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Chapter 23: The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

It was the last day of the storyline. And what better place to end it than in Houston, TX… home of that years Wrestlmania 25.

Over the past three months a lot of things had happen.

The SmackDown gang was closer than ever.

Even though Maria, Jeff and Eve, Matt feud on TV, they were the best of friends backstage. Even if they had a few awkward moment they four moved on and didn't blame each other on the things that were happening on SmackDown.

The storyline had been one of the best the WWE Universe had ever seen.

But those three months were filled with hurtful words said to each other on screen. They were coping well, but they were still sad at the things they had to say to each other.

Maria had lost the title to Eve, once but gained it back a month later. Jeff, well Jeff hadn't lost the title to anyone.

And tonight at the twenty-fifth anniversary of Wrestlmania, Maria would defend her Divas title against Eve.

Jeff would defend his against his own brother.

Needless to say the four SmackDown Maine eventers were ready, for what may be the best fight of their life's.

"Ready Ria." Eve asked her best friend.

Maria nodded her head, a smile gracing her lips.

"Me too, ready to get this storyline over and done with." Eve said sitting next to her friend.

The doors opened and in came the two Hardy's.

"Hello ladies." they both said sitting next to them.

"Your both in good moods." Maria said giving Jeff a light kiss.

They both nodded.

"We cant help ourselves the atmosphere is awesome." Jeff said.

The Divas nodded in agreement.

The door opened again and in came all their Diva friends.

"Have fun." Maria and Eve asked with smirks on their faces.

They all pouted.

"Nope that was awful." Mickie said.

"And a Diva didn't even win." Maryse said.

"Yea Santina won." Melina said.

"What the hell is he playing at we all know its him." Kelly said.

Maria and Eve just laughed at them.

"Take a seat." Eve said.

Soon all the Divas were sitting down on couches in or on the floor.

They all continued to watch Wrestlmania.

"We have to get ready." Eve and Maria said getting up from Matt and Jeff's lap.

And in no time at all Eve and Maria were dressed, their makeup and hair done, with the help of their wonderful Diva friends.

" Thanks." they both said.

They looked beautiful.

Maria was wearing black tights, black and hot pink zebra stripped bra, black boots, a Hardy necklace around her neck, as a chocker, hot pink fingerless gloves. Her hair was up in a high pony tail, and her makeup was bright with dark eyeliner. Her title proudly rested against her shoulder.

Eve was wearing blue short shorts, black bra with a blue vest over it, black boots, and a Hardy necklace around her neck as well. Her hair was down and in curls. She had on no makeup except for lip-gloss.

"Beautiful." both Jeff and Matt said.

Both girls blushed before leaning in for a kiss.

"Come on I'll walk you." Jeff said taking Maria's hand.

They walked to gorilla position.

"Wish I could go with you." Jeff said.

Maria nodded "But you have your match right after mine."

Jeff groaned "Right."

And she was right, her and Eve's match was right before the main event.

Jeff gave her one last hug and kiss before With Legs Like That was heard around the arena.

Maria came out blowing kisses to the fans. She skipped down the ramp, slapping ands with the fans. She slid in the ring showing of her title and throwing up her Rock On signs.

Finally her music stopped and She Looks Good was heard around the arena.

Eve made her way down the ramp a big smirk in place. Her song was almost drowned by all the boos she was getting. Eve did her usual entrance before going to her corner.

And the match started.

They through punches at each other.

Maria quickly got the upper hand. But Eve did as well after a couple of minutes.

Eve tried pulling of the Twist of Fate on Maria, but Maria countered quickly doing Beautiful Bulldog on her. Maria climbed the ring post with one hand throwing up the Hardy's sing and with the others the Rock On sing. Jumping off Maria pulled off the perfect Moonsault on Eve.




"And still Divas Champion, Maria!" Lilian exclaimed. The fans cheered seeing their favorite stand up and celebrate her win.

Maria headed up the ramp and out of the fans view.

Jeff was waiting for her.

"Congratulations." Jeff said opening his arms up for her.

"Thanks!" Maria exclaimed before jumping into his arms around his shoulders and legs around his waist giving him a kiss. The she gave him a hug

"Maria need air." Jeff gasped out.

Maria stopped hugging him, a blush forming on her face. "Opps."

"See I'm not the only one that forgets about people needing their oxygen." Eve said as she and Matt made their way to them.

Maria jumped of Jeff and wrapped her arms around his waist instead leaning her head on his chest.

"Whatever." Maria said sticking out her tongue at Eve.

Eve rolled her eyes at her best friend.

"Don't you have a match?" Maria asked the brothers.

They nodded looking at the screen were they were showing what had been happening between the brother over the past months.

Finally No More Word started playing.

"Good luck." Maria said giving Jeff a light kiss and letting him go.

Jeff nodded hugging Matt and Eve as well.

Before going out there doing his crazy dance and running down the ramp sliding into the ring.

Live for the Moment came on causing the fans to go into boos.

Matt came out in his Pirate looking ring attire, smirking at the fans.

He slid in the ring going to his corner before the match started.

The two brothers locked u in the middle. Hitting each other with everything they had.

Skip the match, to the last seconds.

Jeff jumped on the ring post, Jeff went for the Swanton Bomb.

Matt rolled away just in time.

Jeff came down crashing and burning.

Matt pulled his brother up doing the Twist of Fate.

The fans held their breaths waiting for Matt to cover Jeff for the 1 2 3. He never did.

Matt rolled out of the ring grabbing a chair and rolling into the ring again, hitting Jeff on the head with the chair.

"And your winner by disqualification and still WWE Champion, Jeff Hardy!" Lilian exclaimed.

Matt hit Jeff a couple of more times.

Maria came out running out like plan, closely flowed by Eve.

Maria kneeled next to Jeff glaring up at Matt.

Matt just gave her a smirk before lowering the chair to hit her as well. Eve stood in his way protecting the younger Hardy and Maria.

Eve shook her head, Matt looked at her with a blank look on his face.

Eve walked over and asked for a microphone.

"Is this really what you want, Matt?" Eve questioned "All the pain."

"I thought you were okay with me getting revenge against these screw-up's."

Eve shook her head "I only agreed to help you because I love you, it was hard Maria is like my sister."

Matt looked at her pleading green eyes before letting the chair fall to the ring with a thud.

Eve stepped up and gave him a hug before kneeling down next to Maria and Jeff, who were looking at her with surprised looks on their faces.

"I'm sorry Ria." Eve said.

Maria let go of Jeff for a moment to give Eve a hug.

Eve elbowed Matt waiting for him to say something.

"I'm sorry Jeff, Maria." Matt extending his hand to Jeff.

Jeff looked up at him before taking is extended hand, standing up and bringing Maria up with him.

"Hardy's stick together." Jeff said before giving Matt a manly hug.

With that the Hardy Party made their way up the ramp, drowning in the final Wrestlmania cheers.

"Finally." Maria said as they reached backstage.

The Hardy's and Eve nodded relieved to have gotten the storyline over and done with.

"We should go celebrate." Eve said as they headed to the locker room.

Jeff and Maria shook their heads.

Eve pouted "Oh come on, it's the Grandest Stage Of Them All."

Maria shook her head "Nope were going back to the hotel to get some rest, its been a long night."

Eve pouted but accepted her answer.

Out of no where a tall muscular form came towards them puling Maria into a hug lifting her off the floor before putting her back down.

"Congratulations on keeping the title." he said.

Maria beamed giggling "Thanks Mark, you also did a great job out there."

Taker smiled one of his rare smiled at her. "Thanks."

Taker leaned down whispering into Jeff's ear, who was next to Maria "Remember what I said you better not hurt her because I wont only come after you, ill come after your precious title as well."

Jeff nodded nervously.

"See you later Ria." he said giving Maria one last hug before leaving.

Maria turned to Eve, Matt, and Jeff.

"What you dint know I was friendly with Mark, hes like a father to me." Maria said to Eve and the older Hardy.

They nodded before they continued walking toward their locker room. They graved their duffle bags before walking out of the arena, to be greeted by some of the fans.

Eve, Maria, Jeff and Matt signed some autographs before going into their rental cars and heading to their hotel.

After a few minutes of small talk they made it to the hotel.

Maria and Jeff headed to their room.

Maria opened the door stepping in. Jeff pushed her against the door giving her a kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth when she gasped.

"I though we were going to sleep." Maria said as she wrapped her arms and legs around the rainbow haired man.

"Later." Jeff whispered kissing her again before trailing kisses down her neck and up her neck to her lips once again.

Maria nodded slowly taking off his shirt before hugging him close to her and kissing him once again.

Jeff walked backward his legs hitting the bed making fall onto the bed bringing Maria down with him…..

------ (Use your imagination)

Maria woke up with the sun shinning in her face. Arms around her waist and blankets covering her naked form.

Maria turned around in the enigmas arms looking up at him, willing for his green eyes to open.

They did "Good morning."

"Great Morning." Maria said back kissing his cheek.

"Mia I have something to give you." Jeff said.

Maria nodded in anticipation.

Jeff got out of the bad giving Maria a great view. He came back a few second later a black box.

He laid back in bed opening the box showing Maria the most beautiful ring she had even seen.

It was silver with a small emerald green - the color of his eyes- stone in the middle.

"Mia you know how I don't jump into marriage so fast, but I really love you, this ring is a promise ring." Jeff said taking it out of the ring holding it in his palm " A promise that one day you will be Mrs. Jeffery Nero Hardy, that's is if you accept."

Maria's broke into a large blinding smile "Of course I do."

Jeff smile matched hers and he slid the ring into her finger.

Jeff spooned into her back, dropping a kiss on her shoulder.

The lovers laid there basking in the sun rays that peeked into their hotel room.

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