Title: The Big Day

Author: skittlesOH-8

Rating: PG-ish. (slight language)

Disclaimer: I only own Jaycee. Katie is loosely based around my friend, but i own her too.

Summary: You will most likely see references that look unusual. You would need to read the first story of the Series. That's When I'll Stop Loving You. It was written by me, and followed by other stories and one-shots created by Kennedy's Friday Night Delight. I recommend you read them, just to fully understand the jokes.

A/N: Remember, this is the last chapter!!!! and for those of you who don't know; a couple of months have gone past since Jay found out she was pregnant. And she found out when she was two months along!

Ashley wouldn't wake up, and Jaycee was getting desperate. She and the girls had gone out the night before for her bachelorette party.

Heaving a sigh, the brunette walked out of the room, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket along the way. Punching in a familiar number, she rested her hand on the bump that was clearly visible under her shirt.

15 minutes later, Jay walked up the stairs again, this time with someone at her side. Reaching the door to her best friends room, she laughed as Shannon hopped up onto the bed.

"Wake up! You're getting married today, Sugar!" He shouted, all the while jumping up and down on the bed. Ashley opened her eyes with a groan and met his grin with a glare. Her eyes widened a moment later and she dropped her head back down to her pillow.

"Oh lord.. I'm getting married today." Shannon laughed and got off the bed, moving to stand by his girlfriend.

"Thanks Shan. I can handle it from here." She leaned up and kissed him. He rubbed her belly for a moment before leaving. Jaycee walked further into the room and pulled the duvet off of the bed.

"Come along lady. We gotta get you ready." Grudgingly, Ashley rolled out of bed and moved to the bathroom. She knew that a warm shower would wake her up, and it did. She emerged from the bathroom 30 minutes later in her bathrobe and was immediately pulled downstairs. The entire living room was transformed into a beauty salon. The girls had set up chairs and even a few mirrors so they could see the work being done to them.

Melina was doing everyone's hair, while Katie was doing the makeup. Most of them had already passed though the two stations, the only ones having yet to do so were herself and Jay. Sitting down in front of the Latina, the blonde woman chatted with her friend as her short blonde hair was dried, curled and pinned back. The entire process taking almost half an hour.

Switching seats with her best friend, Ashley had to stop talking as her friend did her makeup. It was really basic and simple, but it was done expertly. After her makeup was finished, she was rushed back upstairs to put on her dress. With help from Amy, Beth and Ziva, she squeezed herself into the gown.

The other bridesmaids donned their dresses, and they waited for the limo to arrive. The wedding was scheduled for 11 that morning, and it was already 10.

Ken was nervous. He was extremely nervous and it showed. He had already had a talk with Ashley's dad, and was now just pacing in a room off of the hall.

Word from Shannon was that the girls had just arrived, and he was itching to go and see her. But tradition was that he wait until she walked down the eisle. And knowing Ashley, she would just have Jaycee send him away.

The groomsmen were just standing around the room, either talking or fixing something with their tuxes. Ken nervously ran a hand over his blonde hair as Amy cracked open the door.

"Fellas, it's time." The guys filed out of the room and walked into the hall. The hall was filled to the brim with people, mainly WWE superstars and Divas. Standing at the front, he could hear Greg crack a few jokes and it eased his nerves slightly. The back doors opened and a piano on a balcony above them started playing.

Katie was the first one out, and Ken felt Jeff stiffen beside him. He had chosen the Rainbow-Haired Warrior as his best man. Next came Melina, then Beth. Ziva followed, and Amy was after her. Jaycee came after them. Though her dress was the same as the others, it differed slightly in that it was bigger, for her belly, and the bust was a darker blue.

The Bridal March started and everyone stood up. Steve and Ashley started the walk, and Ken felt like he couldn't breath. She was beautiful, and to make it better, she was his. After their entire past, he finally got the girl.

The ceremony was good. The twin terrors, otherwise known as Ashley's little brother and sister, hadn't done anything to screw it up. They didn't dare go against their mother who had said that if they did anything they would be in a lot of trouble.

The reception was hilarious, and they caught it all on tape. First the girls (Ashley and Jaycee) had found out that there had indeed been a stripper at Ken's bachelor party, and nearly killed Shannon, though it was Greg who hired her. They then tired to kill Greg, but had been stopped before doing any serious damage.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels had nearly started a riot by pulling one of their infamous pranks. Stephanie and Rebecca had to literally pull them out of harms way.

The reception lasted until about 3 or 4, which was when the newly married couple had left to head for the airport. The months of planning, and of crazy happening had been worth it in the end.

this is the last chapter of this one! hope you like it!!!