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Maria Kanellis walked into the building where they were taping Smackdown… After 7 months of working for this brand she had made some new friends. Her friends in Smackdown are Michelle, Eve, and Lisa (Victoria). Her friends on Raw were Mickie, Kelly, Candi, and Melina. In her 7 months of working she had already gotten an injury, but had recovered quickly. Maria had gotten to the arena 1 and a half hours early because Stephanie had wanted to see her to talk about a new storyline. Ummm maybe they let me be divas champion. Maria thought walking towards Stephanie's Office. Maria knocked on the door waiting for permission to enter.

"Come in Maria." Stephanie said.

"Hi you wanted to talk to me?" Maria asked.

"Yea I did take a seat." Stephanie nodded her head towards a chair.

"Okay what about?" Maria asked sitting on the chair.

" Okay well you will be put in a new storyline with Jeff Hardy, you will start today nothing over the top today just some flirting here and there ,over the weeks you will start getting closer and like in 2 months you will start going out." Stephanie paused," you and Jeff will eventually get the tittles, but then there will be a twist Matt is going to betray Jeff costing him the title and you will lose it but get it back before Wrestlmania 25. You will lose it to Eve who will be going out with Matt, making them a heel couple and you and Jeff the face couple."

"Wow that's a lot, but thanks for this." Maria said making a move to stand up from her chair.

"Your welcome, oh and Maria could you possibly tell Jeff, Matt, and Eve the new, oh and here are your new scripts." Stephanie said giving me four scripts.

"Okay ill tell them as soon as I see them." Maria said taking the scripts. Maria walked out of the office into the now somewhat crowded hall ways. She kept on walking keeping an eye out trying to find those three people. She saw a person with pink and purple hair walking towards the catering room. Maria ran trying to catch one Mr. Jeff Hardy.

"Hi Jeff." Maria said pausing to catch her breath. "I need to talk to you."

"Okay what about…" Jeff said kind of surprised because he and Maria didn't talk a lot.

"Well… we have a Storyline together." Maria said as they reached the doors of the Catering Room.

" Okay what about?" Jeff said sitting in the nearest table. Some of the superstars were milling around talking to each other.

"Well Stephanie said that we will start flirting today, then in like 2 months we will start going out. We will eventually get the titles but then Matt will betray you costing you the Championship… I will lose the title but will gain it before Wrestlmania. Eve will start going out with your brother making them a Heel Couple and us the Face Couple, and if everything goes as planed it will lead to Wrestlmania" Maria said.

"Okay that sounds good… Wait did you just say that I will get the WWE Championship." Jeff said in an exited voice.

"Yup and I will get the Divas Championship." Maria said in her bubbly voice.

"Well congrats to us… so tell me a little about yourself, seeing as we are going to start working together we should know each other." Jeff said.

"Okay… my favorite color is Red, I love designing clothes, I like rock music, I am 27 years old… okay what about you?" Maria said.

"Well obviously I have Matt as a brother, I have four favorite colors purple, black, blue, and green. I have a girlfriend named Beth Britt, I love dogs, my hobby is music." Jeff said.

"That's cool, how long have you been with Beth?" Maria asked.

"Ummm… 8 years."

"Damn that's a lot planning to propose anytime soon."

"I honestly don't know because I don't know if I'm ready, me being on the rode most of the time." Jeff said with a shrug of his shoulder.

" Ah that's why I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't like anyone from this business." Maria said,

"Oh I was going to ask you if you were single." Jeff said.

"Yea I am my last boyfriend was Punk."

"Oh cool, so do you have the scripts for tonight?" Jeff asked

" Yup here they are." Maria passed him his script.

" Okay so have they told Eve and Matt?" Jeff asked.

"No they wanted us to tell them, do you want to tell Matt and ill tell Eve or do we tell the together?" Maria said.

"Lets tell them together." Jeff said standing up from his chair.

"Okay come on." Maria said standing up.

Maria and Jeff walked the halls looking for Eve and Matt when they heard a girly laugh. Maria looked that way and saw Matt and Eve talking. Maria put her hand on Jeff's arm to stop him from walking anymore.

"Hey look over there." Maria said pointing at them.

"Oh…hey I don't think they will need any help with the flirting." Jeff said.

Maria laughed," Yea I don't think they will have any problems."

Maria and Jeff walked towards Matt and Eve, they were still flirting and hadn't noticed them.

" So Jeff don't you just love being ignored by your brother and my best friend."

" Yea Maria I just love it."

"Yea I do to, it makes me feel so special… what if you say something to get their attention."

"Okay… So Maria did you know I was going to be a dad."

" No Jeff I did not know that, but congrats."

" Yea Jeff congrats… WAIT YOUR GOING TO BE A DAD, IM GOING TO BE AN UNCLE." Matt said who had by now started to pay attention.

"Well Matt thank you for gracing us with your attention." Jeff said in a sarcastic way.

" Yea thanks Eve, we just love being ignored when we have important information to share with you." Maria said in the same tone.

"So is Beth really pregers." Matt asked

"No stupid were just trying to get you and Eve's attention because you we to busy flirting with each other." Jeff said making Matt and Eve blush.

"So what did you have to tell us?" Eve asked.

"Should we tell them Jeff?"

"Nah I don't think so, I mean they were ignoring us… what kind of brother and best friend are they?"

"Yea I didn't think do, lets just go and let them keep flirting." Maria said turning around to walk down the hall way. Maria and Jeff could hear Matt and Eves foot steps behind them getting closer and closer so Maria and Jeff started running to Jeff's locker room. They entered the room with Matt and Eve not far behind them.

"Okay so what were you guys going to tell us?" Eve asked

"Nah you don't deserve to know the news…that's what you get for ignoring us." Maria said sitting on one of the coaches.

"Come on Maria your just being annoying now." Eve whined.

Maria turned her head to look at Jeff " So should we tell them now."

He nodded " Yea they are starting to get on my nerves."

"Okay so us four will be in a storyline together, me and Jeff will start flirting and eventually will go out, then me and Jeff will get the titles." Jeff took over " But we lose them because Matt betrays me costing me the title and Maria will lose it to Eve who will by then have started going out with Matt, but than she wins it back…if everything goes as planned it will all lead to Mania 25."

"Ummm….. Why are they giving me such big push." Eve said in a shocked voice.

" Well Stephanie said it was because the fans like you." Maria said.

"This is great and all but I don't like the part about me betraying my own brother." Matt said.

"Yea I don't like that myself." Jeff said.

"Well it's the business." Matt said with a shrug.

"Yea… so when do you start this?" Eve asked

"Tonight." Maria and Jeff said at the same time.

"Have you told Beth about this?" Matt asked.

"No shit let me go do that." Jeff said walking out the locker room.

" Who's Beth?" Eve asked.

"Oh she is Jeff's girlfriend." Maria explained.

"Ahh well this will be awkward for him." Eve said.

"Yup it was when he was in that storyline with Trish…poor Jeff." Matt said.

"Why poor Jeff?" Maria asked

"Well Beth sometimes gets jealous of all the Divas that he is surrounded with." Matt explained.

"Oh but Jeff does not look like the cheating type." Eve said.

"Yea but whatever it's their business." Matt said before Jeff came in not looking to happy. Jeff said nothing he just went to sit were he was seated previously. Awkward.

"Awkward…" Maria said under her breath not expecting anyone to hear her.

"Yes awkward." Eve (who was sitting beside her) agreed.

"Shhh…." Mari said elbowing her on the stomach

"Ouch what was that for ?" Eve asked. Maria and Eve by now had started bickering and stopped paying attention to Matt and Jeff. Finally what brought them out of their bickering was the two Hardy boy bursting out laughing.

"What are you laughing at." the two smackdown divas asked at the same time.

"Nothing." the Hardy boys said.

"Fine don't tell us." Maria said a pout already forming in her lips.

"Its just that you two were acting like little kids." Matt said.

"Oh we do that all the time most people have learned to ignore us." Maria said.

The foursome talked some more and when the show started they watched some of the matches together till they had to get ready for their segments or matches.

"Bye boys see you later." Maria said.

Maria and Eve walked the halls when they saw their friend Michelle McCool talking to Ken Kennedy.

"Look over there." Maria said.

"Oh look they look so cute together." Eve squealed.

"Shhh not so loud they might hear you stupid… never mind they already did." Maria said in a hushed whisper. Maria and Eve walked over to them.

"Hey Michelle I have to tell u something but you have to help me pick out an outfit first." Maria said with a giggle.

"Okay… Bye Ken talk to you later." Michelle said linking her arms with Eve and Maria.

"Soooo what was that about girly?!" Eve question as soon as they were out of Kennedy's earshot.

"What are you talking about we were just talking." The blond beauty said trying to defend herself.

"Ummm Huh that's what they all say and then BAM you have a new boyfriend… and I wouldn't be talking Eve when you were all flirting with Matt so much that you weren't paying attention to me or Jeff." Maria said with a smirk.

Eve just blushed and looked at the ground.

Michelle raised her eyebrows " You like Matt, Eve and what's this about Jeff and you Ria?"

Maria shook he had and said " Yea Eve likes Matt and Matt likes Eve but they wont admit it, oh and there is no Jeff and me he has a girlfriend of 8 years."

"Oh but you sound like you like him Ria… and Eve you have good taste." Michelle said with a bit of a concerned voice at the Maria part.

"Well I used to have a crush on him when he came back all those years ago and maybe I still do but he has a girlfriend that by the looks of it he loves." The red head said with a small frown on her pretty face.

As they reached the Divas locker room Michelle said " Poor Ria come on lets go find an outfit that will woo all the fans and you can tell me all about your big news." They opened the doors of the locker room to find Victoria talking to the Bella Twins.

"Hi Vic, Hi Bree, Nicky." Eve said.

"Hi" they all said back.

"Well, bye girls we have places to be." the twins said at the same time. They walked out and Maria, Eve, Victoria, and Michelle went around the room getting the things necessary to get ready.

"So are you going to tell me the big news-" Michelle asked getting interrupted by Victoria

"What news??"

"Well they put me in a love storyline with Jeff Hardy…we start today." Maria said with a sight.

"Why are you sound so disappointed this is a great push for you." Victoria said.

"Well there is a slight problem, Ria kinda likes Jeff as a little bit more than a friend and he has a girlfriend of over 8, 8 years." Michelle explains while Maria nodes at everything she says and trying to look for an outfit.

"Oh poor Ria don't worry maybe when you get to know him you will stop crushing on him." Victoria said not even believing herself.

Maria laughed "I don't think so but oh well… so what do you think of this." Maria showed them some black leather pants with a hot pink belt, a black bra with hot pink glitter all over it and her black fingerless gloves. " and my hair up or down?"

"Down and in curls." Eve said plugging in the curly iron thingy.

"Soooo Eve are you going to tell Vic about your crush on a Hardy boy." Maria said with a slight smirk as she started changing into her clothes for the night.

"You have a crush on Matt not Jeff right, you better say right." Victoria said.

"Yes Matt… O shit I did not just say that out loud." Eve said saying the last part to herself.

Maria and Michelle burst out laughing chanting "Yes you did, Yes you did."

"Whatever, just get your ass over here so I can do your hair." snapped Eve. Maria stopped laughing and walked over to the chair and sat down for Eve to do her hair. While the girls did Marias hair Michelle told them about how they were turning her heel but eventually Kennedy was going to get her to turn face and that's why they were talking to each other in the hall.

"Are you sure that you don't like him?" Victoria questioned.

"Maybe I have a slight crush but that's it, I just think he's cute." Michelle said with a shrug. Finally the girls finished getting Maria ready.

"So see you after my segment." Maria said walking out the door. Maria walked up to the place were they did the interviews. Jeff Hardy was already there.

" Well don't you look pretty Maria… not that you don't always look pretty." Jeff said in his southern assent.

"Well thank you Jeff." Maria said with a giggle.

"Okay guys save it for the camera your on in 1




5 and go"

"Hello ladies and gentleman I'm here with the one and only enigma JEFF HARDY." Maria said hearing the roar of the audience. "So Jeff how do you feel about your number one contender match tonight."

"Well before I answer your question I just wanted to say that you look beautiful today as always." Jeff said and you could hear the roar or approval at his words.

"Thank you Jeff." Maria said shyly looking at the ground.

"Hey none of that I'm just saying the truth no need to be embarrassed." Jeff said putting a finger under her chin to make her look up.

"Thank you. Now are you going to answer my question." Maria said with a smile.

"Okay well I'm confident that I can win this match and become the number one contender and one day win the WWE Championship."

"Well I have no drought in my mind that you will win this match." Maria said with a big smile.

"Okay can I ask you some questions now." Jeff said. Maria nodded her head and geve him her microphone.

"Well WWE fans here we are with the beautiful MARIA!" Jeff said." So Maria tell me is there any glimpse of the Divas Championship in your future?"

"Well Jeff I have been working very hard with my training to get a number one contender match for the Divas Championship."

"Well good luck with that I hope you get your match." Jeff said " oh and can I ask you a final question."

"Sure ask away."

"Can I get a good luck kiss." Jeff said with a hint of blush. Maria nodded and leaned up to kiss Jeff's cheek before walking away leaving Jeff there with a smile on his face while the fans started chanting their names.


Jeff and Maria turned around at the sound of clapping.

"That was really good and the fans seem to like you so we will try and get you together after a month okay." Stephanie.

"Okay, and thanks." said Maria

"Yea thanks." Jeff echoed. Stephanie nodded before walking away. Maria and Jeff walked down the hall ways.

"So do you want to go to my locker room and see the rest of the show there?" Jeff asked.

"Sure but can I invite Eve, Chelle, and Vic to go with me."

"Yea you go get them I'll see you in a lil while." Jeff said. Maria nodded and walked in a fast paste to the Diva's locker room.

"Hey Eve, Chelle, Vic do ya'll want to Hardy's locker room and watch the rest of the show. Maria heard 3 yeas and soon all the girls linked their arms together walking to the Hardy's locker room.

"Man girl that was some segment you really have chemistry." Victoria said.

"Yea you made it look so real." Eve added and Michelle just nodded her head in agreement.

"Thank you, Stephanie thought so too she told me and Jeff that we will get together faster." Maria said.

Finally the girls made it to the Hardy's locker room. Maria lifted her hand up to knock and they heard someone yell "Come In"

"Hey come in and make yourself comfortable." Matt said opening the door. Jeff and Ken were sitting around watching the matches on TV. They each raised their hands in greeting. The girls made themselves comfortable and started watching the matches. After a while they started talking about their storylines and such just talking about random stuff. Finally it was time for Jeff match… JEFF WON.

The night ended with all of them going to the hotel and getting some sleep after their ruff night.

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