A.N.: yes people, i am fully aware that in the actual series, deidara lost a fight with itachi and was taken into the akatsuki after that. but, this is the marvelous world of fanfiction, so i can bend and twist reality however i see fit to do so! MWAHAHA!!! enjoy the story ^^

Konan walked into the living room to find a very somber looking blonde staring out the window and sighing to himself. She smiled and shook her head, before walking over to the young artist. "Deidara, he's not due back until tomorrow morning."

The sculptor jumped and turned around. "I-I know, un."

"Then why are you gazing out of the window like you're expecting him back at any moment?"

"I've got nothing better to do, un."

She shook her head. "Kid, you are hopeless."

"What's that supposed to mean, un?!"

Konan rolled her eyes. "Come on, Deidara. It's completely obvious; you follow his every move, anytime something bad happens you're sure to run to him, you act all somber when he's gone, and to top it all off, you call him danna every time you address him. You, my dear, are hopelessly in love with Sasori."

Deidara groaned. "How long have you known?"

"A few months. Quite frankly I'm amazed the others haven't figured it out yet."

The blonde rolled his eyes. "They're too busy screwing each other to pay attention to anyone else's relationship, un."

Konan laughed and sat down on the couch. "You've got a point there. But even so, it's pretty obvious. And not just on your part."

"Huh?" the blonde shot her a confused look.

"That Sasori has got to be the most protective bastard I've ever met. I'd hate to be the poor soul that ever tried to hit on you."

Deidara laughed. "Yeah, danna's pretty possessive, un."

Konan smiled to herself; she had the blonde right where she wanted him. "Hey, Deidara?"


"I wanna ask you something."

"Sure, un."

"Why do you love Sasori?"

"Hmm?" the blonde was taken aback. "What kind of question is that, un?"

"I seriously wanna know! Why do you love Sasori? Tell me!" she leaned forward eagerly, hoping the blonde would tell. There weren't any other members in the base, so now was the best time to get him to talk.

"Um, well…" Deidara had never really thought about that. Why DID he love the cold hearted redhead so much? A flood of memories came to him.