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"Every story, tale or memoir, every saga or romance,

Whether truth or fabricated, whether planned or happenstance.

Whether sweeping through the ages, casting centuries aside,

Or a hurried brief recital, just a thirty minute ride."

"Wow, she's really good," one of Zoey's classmates whispered to Rachel. They were sitting in the auditorium for Aida auditions and it was Zoey's turn.

"Whether bright or melancholy, rough and ready, finely spun,

Whether with a thousand players, or a lonely cast of one.

Every story, new or ancient, bagatelle or work of art,

All are tales of human failing; all are tales of love at heart."

"What can I say, the girl's got a gift," said Rachel. She took a deep breath and waited, her fingers crossed. Zoey would really have to take it up a notch for the next part.

"This is the story of a love that flourished in a time of hate,

Of lovers no tyranny could separate!

Love set into motion on the Nile shore, destiny ignited by an act of war!

Egypt saw the mighty river, as its very heart and soul,

Source of life for all her people that only Egypt could control!

Destruction of a southern neighbor justified, left with little more than pride!"

Zoey let out of breath as the music ended and she took a quick bow and rushed off the stage. "So, how'd I do?" she asked Rachel.

"As if you even need to ask," Rachel scoffed as they exited the theater. "You were amazing! I never doubted you for a second! Oh my god, you should have seen the look on Miranda's face when you nailed the high notes, I thought the vein in her forehead was going to pop, she was so jealous"

Zoey and Rachel stopped walking as three girls blocked their path. "As if I'd be jealous of you," the girl in the middle said scornfully. She had bleached blonde hair and bright green eyes and was one of the most beautiful girls in school. Well, except when she got mad; then she was just plain ugly. "You may think you "nailed it," but we all know who the better singer here is and who's going to be cast as Amneris. You'll be lucky if Ms. Phillis even casts you as an extra."

"Oh please Miranda," said Rachel. "Zoey was the best one to audition today and you know it. She obviously has talent and you can't stand the thought of someone showing you up."

"Excuse me, was I talking to you?" Miranda asked Rachel. "No, I wasn't, I was talking to Clearwater, so why don't you run off and find some conditioner for that rats nest you call hair—although, I highly doubt there's any hair care products strong enough to tame that mess."

"Hey, Miranda," said Zoey as she felt her temper flare up. "Back. Off."

Miranda laughed and her two flunkies let out annoying nasally laughs. She glared at them and they shut up, and then she turned her attention back on Zoey, a nasty smirk twisting her face. "Aw, did I hurt the poor widdle girl's feelings? I'm such a bad person, bad Miranda," she said while pouting, then she laughed.

"That is it!" Zoey felt something inside her snap and she lunged forward and punched Miranda in the face. Miranda shrieked and fell, and Zoey pounced on her. The two girls rolled across the floor biting and scratching each other. Something in Zoey told her to go easy on Miranda because she was only human, but she didn't listen and swiped her long nails across Miranda's face. The two girls were pulled apart by the principal and vice principal and Zoey struggled to control her temper. She felt more than a little satisfied as she watched the gashes across Miranda's face ooze blood and drip down her face and onto the floor.

Her satisfaction disappeared as the smell of Miranda's blood hit her. She doubled over and covered her mouth and nose with both hands. Zoey had only ever had human blood when she was little, but she still remembered the taste and her mouth started to water. She snapped out of it when she was dragged to the principal's office.

"I can not believe you! How could you—you can't just—I can't believe you'd risk—gah, I can't even talk to you I'm so angry!" Leah was shaking as she paced up and down across their living room later that day. She stopped pacing and rubbed her temples. "Do you have any idea what would've happened if you'd phased? Or if you'd lost control and went after her blood? You could have exposed up!"

"I said I was sorry," Zoey mumbled. She had said that several times. "I even apologized to the bi—to Miranda." Even if she didn't mean it.

"Yeah, well "sorry" isn't gonna cut it," said Leah. "The poor girl has to get stitches for Christ's sake! Her face is going to be scarred for the rest of her life."

"Good, then maybe people will stop falling for her act and see what a bitch she really is," Zoey muttered.

"I'm being serious," Leah snapped.

"So am I," Zoey snapped back. "Mom, if you had any idea how horrible she really is . . . . The whole "cheerful, thoughtful, considerate sweetheart" is an act! She feeds on other people's misery; she enjoys ruining people's lives!"

"Please, don't you think you're being a little dramatic?"

"No, I'm not! You adults buy her "nice" act so you don't see what a bitch she really is!"

"Okay, I am done talking to you right now. This conversation is over; go to your room, now."

Zoey let out a frustrated scream as she stomped past Leah and up the stairs. Leah sighed and collapsed on the couch. "What am I going to do with her?" she asked tiredly.

Marcus, who had been watching his wife and daughter's argument quietly, stepped into the living room and sat down beside Leah. "The only thing you can do," he said while wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close. "Be there for her. Zoey made the wrong decisions today and it could have cost her everything, but she resisted the temptation to drink the girl's blood and she kept her wolf in check."

"Miranda's parents are furious," said Leah. "They won't let this slide by."

Marcus snorted. "What are they going to do? Sue us? We have more than enough money for that not to be a problem."

"I know, but still . . . ."

"Don't worry," he assured her. "Yes, things are going to get rough, but everything will turn out all right."