Hey guys. So today is January 31, 2016. I started this story in March of 2008. I am still writing it. I have grown so much as a writer since I started eight years ago.

Thus, I am warning you: my writing drastically improves after the first 20 to 30 chapters. I'm currently in the process of rereading the story and plan to finish it this year, if possible. And boy is it a struggle to get through the first chapters. If you are even remotely interested in the story's concept for the first few chapters, I encourage you to stick with it...

And if not, you'll probably be ok if you SKIP TO CHAPTER 25: ESTABLISHING CHAOS and kind of catch on to what's going on, without having to drudge through squirm-factor writing. Alternatively, if you just read the flashbacks up until that point, you'll have an even better idea of what's going on. Really, if I had time, I would go back and rewrite a lot this story, but I'd much rather just finish it.

I'm so thankful to those of you who have stuck with me all these years, and I am forever in debt to my editor.

At some point, fanfiction has kind of flipped out on me. All the formatting changed. .

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I'd like to thank all my reviewers and apologize for all of the answered reviews I am going to have to wipe out as I make formatting changes. Thanks guys for sticking with this! Enjoy!

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Prologue: Doused

Dark thunderclouds hovered over the usually serene town of Melonbi. A pale young girl, about seven years old, stumbled through the light drizzle, frantically trying to get to her house before the storm. In her rush, she was unaware of the dark figure raging in an intense battle ahead of her until she, quite literally, collided with him, and knocked them both into the sticky mud.

For a second, the man in the dark uniform was stunned. Then, angrily lifting his mud soaked

body from the ground, he shouted, "Hey! Brat, watch where you're going!" "S-s-sorry Mr." The young girl trembled. "I didn't mean-"

"Charizard, quickly, finish it before it starts to rain too hard," the man yelled, pushing the girl aside and returning his attention to the battle. "I'll grab the psychic-proof net, just keep that fire going!"

The man scrambled toward his backpack, about twenty yards from where he had been previously standing. The young fallen girl peered after him and then glanced at the large red monster spurting fire from its mouth. It was clearly exhausted, and the rain was not helping this fire Pokemon. The girl could tell it had undergone an intense battle and curiously looked for the opponent. She caught sight of a small figure in the flames protecting itself with a weak psychic barrier, too weak to move itself from the blaze. The girl felt pity for both creatures, one being commanded to attack under such harsh conditions, the other just trying to protect itself. She wished to help both, but knew she could not possibly help the attacker, for it already had an owner. The girl glanced back at the man. He had reached his equipment and was now fiddling with something, though the girl could not see what through the thick rain.

Suddenly, the girl heard a sharp gasp and then a thud. The girl snapped her head away from the strange man to see the giant dragon Pokemon fainted in the mud next to a smaller, pinkish brown Pokemon. Throwing a nervous glance back at the man, the mud-covered girl staggered toward the two fallen creatures. The small pink Pokemon had not yet fainted and was shivering helplessly in the mud. The girl could now see that the brown on the creature was just disgusting wet dirt and burnt fur. Scooping the pink Pokemon into her arms, the girl frowned sadly at the giant fire Pokemon, wishing there was something she could do. She then saw that the man was running back towards her and the Pokemon. Taking one last glance at the Charizard, the girl turned and fled, cradling the pink Pokemon in her arms. Panting, the girl finally reached her small house. As she climbed through the door, she thought she could hear a scream of agony in the distance. The girl shuddered and went inside.