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Story Start


Naruto moved into a fighting position as he prepared to fend off Azula and Zuko. He knew just how driven and determined those two could be. The area became quiet as everyone waited for a move to be made, but of course the quiet and serious atmosphere was ruined as Aang skyrocketing towards the village on a penguin, staff in hand. He flies right under Zuko, sweeping his legs out from under him. Zuko lands butt up. The helmet lands on his behind in a most suggestive manner. The children cheer as Aang reaches the villagers. As he and the penguin bank, they dump a lot of snow on the cheering kids. They stop cheering for a moment, but then take up the cheer again anyway. The penguin slides to a halt and it pushes Aang off. The penguin gets up, looks at Aang, and then turns and waddles away.

'' Hey Naruto. Hey Katara. Hey Sokka.''

'' Hi...Aang. Thanks for coming.'' remarked Sokka dryly.

Aang looks over at the Firebenders. Zuko gets to his feet and assuming a firebending stance. Aang readies his staff, he is surrounded by Zuko and his men. They begin to close in, but Aang blows the men on either side of him backwards with blasts of air. He blasts Zuko as well, but he holds his ground, shielding his face from the wind.

''Looking for me?'' Aang asked only to be shoved out of a way by a fireball courtesy of Azula.

''Damnit Aang...you have a shitty sense of timing.'' Naruto remarked as Zuko moved back into a fighting position.

''He...'' Zuko began incredulous. ''An airbender...he's the Avatar?''

''This goofy looking child is whom our Nation has been in search of the past century? This is a joke...'' Azula said as daggers of fire materialized from her fingertips. She then grabbed one of the elders and held some of the daggers to her throat. ''You have a choice; you two come quietly or have the life this peasant on your consciousness.''

Naruto was shocked at the utter ruthless the girl was showing. This was not the person he remembered at all.

''Wait don't do it!'' Aang Cried out. ''If we go with you, will you promise to leave everyone alone?''

After a brief pauses Zuko straightened up and nodded stiffly. Honestly he was glad Azula was being ruthless in a situation where it called for not fighting the enemy head to head. Even with all the training they had done for this confrontation Zuko didn't have a lot of fate they could take Naruto on without a specific set of conditions. The main problem was the blond had abilities that no one, but him knew the inner-workings too and for his penchant of using high speed tactics that even Master Benders would be hard pressed to defend against a successful confrontation was a 1000 to 1.

''Fine...we'll go,'' Naruto relented; knowing it would save time if he would go along with the situation for the time being. Now while the talk-no-jutsu was usually more successful when he kicked someone's ass first, but he didn't want to put the people in the village in danger. Despite Katara's pleading the duo turned themselves in as the boarded the vessel which swiftly took off.

''Is this really necessary?'' Naruto asked as he found both his legs and hands chained against a poll. ''You know I could just escape right?''

''But you won't...you'll want to talk with us and try to get us to understand whatever you doing for some vague reason.'' Zuko remarked bitterly. ''So what is it Naruto? For what reason did you abandon us to strike off on your own to find the Avatar of all people. What happen to all that stuff about how one person shouldn't rule over the world and how you viewed the people as a sheep for depending on the Avatar? Was it all a lie you hypocrite?''

''Honestly I tried to strive out on my own; I tried to get people to open their eyes but they are too used to tradition to mostly think for themselves. They in and they out they follow their routines and don't even bother trying to change until a problem is brought directly to their attention. People don't care about the war until its brought to their village or nation. Face it Zuko this mad men's plan started by your ancestor is going to tear this war apart. I mean an entire culture was wiped out and the land is just there sitting vacant and then there is all these attacks on the Water Nation. Capturing prisoners and destroying homes in the pursuit of one person. Do you even care about the fact that young women are offered up to soldiers like a piece of meat to wolves? That parents are bearing their children or families are being broken up? All your father is doing is everything for the self gratification of the royal family and nobles while destroying and repressing the cultures of everyone else.'' Naruto's rant only seemed to bring up a few of the doubts Zuko had since his banishment, but he pushed back those doubts.

''And what the hell about you? Don't try to act like you aren't guilty. All these years and you lived comfortably in the palace where was your care for the people out there! You had all this power and you could have done something a long time ago if that's how you felt, but you didn't so what does that make you?''

''Just because you aren't aware of what I was doing didn't mean I wasn't doing anything. Are you even aware of the people who are suffering in your nation? The poor being heavily taxed and force into the army by threats so the pompous brats and silly-headed girls of the nobles don't have to put their lives on the line for the nation they praise so much. I'll admit the people out there have their own issues, but they aren't going about suppressing people. Following orders or not there has to be a time of your life when you realize you're killing people. Slaughtering innocent women and children. You're right...I could have been more active but I hoped things could have been solved in a more peaceful manner. That either you and Azula would succeed your father and become a peaceful Fire Lord and bring about the end of this war. Getting to know these people and being an inhabitant of their nation I wanted to avoid needlessly slaughtering them; the battle; war itself all these years have ingrained a killing instinct inside of me that's hard to suppress. Unfortunately you and Azula came upon me during my attempt to murder your father. So rather then forcing you two into a role of leadership you weren't ready for I died; my heart, I couldn't turn you two into just willing puppets and here we are now.''

''Do you have any idea what you did though?'' Zuko demanded as he trembled in rage. ''What he put us through...what he put Azula through?'' he shouted as the heat around his body intensified. ''You were the only one who could have protected us. Uncle Iroh was still reeling from the loss of his son and with mom gone you were the only obstacle from my father's attempt to make us into the perfect soldiers; Azula into his perfect successor. The femininity that you encouraged of Azula was struck away bit by bit. He broke her Naruto...he broke her mind in such a horrible way that it disgusts me that such a man is my father. That I'm afraid what he would do to her if Uncle and I aren't there. ''

''I'm sorry...'' he never considered Ozai would go as far as to actually mentally break his children. The man was obsessed with power and himself so Naruto assumed that he helped Zuko and Azula grow strong enough to handle themselves for a bit of time.

''You shouldn't tell me that...you should be telling 'her' that.'' Zuko said as he left the room.

Meanwhile Aang had mentioned to escape from the guards using Air Bending and was making his way up to the top of the ship.

Though further from the ship Katara and Sokka on top of Appa were pursing the ship. They were flying in the horizon when they caught sight of the ship. ''There it is!'' Katara said with a determined look.

''I still say this is a bad idea! This is Naruto-sensei were talking about I highly doubt he needs us rescuing him.'' Sokka said as they caught sight of Aang being chased by three fire nation soldiers. ''Aang on the other hand...'' he remarked dryly.

Naruto could only chuckle when he heard the disturbance from up above. Obviously they didn't do the smart thing and knock the boy unconscious. Though that was put to a halt when Azula entered the room and the temperature got colder. Something about her was so cold and controlled. It was nothing like the fiery little firecracker he knew that did not like rats; not that he had anything to do with it of course.

She seemed intent on staring at him; her ears gazing directly into his soul. ''You left...'' she finally said. ''You left me.'' she added as Naruto rebutted with a simple statement.

''I did what was for the best.'' he remarked as blue flames flickered briefly from Azula's fingers.

''You bastard!'' she let out a shriek as she launched a gush of flames at Naruto who promptly broke from his chains and dropped down. He proceeded to roll out of the way and dodge several whirling disks of flames that Azula fired one after another. They soar over his head and shoulders as he closed the distance between them only for Azula to erect a wall of fire to which Naruto burst through, his clothes catching on fire resulting in him ripping off his coat and shirt leaving his torso exposed as he used the bits of cloth to put out the flames on his pants.

With a wave of her hand Azula summoned a stiletto and was about to stab Naruto when he grabbed her wrist and held her in place. 'Letting me go you traitor before I burn you to ash!" she snarled as she struggled against his grip.

''Azula...listen to me; this isn't the girl I know from all those years ago.''

''That girl is dead,'' she said as she tried to lash out against him her golden eyes full of fury meeting his concern and serene blue eyes.

''No she's not...'' he said as he brought his face closer. ''Look into my eyes.'' he said as be began peering into her mind. The images that he saw made him sick and evolved his outright dislike of Ozai into hatred.

''Bastard...'' she let loose a hysterical cry. The look on his face said it all as she realized what he did; realizing that he peered into her mind without permission. ''You leave me then peer into my mind? Who the hell does that?''

''I didn't...I didn't know...I wanted to help you and I wasn't sure how. I shouldn't have left you with that monster Azula I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.'' he said pulling her into a hug.

''Zuko doesn't know about this, but this little voyage isn't as willing as I made it out to be. I was given two choices if I was to have the right to be my father's successor. To capture you and the Avatar or to have your child and kill you. My father believes that a child with your genetics would breed a new superior race of benders without equal that can bend the elements and completely under the Fire Nation's control.''

''I know...I saw,'' he said as he rested his forehead against hers. ''I can help you Azula. I can free you from your torment but you have to do what I said. Do you trust me?'' he asked extending a hand.


Meanwhile with Aang on top of the bridge's observation deck. He was trying to make his escape by opening his glider, throwing it into the air and jumping after it. He catches it, a happy expression on his face. Unfortunately, behind him, Zuko has jumped after him in pursuit. With a fierce cry of desperation, he grabs Aang's foot. Both get up and square off yet again. Aang's look of trepidation is tempered as he turns over his left shoulder to see Appa up in the sky gaining on Zuko's ship.


What is that?'' Zuko cried out in confusion.


Aang turns just in time to use his staff to block a fire blast from Zuko. He uses his staff as a helicopter to escape the blasts and comes back down on the edge of the deck, almost falling overboard. He regains his balance and blow three more fireballs before his staff is knocked away from him. He dodges a few more blasts before he is finally knocked overboard. Aang falls into the water below.

''Aang! No!'' Katara cried out as Aang continuing plunging into the watery depths. ''Aang! Aang! AANG!''
At Katara's final scream, Aang's eyes and tattoo's glow white, an expression of determination forming on his face. He turns around in the water and begins to rise towards the surface. Around him, a mighty whirlpool of water begins to form. Aang, at the center of a now monstrous, inverted tornado of water is propelled toward the surface at amazing speed. He breaks the surface in front of the ship, towering high over the bridge atop his swirling maelstrom of water. Aang lands on the deck, his eyes still aglow, and bends the water from the column around him in circle. He releases it and it expands outward in a shock-wave that blasts Zuko and his men overboard.

''Did you see what he just did?'' Katara asked her brother with an incredulous look.

''Now that was some water bending!''

Aang collapse to his knees after wobbling a bit, spent from the huge energy expenditure. He falls forward, the white energy fading from his eyes and tattoos. Appa lands and Katara and Sokka jump off to retrieve him.

''Aang! Are you okay?'' the worried water bender asked as he replied drained, '' Hey Katara. Hey Sokka. Thanks for coming.''

''Well, I couldn't let you have all the glory.'' Sokka answered with a satisfied grin.

''I dropped my staff.''

''Got it!'' Sokka said as he ran over to pick up the staff. As he picks it up, Sokka is shocked to see that Zuko holds the other end of it. Zuko was washed overboard, but held onto the part of Aang's staff that was hanging out over the deck. Sokka butts Zuko in the head with the staff three times resulting in Zuko letting it go as he begins to fall to the water below, but grabs the anchor chain in time. He hangs by one hand.

''Ha! That's from the Water Tribe!''

The guards who had been washed way down the deck by Aang's water bending. They get up, preparing for combat. Katara picks up a stream of water from the deck and the guards pull back slightly in fear. She whips the guards sending them reeling back. Katara picks up another stream of water and throws it at the soldiers without looking freezing them in place in a sheet of ice. She turns and climbs back up on Appa. '' Hurry up, Sokka!'' she shouted to Sokka before turning her attention back to Aang. ''Aang...Naruto-sensei did you see him? Did he say anything.''

''He said he would catch up when I escape. He said he had something he had to do.''

Sokka runs up Appa's tail. ''Yip yip! Yip yip!''

Once he is on board, Appa rumbles and takes off just as Iroh who has just emerged onto the deck after his nap, looking up to the sky.
''Huh?'' he asked after rubbing his eyes.

Appa rapidly flies away from the ship as Iroh helps Zuko back up onto the ship.

''Shoot them down!''

As Appa gains altitude, Zuko and Iroh in unison launch a massive bolt of fire at Appa. Katara and Sokka look behind them in horror at the approaching fireball. Though before the fire ball could hit a burst of wind far stronger then the fire dispersed it.

''Sorry Iroh-sensei! I'm afraid I can't let you guys stop that kid.'' Naruto said as he walked out onto the deck.

''You seem to be determined to see this path through no matter what happens aren't you?'' Iroh asked as Naruto nodded.

''Our opinions of balance differ and things don't always go the way we want them to.'' he said thinking back to what happened.

''I can help you Azula. I can free you from your torment but you have to do what I said. Do you trust me?'' he asked extending a hand.

''Naruto...I...'I'm a child of the Fire Nation so I have to do my duty as such.''

''Next time we meet. It'll be as enemies.'' Iroh informed Naruto who nodded and leaped up until the railing.

''Then let's hope we don't meet again,'' the blond said letting himself fall over the edge as he plunged into the cold and dark arctic waters.



New Note


Third Fang, many numerous authors, and reviewers have given me permission to use certain Jutsu, themes, dialogues, and other such things which will be seen in this series. I will be listing and crediting authors whose inspiration for material begins/appears in subsequent story or chapter. Many homages will be paid to some of the greatest writers on this site and as well as Cameos or shout-outs as well. I want to think everyone who has been a long time fan of my stories and my series since conception. With that said I hope you guys enjoy this final revival/rewrite of my series and enjoy this new direction I am taking it in. Also this story along with many characters will be a lot darker then the previous series and there will be a heavier use of dark themes along with numerous added scenes and things that branch away from Canon.

For each story I work on I will be adding the new chapters after the old ones if there is a significant difference then the old one. Once I get up to the point to the story where the old one stopped at I will delete the older chapters and the new ones will take their place, but I will be leaving up the old chapters for people to enjoy.

As you all know and see there is always a vast improvement from my old versions to my new versions. This time I am not only fixing mistakes, but I'm doing something known as Adaption Expansion and try to go on and give depth that's only been seen by writers like Mistresswinyoll and her Rosario + Vampire stories and the likes. Now I know some of you are disappointed and hate when I do this, but I need to completely reevaluate and add some depth to my changes and reasons as well as balance out my original characters.

So with that, I will begin my getting out the new origin story 'New Origin' which will completely change and redefine Naruto's back story (It won't be a branch off of canon like before but similar), we'll actually get to see more of the villains and enemies and show why those on the antagonist side are a threat, and we actually get to see those OCs you've all been giving me.

I will also be bringing back in a capacity the main characters for crossover I don't have and give them larger roles and alter the plots more. I will be making the plots mine instead of following too close to canon like I usually do and I know that you will all enjoy it. With that said please be patient while I finish writing up New Origin the first chapter.