Ouran High School Host Club.


The Host Club was about to open very shortly, so everyone got into positions to say the famous 'Welcome" to the first person who will enter the room. Outside there was a boy, whose dark, shaggy hair covered his eyes. He was absolutely gorgeous in his own way; daisies appeared around him. He was looking around his new school; he figured he should get to know the area.

This young lad reached a door that said '3rd Music Room'. Curious, he opened the door only to be assailed by rose petals and a chorus of 'Welcome's.

He poked only his head in. The Host Club was staring at him, wondering what a guy would be doing here.

The startled newcomer showed no expression and closed the door. No one had done anything but the guy had run away.

The young man's name was Hulaiko Kushiro.

A/N I'm not actually sure whether that's a name, I made it up with random letters =D