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8. Panic

"What happened?" I asked Jake, panic consuming my emotions. Leah and I had never been real friends, but I was still worried about her, nonetheless.

"Calm down," Jake and Jasper said at the same time.

Jake threw an annoyed glance at Jasper and looked back at me. "I'm not sure, but Leah needs me right now, no matter how much she denies it. Would it be okay if I left for a little while?" he asked. I nodded, still somewhat shocked. With that he ran at an almost blinding speed into the forest.

I heard two sets of footsteps retreat towards the house. By the light pitter patter of one set, I assumed they belonged to Alice and Jasper.

"Renesmee?" my mother asked, suddenly in front of me, her voice was so musical sounding — like wind chimes. "Do you want us to stay here?" she asked, the worry in her voice almost masked from my detection.

I shook my head, "They'll need both of you inside," I suggested.

"Yes," my father answered, sitting on one of the large boulders in the shade, motioning for us to join him. "But you are more important."

I walked over to him at a regular pace. He motioned for me to sit on his lap, like I had done as a child. I complied. He wrapped his strong arms around my shoulders, like any good father would, as I leaned into hid shoulder.

Closing my eyes, I replied, "No. Right now Carlisle, Esme, and everyone else need you a lot more than me." I drew in a deep breath, catching the astonishingly wonderful aromas of my parents. My father's scent was strongest, as he was the closest to me. It was the smell of everything I loved — grass, trees, sunshine, rain, citrus, etc. — all mixed into one amazing, cohesive perfume. My mother had a very sweet floral scent. It reminded me of things that weren't physical in their forms. Things like love, life, happiness, and light. I knew it sounded very cliché, but that's what it was.

I relaxed completely. It had seemed like such a long time since I had last been able to be completely at peace. I knew I should be listening for signs of Jake, or how Luke and Raine were doing, what Carlisle was asking them. But I couldn't keep my thoughts in line. I vaguely noticed my mother's hand stroking my hair as I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. Or so I thought.

I was standing alone in a green field, surrounded by trees. There was a light drizzle of rain. I inhaled, but could smell nothing, which scared me.

"Hello?" I asked quietly, not expecting a response.

"Renesmee!" I heard Luke's voice cry out, then a scream.

"Luke! Luke!" I began to yell frantically. "Luke! Anyone!" tears streaked down my face, "Anyone, please! Where am I?" I whimpered as I fell to my knees. All alone, I though. I'm all alone here.

"No," a seductive, yet terrifying voice said from, apparently, nowhere. "I'm with you!"

Suddenly a crazed looking vampire appeared in front of me. It was a boy, about the age of a senior in high school. His dark hair fell around his face in a mess of tangles and waves. Violent blood red eyes stared down at me as a smile played across his lips, revealing… fangs.

I tried to sniff the air, taste his scent. That would at least tell me if this anomaly was really a vampire or not. But my sense of smell had seemingly been disconnected from my mind.

"A treat…" he said, staring at me as he began to chuckle softly. "Who is this? A tasty little human?" His tongue flicked between his lips like a snake's. "No… you're not even human!" he screamed in outrage as he lunged towards my throat.

I bolted upright, relieved that I was, one, in my bedroom, and two, had my sense of smell back. I let out a sigh of relief just before I heard the cottage door slam open.

"Renesmee!" three people yelled, bursting into my room. My mother and Jake were on either side of me in an instant, while my father took the only available spot left at the foot of my bed.

My mother and Jake spoke simultaneously. "Are you okay?" my mother asked as Jake asked, "What happened?" My father remained silent, but there was one question in his eyes. Who? I knew he saw the whole dream, he could read minds after all. I sighed again, causing a drop of cold sweat to fall off of my chin. I hadn't noticed before, but I was covered in sweat. Great, I thought.

"It's okay!" I defended, "I'm fine! Just a nightmare!" I knew the nightmare part was off, it was only about 2 o'clock according to the clock beside my bed.

"A very bad nightmare." My father corrected seriously, sending my mother into a state of panic, Jake remained silent.

I touched my mother's hand, Calm down, I told both of them. Actually, Jake, scratch that. If you're any calmer you'll be catatonic. This made him smile, which immediately made me feel better.

"At least show me your dream?" my mother said, it sounded more like a question than a command.

I nodded and replayed the dream for both of them. When I opened my eyes I was met with two mortified faces. My father just happened to be a much better actor than my mother and Jake.

"Ohmigod," my mother said, pulling me into the tightest hug she would dare to give me. I was "breakable" to my parents, apparently.

"It's okay, it was just a dream," what I said and what I felt were very contradictory. Somehow I felt that my 'dream' was more of a warning, which was not good.

Don't tell her. I thought, meaning for my father to hear, She's worried enough. I knew that she would most likely find out what I truly felt about the dream, but this way he would tone it down a little before he told her. I sighed inwardly.

"I'm going to go walk around outside for a little while, 'kay?" I asked as I squirmed my way out of the barricade of people

"I'll go with you," Jake said finally, and thankfully. I was flustered and was definitely not ready to be alone.

"Thanks." I noticed that I was no longer in the clothes that I had worn to school.

I walked over to my dresser and found an outfit lying on top of it. Alice… I thought. Well that would save me the trouble of finding something to wear.

I rushed into my bathroom and changed quickly.

"Nice," I said aloud as I saw what Alice had put together for me: a bright yellow ruffled tank-top and dark jeans. Simple.

I tied my hair up, not wanting to have to brush it, as I walked back into my room.

"Ready," I said with a smile. Jake got up and took my hand as he led me out of the cottage.

We had just walked into the clearing when I saw Luke whisper something to Raine that none of us could hear, followed by Raine yelling "idiot!" before running off into the trees, followed by Luke.

There was no time to think, I reacted.

I sprinted after them. I ignored the branches and leaves tearing at my arms and face; I ignored the sting of the wind and the rain on my skin. I ran, letting instinct take over as I inhaled their scent and followed it.

Suddenly a realization hit me.

"Jake," I said, alarmed, "they're heading towards—"

"I know," he cut me off. I noticed he was running in human form, probably so he could communicate with me.

We both began to run faster, as fast as we could, but Luke and Raine were running at top speed as well, and, despite our best efforts, a gap remained between us.

After about a minute I could tell by the strength of the werewolves' scent that we were very, very, close to the border. Fear bubbled in the bottom of my stomach. It wasn't fear for myself, as an Imprint I had the right to cross over the border. I had gone over to the beach with Jake a few times during the week before school started. I was scared for Luke and Raine. They would definitely not be welcomed.

Suddenly I heard a snarl — a werewolf's — then a horrified shriek that I knew could only be Raine.

"No!" I screamed and leapt forward as fast as I could, but Jake was faster. He pushed in front of me and skidded into the clearing, facing a huge brownish wolf next to a, larger still, black one. I heard a quiet whimper from behind him and turned my head towards the sound.

"Oh no…" I whispered as I saw the form of Raine, lying crumpled on the ground. She was crying dry vampire tears, her eyes showing pain and fear. Luke, standing behind her, remained frozen.

"Raine…" I heard him mutter.

"Damn it Paul!" I heard Jake yell, then a loud tearing sound. I spun, causing the greenery and trees to become a multicolored blur. I was relieved to see two wolves in the clearing, no missing body parts. Jake looked amazing as a wolf, but now was not the time to think about that.

He seemed to have the situation under control. I refocused my thoughts to Raine.

"Is she okay?" I asked Luke as I jogged to the spot where she lay.

"I think she'll be okay. He hurt her shoulder pretty bad, though," he motioned to her left shoulder, which looked oddly distorted.

"We need to take her to Carlisle," I said, trying not to betray my hysteria. I heard a crunch. Luke stood up in an invisible motion beside me, his eyes still locked on Raine.

It was then someone burst into the clearing. Leah had on a swimsuit and a beach towel. I wondered why. I hadn't had time to ask Jake what had happened to her.

I carefully studied her face, her expression of shock turned into that of absolute anger only a moment before she began to rattle off more profanities than I had ever learned in the direction of Paul and Sam. I could've sworn that when she looked back at us, she stared straight at Luke with a look in her eyes that I had never before seen. It was a look of, of course worry, but it resembled the kinds of looks I always got from, well, Jake.

Leah POV

I ran in human form, some little voice in my head told me that it was a wise choice. Oh great. Now I was listening to voices in my head. Lovely.

Suddenly I heard a girls scream from ahead. Simply put, I ran faster.

I burst into the clearing to be met with a very unwelcome sight. Two wolves were in the clearing, Jake and Paul. Sam was in human form, looking angry. I looked to the opposite side and my heart began to race.

Standing with an expression of horror and concern plastered on his face was him. Excuse my lack of a name. Automatically, I felt that tug at me to go and comfort him. I felt the corners of my mouth turn down at his furrowed eyebrows and the concern emanating from his eyes. He was chewing his bottom lip with his porcelain teeth, his lips in an identical twin frown with mine. I followed his gaze and the hairs on the back of my neck began to prickle. Jake's imprint, the half leech, half human, Renesmee Cullen was there, leaning over a crumpled figure. A girl, to be more precise, hidden by a curtain of the half-leech's bronze hair. It took a moment for me to recognize her as his sister.

No. I thought. Hell no.

That was it. I scowled as I stalked into the middle of the clearing. Holding my arms out in the classic protective posture, I alternated between glaring at Paul and Sam. I could hear Jake's low growl from behind me; at least I had one supporter. Huh. I sensed something odd bubbling in my gut, control. Despite my utter lack of grip on the situation, I had some odd feeling of command over those in the clearing. It was either that, or I just had way too much adrenaline at the moment.

"Paul! Sam!" I started, my tone ruthless, "what in the hell possessed you to attack her?!" I motioned to her. As if on cue, she whimpered again, a spasm running through her limbs.

Apparently my question sounded rhetorical. No answer came.

Paul and Sam ran into the forest. They returned a little less than a minute later with scowls mimicking my own on their faces.

"The bloodsucker came on our land," Paul spat.

"Yeah? By what? Three inches?" I said, making note of the fact that even where I was standing was still the leech's territory.

"He—" Sam started, but I cut him off.

"No." I said sternly, "You attacked two innocent vamps. For all you know, they might've been trying to get to know where the border is. You just went and assumed that they were here to kill everyone, you half-baked idiots! Just like your stereotypical versions of them. So just leave us alone. Go run off to Emily's house, and eat some dinner. 'Kay?" I knew that what I had said was blunt, but I didn't care. Since when had I?

I turned around and sheepishly smiled at my extraordinary imprint. Hey, I hadn't smiled like that in years. I couldn't even remember when I had last flirted… He was bringing out the old Leah, I realized with a jolt. Maybe it was a good thing. Maybe not.

I used a kind, coaxing tone, "You can leave now, …" I trailed off. I still didn't know his name.

"Luke," he stated in his remarkable melodic voice. He gingerly picked up his sister and jogged away from the clearing, followed closely by Renesmee.

Jake stayed for a moment, giving me a cautious look. "Go ahead," I told him, and he followed his imprint as well as mine.

Sam opened his mouth to speak. I spoke instead.

"I helped them because I imprinted on one of them. Kay? Got it? Good. Bye." I said curtly, with a cruel smirk on my face. I wanted Sam to feel pain, even if he had his imprint with him. I wanted him to know I moved on, and he'll most probably, never see me again. I could live the rest of my life without him. I knew it inside of me, and I knew I deserved it. I deserved freedom. I phased and ran, not caring about the swimsuit I had just destroyed. I ran towards the mountains, mentally yelling at Jake to just leave me alone this time. I wasn't the caged bird anymore, taunted and tormented by freedom lying so close, but so near at the same time. I had cut the very last strings that tied me to Sam. I was free. But yet, I still had other issues to deal with. I continued running towards the mountains, air whipping around my warm fur.

Luke, that was his name. I liked it.

Renesmee POV

The run back to the mansion was just as nerve-racking as the first. My gaze was locked on Luke, holding Raine's limp figure. Just then I noticed something; it had begun to rain again.

Rhythmic paw steps padded through the underbrush behind me. I knew who it was, but instinct told my head to turn, and so it did.

Jake's russet fur glittered where the raindrops had landed on his fur, creating an effect that reminded me of pine needles. I began to loose my thoughts in it's beauty, but a whimper pulled me back out of my reverie.

"Raine…" I heard Luke mutter under his breath, only moments before we careened into the clearing. Carlisle, Alice, and my parents were already waiting outside, anxiety apparent in their faces.

Without a word Carlisle moved with speed only a very skilled vampire could achieve towards Luke and Raine. Raine looked pale, even for a vampire. Luke handed her over to Carlisle without hesitation. Apparently he knew about Carlisle's medical background.

Carlisle went into the house followed by Alice.

My mother immediately sprinted up to me and engulfed me in a hug.

"Don't ever do that again!" she reprimanded, but the relief in her voice was evident. "You scared me to death!"

"Well, technically," Jake entered the clearing with a smirk, "you're already dead."

"Shut up, Jake," my mother said mockingly but with a bright smile.

I noticed that my father hadn't said anything. He was just standing in the middle of the yard with his eyes closed. His expression was slightly contorted and made him look like he was deep in thought.

My mother and Jake had noticed this too, as they were both staring at him.

Suddenly his eyes flew open and centered on Jake and I.

His tone was pensive, "You have something to say."

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