1. Return

I stared at the ocean as the small, warm waves lapped at the dock. "Mama," I muttered knowing full well that she could hear me.

She was right next to me in an instant. "Yeah, baby?" she asked with her soothing wind chime like voice.

"I think… I'm not ready for this."

"Ready for what? "

"I don't know…" I muttered.

She pouted, "Do I need to call Edward over here?"

"What am I needed for, love?" My gorgeous father also appeared in a fraction of a second.

"Nothing yet, but I'm pretty sure she wanted you here too," both of my parents shared a glance, so saturated with love that I found it nearly impossible to not smile.

I stifled a giggle. "Okay. You caught me. I'm nervous! I start high school in Forks in just a week! I know we took this vacation to relax, but I'm still freaking out!"

"What's there to be scared of?" my mother asked skeptically.

"What if they don't like me…?" I knew that I sounded incredibly childish, worrying about if the townspeople would like me or not, but I did have a reason. I wasn't a human, but I wasn't a vampire, either. I was half of each. How could they accept me? I knew that humans prized normality, and I was the farthest thing possible from normal.

Even though I had all of the seductive abilities of a vampire, I still worried that I would be slightly excluded like my family was. So childish.

"Do you really think that there is anyone in the world that could possibly not love you?" my father asked, somehow joking and serious at the same time.

"Well —'"

I was cut off by my mother's voice. "The answer is 'no'!" her voice changed from playful to serious, "Renesmee, baby, they're all going to love you. Don't ever think that they wont." She paused and continued lightly, "I survived my move to Forks didn't I? Wait. Don't answer that." I laughed.

"Okay, okay. You convinced me. I guess I'll pull through, somehow."

My father joined the conversation again, "Ness–," my mother shot him a cross glance, "Renensmee, dinner's ready if you want. Spaghetti."

Triumph. I knew I smelled marinara sauce and pasta. I eagerly got up and bolted into the house, my parents a few feet behind.

I snatched a plate from the dish rack and loaded it with pasta and garlic bread; I was ravenously hungry.

Both my parents sat with me at the small table and waited for me to finish eating. We sat in silence — excluding my fervent chewing — for a few minutes. By the time I had finished half of my pile of food on my plate my mother spoke, "Do you need to get anything from Denali before we go back?"

"Um… Who's meeting us at the airport again?" I asked.

This time my father answered, "Alice, Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle, according to the latest plans. Rose and Emmett are on yet another honeymoon. This time they're in Brazil."

"Oh? Another one? They don't even have to get married to go on a honeymoon do they." My mother chuckled. Rosalie and Emmett were very extravagant, and loved traveling. "Anyway, Renesmee, anything you need from Denali?"

"Alice will be at the airport right?" both my parents nodded. "Then no. She'll have at least a trunk-full of new clothes for me. And you too Mama." And probably you too Daddy, I thought, sometimes my dad's gift came in handy, that is, if I didn't want to talk. In this case my mouth was full of spaghetti.

I quickly finished off my spaghetti in order to get ready for bed. Can you do my dishes for me? Please?! My dad nodded his silent reply. He knew that I had a lot to do. Tomorrow we'd move back to Forks, the place in which I was born. Seven days later, I would start school.

I thought the whole thing over as I gathered my things to take a shower.

The bathroom was calming, with it's cool pastel colors. I looked into the mirror and analyzed my reflection. My ivory complexion contrasted beautifully with the bronze ringlets that fell to my waist. I was still wearing the baby pink tank top, lined artistically with small pink sequins on the top and bottom. My denim shorts were damp from my trip to the dock.

I quickly turned the water on to warm up and set my towel down on the counter. As the water heated I listened to what my parents were watching in the living room — which happened to be about as far away as you could get from the bathroom in this house — but hearing the T.V. was ridiculously easy, considering that my hearing was magnified incredibly far above human range.

My parents were watching the mainland news, most likely to check for any danger around Forks. They were so overprotective sometimes. But I still loved them. It was their over-protectiveness — after all — that saved my skin from the Volturi seven years ago.

The shower was warm now. I stepped in and let the hot water soothe my tense muscles. I washed and conditioned my hair more carefully than I needed to. The shower lagged, mostly due to my scrupulous attention to my hair. When I was finally finished I shut the valve off, it made only the tiniest of squeaks.

I dried off and hastily slipped into my pink satin pajamas before brushing my teeth. All of my things, save my change of clothes and toiletry bag, were already packed and ready for departure early tomorrow morning.

I bid my parents goodnight and went off to my room, the walls were the same shade as the bathroom — baby blue. It only took one bound to get to the bed in the corner of the room. I tossed my bag and laundry onto the built-in desk on the far wall.

The bed sheets wrinkled under my weight as I lay down. My eyes jumped to the gossamer hanging down over the bed from the ceiling. I heard two sets of footsteps — my mother and father — cross the hall in front of my room. They were probably getting changed into appropriate swimming attire for a midnight swim.

The water surrounding the island was always warm. Not that it mattered to my parents. Hardy anything was cold to them, or to any vampire.

I listened to their light, retreating footsteps. My prediction was correct; they were headed towards the beach. I let my eyelids flutter, and sank into unconsciousness.

"Something's wrong…" I said to myself. My eyes opened. Around me were walls. Uniform beige walls dominated all sides of my vision. There was the occasional door, all of these led into another hallway. How I knew this, I was not sure. Some peculiar instinct told me that all of the doors led into another leg of the maze.

I inched slowly forward. My feet seemed to make a thunderous noise against the concrete floor. Each step made my heart race impossibly faster than before.

The impeding darkness of the room cast shadows onto the floor. Even though it did not affect my eyesight, the blackness bothered me. It made the horrifying scene even more ominous.

Suddenly there were footsteps — a lot of them. Shadows, moving this time, came closer to the corner only a few yards ahead of me. I shivered, not from the cold.

Then they came around the corner. Four figures hooded in black cloaks. One was tall, I assumed from its broad shoulders and height that this figure was male. On his right was a shorter, smaller figure. Considering how close these two were, they must be mates. To the males left was another, ever so slightly shorter figure. This one had such even proportions that I couldn't tell if it was male or female. I assumed, though, that this one was the leader — as he stood slightly ahead of the rest. To his left was a very short female.

This short one and the pair seemed so familiar. I could feel the explanation pulling at the ends of my brain, but they were refusing to uncover themselves.

Suddenly the figures twitched. They threw their heads up in a movement so fast that it didn't exist.

I gasped in horror. There were my mother and father. Their eyes crimson, red and angry. They stood in the Volturi uniform, next to Aro. On his other side was Alice. She, also, had blood-red eyes that were full of anger and sorrow. All of their angelic faces contorted into an angry grimace.

My body wanted to turn and run, Away from this… this, nightmare. But my mind wouldn't let me go. The four pairs of eyes staring at me held my feet to the ground. "Come, Renesmee…" Aro's voice filled the hall. "Join your mother and father."

"No!" I shrieked. My eyes closed with fear, and I was released from their grasp. I sprinted down the hall behind me, screaming and crying all the while.

Then, everything started to become fuzzy… blurred around the edges. Something familiar came to me. It was my father's voice. Concern was the dominant feeling in his words, "Renesmee! What happened? Renesmee!"

My mother's voice, also dominated with concern pleaded, "Renesmee! What's wrong? Please, Renesmee, wake up!"

I could not argue with these two, pleading, worried, voices. Everything became clear again, and found myself sprawled out on the bed, sweat covering my body, my pajamas clinging to my clammy skin. "Renesmee! Are you okay?" my parents spoke in unison.

"Fine," I gasped between ragged breaths as my eyes opened. "Don't worry… just, just… a nightmare."

I looked into my parent's faces to make sure that they were still themselves. Thank God! Their eyes were still a beautiful butterscotch-gold, both filled with love and concern.

"Renesmee," my father's voice soothing now. It was only now that I noticed the water shimmering and dripping off of their skin. They must have heard me, and came to see what was wrong.

My mother chimed in, also trying to soothe me, "Baby," she continued my dad's sentence. "It was just a nightmare. 'Kay?" She hugged me, pulling me closer to her and my father. We were all wet now, so much for my shower.

"What time is it?" I asked. I had to know if it was worth trying to go back to sleep.

"About one-thirty," my mother answered.

"Okay then. I'll go take another shower. I'm covered in sweat," I sniffed at the air, "and seawater apparently," I chuckled.

"Sorry about that," my father apologized. "We didn't have time to dry off."

"S' okay, I need the shower anyway. Is Jake home yet?"

"Almost. He started running like crazy when he heard you start screaming," my father answered. "Actually, he'll be here in approximately… four seconds."

I heard a door slam shut, and then heavy footsteps thundered down the hall.

"Ness! Are you okay?! What happened?! Are you hurt?!" Jacob's voice betrayed nearly as much worry as my parents' did.

"Jake, I'm fine… just a nightmare." He didn't seem convinced. I tiredly waved him over and proved it to him. Replaying the last few minutes of my memory.

"Are you sure?" there was still concern in his tone, but much of it had abated when he saw my memory.

"Yes Jake, for the last time. I am perfectly fine. Just in need of a shower. So could I have some privacy, please?"

He seemed to understand, "'Kay, see you in the morning. G'night Ness, Bells, Edward." He walked out of the room, only to go into the guest room down the hall.

"Renesmee," my mother still seemed flustered, and pleading. "Do you want us to stay?"

"No… I think I'll be fine. I'll call if I need anything."

"Are you sure?" my father was also pleading.

Yes, Dad. No worries. I'll be fine. He nodded, both of then seemed slightly reassured and walked lightly out of the room. They were going to dry off and clean up the puddles they left in the house, no doubt.

I stalked into the bathroom to take my second shower of the night. I halted the flow of memories from the last few minutes. There was no way I was going to let myself be haunted by that dream, not again.

After the shower, I lay down and yawned hugely. There was no way that I would be able to fall asleep. But, I didn't want to look completely sleep deprived tomorrow.

"Dad?" I said it as though he was right next to me.

"Yeah?" he was right next to me in a second.

"Would you mind singing my lullaby?" I asked. It always calmed me down when all else failed.

"Of course, milady," he said lightly, my father was always such a gentleman.

"Thanks, Dad."

He started to hum my lullaby; it was a softer, and more sanguine than my mother's. I soon felt the level of my exhaustion. Within a few seconds I had submitted myself to the realm of dreams.

I woke up at the usual, seven A.M. Then, proud of myself for not suffering from any more nightmares, I roamed around the artistically decorated house until I got to the kitchen. It was only then that I noticed the smell of bacon and eggs on the stove. I immediately scooped up the aromatic sustenance, stalked over to the table and started eating.

"Well? Are you going to say 'good morning'?" The husky voice came from the door. Huh. I should have smelled him standing there. Jake was my best friend/werewolf. There was only one thing that could tie a vampire — half-vampire in this case — and a werewolf together: imprinting. Imprinting wasn't something that I could readily explain. Jake said that it was like he was being pulled toward his center of the universe, me. Because of that, he was the best friend possible, I often pondered if it should be more, but put it off, I wasn't ready for that.

"Yes. Good morning, Jake."

"C'mon, Ness! Your parents are loading the boat."

"'Kay. Give me a sec'!" I started to gulp down the hot food. The warmth slightly soothed the burn in my throat. But that wouldn't last long. I would have to hunt soon.

It was then that I noticed I was still in the shorts and tee-shirt that I wore to sleep. I sprinted to my room and saw that both of my bags were gone. They were probably on the boat already.

My parents knew I would come in looking for suitable clothes. There was a light blue tank top and a pair of denim Capri's on the dresser. I slipped them on, quickly, throwing my pajamas on the floor as I dashed out of the room. The cleaning crew would take those later.

Jake was waiting for me, leaning against the doorframe. "C'mon Ness!"

"Okay, okay!"

We ran to the dock and leapt onto the boat there, we landed lightly, as not to tilt the boat.

"Morning, Renesmee!" my parents greeted me.

"Good morning, and thanks for the eggs. They were delicious!"

Jake chimed in, "Yeah, they were great. Even with the vampire stench."

"Thanks. I thought something simple would suffice." My mother was an excellent chef. "Was there enough for you Jake?"

Jake nodded, thankfully.

"Okay," my father cut in, "Is everyone ready? We're leaving."