Danny lay sprawled out across his bed, aching. He rubbed a bruise on his arm, then winced, it was still tender. What the hell had happened?

It all started at dinner, with the most awkward conversation he had ever had. His father was quite understanding, more so than he would have expected. As they were clearing the dishes, his father suddenly asked a surprising question. " Are you sure Danny? About these powers." Danny nodded fervently. " Well in that case-" .

Danny shuddered, from there on it was just a blur. Mostly because it was all painful to be able to concentrate on all that was causing that pain. The last thing he remembered about it was a stinging of tears in his eyes, then his father, " You Little Freak!!!". There was a sharp pain, and he was out cold.

He rolled over to check the time, wincing as his shirt rubbed against the scars on his back. It was midnight. He had been out for several hours, what had hit him anyway? He drooped as he lazily got up to put on his pajamas, he had to wake up for school in 6 and a half hours. God! he had completely forgotten about school, he made a mental note that a hoodie and jeans was his new wardrobe. He had to hide the scars, looking in the mirror, he noticed that his hands and head had been left alone. Mostlikely to avoid suspicion. He also noticed that there were burns around his wrists, odd. When had this happened? His jaw dropped, had his father burnt his own, unconscious, son? The answer was clear, right there on his wrists. A low moan escaped him, and he broke down in tears, no one, not even his own father loved him.


The next morning Danny wore a hoodie and baggy jeans. He slumped down to breakfast, barely awake. He had been up until 3 a.m crying, until he had collapsed with exhaustion.

His father on the other hand, wore a bemused expression, the vile man. He was fed a single slice of bread for breakfast. And just as he was about to walk outside, his father grabbed his shoulders, pushing him down onto the sofa. " Listen, you rotten little son of satan! Don't tell a soul! " With that he was pushed out into the gleaming sun of the beginning of the end, of Danny Sinclair.