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Chapter One: Goodbye

I thought it was supposed to get easier. Getting over a breakup, I mean. That eventually it would get less painful to think about that person and the times you had together before everything changed. Well, I've got news for whoever came up with that: it's not getting any easier! Maybe there's something wrong with me…

It's been three weeks since Chad and I broke up. It wasn't really like one of us got tired of the other; in fact it was quite the opposite. Or at least… I still really like him. What happened was that we were really just fighting so much and over the most stupid things. I honestly don't know what was wrong with us sometimes. Once we got into an all-out shouting match over who got to pick the movie the last time.

Looking back, I really wish we hadn't called it quits. But I can't tell him that now. The honesty ship has sailed for that.

Chad already has a new girlfriend. Kate Phelps. Ugh! I can't even say her name without mocking it anymore.

Kate is an up and rising singer that was just discovered, and now she's dating Chad Dylan Cooper.

It's a good thing I don't have to work on So Random or any show for that matter with him. It's bad enough that she has to eat lunch with Chad and the rest of the cast of Mackenzie Falls and I have to see her hanging all over him almost every day.

The rest of So Random practically threw a party when Chad and I broke up. I think they're wishing they hadn't been so joyful now though, because now I just annoy them to death with my moping. Okay, wrong word. I'm not moping, but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything funny for sketches. Everything I write down on paper is depressing and angst filled. Plus, cheerful-Sonny is making less and less appearances the more I see Chad with Kate…

I have a feeling an intervention is coming soon, not that it'll help. I don't think anything can.

My memories aren't fading, everything- even my clothes –remind me of him, I'm not funny anymore, my performance in So Random is borderline suckish, and even Lucy is getting concerned back in Wisconsin. Sorry people, but I'm just a little too not over him.

To make matters worse, So Random might've accidently-on-purpose TPed Mackenzie Falls' set last week, earning the hundreds of news articles that were published afterwards talking about the bad blood between us.

We might've been let off the hook too, if Mackenzie Falls hadn't turned right back around and done the same thing to us. Boy did the rumors start flying then. The worst part? They blamed all of the conflict on Chad and I's breakup.

Marshall was outraged and so was Mackenzie Falls' producer. And not with the press, but with us. I guess I can't blame him since it did get us a lot of bad street cred. But did they have to make us all do a press conference to clear things up? With both the casts of So Random and Mackenzie Falls present?

And that's where we get to spend our time today. At a press conference. With them. That's right; they are officially the enemy to me again.

When I got dressed the morning of the press conference, I'll admit, I wasn't in the best of moods. Most girls would wear what their ex-boyfriend hated them in the most. Well I look at it differently. That morning, I put on the red shirt that Chad always complimented me on, and a pair of dark wash jeans. What I was doing was the reverse of what other, normal people did. By wearing that, I was showing him exactly what he was missing. Don't judge me, I was upset already.

On the way there in the limo, I just stared out the window, ready for it to be over.

I heard Tawni sigh loudly. "I cannot believe Marshall is making us do this. But I think we all know who the blame for this can go."

It got really quiet as four pairs of eyes bored into the side of my face. I shifted my body so I could see all of them. "What? Why are you blaming me for this?"

"You're the one who had us vandalize their set," Tawni said, resentment clear in her voice.

"You didn't have to do it," I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Technically, all of this is because you just had to date Chad Dylan Cooper," Zora stated.

The others murmured and nodded in agreement.

I couldn't believe it. How could they bring this up again? They knew that that was why I was sucking at comedy lately and refused to come out of my dressing area some days. Some friends…

I remained impassive and turned back to the window. I was not talking to them for the rest of the drive.

And, yeah, I know that the breakup really had changed my happy-go-lucky attitude to something a little darker and pessimistic, but what did they expect when they brought it up 24/7?

We arrived at the conference room and the cast of Mackenzie Falls was already there, along with all of the reporters and cameras.

There was a super long table with a spot for each of us, with a bottle of water and a microphone at each seat. And of course, some genius decided to set out nametags and decide where we would sit. Guess who they put me next to.

Before we all had a chance to sit down, I leaned closer to Nico and whispered: "Want to trade seats?"

"And sit next to that jerk? Sorry Sonny but even I won't take that bullet for you," Nico responded.

I was feeling beyond betrayed today. They were really going to let me sit and die next to my ex-boyfriend?

Dragging my feet, I walked to the center of the table where Chad and I were supposed to sit. Mackenzie Falls was on Chad's other side and So Random was on my other side. We were the dividing line. Great…

Chad and I both reached to pull our chairs out at the same time. Our eyes met. My heart hurt. The look in his eyes was definitely not the one that he used to have back when we were dating. But I wasn't there to miss what used to be.

We both rolled our eyes and sighed in disgust at the same time. Apparently we were still in tune to each other if nothing else. As we did a few camera flashes went off. Oh, shoot. Marshall was going to kill me for that one.

I sat down as far away from Chad as I could without drawing attention to the fact and checked to my left. Once again, four pairs of eyes were staring at me, but they weren't mad. Come to think of it, they looked like they were staring past me. Tawni, who was sitting on my other side, pointed past me.

I turned and Chad was looking at me. Trying to plaster a smile on my face for the reporters, I put a hand over my microphone. "What?" I hissed.

Chad covered up his microphone as well and gave me a cocky grin that was not the joking one I had grown accustomed to up until three weeks ago. "Just thought you should know that your 'vandalism,' was so amateurish we almost laughed when we saw it."

"Then why'd you call us out on it on national TV?" I asked through a fake, tight-lipped smile.

"That wasn't my idea," Chad said, and I almost believed him.

"Right, sure," I said sarcastically. "I'll believe that when I believe that the nose on Kate's face is real." Having gotten the last word, I removed my hand from my mic and turned to face the press. "Okay," I said into the microphone. "Thank you for coming. We all just wanted to totally clear up any and all rumors."

"Yes, because our supposed 'bad blood' between us is an absolute lie," Chad said taking over immediately.

"Hold on," said one of the female reporters sitting in the front. "Can you first explain what that was when you and Sonny just sat down? It seemed as though there was some tension there."

All of their cameras and microphones pointed towards us. I decided to let Chad take care of answering that one.

"Oh that was nothing," Chad said quickly.

Ignoring his response, another reporter spoke up. "Is there still some tension and leftover bitterness from your breakup?"

I glanced over at Chad quickly through my peripheral vision. Ha! Right… Like I would ever admit to 'leftover bitterness' in front of my costars and ex…

"No, I don't have any," Chad said. I heard him shift in his chair. I looked at him and he was smirking at me. "Do you Sonny?"

Oh, that little… I smiled sweetly. "Nope… No regrets here," I said innocently. Taking advantage of the black tablecloth that hid our feet from the press, I kicked him in the leg, discreetly- and hard -, showing no indication that I had. "Honey…" I muttered under my breath, low enough for the mics to not pick up on it, but loud enough that Chad could hear me.

Chad didn't even flinch. We're actors, remember. This is what we do.

I smiled wickedly. "Yes, I am happily single and Chad has moved on to the new singer, Kate Phelps." I felt a sharp blow to my own leg, but my smile didn't change. Haha! They had been trying to keep that a secret. Oops… I knew it was wrong deep down, but they would've found out eventually, right?

Reporters started firing questions at Chad immediately.

"Yes, thank you, Sonny," he said, clearly- to me –fighting back sarcasm. "It is true that Kate and I are dating. We've been dating for a couple of weeks and-"

I coughed into my palm. "Three…" I cleared my throat after coughing the word out. Another kick from Chad. This time not because I revealed something they shouldn't know, but because he had been trying to convince me- unsuccessfully –that he hadn't started dating her right after we broke up. I didn't believe him though.

"Two weeks, and uh, yes, that's all," Chad stated.

"Did you and Sonny agree to just stay friends?" called out someone with a video camera.

What was it with these people? This wasn't a press conference to reveal Chad and I's relationship details.

"No," Chad said into the microphone bluntly.

I stared at him, not even trying to hide my shock. I did hide the hurt that came from my throbbing heart though. When had we agreed on that?

"It was just too hard for us and we decided it would be best to have no further contact," Chad said, completely ignoring my stare.

"And the vandalism? What was that exactly?" asked another curious reporter.

"Harmless pranks," Tawni said, speaking up for the first time. She must've been getting desperate for the spotlight.

"Yes, that's right." My voice was flat and dull.

"And what was your reason for splitting up? Chad, Sonny?" a nosy woman in a yellow suit asked.

Chad and I met eyes.

"Because we were fighting over the silliest things and decided we didn't want to have to deal with that any longer," I stated, still making eye contact with him.

"Then you still have feelings for each other?"

For that question I couldn't be looking him in the eye. The tablecloth was suddenly extremely interesting to me…

"No comment," we both said at the same time.

The conference ended shortly after that. I think we cleared up the "rumors" about there being unhealthy competition between our two shows. Now of course, we all know that the competition actually is there, but we couldn't let anyone else think that.

I was in my dressing room, getting ready to go home when Chad barged in. I shouldn't have been surprised since he never did learn to knock, but he still scared me half to death. Tawni was off doing something else and it had just been me until he walked in.

"Sonny, how could you?" Chad demanded angrily.

I quickly gathered up the books that I'd dropped when he burst into the room. "What are you talking about?"

"What do you think I'm talking about? I thought I could at least trust you to not tell the press that Kate and I were dating. But I guess I was wrong," he said coldly.

I slowly turned to face him and found Chad standing in the doorway looking angry and hurt. I felt bad that I had crossed the line, but what did he mean by "were?"

"What do you mean you were dating?" I was a little afraid to hear the answer. I put my hand on the back of the couch to steady myself from the impending, heavy guilt.

"We broke up," Chad said shortly.

"Because of me…?" I asked weakly. Oh boy. Nice-Sonny was back with a vengeance, and remorse was flooding my senses and making it almost impossible to think about anything else.

"No, not just because of you…" After a few seconds he continued. "I just wanted to say, thanks a whole bunch for spilling that secret," he said sarcastically sneering. "Goodbye, Sonny Munroe." And with that, he left the room, slamming the door on the way out.

Nice going, Sonny… I had obviously hurt his feelings and played a bigger part in their breakup than he let on.

I felt so terrible. Had I really become that bitter and oblivious to my actions that I had been stooping to that? It may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you work in Hollywood, every secret is precious. Once the press gets their hands on it, no one ever forgets it. And it's even worse when the whole world knows something that you didn't want them to know. I should know…

Even though I was the one who had hurt someone else, I felt like crying.

It was apparent that I was never going to be able to move on and get over Chad unless I found someone else. Until then, I would keep dreaming about him and crying every time he gave me a cold, uncaring look. I was fed up with myself. I had been bitter-Sonny for long enough. It was time to pick up the pieces and push forward with my life. I was going to find a new boyfriend.

So what'd you think? Tell me whether or not you liked it, and, encouragement to continue is appreciated. I think it'll be kind of fun to write something a little different for a change. And for everyone who's worried that Chad and Sonny will be mad and mean to each other for the whole story, don't worry. I have plans on having them make up. But will it be so they can be friends or will they start dating again? I literally don't know yet. But we all will soon enough. Anyway, thanks for reading this, and thanks in advance for reviewing. Assuming you review. (Please.) Okay that's enough begging for me. I'll post for this and my other stories soon enough. Bye!