Harry awoke with a groan on the floor. He was wrapped up in one of Remus' arms, snuggling into his chest. He opened his eyes, and had to readjust his vision to focus on Sirius who was in a mirror position. He tried not to move and wake up his mates. He sighed, mates. Plural. Who'da thunk. He used to be a little orphan boy, who even the neighbors hated. Then he was a name, not a person to be loved, and now he had two mates. Two mates to love and to love him. As long as he didn't let his insecurities get the best of him it could be wonderful.

He checked his bond with Remus and caught his emotions. He was obviously dreaming. Harry just got soft sweet emotions, the bond was as strong as ever. It was a good dream. He wondered what would happen to their bond now that Sirius was back. According to Remus, the werewolf had been too full of insecurities to fully accept that Sirius was his mate. He had been young and hadn't accepted his wolf at all. Sirius, although accepting of the situation and loving Remus very much, had been young and had believed all the horror stories the ministry put out. They blamed all wild animal attacks on werewolves, whether or not it was true. Consequently their bond had been weak in the beginning and they'd not made the connection Harry and Remus had.

Harry considered their options. The ministry had pardoned Sirius, when Wormtail was caught during the raid on the ministry. So it wouldn't be a problem to declare him…not dead...

Suddenly he shot up, until he was sitting instead, and chuckled. His sudden movements woke both Sirius and Remus, and the wolf growled looking around for danger. "Haa, no, I'm sorry. I just figure it out. Kreacher!"

The nasty didn't show up so he sighed exasperatedly and asked Sirius to call for him. He smiled when the elf popped in, mumbling about stupid masters who didn't stay dead. Relieved, Harry flung himself back onto Remus. That whole mess had been about Sirius. Stupid nasty house elf.

"Harry what the hell?" Sirius cried, "You scared the crap out of me to call my mothers stupid house elf?"

"Sorry Sirius, yesterday Kreacher made this huge deal about me not being his master because there was a new Lord Black. I was just thinking that you came back, and so maybe it was you. I was killing myself trying to figure out how to make sure we were safe.." He was interrupted by Remus huffing. He looked at the wolf in confusion?

"Sorry, Moony is upset that you think I can't protect you." He shrugged.

Harry laughed a little, "Sorry Moony, its just that this is…was.." He glanced at Sirius. " the only thing I had from you.." He sighed. "This is kinda weird. You've been dead so long."

"Yeah about that, I was thinking that I'd rather stay dead. I figure that if the Unspeakables figure out that I came through the veil, I might disappear." Harry and Remus both growled. But then Harry had a thought.

"Um…didn't they find you outside the veil?" Sirius shrugged and then nodded, "well then they probably already did whatever test they were going to do." Remus growled again and pushed Sirius down with one hand and grabbed for his wand with the other. He cast every diagnostic spell he knew, and then had Harry cast every one he knew.

"There's nothing Moony"

"We don't know enough spells, who do we know?"

"Well, um, I guess we could call Filius, or maybe Madam Pomphrey."

"Good call them."

Sirius chuckled, and reached up to run his hands along Remus' naked chest and down his stomach. "Do we have to right now? If there is anything, which is unlikely, then we can go see them in a little bit." He looked up at them shyly, "Besides I want to spend more time with you."

Remus was resolute though, "Sirius, this here, your actions now, could be a charm that makes you try and distract anyone that tries to find out the charms."

Harry chuckled, "really Remus, are you going to question everything he does now? You and I both cast Hermione's detection spells that would have discovered even imperious curse and blocks on magic. You know those are the hardest to detect. Besides he's right, we should really spend time together to reestablish your bond. You're not going to be able to let him out of your sight until then anyway."

Remus sighed, "Your right, I just worry, but promise that you'll let Filius and Pomphrey check you?"

Chuckling, Sirius said, "Yes love I promise."

Harry and Sirius both began running their hands over their Alpha, trying to distract his attention. Sirius nibbled on his chest and stomach, while Harry kissed him. Finally tired of his irresponsive nature Sirius exclaimed, "Fine, Harry he doesn't want us, maybe he's to old. Your young I think I'll play with you some." Sirius pushed Remus off and grabbed Harry, pulling the young man on top of him and kissing him. Harry caught the mischievous twinkle in his new mate's eye and so played along, moaning and crying outrageously when Sirius kissed his neck.

Their display caused Moony to rise up, which was Sirius' plan, and the Alpha pushed them apart.

"What did I say about playing with out me? Perhaps I'm not the problem, maybe its that your not desirable."

He immediately regretted his words when he got a push of hurt and humiliation down his link with Harry. The youth sat up and pulled away. He knew he was over reacting, that Remus was teasing, but it hurt.

Moony though, didn't care for Harry pulling away and dragged him back under him. Sirius, never one to understand feelings, didn't realize that something had happened. He thought it was all a joke. "Well, Harry may be an ugly bugger, but you know you can't call me undesirable."

Harry let his pain slide, shaking his head at his unintuitive godfather. He smiled up at Remus, forgiving him, and leaned up to kiss him.

"Show me that you want me Moony. Prove you're my Alpha."

Apparently this opened some sort of flood gates because seconds later Harry was tied to the floor and Moony was growling above him.

Sirius remembering what Harry had done to be apart of it last night, shimmied over on his stomach and looked up at Moony from next to Harry's stomach. He whined when Remus didn't immediately acknowledge him.

Harry noticed that Moony was so far gone in his wolf he couldn't do more then bark and growl to convey his instructions, and that Sirius didn't understand. He tried to help.

"I'm sorry Sirius, I think I challenged him. I don't think he's going to let you in yet." Harry tried to beg with his eyes, as much as he could with Moony's mouth on him and fingers in his arse. He was glad that Remus had enough control to prepare him at all. This was bound to be rough.

Sirius was disappointed but not hurt. When he challenged Remus he got the crap beaten out of him, but when Harry did it he got hot sex. He pouted and moved away slightly and started stroking his cock. They were damn hot this way. Harry arching and crying out, and Remus growling above him. The werewolf nearly bent him in half when he grabbed Harry's ankles and leaned down to bite his claiming mark. Harry howled while Moony sheathed himself in one firm thrust. Moony didn't pause before drawing back and thrusting back in.

Moony sped up his rhythmic thrusting, leaned back and barked in Sirius' direction. Not understanding but knowing it was some sort of command he crawled over to the couple. Moony positioned him so he was kneeling over Harry's face. Harry opened his mouth wide, tears of pleasure and pain running down his face. "Harry," He whispered, afraid to hurt him, but knowing Moony would be upset if he disobeyed.

"Do it, Fuck my mouth."

Both Remus and Sirius groaned at the dirty words and Sirius thrust in shallowly.

Harry sucked as hard as he could trying to show Sirius that he wanted to be used this way. He'd never been more turned on. Moony was splitting him apart and it was joyous. Remus put a hand on Sirius' low back and pushed down hard just as Sirius thrust into Harry's warm mouth, causing Harry to gag on the hard cock as it hit his throat. Sirius cried out and pulled out only to thrust back in at that depth.

It took Harry a few thrust before he got his throat completely relaxed. He could tell Sirius was close and hummed in anticipation of his cum. He felt claimed and sexy. Both his mates were gasping or growling out. Sirius cried out his name when he swallowed around him.

Moony shifted one hand behind Harry's ass lifting him up. At this new angle, he hit Harry's prostate dead on with every thrust. Harry's screams were muffled around Sirius' cock and the vibrations sped up the encroaching orgasm.

"Moon…God..I'm so close." Sirius gasped out, instinctively knowing that he needed permission to cum.

Remus, lowered Harry's hips, pushed Sirius down into his mouth and held him there. Then he wrapped his free hand around Harry's dripping erection and squeezed a few times, causing Harry to climax. He woofed and Sirius took that as permission, coming deeply down Harry's throat. Harry tried to swallow, but he was still lost in his pleasure and some slipped out the sides of his mouth. The air deprivation intensified his orgasm.

Moony waited until both his mates came, relishing in their screams before he let the convulsing muscles around him pull out his orgasm.

As the wolf faded again, Remus adjusted Sirius so he wasn't choking his other mate and asked, "Satisfied Pup?" while licking the escaped cum off his face.

He got a groan and a whimpers from both mates in response. He helped them to their feet, and supported them on their way to the master bedroom. There he laid them down and cuddled with them while they fell asleep.

Moony knew there was something off with Sirius, which was why he'd been so fanatic about finding and fixing it. He also knew that his mates had distracted him, but no matter, they didn't have the stamina of a werewolf. He got up when they were sound to get dressed and call Filius and Pomphrey to let them know they'd be visiting later in the afternoon.


Remus was waiting on the couch in front of the fire for his mates to come down from their nap. He smirked to himself. 'Prove you're my Alpha' indeed. He liked embracing his wolf and it was obvious his mates liked it too. He was currently reading up on werewolf mating habits, specifically, werewolves with more then one mate. He'd only been in a pack for a brief time after Greyback bit him. He didn't know how to relate.

Apparently, there would be the Alpha, him, the Omega, and the Beta. In the wild the Alpha was the protector, leader, and provider. The Omega would be the Alpha's mate in a pack and the Beta a warrior. In their case it seemed like the Omega would be the other provider and mother, and the Beta everything else. He chuckled; he'd better not tell the other two. Sirius would immediately claim to be the Omega, and Remus didn't think that was the case.

As much as he loved his first mate, Sirius just wasn't responsible. Harry would probably let Sirius think he was the Beta, and then subtly move him around like a chess piece. He slammed the book shut and moved to get something to drink from the kitchen. Although they had house elves, both Harry and Remus, grew up without them and preferred doing things on their own.

He mused on their pack issues. The book said that the Alpha kept order. What if Moony wouldn't let Harry and Sirius pretend to be what they weren't. Remus had been prepared to treat them as equals. Fuck. If they thought one was more important to him then the other, it could cause serious issues.

He looked up when he heard them both shuffle in. He smiled wearily at them and got them something to drink.

He knew it would be hard to have both of them, but choosing wasn't an option, and neither was loosing one because of this. He loved them both equally they simply had different strengths. Perhaps if he shifted the information to make them both equal.

"We may have an issue." The only problem with that was, he was a terrible liar.

"Remus love, what's wrong?" Harry asked concerned. Remus was hardly ever this outwardly worried.

"I was reading up on werewolf mating." He had to reassure them when they both started shaking. "Your both still my mates and I love you both equally. That's not the issue. The issue comes about with Moony. He wants a pack. I've not been with a pack for so long I've forgotten how it all works, but it's somewhat instinctual." They smiled knowing that Remus would prefer to get his information from a book then from instincts.

"I was reading and there are titles for all of us, I just don't know who is who. I am" he blushed a little, without Moony at the fore-front he wasn't as secure. "I'm the Alpha and there is also the Omega and the Beta. The book said that the Alpha is the protector, leader, and keeps order for the pack. The Omega is the support, the nurturer and the voice of reason, as well as secondary leader. Generally, the Omega is the one who bears young. The Beta is the warrior, the hunter, and takes care of all other things." He tired to not say that the Omega was dominant to all but the Alpha and was surprised he was successful.

At least he thought he was. Sirius said, "So, one of us is the warrior, and the other is the wife? Well I know which one I am." He laughed and nudged Harry, "Don't worry. I'm sure that you'll make a great mother." Remus stifled his laughter. The places were right, but the reason's weren't. He could feel Moony, unsettled because is Omega was being belittled.

"The way I understood it, being Omega was an honor. Unless you find having our children undesirable, Sirius." He was satisfied to see, Sirius stutter to try and reassure him. "Uh..no..look Remus I was just…uh.." Harry laughed, "Its okay Sirius, I don't mind. Besides from the books I've read the second leader is always dominant to the Beta."

He smirked and stalked up to Sirius, pushing him into the seat and towering over him. Sirius gulped and Remus enjoyed being right. Harry sat on Sirius' lap, pinning the animagus' arms beneath him and kissing him deeply. The fight for dominance lasted but a few moments before Sirius was whimpering under him.

Suddenly Sirius lunged up and threw Harry off of him. He gasped out, "So you want to play at being dominant?" he was unsettled at his submission and lashed out in anger to hide it. "Let me remind you who's cock was in who's mouth not even three hours ago."

Remus saw Harry's green eyes flash in pain and humiliation and said Sirius' name in warning. Moony was oddly content just watching. Apparently they needed to fight it out.

Harry flipped up onto his feet and smirked at his godfather. He'd learned a great deal about physical altercations during the war. Sirius didn't stand a chance, and that last comment really pissed him off.

"See if I ever do it again." Remorse flashed through Sirius. He didn't mean to make fun, but he was humiliated that Harry, twenty years his junior, got the best of him.

Remus watched as they moved into fighting position. This would not end well. Harry would win this, he had no doubt, but Sirius would get his feelings hurt. Although, he was a dog animagus, perhaps he would understand a little.

Harry waited patiently for Sirius to make the first move. Rewarded when Sirius lunged, Harry used Sirius' momentum to flip the man on his back. Harry thumped his ass on Sirius chest, forcing the air from his lungs and restrained his arms. He held him there, his grunts of exertion his only response to Sirius' shouts, curses, and threats. Finally he settled but Harry didn't release him. "Alright you win Harry let me up."

Harry chuckled darkly and Remus moved to settle beside him. "Nuh uh Sirius, I won, and so I get the spoils." Sirius looked nervous, "what are the spoils?"

Laughing Harry asked Remus to hold him and stood to remove his cloths. "Why you are my dear Padfoot."

Sirius' struggles renewed, but Remus held him firm and Moony came out to play. "Padfoot, you lost, you're the Beta. So lay there and take it." Harry waved his wand and both the other men were naked. "How do you want him Harry?" Remus asked and smiled at Sirius' wine.

"Hmm.. I want his arse. You're welcome to the rest of him Moony. Flip him over" Harry and Remus situated the nervous man so his hands and face were on the ground and his arse high in the air. Sirius pushed up with his hands trying to get away, and Harry slapped his arse cheek.

"Stay there Padfoot." Humiliated Sirius settled back down. He closed his eyes so the tears wouldn't escape. This wasn't right. He would just take it for now and then leave when they were done. A lone tear escaped when he felt his beloved Remus kissing his back and holding him down so Harry could push his fingers in him.

Remus smelled the salt of Sirius' tears and reached down to check if Sirius was enjoying this like they were. He froze when he felt Sirius was soft and the chocked sob that escaped. Moony left completely and he told Harry to stop.

Harry looked up at Remus' words and frowned at the distress flowing through their bond. "What's wrong?"

Remus didn't answer instead he pulled Sirius into his lap and held him. Harry was shocked when he saw the tears streaming down Sirius' face. "Sirius?" he questioned scooting closer. He flinched back when Sirius winced at his approach. "God, I thought you were having fun." He looked down and started shaking. "I almost raped you. God what am I."

Harry got up and ran to his room. Ignoring Remus' cry of his name.

Remus rocked his mate and thought about how all of this had gone south so fast. It was mostly a game. They were a pack, and sometimes that meant pain, but they loved each other.

"Sirius please talk to me."

"I can't do it Remus. I can't be the bitch like that. I can't."

Remus sighed. I'd been worried about that. It wasn't about bottoming, it was about complete submission. "It wouldn't have always been like this. I thought you liked it when I was forceful. What changed?"

Sirius tried to calm down. He knew he was acting like a girl. He wiped his face off with one arm. "When it was you it was fine. You being forceful and dominant was really hot, but Harry…" He paused and tried to put his thoughts into words. "Its wrong on so many levels."

"It wasn't wrong when you had your cock down my throat." Both older men turned at the accusing voice from the door frame. Apparently Harry hadn't run far. "Was it that I was on top?" He moved into the room before he collapsed on his knees. "I don't think I can pretend for you. I liked it. I can't explain it, but we fought, you lost, and I wanted you."

All Sirius understood, was that Harry would have forced him, and Remus would have let him. They both looked at him like he'd ripped out their hearts when he said it aloud.

Remus tried to be the voice of reason, pushing his pain at Sirius' words behind him. "Alright, let's just take a breath and figure out what happened. This is what I saw. I told you about werewolf mating and Sirius, you proclaimed yourself the Beta." He ignored Sirius' cry of 'I didn't know what it meant', "Harry agreed and then he dominated a kiss with you. It seemed to me that you liked it, but then you got scared and stopped it. Then you tried to attack Harry so you could switch it, but Harry tumbled you on to your back and held you down until you submitted. At this point Moony came out and so what I saw is in pack terms but…" Sirius and Harry nodded wanting to know what Moony saw. "Moony saw his two mates battling for positions in the new pack and that one lost. He thought that it was within Harry's rights to claim you. He didn't even have to involve me. Seeing you like that, submitting to the both of us was glorious. I'm sorry I didn't notice you weren't enjoying it earlier."

Here, Harry spoke up softly. He was trying to understand Sirius' accusations, even though the idea that Sirius thought he would rape him tore him through. "Sirius please, answer me this. Was it that you were submitting to two dominants or that it was me that you hate." He sat looking at him earnestly, waiting for the rejection. He didn't know what he'd do if it was him. He refused to leave Remus unless the werewolf asked him to go, but he knew that Sirius rejecting him was the first step. He felt a little disgusted that Sirius had used him, and that Harry had let him, if he didn't really care.

Sirius understood the question. His intuitive moments were few and far between but he knew this one. Harry was asking if Sirius was going to reject him now, going to refuse to let them take their places as Remus' pack. He crawled off Remus' lap, and kneeled in front of Harry, grasping his hands in his own.

"I don't know Harry, I want you. I'm just really messed up. You seem to be taking to this so easily and I…well I don't understand a lot of it. I'm terrified of being you and Remus' bitch. Ordered around and weak, not able to make decisions for myself. I don't want to end up like a slave."

Harry gasped so he stopped rambling, "You think we would do that to you? That we would treat you that way?" Sirius shrugged, he didn't really know. He was just afraid.

"Look I don't know why I acted that way, but it felt right to me. I'm sorry it didn't to you. But I don't understand where your fear is coming from, you saw me submitting to the both of you like a few hours ago, and I'm not weak or opinionless. Remus is the Alpha, not our master. I don't think it will be the way your thinking. We care about each other to much. I think that were acting this way because we're forming a triad bond and need to cement our positions. What does the book say Remus."

Sirius turned around to find that while he and Harry had been talking out their problems, Remus had tried to find answers in that book. "It says that sometimes non-werewolf mates sometimes take on pack traits if there are more then one. Maybe that's what happened. You acted like a werewolf because you were fighting for position, even if it started out a joke."

Feeling more comfortable now that he knew he wouldn't end up a worthless drone, Sirius asked what else the book said and turned to rest his back on Harry. He relaxed when Harry wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Um.. lets see it says that our bond won't cement until all the places are settled, but umm..I guess we could do without a bond." Sirius frowned but waved for Remus to continue. "It says that every relationship is different and the amount of violence depends on the experiences of the trio, the amount of conflict, and age."

"Well fuck," Harry said and Sirius agreed, both Remus and Sirius were older then was usual for finding ones mate, and they'd all had violent lives, it was a war after all. Remus tried to put a positive spin on it, "it says that some relationships only display serious pack actions in the bedroom." He put the book down. "I think that after we cement our places and our bonds, it will calm down, and will only get like this when we have sex, or are in danger. That's generally when I have the most trouble containing Moony after all.

Harry snorted, "you know you are Moony right? Your not two different people. You like it rough, as do I. and you get violent when those you care about are in danger."

Remus chuckled weakly, "I know, I just.." he shrugged. "I've always done it that way."

Sirius spoke up, "Yea that was our fault. We didn't accept you as a werewolf. We accepted you as our friend with a problem. Giving it a name like it wasn't apart of you probably didn't help, but we were kids and didn't know how to handle it."

Both younger mates moved simultaneously to their Alpha and nuzzled against him. Sirius ignored the little voice in his mind that said he was acting like an animal. He wanted all of Remus and all of Harry and they were apparently more dominant then he was. As firm in his decision as he ever got, he shifted so he could lick at Harry's neck softly. He wasn't sure what he was doing, he just let his body act. He wanted to show Harry that he accepted their situation. Harry was Omega and he was Beta. He wasn't sure what would happen in the long run, he'd liked being on top of Harry.

Remus understood Sirius' instinctive actions and approved. He watched as Harry kissed his first mate and frowned. Harry wasn't being dominant at all. He was probably afraid he'd do something Sirius didn't like and it would scare him again. Remus decided he'd take the lead on this one and that Harry could cement his place another time.

He moved behind Sirius and kissed his neck and ran his hands long the animagus' sides. He was hoping to be the stabilizer for Harry and Sirius to brace themselves on while they worked on their relationship to each other. Harry stood up and told Sirius to suck him. Remus hid his flinch; this was very close to the hateful things Sirius said earlier. He knew Harry wasn't a vindictive person and wouldn't take revenge, but He wasn't sure if Sirius would get upset. His fears were unfounded.

Sirius didn't show any hesitation. He raised his hands to brace himself on Harry's hips and opened his mouth to lick the thick cock in front of him. Remus' hands were busy molding and fondling all the flesh he could reach, including reaching up to caress Harry's heavy ball sack.

While Remus sunk his fingers inside him, preparing him, Sirius felt Harry fist his hands in his hair and apply just a little force. A silent instruction to stop playing. He opened his mouth and took in a little at a time. He circled the head with his tongue every time he pulled his head back, and sucked hard as he swallowed more. He could feel Harry struggling not to thrust in his mouth and appreciated it.

When he felt Sirius suitably prepared he instructed Harry to lay down and positioned Sirius over his cock. He locked eyes with Harry and pushed down just as Harry thrust up, impaling Sirius with Harry's hard member. Then he stood over Harry with his crotch in Sirius' face and growled. Sirius got the message and opened his mouth, allowing Remus to guide his head, and thrust at the Alpha's pace.

Harry thrust up into their beta and watched Remus' cock disappear in Sirius' mouth. Mouth watering at the sight of Remus sack bouncing off Sirius chin he leaned up to mouth them.

Remus was in Alpha heaven, his cock and balls worshiped by his mates under him. He let out a joyous howl as he came and stepped aside to watch his mates. Harry shifted so Sirius' legs were wrapped around his waist and he had full access to his arching neck and chest. His smaller height had an unexpected benefit, in this position he could batter Sirius' prostate, stimulate his erection, and suck on his neck and nipples all at the same time. Sirius obviously enjoyed it.

Sirius gasped out, his mouth bruised from Remus' rough treatment, and all his nerves aflame from Harry's attention. He screamed as white heat engulfed him, and held on to Harry for support.

A few thrusts later and Harry was coming as well, his shout of completing muffled by Sirius' shoulder.

Remus smiled and helped them back to their room. Looks like the visit with Filius would have to wait till latter.