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Chapter XV:

"Your lip." Daniel said stupidly, drawing back from Walter.

Walter sucked his lower lip into his mouth, trying to compress it with his tongue so it would stop bleeding and mumble "sorry" at the same time.

"Hey, it's fine." Daniel assured him too quickly. As Walter he seemed smaller, his trench coat hung off his shoulders and his eyes were nervous, darting quickly around the room between spasmodic blinks of his orange eyelashes. Daniel pressed a kiss against the corner of Walter's mouth, trying to coax his lip back out. "Okay?" He asked again. Walter bobbed his head agreeably, but still didn't meet Daniel's gaze.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Daniel asked.


"A penny," Daniel repeated, remembering too late he didn't have any pockets and therefore no loose change, "uh, what are you thinking?"

"Rorschach." Walter muttered, tucking his chin back into his scarf like a turtle.

Daniel retrieved Rorschach's fallen hat from where it lay behind his couch and put it back on Walter's head, though he couldn't resist tapping Walter's nose before taking his hands away. Under the brim of his hat, Walter's eyes were almost totally swallowed by shadow. Daniel allowed himself to picture Rorschach in the heat of battle for a whole second then shook his head to clear it before anything could come up. "We'll have to lay low for awhile, at least, until we find out where the Twilight Lady is based now."

Walter loosened the scarf around his neck and removed his hat again, then stood on tip-toe to kiss Daniel, hesitantly. "Walter, what's up?" Daniel asked, breaking away reluctantly.

"Why." Walter said, it was less of a question and more of a demand.

"Why what?" Daniel asked, feeling his confusion and concern grow exponentially.

"Am not pretty, Daniel." Walter told him, slipping into Rorschach's cadence. Daniel saw Walter's hands ball into fists in the trench coat's pockets.

"What?" What was this about?

"I'm not pretty." He repeated, his insecurity forcing him back into Walter.

Daniel's mind sprinted in circles, trying to figure out what this was about. A fantastic blow job, a dead cop, Rorschach…Oh! Oh shit!

"I love you because you're you." He said firmly. "I love Walter the person, not Walter the fashion model." He punctuated his declaration with a firm kiss on each of the freckled cheekbones.

"Am ugly." Walter argued, half-heartedly, worrying the brim of his hat between his gloved fingers.

Daniel looped his hands into the scarf around Walter's neck and pulled him into another kiss, deeper this time, full of want and just the right amount of tongue. "C'mon." he whispered and led Walter by the scarf backwards from the kitchen.

You don't have to believe I love you. I'll show you.


"Walter," Daniel breathed. His mouth was everywhere, Walter was glad of the bedroom door behind him, he didn't have to make his shaking legs try to work. His fedora and scarf were resting on the hat rack downstairs with his coat, and now Daniel was gently prizing open his suit coat, button by careful button.

Rorschach was nowhere to be found, not matter how Walter looked. Walter studied Daniel's broad back in the mirror over his dresser, wondering if this was worth the loss of his friend.

Rorschach…don't leave me.

Daniel knew who they were; would Rorschach consider this too great a security risk? Was he gone for good?


Rorschach said shortly, surfacing long enough to see Daniel's back muscles shift and flow as he bent to kiss the stretch of skin over Walter's collarbone. Rorschach fled, tucking himself back into the dark recesses of Walter's brain. Walter let his hands wrap around Daniel's back, watching his pale hands eclipse Daniel's more tanned flesh in the mirror.

Daniel laughed at the gentle slide of callous against his flesh and short puffs of breath tantalized Walter's already chafed nerves to hyper awareness. "I love you, Walter. Rorschach." Daniel breathes against his neck and Walter shudders, not noticing Daniel's hands slipping like honey over his thin hips to take his hands, which had been hanging paralyzed by his thighs.

Walter allowed himself to be dragged forward, bare feet scuffing hotly against the thick grey carpet to Daniel's bed. Daniel turns him against the bed and leans close to him to undo Rorschach's belt and strip it from his belt loops in a seamless flourish. Walter's suit pants are next to go and soon he is lying in dizzying debauchery on Daniel's bed, naked from the waist down with his half-undone shirt falling off of one shoulder. "Daniel," Walter pants, pawing at the elastic of Daniel's boxers with one uncoordinated hand while his other started to finish unbuttoning his shirt, desperate to feel more of Daniel's liquid skin and feather-soft mouth. Daniel caught his wrists and gently prized them apart so he could nudge Walter back onto the bed; sweetly, implacably moving his quivering limbs one by one until he was prone on the rumpled as-yet-unmade comforter. Watching him with something very like sorrow in his chocolate eyes, Daniel slipped a thumb inside his boxers and wriggled them down until they fell in a pool of patterned cotton around his ankles.

Walter felt lost at sea as Daniel rested one knee on the mattress and allowed his weight to follow, dipping the bed and jostling Walter's already frazzled nerves even further. When Daniel had crawled (predatorily) over his legs and was braced over Walter on all fours, Walter suddenly tasted iron under his tongue and licked his lip hastily to wash the blood away from his own bite. Daniel watched him for a moment and then, without warning, burst into laughter.

"Jesus, Rorschach. All I want to do," here Daniel pressed a kiss to one of his pectorals, "is love you. I'm not going to eat you!" Daniel's laughter subsided to a luxurious chuckle but Walter thought he heard "although that wouldn't be so bad", before Daniel returned to the task of extracting the last of the tiny buttons holding Walter's shirt closed from their respective loops.

With a Herculean effort, Walter forced his face out of its frozen expression of anxiety and allowed himself to relax enough to appreciate the bulk of Daniel above him, perched over his thighs in a way that made his stomach heat pleasantly. Daniel hunched over, bracing his arms on either side of Walter, and scooted back so he could lave his mouth over the ridged topography of Walter's stomach. Kissing inside the lines of muscle, Daniel mumbled "Don't…know….love….show…" and then took the head of Walter's cock into his mouth without any warning whatsoever.

Walter gasped at the sudden heat and then clamped his mouth shut when Daniel wrapped the hand that wasn't massaging his thigh around what his mouth couldn't take, trying to find an anchor in the strain of his jaw and the click of his teeth. Daniel was working in slow circles, evidently relaxing his throat as he went because more of Walter disappeared with each circle between Daniel's stretched pink lips.

Walter was just starting to feel the tell-tale tingle edging up from his feet, warning him that he was careening towards the edge of oblivion and the breaks were broken when Daniel's head suddenly popped up, stunning his cock with the sudden chill of the air around them. Walter opened his eyes, which had closed without any command from him, he thought with slight irritation, to see what had become of Daniel but Daniel was all he could see and suddenly his mouth was covered. A faintly bittersweet taste lingered in Daniel's mouth that Walter refused to think about but Daniel's mouth was already gone. A hand smoothed his cheek and when a finger swept over his lips it seemed the most natural thing in the world for Walter to take it into his mouth and suck.

Daniel had shifted above him but all that meant for Walter was that he was able to get a better angle on Daniel's slender fingers, at once so nimble they could assemble and disassemble Archie's circuitry in minutes and so strong they could break a man's fingers just by squeezing.

Daniel had his cock in (an oddly chill) hand again but he didn't move until-



Walter's thoughts, already laconic and fuzzed over slammed to a halt. His eyes rolled back and he thought distantly that he might have actually fainted for a second before he could focus properly on Daniel, perching like his namesake over skinny, gawky Walter, with the hand he had used to hold Walter now pulling his flesh to the side so he could lower himself.

Walter couldn't even comprehend what was happening so he fixed his gaze on the expressions flitting over Daniel's features. Pain was there, his teeth were clenched with it, but his brow was also knotted up with something that was decidedly not pain and his breath was coming in short, deep gasps that Walter was becoming very familiar with these days. Walter's hands rose like ghosts and settled restlessly on Daniel's hips, trying to massage some comfort back into his love. Daniel's face unwound and he flashed a small smile at the man beneath him before returning to his task of not tearing anything vital and still moving quickly because-God!

Daniel 's hands were back to his chest but were now drawing support rather than giving pleasure and Walter could barely feel the ache because Daniel was starting to move.

The first few strokes were awkward and jerky while Daniel tried to find a rhythm that didn't hurt him and then he moved…somehow and everything changed. Daniel's face slacked and the grip around Walter's cock, already tight, inexplicably seized even tighter. Walter was trying to combine the words for himself and the emotion of feeling apologetic so he could say them to Daniel because he'd grabbed him pretty hard and he was betting it hurt but howcouldhethinkwhenDanielwouldn'tstopmovingandWalterhopedheneverstoppedmovingbecauseitfelttoogoodtobelieve...

That apology never exactly happened but Daniel didn't seem to mind, taking one hand from Walter's chest to wrap around his cock.

The rhythm crescendo-ed to and past the breaking point and Walter reduced to jerking rapidly and feeling like his molars were splintering from the pressure of his jaw clenching. Daniel wasn't faring much better and in a moment of asynchronous spasming the world turned to black.


The room had dimmed to a hesitant grey when Daniel awoke to the supreme contentment of finding someone he loved cradled in his arms. Walter was awake, if his breathing was anything to go by, but he hadn't seen fit to move, apparently.

"Do you believe me now?" Daniel asked fondly, unable to resist nipping at the strong line of Walter's neck.

"Having eliminated all impossibilities, must accept that what remains is the truth." Walter sort-of-quoted sleepily.

"Sherlock Holmes?" Daniel asked, propping himself up on one pillow (his ass moved strangely inside of him but it was so totally, completely, utterly worth it) to see Walter's sleep-gentled face in profile.

"I dreamed of being a detective long before I ever-"

"Became one?"

"Was going to say 'found one'."

Daniel mulled that over for all of a second before his stomach protested. "I guess we slept through lunch," he laughed, regarding the alarm clock with amused disbelief.

"And were interrupted at breakfast," Walter reminded him, turning in the covers with that soft shushing noise Daniel had always associated with a good night's sleep.

"Dinner then. Chinese takeout is sounding real good right now."

"Acceptable. But -" Walter said and ran his fingers hesitantly along the soft line of Daniel's jaw.

"Can we…stay…"

"In bed for a few minutes?" Daniel smiled, both warmed and saddened that Walter was so unsure that he had to ask so nervously.

"Yeah," he dropped a kiss onto Walter's forehead, "yeah we can."

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