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Chapter I

Don't misunderstand, Daniel liked being a superhero. He got to watch the news every morning and see his handiwork over his morning coffee. The occupation had its downsides, though, and Daniel was becoming frustrated by the lack of free time remaining for things he hadn't known he'd liked doing in the first place. And god, was he horny!

He'd realized early on that he'd have to forsake relationships; there was simply no way to wine and dine someone when you had to dash to your basement at sundown where you'd put on rubber tights, rather than changing your chariot into a pumpkin, and run out to beat up muggers with a trench-coated sociopath.

He found his solution, as was becoming increasingly common these days, with Rorschach. He and Rorschach had been chasing the Twilight Lady for well over a month. Last night they had taken down a group of her henchmen, thinking of it Daniel knew what he had to do. It was simple, really. He needed a prostitute. The catch was, Daniel didn't have the faintest idea where to begin. They didn't teach this sort of thing at university.

Daniel chewed his lower lip pensively as he shuffled outside to buy a paper, pondering his problem. Prostitution 101; it was a good idea, dammit! He knew where the hookers hung out in New York, that wasn't the problem, but what would he do once he got there? He wasn't ashamed; once you put feathered underwear on over you tights and ran outside to fight crime, stage fright ceased to be an issue.

What was an issue was gender. Dan had always considered himself straight, the soft curves of women consistently turned him on, but something strange had begun to happen on his nightly rounds with Rorschach.

He didn't know if it was watching Rorschach's easy athleticism as he dispatched criminals or the man's brilliant detective work, but somewhere along the line he'd developed a…well, a crush. Not a puppy dog schoolboy crush, a wake up at three in the morning to find yourself rutting against the mattress and moaning like cow in labor kind of crush.

A male prostitute then. Dan didn't really…get the whole gay thing, but he often said he'd try anything once. Maybe he could work this out of his system with a good hard fuck. Owlsuit erections were not conducive to crime fighting. Really, the only thing they were conducive to was agony.

Dan passed a few coins to the newspaper vendor and picked up a copy of the Times, thumbing through the various headlines with mild disinterest. As he tucked the paper under his arm and looked up, he felt his vision transform. Dan was not an overly sexual being and trying to imagine who among the various men swarming the streets might be attractive to him naked took no small effort.

For no particular reason, his gaze settled on one of the homeless men who frequented the newsstand, the one who carried his "The End is Nigh" sign against his shoulder. Dan tried to picture him naked, forgoing the question of attraction; who was attracted to hobos?

He was young, his skin would be smooth; just as pale as his face? Or white like freshly hosed sidewalk? How far down did those freckles go? Was he a natural redhead?

How would he kiss, roughly or soft, like a woman? How would those lips look wrapped around his cock, the stubbled cheeks hollowed as he-

"Can I help you?"

Dan's vision snapped back into focus as he realized the redheaded hobo was peering at him with wary confusion, one hand braced on his ever present warning.

"Oh, no, sorry…" Dan sputtered, trying to nonchalantly shift the newspaper over his lap. Apparently DAN was attracted to hobos. Then, his mouth betrayed him.

"Listen, do you need some money?"

Walter tried to look around the orderly house as if he'd never seen it before. Really, he hadn't, he'd just watched Rorschach see it, so it was easier than he'd worried it would be.

Daniel was nervous, twisting the hem of his jacket and trying to take it off at the same time. Belatedly he remembered him and gestured one hand for his coat. Walter hesitated before giving it to him, sure he would see how painfully fast his heart was thudding under his ratty white t-shirt.

"So…how do you want to do this." Daniel asked him. From this angle, the sunlight reflected off his glasses, hiding his eyes. Walter couldn't begin to voice a response, this was incredible, insane.

Yes, whore, how would you like to do this?

Rorschach's voice slid gruffly over his mind's ear, and Walter fought to control a visible wince.

I need the money and I know Daniel…I'm not a whore.

Money for sex. Whore.

Walter felt his throat close as self-disgust swallowed him. He wanted to scream, to throw up to-

"Are you okay? You can go at any time. It's alright." Daniel's warm calm washed over him and he remembered why he was here.

"No. I need the money." Walter said and supposed that it was time to act as if he were a whore and start taking off clothes.

You are a whore.

He bit his lips angrily, stifling the furious self hate that boiled in him and Rorschach's disdain, and hooked his thumbs under the hem of his shirt, drawing it over his head. He glanced back at Daniel, nervously. He didn't know why Daniel was asking him, of all people, to do this for him, but it couldn't be for his looks. He only hoped that he wouldn't be thrown out now that Daniel knew how ugly he was.

He was totally unprepared for the unabashed fascination in Daniel's eyes.

Daniel walked up to him, as if sleep walking and slowly rested his hands on Walter's chest, sliding his palms over the smooth pectorals. It took all of Walter's inner strength not to jerk away from him and run screaming. He started to shake as Daniel's hands slid to his stomach and then around to his back.

The man lowered his head and suddenly Walter was filled with a rush of sunlight as Daniel's lips covered his.

There had been girls in the orphanage that had offered to kiss him, but he'd never seen the point in touching mouths with someone else. It was unhygienic and it was bound to be sloppy and wet. Daniel was not sloppy and wet, he was warm, hard and soft, all at the same time. When they broke apart they were gasping, chests competing for the tiny space between them.


"Sure you want to keep going?" Daniel asked him, his warm breath washing over his face like the ocean tide.

Walter slowly, carefully, hooked a hand around Daniel's neck and brought their lips back together.

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