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"Bella? Are you packed yet? The taxi is here!" Edward yelled.

"Hold on!" Bella called from upstairs. She was curling her dark brown hair with a bouncy Renesmee and a grouchy Jacob outside.

"Bella, hurry up!" Rosalie called from the foot of the stairs.

"The taxi guy is about to leave!" Esme yelled from outside.

"Does he have all our luggage?" Bella asked.

"Yes, we have more of a taxi buss though, c'mon, hustle." Edward pushed the last of the Cullen's and one Black out to the taxi. Everyone was crammed in side the buss.

Bella and Edward sat next to each other in the back, while Jacob struggled to fasten Renesmee into her seat, then sat next to her.

"We're we going?" Rosalie asked, checking herself out in the mirror.

"London, near my home town." Carlisle said.

"Really? We're visiting grandpa's hometown?" Renesmee called from the front. Esme started laughing at the title grandpa since Carlisle looked like a Greek god.

"Aww, why London? Why cant we go somewhere more sunny?" Emmet groaned.

"That exact reason. You don't want us lighting up like a Christmas tree do you?" Jasper smacked Emmet.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Emmet smiled stupidly.

"Are you ready? We leave now?" The driver squinted at the strange family.

"Uh-yes, yes." Carlisle said, hiding his embarrassment for forgetting the presence of the human taxi driver.

"Kay, I go fast so you not late." The taxi driver said and immediately stepped on the pedal and flew down the high way. The Cullen's struggled to hide the fact that human fast was slow for them. Through the hectic drive, they finally arrived at the airport and ran to get on their plane since they were so late (the driver had fun cursing out the other drivers on the road while Bella glared at him, covering Renesmee's ears). They sat at first class and buckled in.

"I didn't think we would make it." Alice remarked. Whoa, you know your running late when a psychic doesn't think your going to make it to a place. The plane took off


(der....awkward harry potter scene here)

Harry and his friends were at Hogwarts (duh were would they be? Indonesia?). Carrying on with their life, learning spells to kill a person, causing possible hospitalization, ect. You know the deal. Everyday knowing the dark lord will one day come out and kill all their asses, same old same old. Little did they know, vampires would stumble upon their little castle. Soon.

(told you it was awkward)


"Nessie, Nessie, get up." Edward shook awake Renesmee who had fallen asleep.

"Huh? Yeah?" Renesmee whipped away drool from her mouth.

"We're here." Edward said.

"Bout time." She yawned and hoped off the plane with her family.

They got settled into their hotel.

"We have so many bars and clubs to go to." Emmet said to Rosalie.

"You mean pubs?" Rosalie said.

"What the hell? No! Bars!" Emmet jumped up.

"In England, they are called pubs." Rosalie said and started to unpack.

"I thought we were in Great Brittan." Emmet said.

"Yeah , same thing." Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"Great, we have so many, pubs, to go to and sights to see. I hope we can cover it all." Emmet said and flipped through a brochure.

"I"m sure we will, Carlisle wants to go to his hometown tomorrow though, you'll have to hold off the clubbing for a couple days." She said and fastened her fancy blouse on a hanger and into the closet.

"OK, that I can handle, what should we do?" Emmet asked.

"Unpack stud. "Rosalie tossed Emmet his luggage.

"Oh yeah! I packed my favorite candy."Emmet said and unzipped his luggage.

"You packed candy? Emmet, you are a vampire." Rosalie said.

"Yeah so? Nothing against having some chocolate." Emmet said and pulled candy bar. He unwrapped it and threw it to the ground, brown goo was all over his hand

"They melted!" Emmet whined.

"Oh gee ya think? Just put them in the fridge." Rosalie waved her hand.

"OK." He said and shoved his suite case into the fridge. Rosalie looked up in disbelief. Emmet wrestled with the fridge, then managed to put it inside the fridge. "Done." He said and brushed his hands.

"I can see that." Rosalie laughed and finished unpacking.

sneak peak!

"Shut your f*cking owl up Harry!" A bagel flew across the room and hit harry in the head.

"Hey! I will feed her OK?" Harry hissed back at the other people in the main room, not knowing who threw the tasty breakfast pastry at his head. The portrait flew open and.......

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