~~~~~~~~~~~~~back to the present~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Deidara, wake up!"

"Hmm?" Deidara blinked and looked at Konan. "What is it, un?"

"You've been staring off into space for ten minutes! Now answer my question! Why do you love Sasori?!"

Deidara thought for a moment, then smiled. "I guess I love Sasori danna…because he's my danna."

"Huh?" Konan shot him a confused look. "What kind of answer is that?"

"The kind you'll get from him," a voice called out. The two Akatsuki turned and saw a familiar figure in the living room doorway.

"DANNA!" Deidara cried, leaping to his feet and running at the puppet master, glomping him. "I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow, un!"

"I came back early," Sasori answered, stroking the blonde's hair. "And I'm tired as hell." The redhead turned and began walking towards the artists' room, with Deidara following behind. Konan shook her head at the sight. She gave up.

As soon as they got into their room, Sasori dropped his bags and walked over to their bed, climbing in. Deidara undressed and followed suit. "You don't have to go to sleep now, Dei."

"I want to sleep with you, danna, un."

Sasori rolled his eyes and spread his arms apart, allowing Deidara to curl up against him. He hugged the sculptor and buried his face in the blonde locks, relishing the silkiness of the hair and unique scent of his partner that he'd missed so much. "Danna…"

Sasori looked down and saw a pleading look on the blonde's face. "What do you want, brat?"

Deidara smiled and kissed his lover on the cheek. "My song, un."

Sasori chuckled and ran his fingers through the blonde's hair. He brought his lips close to the sculptor's ear and began singing very softly. By the time he finished, Deidara was asleep. Sasori smiled and gave the sleeping artist a chaste kiss. "I love you, Dei-chan."

"Love you too, Sasori danna, un," a sleepy blonde mumbled. He drifted back to sleep as the puppet master gave him another kiss.