A/n: Crack created by a tired brain, will be continued. Will be rated M. Pairing is as of yet undetermined. But I'm dead sure about the rating. There will be rape, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and agnst. possible ooc but i'll avoid it if possible.

I remember playing soccer with Tamaki in gym. Yes, that's what happened... I was standing off to the side in a defensive position as Tamaki prepared to take a penalty kick. I felt sorry for the goalie; Tamaki's starlight kick was unpredictable.

Tamaki swung his foot back and yelled loudly as he kicked the ball. It went flying- very, very fast- and slammed into my face causing me to be thrown backwards and into a goal-post. My head smacked the hard metal and I blacked out.

When I woke up the first thing I saw was Tamaki standing over me with tears in his eyes. He squealed my name loudly and hugged me.

"Mother! I'm so happy you're ok! I'm sorry! I didn't mean for the ball to hit you!" He cried.

"Calm down Daddy. I'm ok but please, pay attention to where you're aiming next time." I told him. He hugged me again and I closed my eyes, sitting up a bit more.

"Mommy still loves Daddy?" He questioned.

"Yes, yes, Mommy still loves you. Now get off me." I pushed him away only to meet eyes with my father. Oh shit.

"Kyouya... why is Suoh-san calling you 'Mommy'?" He asked. I paled a bit and went to readjust my glasses only to find that I wasn't wearing them. Tamaki handed them to me with an awkward smile, he knew the tension he'd just created.

"Tamaki likes to refer to our club as a 'family' so to speak, thus by club position, he is the father of the host club. As the vice-president I am the 'mother' of the host club. The others are sometimes referred to as the children of the host club. But this terminology is seldom used in from of others." I explained. I was nervous that my father would hit me in front of Tamaki again. His eyebrow twitched and he nodded. I suddenly realized how strange it was that he was even there. He usually couldn't care less about me.

"Forgive me for asking, but why are you here?" I asked tentatively. Tamaki draped his arm over my shoulder and laughed.

"Well, of course he'd come, you got hurt Kyouya. They probably called him from away from what he was doing." He said cheerfully.

"I was in the Chairman's office. When I heard about what had happened the Chairman told me I should go see if you're ok. We had been discussing business arrangements." My father said coldly. I nodded and apologized for dragging him away. Clearly, he would have stayed with Tamaki's father had he not been insistent. Then my father said something peculiar.

"How hard were you hit? Did you pass out immediately? Did you have hallucinations?" He asked me. I raised an eyebrow in spite of myself. Why is he asking this? What's with the sudden change of heart?

"I was hit pretty hard. I passed out when my head slammed against the goal post. No I didn't have anything of the sort." I answered. What the hell is going on? He looked away and nodded to himself.

"Right then," he said firmly, almost as if he were assuring himself of something. I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at his nonsensical behavior. My train of thought was ended abruptly as Tamaki began nuzzling my cheek. I pushed him away irritably grumbling that he shouldn't do things like that around my father. He apologized- loudly- but continued to nuzzle my cheek. He squeezed me close and in the process of doing so, knocked me onto my back with him straddling me. I closed my eyes as a terrifying image came to mind. I saw... a woman above me in the same position. So terrified was I that my hands seemed to move of their own free will and tried to jerk to cover my face.

They were bound at my wrists above my head.

I felt someone brush against me in my most personal area and tried to recoil only to find that my legs were bound to the bed apart from each other. Like lightning, my eyes darted about my head to catch a glimpse of my surroundings. I was in a room much like my bedroom but somehow more childish. The walls were painted baby blue rather than the cold grey the characterized my house today and my bed seemed to be much smaller. I glanced back at the woman in hopes of finding an answer for the burning question the filled my mind but found that she was to busy removing her clothes.

Clothes that looked so... familiar.

My eyes widened as I woke from my odd trance. A waking nightmare? I had no explanation for what had just happened nor did I know what it meant. Instantly my mind flashed back to what my father had asked. Did you have hallucinations?

I briefly considered seeking him out to tell him what had happened but the rational part of my mind ordered me to ignore it like I ignored all emotional drama. When my mind left its ravine and returned to the waking world I realized Tamaki was staring at me.

"What?" I questioned irritably. He hesitantly met my eyes and chewed his lower lip.

"You just... went into zombie mode." he said awkwardly. What the hell is he talking about?


"Well Kyouya, you're eyes went all wide and you're face just had this horrified expression and you looked ready to pass out," he explained, then with a vigor unparalleled by any I'd ever seen in him, he exclaimed, "and when I called out to you you didn't respond! I don't even think you heard me!"

He was right about that; I'd heard nothing but the muffled sound of my nightmare.

"I think I must have blacked out." I replied, "Perhaps I'll rest here in the infirmary for a while."

He agreed whole-heartedly and went off to tell the nurse. I leaned back in the bed and stared at the ceiling, counting the tiles rather then thinking about the matter at hand.

63 ceiling tiles, 15 cracks in the support beams, 3 air vents, 1 nightmare...