away and worked back to my class.


Emmett POV (About a week later)

It was a long day of training but now I was free for the weekend and I couldn't be happier about some relaxing time. I turned on the TV and it was just turning to the news. Immediately I thought of Bella. I admitteed that I still loved her on TV. I wonder if she saw. God I do love her.

"And now teacher of the year award." I don't why I decided to listen to this but I did. "It came down to two teachers from our local area today. Mr. Rodrigaz, a science teacher at St Finnigans.(Again i don't know if its exsists) who children say give that extra kick in class and every student is passing in that class." They showed a video of the teacher and his students doing random things. Singing songs, dressing up like scientists, games for quizes. I actually found myself laughing and wishing I had a teacher like that.

"And next is the new yound Psychology teacher from Infinity high school, Miss. Swan." Immediatly I think I threw myself at the screen. "Children say her speaches are motivational and have them thinking in ways they didn't before. Her techniques are different." It showed a video of the camera scanning through the children face's who were all really into that voice.

That Voice.

I knew that voice anywhere.

Then she was on the screen. Her petite body and that glorious brown hair. Those wide brown eyes. Bella!I listened to her speech in amazement and her activity in the dark.

But there was amoment when the camera turned to her instead of children and right before it cut back to the news room I saw a tear fall.


Bella POV

I won the teacher of the year so my student all bought me presents the next week. I told them all they really shouldn't have but they didn't care. I organized the desks so they made pratically a runway path down to my desk this way when i talked I could walk down and look at each student.

"Let's talk about a new topic today..." I said with a smile getting up and standing at the beginning of the 'runway' desks that faced the door which I had shut. "Love." Some people groaned and others whistled.

"Who here has ever thought they were in love?" A couple raised their hands. "Okay...who here has thought they were in a high school crush?" Everyone raised their hands. "And if you guys all had to vote on the couple that will always be together who would it be?"

It didn't take everyone long to think. "Tanya and Alex!" Everyone shouted. I thought that same thing. Tanya blushed

"Now...why do you think that...Rickie?" I asked.

"Becuase they always stand up for their relationship. When they fight they always pull through."

I nodded. And the class went on like that. talking about love till Anthony asked me a question I wasn't expecting.

"Miss Swan...Have you ever been in love?" I sighed and walked over to my desk and sat on it swinging my legs off the edge.

"Yes I have." I admitted confidently. They waited. "The first time I thought I was in love was with my school sweetheart. I met him in kindergarden and we got together in seventh. His name was Edward Cullen and I thought I loved him. But then we were both sent to this other boarding school where I met his brother." everyone was staring at me intently.

"You guys know him you know." They all gaped. "his name was Emmet Cullen. Yes, the one you're thinking of. I knew I loved him. I'm not kidding what we had was beyound what I had ever felt before. You know when you are truely deeply madly in love. But if you've never thought you were in love before than its hard to tell the difference. But I knew I loved him."

"What happened?" Several of them asked.

"He thought he was ruining my life by having me follow him in his career." I was surprised I didn't burst into tears though I knew everyone saw it coming. I started telling them stories about every class we took and funny stories.

"So in your definition what is love?" Anthony asked.

"Love is when....all you think of is that person, all you dream of is that person, all you want to talk to is that person..." I paused to look down at the ground.

"Love is when...you two are away all you can think about is that person." Someone picked up and I froze. I stared at the ground. I knew that voice. "When your heart breaks every time you hear that person's name." Everyone gasped.

"When every memory reminds me of you." I knew who I was talking to.

"When every song reminds me of you." He continued.

"When every couple I wish was us."

"When every color reminds me of you." He said. I started to cry.

I finally looked up and there he was. Standing at the end of the runway with the door shut and all eyes looking between us. He was bigger than my memory gave him credit. His face was pulled into a tiny grin that made me want to kiss him. At that moment the bell rang for lunch and everyone groaned and left reluctantly, brushing past him. The room became deathly quiet. Suddenly everyone came in. Alice, Edward, Rosalie, and Jasper all came in. I noticed the rings on both Alice and Rosalie's hands. They were engaged they had already told me.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered staring at him.

"No idea. I came to apologize for being the ass I was." He started. "I never should've let you go. I was so stupid and not one day has gone by when I haven't thought of you. every dam day you're on my mind. I miss you." I was still crying.

"I love you." He finished, I looked down.

"I love you." I whispered unsure if he even heard me.

"Would it be immoral if I kissed you right now." He said walking down the aisle towards me.

"Yes." But that didn't stop him he grabbed my face and kissed me like he never had kissed me before. How much I missed him.


I thought of our wedding day. We made it a triple wedding and I remember how it felt to be called Bella Cullen.

"Emmett." I called. We were in half time of a huge game and he didn't hear me. I got mad and walked to the tech room and asked if they could put me on the large TV(Titantron thing I think) so I could say something.. The red light went on.

Emmett POV

It was a close day and I was very lost in thought as I talked to the coach.

"Emmett!" A voice ecoed throughout the stadium and I looked up to see Bella on the TV. Everyone grew silent.

I stared waiting. "I have somthing to say and I have to say it now...Ready to be a father?"

________________________________9 months lata!!____(Yes they got married right after they met again)

Bella POV

"Emmett.." I whispered to the nurse who immediately left to go get him. He walked in and stared at the miracle in my arms. "Look baby...It's your daddy." Her eyes were closed. "Look daddy...it's your baby girl." His face was so panicked and relieved. He's a papa now. I had just given birth to twins! They were cleaning the other baby off. I didn't even know if the other was a boy or a girl. We liked the surprise.

"What's baby's name?" He whispered back kneeling beside the bed to look at the beautiful child in my arms.

"What is baby's name Em?" I whispered back. We hadn't thought of names that much.

"Jennifer? Alex?" He kept trying maybe hoping the baby would respond to a name. "Lia? Myah? Lynn?" The baby squirmed and squeaked a little.

"Lynn?" I asked again and it had the same affect. I looked at Emmett and smiled.

"Lynn Carlie Cullen." I looked at the beautiful baby. She opened her eyes and stared at me with Emmett's large green eyes and my brown hair. She had alot of hair for a new born.

"She's so beautiful." He whispered. The nurse came over with a blue blanket and I grabbed him in my other arm.

I waited paitently for Emmett to talk.

"You have a son too Emmett." I whispered making him sigh out it amazement. The baby opened his eyes and we both gasped. The baby didn't have green eyes like his twin, he had my chocolate eyes and Emmett's curly hair.

"Nurse aren't they supposed to look the same?" Emmett asked. The nurse smiled.

"You have some amazing twins there." She replied.

"What's his name?" I asked him. He looked stumped so I tried.

"Tony?" I asked and the baby giggled.

"Anthony Ryan Cullen." He agreed. The baby didn't move. "Tony?" he giggled again. "He liked Tony better." He said with smile. Tony's smile had one dimple on his left cheek and when I looked at Lynn she had one on her left.

"I love you." I whispered and he kissed me passionatly.

The TV was on low and we heard a roar of cheers.

Emmett had to miss the super bowl for his babies and our team still won!

A camera crew came in and started taping.

"Hey guys!" Emmett whispered. I looked at the TV and saw that this was being filtered live. "Bella did great and look! A little me!" Everyone laughed when they zoomed in on Tony's face and saw his wide open eyes and mouth open.

"This is his daughter." I said everyone 'awww' when they showed her beautiful face. "Good job in winning everyone! I'll be back soon." The cameras left.

"I'm a dad." He said incerdiously.

"Yes you are." I said kissing him

And so began our lives. Our lives that we will learn to live with each other. Mistakes will be made and we will cherish the good ones. Either way. I won. I won Emmett, He won me, and we won our lives together.

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