hey this is my story its about spongebob squarepants and full house its really cool and in case you didnt know, comet is the tanners dog on full house. okay here goes!

"What are you watching on tv?" DJ asked Michelle.

"Oh I'm watching spongebob," Michelle replied.

Comet ran into the room.

"Oh hey Comet what's up?" DJ asked.

"Dinner!" Danny yelled.

They went into the kitchen and left Comet alone in the living room and that's when he got his idea.

He jumped into the tv.

The next thing he knew he was in Spongebob's house and he could breathe underwater that is his special ability.

Comet barked.

"Look at this dog!" Spongebob said.

"Oh how did he get here?" Patrick asked.

"I don't know but let's take him to the Krusty Krab and show him to everyone!" Spongebob said and he put Comet on a leash and they walked to the Krusty Krab.

"Look who I have!" Spongebob yelled.

"Who is this guy?" Squidward asked.

"It's Comet," Spongebob said.

"We don't need any dogs in here," Squidward said.

Mr. Krabs entered and he said "Oh it's a dog I have never seen one of these before!"

He petted Comet.

"Yeah he is my new pet," Spongebob said.

Meanwhile, dinner was over and Michelle went to watch more Spongebob.

"No way Comet is on tv check this out!" she yelled and she jumped into the tv.

"Wow who are you?" Spongebob asked.

Michelle couldn't talk because she couldn't breathe. Spongebob put a air helmet on her.

"My name is Michelle," Michelle said. "And this is my dog Comet."

"Can I keep Comet for just one day?" Spongebob asked.

"Yeah sure," Michelle replied.
"Get to work Spongebob," Squidward said.

"Can I have a krabby patty?" Michelle asked.

"One krabby patty coming up!" Spongebob said and he made her one.

She sat down and started to eat and she gave some to Comet.

After that, he ran outside as fast as he could.

"Hey Comet is leaving!" Michelle hollered.

"We better find him!" Spongebob ran outside to look for Comet.

Soon there was a search party. All of Bikini Bottom and Michelle was looking for Comet.

"Comet come out!" Michelle yelled.

Meanwhile, DJ's jaw dropped. "I must be seeing things! Michelle is on tv!" She walked away, figuring she was crazy.
"I searched high and low but I haven't seen Comet," Mr. Krabs said.

"Here's Comet!" Patrick pointed to a random guy.

"That's not Comet," Michelle said.

They found Comet running free in jellyfish fields.

"Oh here is my pet," Spongebob said and he took him home. That night, Comet and Gary played together.

The next morning, Michelle went to Spongebob's house to get Comet, but Spongebob refused to give Comet back, he said he wanted to keep Comet forever.

"But I need him!" Michelle said.

She went back home.

"Spongebob stole Comet!" she announced.

"Don't let your imagination run away from you," Danny said.

"I mean it!" Michelle yelled. "He really did!"

"Go to your room," Danny said.

"She's serious," DJ said. "I saw her on tv yesterday." She turned the tv on and saw Spongebob throwing a frisbee and Comet went after it.

"Go talk some sense into Spongebob," DJ told Danny.

Danny jumped into the tv and told Spongebob if he didn't give Comet back now then there would be some trouble.
So Spongebob gave up Comet, waved goodbye to the Tanner family, and all was well.

Michelle would never forget her day in Bikini Bottom, and neither would Comet.

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