Rainy Day Mischief

Chapter 1: Coincidence?

Goku wandered through the woods, looking for his companions. This fog seemed to be getting thicker and he was starting to worry.


"Damn Hakkai, I thought you said that this way was quicker", Hakkai laughed and rubbed his head. This way was quicker but they couldn't find there way out of the fog and the clouds were starting to threaten rain. "We may be stuck here for awhile" he said "at least till this fog becomes thinner".

Goyjo looked at him and then jumped out of the truck, starting to walk away. After a second Goku followed and they went off to find a way out of the forest.

"Hey Goyjo, are these edible?" asked Goku, holding out some mushrooms. He looked around but couldn't see the red haired man anywhere. "Damn cockroach!" thought Goku, then he ran into the forest and was swallowed by the trees.


*Splash*. Goku jumped as a drop of cold rain hit his cheek and then it poured down in buckets. "Crap" he mumbled, running through the trees toward a cave. He entered the cave at full speed and then fell back as he slammed into something solid.

Goku fell to the floor and looked up to see a man with long flame red hair and pointed ears. "Kogaiji! What are you doing here!" yelled Goku, preparing to fight.

Kogaiji gave him a dole stare and said "same as you, waiting out the rain". Goku stared and then shrugged.

Kogaiji watched the brown haired man removed his cape and shirt, revealing a perfectly chiselled upper body. It took everything to hold himself back from tackling the younger to the floor and having his way then and there.

He held back a moan as Goku bent over to lay his clothes out to dry, giving Kogaiji a really nice view of his backside.

"There, that should do it" muttered Goku, standing up straight and looking over his shoulder to see Kogaiji staring at him hungrily. "Creepy" thought Goku and then smiled, he was confused when Kogaiji blushed and turned away.

Kogaiji removed his outer coat, also laying it out to dry. Goku stared at Kogaiji's muscled torso, feeling his pants grow tight. He had always had feelings for the older man, since their first fight but they had never been this strong.

Goku looked away as Kogaiji straightened and sat down, leaning back against the wall for a few moments and then getting back up to walk around, then he repeated this act again.

Goku watched this act and sighed, then he slumped back against the rock wall. Then his stomach growled.

Kogaiji looked over at Goku, sitting on the ground with his eyes closed. Then those eyes opened to reveal bright golden orbs. "You wouldn't happen to have any food by any chance?" asked Goku sheepishly.

Kogaiji shook his head and said "no, I don't carry food around in my pocket for stupid monkeys". Goku frowned and then shrugged, he leaned back against the wall.

Kogaiji had restrained himself but as Goku stood up and leaned back against the wall again, he couldn't hold himself back. He walked over to Goku, pinning him to the wall before claiming his lips.

To be continued…


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