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High up in a tree over looking a busy market place there were two fairy girls. One with long brown hair in twin braids, and another with pigtails. The braided girl had a complex look on her face while the other had a slightly annoyed look.*

"To-Tomo-chan, I don't think I can do this."

"What are you talking about? Sakuno you have no choice."


"No buts! You know that you have a duty to help out a human in need." The one called tomo-chan said as she wagged her finger.

"...I can barely help myself." she whispered, mostly to herself then anyone.

"Sakuno, you need to be more confident!" She said shaking her friend sakuno back and forth.

"I-I'll try." she said after the shaking and tried to stop the rush to her head.

"don't worry you'll do fine!" Tomo-chan said smiling excited.

"If you say so, but I don't have power like the others." sakuno said downhearted.

"Exactly! Yours is cool and unique!" tomo said trying to cheer her friend up.

"No..that's not..."

"Come on! lets go set you some place!" tomo interrupted with out a second thought. She knew her friend very well ,and knew that sakuno would find another way to look down on herself.

"E-eh!? I'm not ready yet!" she whined

"Yes, you are, now lets go find a place that would be best to put you." Tomo flew to a roof, and looked around sakuno soon joined her.

"Maybe, I can go to a field."

Tomo looked at her with disgust. "What are you saying? You are way more valuable than a field flower! I will find you a pretty rose." she said with a smirk.

"I am not good enough to be in a rose."

"oh look! that flower shop seems to have fresh rose buds going out!" she said pointing at a flower shop.

"They are very nice." sakuno said with a charming smile.

"It's decidedm, lets go!" grabbing her friend she flew down quickly, and before you could blink she stuffed her friend inside a rose bud.


"ssshhh!....someone is coming! Good luck!" with that she flew off.

Nervous, very nervous was how you could describe how this little fairy felt. She was inside a rose, and felt it being jerked up. This almost made her yell in surprise, but she covered her mouth before she could let anything slip out. It would certainly be the end of her fairy days is she were found so soon.

One of the biggest rules is that when you begin your mission to help a human (who will be chosen by destiny) you must wait until the flower is bloomed to be seen. Fairies have a connection with nature, and all living things. When the flower is given to a person who has an empty space in their heart or soul the flower will bloom. From there the fairy must make a contract and do everything possible to help the human fill that hole.

Now little sakuno inside the rose bud is a different kind of fairy. She, along with being extremely shy and self- conscious also doesn't have the normal powers of other fairies like her. Which is control of one of the four elements: Earth, wind, water, and fire. Strangely enough she could control the power of light.

It would be considered a great honor if it wasn't for the fact she was the only one, and that her magic class teachers didn't know how to teach her to bring out her potential. She had to work a lot harder than the others because of that just to keep up with all the others. The basics were even harder because each element type had to have a certain feeling or certain attitude to use their power to the fullest. Sakuno had to find out on her own, unlike her classmates who had teachers just like them helping them out.

Her friend tomo was a fire element fairy, and to be able to fly she had to be able to feel excited and outgoing like a fire. That was easy for her, but for sakuno she didn't know how light was supposed to really feel.

She did get it though, and it was a calm happy feeling that seemed to almost overwhelm her. She wasn't sure what to call it, but that feeling is what allowed her to complete the basics.

Which is Healing, flying, animal communication, and Memory suppression.

Once these things are mastered the fairy must go out on their own and find a human to bind with a contract. When they do that, and complete the mission they can go back home. From then on they can continue to get the training needed and set off again.

"With this flower, I will finally confess to the boy I like!" The girl who was holding the rose said with a loud squeal.

Sakuno sighed a bit, and wished with all her might that this boy was kind and liked flowers.

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*The outfit sakuno is wearing will be described next chapter.