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Summary: AU OC. Bella is saved by Alice when she found Jasper, Jasper kills Renee and now Alice and Jasper raise Bella. Cannon pairs.

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Alice PoV

Hello my name is Alice and I am a vampire who don't remember my human life, I suppose I was human once because I only remember my name and a lot of pain before I wake up.


For weeks or even days, I don't know how long, felt my body in flames, like heated liquid metal running through my veins all over my body and after all the pain was centered in my heart it stopped beating, in my mind I could hear the echo of the last beat of my heart when images run through my head.

A beautiful blond man who was at his late twenties or early thirties and a copper haired teen as beautiful as the older man biting what seems to be bear in a forest, then there was nothing, at the sight of the animal blood I felt an unbearable thirst burning in my throat.

For the first time I opened my eyes in the light of the sun I could see the rainbow colors and an eight one I was alone in a forest, I could hear a river near me and heartbeats a lot of heartbeats around me and I could smell flowers and the water in the river but the smell of the water didn't attracted me at all even with the thirst in my throat.

I thought about what I just seen in my head, the man and who I guess was his son drinking the blood of that bear, if it was possible the burning in my throat intensified and then I realized what the burning means and how to make it stop, just as I had seen in my vision I'll just have to find an animal and drink his blood It was the only logical explanation.

I took a deep breath and more scents came though my nose as I did this I felt like something was pulling me to a particular smell, I just let myself go and my body start to move on his own.

My body start running I don't know how fast but I could feel the air pulling back my short black hair, I was running through the forest and not even once crashes into a tree or tripping with a rock. And I saw it, a wild boar; I felt my mouth water and lunged at it. It never stood a chance before he knew what hit him I had my teeth in his neck sucking his blood, after I finish with it I threw the bloodless corpse aside.

I looked at my clothes, my shirt covered in blood and some stains in my pants. I decided to go and wash them in the river I heard before, while I was entering the river it happened again, I saw images in my head a blond perfect and beautiful man embracing me and we where kissing passionately. I had to find this man; it was like before when I smell the scent of the wild boar, I felt something pulling me.

End of Flashback

I had been looking for him since then but I had no luck, when a vision about him comes to me I can't make out where he is, I just hope that someday I can recognize a place from my vision.

I had more visions of Carlisle and Edward it seems that there will be another addition to their family a blond woman named Rosalie will come and live with them and Esme, Carlisle wife, I hope that I'll meet them soon I just don't want to be alone.

Time skip (1995)

I've been living in Seattle for the past three years like the Cullens I enrolled in junior high school and pretend to be a normal human teen. I feel that I know them for so long that I come to think of them as a family, I know that I will meet some day because I had a vision of me and Jasper, the blond perfect man who I love, but first I have to find him. I know the Cullens had a new addition shortly after Rosalie joined them she found a man his name is Emmet and is Rosalie's husband.

I forced these thoughts out of my head and concentrate in my English report; it was about Oliver Twist I had read that book several times before so it was really easy when a vision came to me.

I saw Jasper walking down a park with a woman and a little girl holding the woman's hand; it was dark maybe 8 o'clock the park lights where on, after that another image of Jasper feeding from the woman and the child was crying then I saw the same girl hugging me and Jasper in what seemed to be Christmas night.

I was horrified but at the same time happy, I knew that park, I had walk it for the last three years twice a day going to my school and returning home. I have to meet Jasper and save this woman´s life. I looked at the window it was nearly night fall, I have give or take 20 minutes.

I stand up knocking my chair to the floor and jumped out the window, I land in the dark alley that is beside my flat, it was perfect for me when I go hunting. I run desperately towards the park when I arrived I saw Jasper already feeding from the woman and the little girl was crying trying to get him off her mother, with a movement of his hand he knocked her off him, she hit her head in a concrete bench opening a cut in her forehead and fell unconscious, a few seconds later he finished with the woman and was heading to the little girl on the ground.

"Jasper" I said in a warning tone, pinning him to the ground. "Don't do it she is important to us." He looked me in the eyes and his face softened.

I felt his body relax against my body "Let's take her with us she has no one, now that her mother is dead." I said sadly. His eyes widened in surprise.

"You wont harm her I had seen it." I smile at him. "My name is Alice." I was happy for finally founding him, I was with the man that I'll love the rest of the eternity and saved a little girl who will be a mayor part of our lives.

"How do you know?" he asked. His voice still had the Texan accent I felt butterflies in my stomach and I smile again.

"The same way I found you, visions of the future comes to me like seeing a movie in my head." I said. "Hold your breath we are taking her to my apartment she needs a soft bed to lie down and that cut needs cleaning, in a week we have to move out from this city. I know the perfect place, we will have so much fun." I squeaked. I took the little girl in my arms cradling her, I use my jacket as a blanket for her, I didn't want her to get sick.

Jasper laughed at my antics but I don't care, I won't be alone anymore.

"She will be afraid of me, I just kill her mother in front of her." Jasper said concerned.

"Don't worry she will be like me."I said.

"What does that mean?" Jasper asked curious.

"She won't remember a thing, she never will." I said smiling. It was sad that she will not remember her mother or father but she had us, and we will be happy

"Jasper please hide the body, we don't want this in the news." I said looking at him.

End Notes: Charlie died on a robbery and Renée can't take to be in forks so she takes Bella with her to California but she doesn't make it too far.