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this is the 6th story i have written they are all sequels. I know I tell you this at the beginning of every story, BUT you might need some background information for this story, so you might need to go back and read some of them for it to really make sense! just go to my page and read the stories in the following order to be completely caught up!!
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Chapter 1

Tony lay in bed. He watched Ziva roll off the side, "Today's the day" he told himself. He loved watching her stand up and stretch as she greeted the day.

"Come on Tony, the long weekend was great but we really do have to go back to work today."

"Oh come on, we could just call in sick."

"The both of us? After I took up off from work early on Friday to get ready? Gibbs would work it out."

"I'm going to tell him today."

"you are? Is that wise? I told you to tell him before the weekend."

"What's he going to do?"

"With Gibbs? Who knows? I am having first shower," with that Ziva headed towards the bathroom.

"You know??? There doesn't have to be a second shower." Tony called out in a seductive manner.

Ziva had learnt over the last year and a half that sometimes it was best not to engage in these types of conversations especially not when it would more then likely result in them being late to work, and she wasn't having that, not if Tony was talking to Gibbs today.

Tony had to admit, he was a little disappointed Ziva hadn't made any comment, he lived for that witty, flirtatious banter, it was half the sport, he just loved the sass she gave him. He rolled out of bed, and stumbled towards the kitchen taking out two mugs, pouring a cup of tea for Ziva and a coffee for himself. He picked them up and took a sniff of his then a sip, he looked at Ziva's tea. He took a sniff "That's disgusting! How can anyone expect to wake up to that?" He walked down the hall towards the bedroom, he stared at the at the long dress still hanging on a coat hanger off the mirror, he smiled, remembering what she looked like wearing it on Friday night. He could hear the shower still going in the ensuite. He knocked twice on the door then entered. Before him was a very steamy shower, he could only make out Ziva's basic silhouette, she was massaging conditioner through her hair, Tony loved that smell. He opened the glass door, steam flooded out, he handed in the cup of tea.

"Thank you Tony, This is perfect" Ziva said. Tony had never seen himself as a man who would grow to love routine and monotony but he could wake up like this every day for the rest of his life. It had become a better wake up call then the coffee in his hand. He'd make the hot drinks then just wait for her to finish off, basking in her vision.

Ziva also loved it, not only did she get to combine two of her favourite things, shower and tea, but she also loved that fact that she knew how much Tony loved looking at her. Eventually, she turned the water off, Tony was right there with there with her towel, something he reluctantly did, but love had mellowed him, and he cared more about her being happy rather then satisfying his manly urges.


Tony and Ziva arrived at work together, even before they had started seeing each other and living together this wasn't unusual. Abby saw them in the car lot and shuffled quickly over to them.

"You guys!!! How was it? how was the weekend away? Did you actually leave the room? Or was it just too nicer room. You know, I hope you checked the cleanliness of the room, you'd be surprised what you find what you find when you put their sheets under a microscope."

"Arh thanks Abs, not really what I want to think about."

"everything was wonderful Abby, and we must thank you for coming along on Friday."

"Are you kidding? like I'd miss that!?!? Watching two of my best friends join together like that??? I wouldn't have missed it, AND ZIVA, you looked so beautiful. That dress was just so perfect, I mean perfect for you, not for me."

"Thank you Abby."

"I got lots of photos, they are excellent! I can't wait to show you. So when are you coming down to the lab to see them?"

"Who knows, we could be escorted out of the building before we can make it out down to you." Ziva said


"Tony is telling Gibbs today."

"Oh, Good luck. Before you go do that though, I'd consider taking those rings off before he uses mystical Gibbs powers and spots them a mile away. Best that you tell him first and that he doesn't just find out."

Tony and Ziva looked at each other. They hadn't thought about the rings. They still weren't really used to wearing them. They took them off and slipped them into their pockets. "Good catch Abs," Tony thanked her.

They left Abby in the lobby when she had gone down to her lab. They stepped into the empty elevator. They were both silent riding up but had smiles as big as a Cheshire cat on their faces. "You know," Tony started, "you know, you're going to give it all away if you don't wipe that smile off your face Zee-vah"

"What about you Tony?"

"What are you talking about? I'm always smiling. Miss Da-Veed"

"Arh Arh Arh," she shook her head waving her finger in his face.

"Oh yeah right. Mrs DiNozzo."

"I do not think I will ever get used to that."

"well if Gibbs kills us today you won't have to."

"good point!"

The elevator dinged and opened in front of them. They took one last look at each other before putting on their poker faces and stepping out of the lift. They walked towards the bullpen and looked in. McGee was the only one sitting at his desk.

"Arh, there they are. The Newly…"

"PROBIE!!!" Tony hollered.

"Gibbs isn't here yet Tony."

"Yeah but it's moments like that when he turns up out of the blue." Tony peered around. The squad room expecting Gibbs to appear.

"So are you ready to see some of my photos?"

Ziva stayed seated at her desk while Tony ran over to the big screen.

"Arh Tony?"

"Oh yeah, good thinking, I'll watch it on the small screen."

Tony dashed over to McGee's work station and started looking at the screen. "oh –ho- ho… check this out… Oh I want copies of these…"

Ziva's curiosity had peaked, she'd already been eager to see photos of their wedding night, but Tony's comments had done it. She sidled over to McGee's workstation and peered over Tony's shoulder. They all watched the screen commenting on photo after photo.

"I hope I'm interrupting something." The team stopped dead in their tracks. McGee quickly clicked on the red cross in the corner of the screen, closing the window, they looked up. There in front of them was Agent Fornell.

"Agent Fornell what can we do for you?"

"Where's Gibbs?"

"Right here Tobias," They all turned to see Gibbs walking into the bull pen, coffee in hand of course.

"You always get into work this late Leroy?"

"only when I know you're going to be here."

"a word Agent Gibbs," Fornell motioned towards the elevator, and the two men headed towards the elevator. The three agents were left in the bull pen. They all moved back to their desks and started to do work.

Moments later, The elevator opened again. The two men walked up to Tony's desk, he knew that this could not be good.

"Yeah boss?"

"Where were you on Saturday morning DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked him. Ziva's head snapped up. Oh no. she thought, we were away, on our honey moon. This wasn't exactly how she thought their relationship would be revealed.

"Why boss?"

"Where were you DiNozzo?" Fornell followed up.

"Tell me you were with someone Anthony." Gibbs enforced. Tony looked over at Ziva, he had to do it. He had to tell Gibbs he was with Ziva, they were partners, it was only natural they'd spend time together anyway.

"Well yeah Boss, I was with Ziva."

"Do you know this man?" Fornell asked as he pulled out a photo. It was not an uncommon question in their line of work, he just hadn't expected to see THAT face in the photograph. It was one man that he'd hoped he'd never see again. Again, Tony looked up at Ziva, this was not going to be good for them.

Ziva stood up, and walked over to the men, she took a look at the photo.

"What the hell happened to him?" Tony asked

"Is it true that he's your brother?"

"He's NOT my brother!" Ziva had to laugh, he hated people calling Marcus his brother.

How could I not come back to Marcus??? but what's happened? stay tuned!!!