Third Mate

Summary: Harry and Remus bonded after the war was over, but Harry was Remus' second mate. What happens when Sirius comes back. This is canon ecept that Remus didn't get with tonks and didn't die and the stupid ugly no good epilogue is nonexistent.

--AN:This chapter could be a one shot and the second chapter makes it a two shot. it is complete if you stop there. I'm going to make it a multi chapter story that i probably wont update frequently. if you don't like that then dont read past the second chapter.

--for those who are wondering what happened to the rest. I altered it and moved it to Child of Time. I wanted that part and this to be separate so this could stand alone.

Chapter 1

"It seemed to take Sirius and age to fall. His body curved in a graceful arc as he sank backward through the ragged veil hanging from the arch…(ootp)"

He was falling. His chest exploding in agony from the curse. He could hear Harry screaming. A pressure surrounded him as he fell threw the arch, constricting, contorting. It was unbearable. Sirius thought he could feel his bones break and snap under it.

Then it was gone.

He was flat on his back looking up at a white ceiling. A rustle of clothing and parchment on his left caught his attention and he shifted his head slightly to see what it was. His eyes met a sandy haired man with meti-wizard robes on and gold rimmed spectacles. The man noticed Sirius' eyes were open and smiled slightly.
"Welcome back sir" he said. Sirius mentally rolled his eyes. Why do they always say that, as though he'd actually gone somewhere, when in reality he had obviously been laying in that bed for a while.
"Is there someone you'd like us to contact?" he asked. He was still smiling softly, and casting several spells that Sirius recognized as simply diagnostic spells.
"Dumbledore" Sirius answered. His voice sounded like it had come from very far away and he wondered if the medi-wizard had even heard him.
Sirius watched as sadness, confusion, and something that made Sirius feel like a test subject rather than a patient, cross the other wizards face. "Sir, Dumbledore has been dead for some time now?", confusion evident in his every word, "is there someone else?"
Sirius was shocked. How long had he been out? It was obvious from the lack of restrictions and Auror guards that the medi-wizard didn't know who he was. It was imperative that Sirius get someone in here who could explain what was going on and help him leave without alerting the ministry.
"Minerva McGonagall," Sirius finally squeaked out. The other wizard nodded and left the room. If Dumbledore was dead, Sirius pushed aside the grief that accompanied that thought until a later date, then McGonagall would be headmistress of Hogwarts which, coupled with her order member status, and her knowledge of Sirius' peculiarity's, made her the next best choice. Sirius settled back to try and get some rest before she arrived. He had no doubt she would have answers and he wanted to be strong enough to hear the whole story.

Harry Potter glanced out the window of his study at #12 Grimmwald Place. It was raining again. He always felt rather gloomy when it rained but today he had too many plans to make to be gloomy. Today was a special day. It was he and his mate's 5 year anniversary of their marriage, and Harry had vowed to himself that he would makeup for last year.

He hummed out of tune to himself as he worked. This year he was going to make it perfect. Harry cast a few deep cleaning charms around the study before leaving. He walked down the stairs to the main room and called for Kreacher. He expected an almost soundless crack to follow the call and was shocked when it didn't happen. "Kreacher." he called again, looking around. He heard the expected crack and when he turned to ask Kreacher what took him so long, but harry could only stare at the sight before him. Dobby had a firm grip around Kreacher and the weathered house elf was fighting for all he was worth. "you must come when master calls you" Dobby yelled at the struggling form in his arms. "but he is not my master anymore" Kreacher growled fighting with all his strength.
" Kreacher" Harry said, his voice lowering warningly, " what do you mean I'm not your master?" Kreacher stopped fighting Dobby and looked at Harry with evil mirth shining in his black eyes. "The true master of the Great House of Black has arrived, and Kreacher no longer has to serve nasty half-blood filth"

"True master?" Harry gasped, "What is he talking about Dobby?"

Dobby let go of Kreacher, who disappeared with a loud crack and a smile. "Dobby is not knowing Sir, Dobby in only knowing that there is another Black out there sir" Harry could see tears welling up in Dobby's eyes and suppressed a sigh. Dobby would think Harry was upset at him. Even though it had been almost 10 years since Harry had inherited Grimmwald place, and Dobby had shown up on the door stop, hat in hand, begging to work for Harry, Dobby had never gotten over the self mutilation that accompanied any displeasure Harry expressed. "What does that mean Dobby" Harry asked softly, trying not to upset the little elf more then was necessary. "Does this mean that I do not own the manor anymore?" Dobby nodded "Dobby is not knowing why Sir, only that another does." Harry did sigh this time and sat down on the couch putting his head in his hands. Nothing is ever easy. "Does this mean the wards on the house are not tuned to me?" Harry asked. "No sir. Sir still lives in the manor, and the wards are for occupants' protection. Sir just does not own the manor." Dobby squeaked a little near then end and Harry glanced up to see tears streaming openly down Dobby's face, his hands squeezing his hat nervously. "Dobby" Harry started reassuringly, "its not your fault I'm not mad at you. Will you still serve me or the new master of the manor."

Dobby puffed himself up importantly and said "Dobby will always be serving Harry Potter Sir, as long as Harry Potter will let Dobby." Harry nodded and Dobby took that as a dismissal, leaving with a crack. Harry wondered at this new development. He hadn't realized that there were any blacks left. The only ones he knew of were Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, who were in Askaban, and Bealtrix Lestrange, who was dead, and therefore had no ties to the manor. also, even if they had escaped they shouldn't have been able to simply transfer ownership of the manor like this since Sirius had left it to Harry in his will. The only way Harry could thing of this happening was if Sirius was back, but he dismissed that thought immediately as impossible.

Harry sat on the couch and pondered this for some time, lost in his musings in a way he hadn't done since the war. So caught up in his thoughts he didn't even notice when his mate came home until he was startled by a touch on his shoulder. Harry had nearly jumped up and grabbed his wand when he heard a familiar chuckling. He glanced up at the face he loved so much, taking in the brown eyes and dusty brown hair, along with the amusement evident in every line. "Remus" Harry sighed, "you nearly scared me to death." Remus chuckled again evidently taking great joy in removing years from Harry's life. Harry smiled at him fondly, and then jumped to his feet. "Oh bloody hell!!" Harry exclaimed, "I forgot to finish" He glanced around the room and realized that he was so caught up in what had happened he didn't finish decorating. Harry looked sheepishly at his love sheepishly and said, "I wanted to make up for last year". Remus laughed loudly at this clutching his side. "Well so far so good, I haven't seen any green goop, and you're not in the kitchen" Harry playfully hit him in the shoulder. "It's not that funny pet" Remus stopped laughing and looked at Harry. "Why do you insist on calling me that?" the werewolf asked. Harry laughed "Because you look so wonderfully sexy when your miffed" Harry winked at him. Remus growled low in his throat and pulled Harry to him. Their lips met in a fierce kiss, both men fighting for dominance. Their tongues searching the other's mouth, caressing and punishing. They pulled apart breathless. Harry could see the smoldering desire in his wolfs eyes turning their color darker as Moony came closer to the surface.

Before Harry could act on the desire he saw there, the floo activated and an unmistakable McGonagall head came through. "Harry I need to speak with you immediately can I come in?" "Of course" Harry glanced at Remus who shrugged not having a clue what was going on. They stepped back and she came through to give her more room. "there's been some kind of development involving Sirius Black" Harry felt Remus tense, and sensed the deep sadness which seemed to come from both of them. "I think you should both come with me to St. Mungo's immediately". She turned, seeming to expect their acquiescence, grabbed a pinch of floo, threw it into the fire and said "St. Mungo's"

Remus looked about him as they walked through the white halls of the medical facility. He hated this place. Too many times had he awakened to these walls after the war when he'd been a part of the team sent to find and deal with the remaining death eaters. The werewolf had been apart of that team for one reason only. Revenge. He was out for blood. Bealtrix Lestrange had taken his mate from him, his first mate, Sirius Black. The war had given him a focus for the rage, and he hadn't dealt with the loss. Not that there was any way for a werewolf to deal with the loss of his mate, but he had been unbelievably lucky. One in one thousand werewolves have more then one life mate. Remus happened to be one of them. After he had caught up with Lestrange and Moony had torn her apart. He had gone quite mad. It had only been after Harry had turned 18, and come to visit that Remus had smelled him and identified him as the wolf's mate. He had been confused at first and rebelled against it, thinking it a betrayal to his first love, but Harry wouldn't leave Remus to his madness. Now Remus was unbelievably grateful to whichever god had blessed him with Harry. Although he still loved Sirius, Harry had been able to bring him back from a very dark place, and the wolf loved his mate more then anything. Now they were following McGonagall and it had something to do with Sirius. Remus was terrified, but he understood that this feeling wasn't coming from him. Because Remus and Harry's bond was so strong, they could feel deep emotions the other felt. For whatever reason Harry was terrified of what was coming.

Minerva stopped outside a room and turned to them. She hadn't said anything to them since she floo'd from their house. "This may be a bit shocking," she said to them. She motioned for them to go in a head of her. Remus and Harry looked at each other, shrugged and moved into the room. What Remus saw there had his throat closing up, blocking his airways. His heart started beating so fast he was sure it would bust out of his chest and fly away. Harry gasped "Sirius"

Sirius slowly became aware of someone crying. Who was crying? Was it he. No. he wasn't crying. Sirius opened his eyes and took in his environment. There was an unfamiliar dark haired man holding Sirius' hand up to his face and crying softly onto it. He could feel the tears on his flesh, but that wasn't the crying he heard. Sirius glanced to his other side, and felt his heart swell, Remus was crying and whimpering next to him. "I'm…so….sorry…love…" sniff, whimper, " if…I'd…known……" sob, whimper, sniff " I…would…have…found ….you.." Sirius smiled. It was wonderful to see his mate again. He felt a peace he'd forgotten to look for at the sight of his wonderful wolf. "Sirius" the dark haired man was speaking to him. The voice reminded him of someone. Sirius looked over at him. "You're awake" Remus gasped. Sirius sat up and reached for his love, missing how the wolf felt. Remus sobbed into his shoulder, holding him close. "shh..its okay now I'm here, I'm fine" Sirius whispered soothingly over and over. Eventually Remus' sobs subsided and he was able to look up at Sirius. "I love you" Sirius told his wolf and was caught off guard when the dark haired man on his right made a low keening noise. "Sirius" the unknown man whispered " I didn't know I'm so sorry" Remus pulled away from him and put his head in his hands, crying again. Sirius was confused. What were they talking about? What had this man done to him, Sirius had never seen him before. He looked at the young man next to him and tried to remember something about him. He gasped as glowing green beauties met his eyes. Those were lily's eye's "Harry?" he asked? This couldn't be Harry, this man was at least in his mid twenties and Sirius' godson was only 15. However, the dark haired man had nodded. So Sirius thought about it for a moment. He didn't know how long he had been in this hospital. It was possible that harry could have changed that much. Sirius looked at the medi-wizard trying to be inconspicuous. "How long have I been out?" he asked anxiously. "You've only been here two weeks" was the tentative reply.

McGonagall asked if Sirius was well enough to leave the hospital while Sirius himself studied his mate and his apparent godson. They were both looking at him with a pain so great it was tangible. What had happened while he was in the hospital? Sirius had resigned himself to not understanding until he was safe, so when he heard the medi-wizard say he could leave, he stood up and walked over to change into the cloths McGonagall had brought for him.

They floo'd back to Grimwald place and all four of them sat in the living room. "Alright" Sirius started, deciding he was going to have to ask the questions if he wanted to know anything, "the last thing I remember is being cursed by that insane woman and falling through an arch, you should start there" he glanced around. Neither Remus, nor Harry , Sirius had decided that it wasn't useful denying that this was his godson, even looked up at him. Minerva cleared her throat and began filling him in on the rest of the war. It appeared that he had been absent for roughly 10 years and had missed much. She told him about how they all thought he was dead, and how Dumbledore had died. She told him what she knew of Harry's year finding and destroying horcuxes and about his battle at Hogwarts where he had faced Voldermort alone, died, comeback and killed him with EXPELIARMUS. She told Sirius about the hunt for the remaining death eaters, the trials and Harry's testimony. She briefly touched Harry's loss of popularity due to his stance on werewolf rights, but Sirius didn't understand why both Remus and Harry had flinched at this.

"Sirius it is a miracle that you are here and I would like to talk to you about the experience in the arch, but that will have to wait for another time. I will leave you now as I assume you three have much to talk about" she sighed and gave them an almost pitying look that Sirius hadn't understood and then floo'd away.

Harry was in agony. He knew that his godfather had been Remus' mate and that harry had taken his place. He also knew that now that Sirius was back, Remus would no longer want him, but he couldn't leave. He loved Remus with his whole being and felt something close to hatred for his godfather for taking his mate away. However, as soon as he felt that hatred it was squashed by a mound of quilt at betraying the man, by becoming the werewolf's mate. Harry was resolutely refusing to feel any of Remus' feelings. Not only were Harry's feelings quite enough he didn't think he would survive if he felt rejection in their bond. He looked up at Sirius and noticed the confused expression he wore. This was obviously not the reception he had expected when he'd come back from the dead. Harry understood that this was confusing, as Sirius had no memory beyond Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts. Harry cleared his throat, "Sirius" he began, but then stopped. How was he supposed to tell him that he had taken his mate? He decided he owed it to the man to start at the beginning. "After I killed Voldermort, I became very sad. I felt that killing Voldermort and saving the wizarding world had been my only purpose, and now that it was done I was useless." Harry felt more then heard both of the older men try to interrupt him but he stopped them with a raised hand. "I would like to continue uninterrupted or I won't be able to finish. As I was saying, I felt useless. That is until I woke up on my 18th birthday. That morning I felt something. Something in the pit of my stomach that told me someone needed me. As I didn't have anything else do to. I followed that feeling and it lead me to Remus. When I found him he was more animal then man." Harry stopped and couldn't help but glance at the wolf. Remus was hanging his head, blushing with shame. "Moony had been driven mad because his mate, you, had died". Sirius moved closer to cuddle with Remus who accepted him warmly. Harry's eyes filled and his heart felt as though it stopped beating. He had to continue fighting though; maybe if Sirius heard the story he wouldn't take Remus away from him. "The feeling I had been following was gone when I saw him, and I realized that I was home. Moony recognized me and let me comfort him until Remus could take over. It was then we discovered that I was Remus' mate." Harry paused as Sirius had gasped loudly. "What! I'm your mate" Harry was angry he stood up and yelled. "You were dead, he needed me and I was there!!"
"Harry" he stopped and looked at Remus. Harry rushed over and kneeled at his feet putting his head in Remus' lap and sobbing. "Please don't get rid of me Remus, all do anything you want, be anything you want, just don't make me leave you."

Sirius watched Harry cry in Remus' lap and watched and Remus tried to comfort him, telling him that he loved him and that he would never make him leave, and a cold fog settled in his stomach and heart. "And me Remus" Sirius said, voice cold. "Are you going to get rid of me?" Harry and Remus both looked at him with tears in their eyes, but didn't say anything. "I see" Sirius understood. He had been replaced. Remus no longer loved him. He closed his eyes and prepared to stand up. But he was held down by two pairs of hands. He opened his eyes. Harry looked at him and said "I love you Sirius, you should stay" Harry glanced at Remus to see what his reaction was, but Remus was looking at Sirius. "Yes, stay" the werewolf was shaking but he couldn't choose between them. They were his world he could never choose. The wolf in him had simplified things and felt that they were both his and that there should be no other problems. Remus felt as deep in the bond he with harry as he'd ever gone and searched for the answer to the problem. He smiled when he found it.

"Sirius" Remus moved so that he was sitting next to Sirius on the couch. "I have never stopped loving you. You are and will always be mine, I will never let you go." he waited until his first mate nodded and then looked at Harry who was sobbing quietly on the floor where Remus had left him. "Harry love" Remus called him. Harry looked up and grabbed the hand Remus offered him. The wolf pulled his young love onto his lap and still holding Sirius' hand promised, "you too Harry are my mate, and I will never ever let you go."

Harry was confused. So there would be two mates? "But Remus, you want both of us?" Sirius, who had caught on and approved said "of course harry, who could not want us?" Remus noticed that Harry smiled but was still confused. "Harry, I know that Sirius has always felt something for you." he smiled at Sirius to get his approval for giving away his darkest secret. Sirius nodded his consent, although his eyes betrayed his fear. "He told me that it was his greatest fear that you would hate him for it." Harry looked at Sirius shocked. He studied the man that he'd loved, at first as his only hope for a life away from the Dursleys, and then as something different, deeper, during his stay at Grimmwald place. Since, he'd never had a father, he didn't understand what the love a son should feel for a father and so just assumed all his feelings for Sirius were what a son should have. Now though as he looked at the returned man, he recognized what he felt was not remotely appropriate for a father. Harry smiled and shifted from Remus' lap to Sirius'. Harry put his hands on either side of his face and brought their lips together. A gentle sweet kiss that sent tendrils of peace and pleasure down his spine. Harry pulled back and looked at Sirius' eyes. "We can at least try."

Sirius smiled at the young man in his lap with tears in his eyes, and kissed him gently again. Harry wrapped his arms around the back of Sirius' neck and deepened the kiss moaning when Sirius shifted him so he was straddling his waist. Harry's moan caused a fire to erupt in his blood and Sirius gripped him hard and thrust up into the heat of his body. Just as he was, about to stop for air he heard a low, vicious sounding growl and they both turned their heads to look at Remus. His eyes were completely amber and his lips were pulled back in a snarl. "I will take pleasure in you, and you in each other only if you have my permission. I am the Alpha." Sirius and Harry froze, both wondering. This had never happened before not even the days before and after the full moon when Moony was the closest to the surface. Neither had any idea what to do, but Sirius ever the Gryffindor said, "What are you on about Moony?"

Apparently, this was the wrong thing to say. Harry found himself flat on his back, Remus having shoved him away from Sirius, and raised up on his arms to see what had happened. Sirius and Moony were fighting. Harry decided that Sirius must have challenged Moony's place and they were fighting for alpha. It wasn't much of a fight. Sirius had been motionless in a hospital for two weeks after being in a small battle, and Remus had gained many skills after Sirius' "death". Sirius was quickly on his back pinned with an angry werewolf on top of him. "Sirius, you have to submit!" Harry yelled at him and was rewarded by a growl from Moony, "do not interfere!" Sirius though, got the message, presented his neck, and relaxed as much as he could. Remus sniffed his neck and licked and nibbled on it until Sirius was a whimpering mess, then he bit hard on the claiming mark he made during their first mating. Sirius shouted out, and Harry thought it was one of the more erotic things he'd witnessed. Sirius was obviously enjoying himself panting and moaning as Moony literally tore his clothing off in a show of strength that made Harry instantly hard. Oh how he wanted to be apart of this but wasn't sure how to get involved without getting a beating for disobeying.

Harry tried to remember how it was done in a pack, as this was clearly what they were now, and with a flash of insight, slowly crawled over on his stomach whimpering in the back of his throat. Moony and Sirius both looked at him as he reached them, one pair of eyes glowing and proud, the other glazed with lust and confused. Harry leaned up to get a kiss from Moony making sure to come from under him and not from the side. Moony growled low in his throat at the kiss and reached for Harry's hip to pull him next to Sirius under him. "Mine" he snarled out. Immediately Sirius and Harry responded, "Yours."

Sirius was completely lost. Harry had obviously figured out how to deal with this new more wolf like Remus but this hadn't been the way things were before he'd left. They had been more equals. Although he did like the new dominating Remus, every growl and snarl and forceful move mad him more impossibly hard. Sirius watched as Moony tore of Harry's cloths much as the wolf had his own and his mouth ran dry. Harry was not a boy anymore. Before he'd left he had been drawn to Harry's pale innocent flesh and his loving eyes, but this Harry was an altogether different animal. Tan skin, taunt over firm muscles. He watched as Remus latched onto a dark nipple and Harry threw back his head and screamed showing off the tendons in his neck. That was the last straw for Sirius and he could help but lean over and grab the tendon with his teeth, pulling a low moan from Harry. Sirius opened his eyes to look at Moony and met the smirking werewolf's gaze. "He's lovely isn't he," Moony said, leaning back so Sirius could see Harry in all his naked glory. He had a slim build, different from Remus' bulky muscles, but it was obvious he had strength. Sirius' eyes followed his hands as he traced and fondled the ridges in his flesh. He stopped at Harry's cock, a respectable 7 inches but small compared to Sirius' own 8 or Remus' 9, and looked to the wolf for permission, mouth watering. "Suck him." Remus commanded and moved so he was leaning over Sirius from behind. Sirius took the younger man in his mouth and traced the vein along the bottom listening to Harry's cries. He felt Moony kissing the back of his neck and felt him removing the rest of Sirius' clothing before removing his own.

Remus was ecstatic both of his mates were under him, as they should be, and they seemed to be enjoying each other. It had been so long since he was with Sirius that even the smell of him had the wolf inside him howling. He knew that things had gotten out of hand earlier, Moony had risen up to establish dominance in their little pack, but he was neither ashamed of the action, nor sad that it happened. This was they way things were going to be now. With Sirius, he had always been ashamed of his instincts but Harry had encouraged the wolf and now that Sirius was back, Moony was determined to show them that there was nothing to be ashamed about for being the mate of an alpha werewolf.

Remus kissed and nibbled down Sirius' backbone, relearning what made him twitch and moan. He held a hand out and summoned the lube from upstairs. He heard it crashing around as it came to him. He smothered his hand in the scentless lube he preferred, wanting to smell his mates and nothing else, and began preparing his first mate. He simultaneously slipped his first finger in and pulled Sirius off Harry's cock. He didn't want Harry to cum to soon. Sirius and Harry both whimpered and Moony howled again. "Harry, show him what a good little cock sucker you are." Sirius whimpered again but Harry just grinned at him. When Harry noticed the amber had receded some what he said, "I love it when you talk dirty Remus." Remus just chuckled and told him to get to it.

Remus watched Harry swallow Sirius to the root and timed his second finger to go in at the first swallow. He threw is other arm across Sirius' chest to hold the dark haired man to his own chest. When he felt Sirius was ready for a third finger he told Harry to stop and begin preparing himself. Remus loved watching Harry's fingers slipping in his own channel and figured Sirius would appreciate the sight too. Sirius moaned, precum dripping from his cock as Harry prepared himself as quick as possible. Harry always liked a bit of pain during sex, having gotten a taste for it during the war. When Harry stopped and Remus felt Sirius loosing it, he quickly grabbed the base of his cock to stem the impeding orgasm. "Not yet love we haven't even started yet." Remus looked at Harry and saw he was thinking and chewing on his bottom lip, a sure sign that he was unsure if he should speak. "out with it pup." Remus told him and then grinned when Harry mentioned the cock ring he had purchased for their anniversary this night. "get it" he told his young mate and chuckled darkly when Sirius whimpered and looked at him with pleading eyes. "Oh no love, you obviously can't hold it on your own and we want to spend most of the night with you." He chuckled again when Sirius moaned. Remus thought to himself that he should have listened to his instincts way earlier if this was the reaction he got from his two mates.

Remus continued to play with Sirius, plucking his nipples and kissing and nipping his neck and ears until Harry returned with what looked like a silver cock ring. Remus froze, "Harry?" he questioned, his younger love liked pain but Remus did not. "oh its platinum Remus, I didn't mean to worry you." Harry smiled at his mate and waited for approval before shoving it on Sirius' hard red dick. Sirius howled, and Harry, concerned, asked him if he was okay. "yeah," Sirius gasped out, "I've never played this rough before." Harry looked at Remus worried, and so Remus sighed. "do you want to stop Sirius." Sirius looked up at him horrified, "NO!"

Harry always the more level headed during sex said, "Sirius he's not going to get rid of you if you don't like this, we'll just go slower and then maybe work up to this." Sirius shook his head the whole time Harry was speaking, "No, I'm okay I just…" Sirius sighed, but then looked up determined, "I'm not leaving this room until I get buggered or I get to bugger someone else." Remus laughed, "lucky you then, I was planning on both." and then he leaned down to kiss Sirius again.

The were wolf pulled Harry close and kissed him while pulling his half-hard cock up against Sirius' bound one, hoping to renew the lost excitement, and Harry moaned into the kiss. Sirius wrapped his arms around the man in his lap and latched onto his neck. He felt Remus shifting behind him and gasped when he felt Remus' large cock's tip at his entrance. He let go of Harry's neck and grunted as Remus slammed into him. He hissed a little at the burn and was glad that Remus paused to rasp out to Harry "Fill yourself with his cock Harry." Sirius then moaned loud and long as he felt Harry's warm tight heat sheathed around him. He had a moment's breather and then Remus slid out and slammed back in, causing Sirius' cock to go deeper into Harry. The younger man moaned and began moving.

Soon they had worked up a rhythm each using Sirius for their pleasure. He tried to thrust into either Remus or Harry but ultimately couldn't decide where to go so he simply helped Harry raise himself up and slam back down. Sirius was nearly incoherent, Harry moaning and writhing above him, and Remus grunting and hitting his prostate with nearly every thrust, but he couldn't cum because of the ring around his cock. He couldn't help but start begging, "Please…Please let me cum." He heard Remus chuckle behind him, but didn't hear his answer because Harry channel suddenly constricted around his cock and his chest was hit with warm wet cum when Harry screamed above him.

Remus shifted again to lean the three of them forward, allowing Harry to slip off Sirius' cock and onto the floor bonelessly. Remus then reached down and pulled off Sirius' cock ring as the thrust in hard, and watched as Sirius lost it. He let himself cum with Sirius' hole milking his orgasm from him and then lay down between his two mates on the floor. He put an arm around them and pulled them to him so their heads were resting on his chest. They were all three breathing heavily and just before his two mates passed out, he growled out, "Mine."