Just Blake

I maybe gone…but I know I'm not forgotten. He will never forget who I am. I am the very air he breaths, I am the wind that whispers in the night, and often in the day. My park…Our park…gone. Forever. Because of him.

I was the soul, but he was the mind. You know what they say, mind over matter. But did it really have to be him? In the accident…did it really have to be? Or could've it been some other poor child, who wanted to live to see tomorrow, and the many days after that? I could've given him so much. But he decided to do it the hard way. And he won. He won…Why did it have to be this way? No amount of my magic can fix what that beautiful disaster had broken. So thanks to him, I'm nothing. Or my surroundings are nothing, which would leave my very being nothing. I am alone.

No love, no compassion, nothing. Like me, and not him. Not Blake. Of course not, Mr. I am Going to a Collage at Sixteen. Mr. Asshole. Mr. Smart Guy. Mr.…Beauty…No! Not Beauty! Not love! Not passion! Nothing! He's nothing to me anymore. He corrupted me, remember? But he's just a young man, only protecting his brother and his friends. Saving them. Them. Why not me? Just them, and not me, Cassandra. The woman who tried to corrupt him. But backfired and corrupted myself.

I knew it was a mistake to bring into the park. I admitted that to him. But the more rides he got on, the more it attracted me to him. But my feelings for him now, nothing but dust in the wind. His feelings for me, I really can't tell. He shows anger towards me. I can feel that as I think in the subconscious of my well being. But he also shows remorse in the fact that what I tried giving him…could've been a lot more than being a king of a theme park, but being a God of my empty heart.

But who knows? Maybe these sudden urges I feel, are probably my nostalgic feelings I feel, or felt, for that heroic sixteen year old young man.

It's just him I feel. It's just Blake.