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Chapter 10

The team sat once again at the hospital, it had become a familiar place, yet one that none of them enjoyed visiting, it was never under pleasant circumstances that they were there. Ziva's head rested on Gibb's chest, his arm wrapped around her as they waited for news of his surgery. The smell of hot tea warmed her nostrils, she look up, there was a sincere smile from Abby behind the paper cup, McGee trailed behind with his drink and a coffee for Gibbs. "I bought tea bags from the gift shop down stairs, so it shouldn't be too bad." Abby stated as Ziva took her cup and Abby took a sip out of the cup in her other hand.

"Thank you Abby."

"Any word?" McGee asked.

"not yet, but you know DiNozzo, everything has to be done in his own sweet time." Gibbs said, trying to make everyone, especially Ziva feel better about the time the operation was taking.

"I am so sorry Gibbs, it was wrong for us not to have told you about us."

"Yeah, it was." He said, slightly coldly, "but you were right, I wouldn't have been happy about it, and then I could have ruined something great, hell, you could have ended up with that wack job Marcus."

"Do not even mention that creeps name to me."

"Hey, if you two are happy, then I'm gonna try to be happy for you, just promise me that if he ends up screwing up, that you won't kill him, he's still a good agent, he can just be stupid some times."

"I know that," she smirked.

"Oh and Ziva…"

"Yeah Gibbs,"

"I'm first to know next time you guys have some big announcement."

"Yes Gibbs." He was glad to see he had made her smile, but it didn't last long, her smile slowly dissolved and her forehead began to crease, She didn't know if that was a promise she'd be able to keep, she might not ever have anymore big news about the two of them. Not with Tony's current state. A tear danced down her lone cheek, noticing this, Gibbs wrapped his arm tighter around her shoulder. She couldn't help but wince.

"You know we really should get someone to look you over. How did this happen?" He said taking her hand in his, examining her wrist.

"I may have cut myself on the tip of a nail while I was trying to free myself… No Gibbs not now not till I know Tony is..." She took a deep breath, "I need to know his condition first."

"what part of what I said made you think that was a suggestion David? DiNozzo?… Ziva"

"Officially it is David-DiNozzo."

Gibb's hailed down a passing nurse. "Could I just ask someone to take a look at her? Maybe get a tetanus shot."

The nurse took her wrist and looked carefully at it. "You can come with me miss," she said with a smile.

Ziva looked at Gibbs with pleading eyes.

"It's not bad ma'am couldn't you just bring it here? We don't want to clog up one of your rooms and it just needs a little cleaning."

"I really shouldn't."

"Please, her husband's in there."

"I'll see what I can do." The nurse disappeared but returned shortly after wheeling a trolley towards them with a tray on top, carrying a shot, bandaging, gloves and antiseptics. She started to clean her wounds, putting the used materials in a small plastic bin at the bottom of the trolley.

"Thank you Gibbs."

"I know what it's like to have someone you love in there. Shannon had complications during child birth, as soon as they got Kelly out safely they had to operate. They didn't know if she'd make it. I wouldn't leave her. I slept in a chair like this for 3 days and nights, waiting to talk to doctors, or see her eyes open."

"How did you bear it Gibbs?"

"I didn't have a choice and neither do you."

"I just feel so sick to the stomach." She sat there for a minute holding her gut.

Gibbs chuckled under his breath. "Yeah it'll do that too. But you've got one thing that I didn't."

"and what might that be?"

"You've got all of us."


Ziva was curled up in a chair next to Tony's bed. She still felt sick to the stomach, but it had eased slightly since she was allowed to sit with him and wait for him to wake up. Her knees where pulled up to her chest and a hospital issue blanket was draped over her body. She had sent the team home for the night. She was grateful for their support, but she still craved her independence and needed to be alone with him right now, to cry, to wait, to pray. She fiddled with her Star of David around her neck. She leaned forward resting her head on his hand. "Please Tony, I need you."

"I didn't think you needed anyone." Ziva looked up, the sparkle had returned to her eyes, he was still groggy but he was waking up.

"I didn't till I met you. How do you feel?"

"like someone shot me in the leg, and I kinda know what it must feel like to have been one of Dracula's victims."

"There was a lot of blood loss."


She bowed her head, "he is dead." Tony had mixed emotions and Ziva could see it. He was glad that he would no longer be a threat to Ziva and that the hole ordeal was over, but he couldn't help but feel a little responsible. "You are feeling guilty, yes?"

"yes I am feeling guilty. Wouldn't you?"

"No, I would realise that he was a very troubled man, and if it wasn't you that brought it out in him, someone else would have, and then he would have targeted them, they probably wouldn't have had our training, and they would be dead now."

"Good point, but I still can't help but wonder."


It had been a week since the shooting. Gibbs had ordered Tony and Ziva to take a couple of weeks of; he even suggested they even go on a real honey moon.

They'd made plans; it had given Tony added motivation to get onto crutches and out of the hospital. Abby had rung her several times each day to get a progress report about how Tony was doing, when Ziva told her he was going home a scream rivalling one of a banshee had hurdled across the phone line nearly deafened her. By now all of NCIS probably new he was on his way home. Ziva had packed all his belongings she'd brought in to make him feel more comfortable, and they had spoken to the doctors. Tony was hoping up and down like a little puppy dog, excited by the prospect of getting out of the hospital, and he knew exactly where he wanted to go first.


Gibbs carefully sanded his pride and joy. He was wearing sweats and his old NIS shirt.

"I thought I told you I didn't want to see you for a couple of weeks." He called up the stairs.

"You know, one day your going to have to tell me how you do that." Tony replied from the top of the stairs amazed by Gibbs' all knowing powers.

"Arh, it may have had something to do with the clanking noise you were making with these crutches." Ziva suggested.

"Oh yeah, good thinking." Tony started to clamber down the stair, Ziva darted in front of him watching him as he descended, ready to catch him if he tumbled.

"What are you doing here? You should be at home, re-cooperating."

"We needed to talk to you boss. We wanted to make things right. We really are sorry."

"Don't apologise, it's a sign of weakness."

"We just feel bad over what we did, and going behind your back," Ziva said as Tony reached the ground, she grabbed a stool for him to sit on.

"Arh, you were right not to, I'm a stubborn bastard who would have tried to stop you."

"And now?" Tony asked.

"Now I've seen you, I watched you. You've done something that I wasn't able to."

"Whats that boss?"

"You didn't let your personal life impact your professional life, DiNozzo. Besides, deep down I'm a romantic at heart, and as Kate once pointed out to me on Air Force One, when you work this many hours with someone, how else are you going to meet anyone, so I'm partly to blame for making you work all those long hours." Gibbs walked across to an esky he had sitting on the bench. He handed Tony and Ziva a mug each and then opened the esky revealing a bottle of champagne. He pulled it out popping the cork. "You better look after her Tony." He said pouring him a glass. He swivelled slightly looking at Ziva. She put her hand over the top of her mug.

"Oh no, not for me Gibbs, I got food poisoning from eating chicken from the hospital cafeteria, my stomach hasn't been right for days, I do not think that, that would help."

"Fair enough," He walked back to the esky taking out a few of the ice blocks dropping them into her mug, then took it over to the sink in the corner filling it up with water, he walked back to the couple and handed it to her before pouring his own drink.

"I see same look in your eyes that Shannon and I had when we were young, the look that tells me you're not going to regret this. But Ziva…"

"Yeah Boss"

"Try to keep him in one piece."

"No guarantees."

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