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Chapter 7: Homeland.

(Bella PoV)

Mom got us a private jet to the US; it was nightfall when we boarded. I took my new violin on board and play to distract myself, my lap top and headphones and some DVD's, just in case I can't fall asleep.

We were in the air for about three hours when mom came to me.

"Bella, there are a couple of things I have to tell you. First, things are going to be different from now on." She looked me straight in the eyes and held my hand. "We will live in some friends house, there will be five more people in the family."

"Do this "friends" know you?" I asked thinking back when she met Chelsea, she saw her coming two months after I started my violin lessons with Will, by the time they officially met she knew her shoe size and favorite food.

"Not exactly, you know seeing the future has its draws back." She said with a blinding smile. "But I saw that they'll love you and don't have a problem with us moving in."

"I'll bet you already choose your room, and have the decorations all set up upon our arrival." She laughed cheerfully.

"Ok, enough teasing." She said pouting. "The second thing and this will come to you as a shock, Jazz and I will be attending high school with you."

She dropped the bombshell. I took a deep breath trying to swallow the tantrum that was coming.

"Mom, come on you can't do this to me, I'll feel like you will be watching my every move, not that you don't with that gift of yours, I know that there won't be much to see but still… just promise me that you won't be like those helicopter parents helping their child every step the way."

"I promise ok. We will be in different classes and I'll make sure you don't have to take Gym class."

I was thankful for that, hell my future classmates will be thankful for that since I don't like sports, anything that implies a ball was a weapon of mass destruction in my hands or feet.

"Why do you need to go to school mom? I mean you could do what you did in England."

"No, we can't do it anymore, we could get away with it at England because when we arrived you were my orphaned niece and I was your aunt. Besides the family we are joining like to mingle with the human race, Carlisle is a doctor a surgeon and because of his work, part of the community, they'll move to Forks in a week after we arrive in a few hours. They had been living in Shelby, Montana the last seven years now. Esme, Carlisle's wife, would be a better mother figure than I am." She said a little sad.

"Come on mom you do a wonderful job at this parenting thing, you raise me after all, I was always safe, had food at the table (which was an accomplishment in itself since you and Jazz don't need to eat as regularly as me) and provide me with the best education available. Uncle Jasper and you did better than some parents and I will be grateful forever."

"Careful Bella, you might break her." Uncle Jasper said from the couch in the back. "I can feel the happiness and love increase ten folds, maybe she'll be more bubbly than ordinary in the next few days." He said chuckling.

I felt her arms at my neck and her hand making circles in my back.

"Thank you baby. Now rest, when you wake up will be landing." She said guiding my head to her lap, stroking my hair.

When I woke up I was in a sitting position with the seat belt on, I looked at the window and there was some light fog and no light outside. The jet door was opened by the pilot and I felt the chilly air in my face. I picked up my things and climb down the jet, there was a ford explorer in the hangar, I assume was our rental car.

"Are we going directly to Montana?" I asked uncle Jasper.

"No dear, we will visit some old friends of mine first then join the others before they go to forks."

"Do they share your diet?"

"No, but they have good self control, I will now, I trained them when they were new to this life."

"Bella please change your jacket, I know is your favorite but I need it for something you will have it back soon." Alice said entering the front seat.

"Ok that's weird mom, why do you need it?"

"Well is nothing to worry about just to send it to Carlisle's, they need to get use to your scent."

I took of my jacket and pass it to mom who gave me a black hoddie and put my jacket in a bag, in our way out mom sent it on Fedex express shipment.

It was a quick road trip… well for me I was tired from the flight and fell asleep as we were taking the highway when mom woke me up we were in front of a cabin well, more like a posh summer lake house, it was clear that vampires like a little leg room where they lived.

(Third person PoV)

A petit woman with black hair and red eyes opened the door, followed by a tall dark brown haired man with the same red eyes.

"Peter, Charlotte it's been ages since I last saw you, I'm glad to find you well." Jasper said

"Major Whitlock, a pleasure as always." Peter said. "You brought company." He said looking at mom and me.

"Peter, Charlotte I will like you to meet my Alice and baby Bella." Jasper said smiling. "They change my life in ways you can't imagine."

"I can see that, you certainly look better than the last time. What happened to your eyes?" peter said.

"Well since feeding from humans was very difficult for me, Alice introduced me into a new diet, animal blood, it was extremely difficult at first but as time passed de animal blood diluted the human blood changing the color of my eyes. Then we found Bella being attacked and took her in, being living in England since then."

"Please come in my friends, and feel yourself at home."Charlotte said. "You know peter isn't the most gracious host you can find."

When we were sitting in the lounge peter continued his interrogatory.

"What made y'all come back?"

"Alice have a gift which involves seeing possible futures, she told me that when she was first changed she saw a coven who shared our same lifestyle. They like to call it a vegetarian lifestyle. We discussed joining them since a long time ago, and with Bella finishing her middle studies in England we decided to move, besides a human was suspicious, so we pack our things and came back."

Charlotte was talking to Alice and Bella. It was easy for Bella to talk to Charlotte she looks a little older than her, she knew that she was at least 150 years older than her but her appearance helped Bella feel comfortable around her.

"Are you staying long?" she asked looking at Bella.

"Not really a day or two tops" Alice said and then whispered just loud enough for charlotte to hear. "Don't worry I know you just feed yesterday."

"Charlotte how did you met Jasper?" Bella asked.

"Well as you may guess we met a long time ago, did he told you about the south vampire wars?"

"Not really, he doesn't like to talk about his past."

"Well I can't blame him, when I met him and peter the vampires down south were fighting for territories, blood territories, and the "leaders" of covens created new vampires rapidly so they could conquer or protect their hunting lands. We were created by the same vampire and fought side by side until we runaway up north where is peaceful."

The day for the Cullens started normally everyone was occupying his time in various activities.

Rosalie was under the hood of a Jeep and Emmet was acting as a jack, Edward was out hunting, Esme was changing the flowers in the various bases around the house and Carlisle was in his study reading a Medscape magazine when they heard a truck in the dirt path of their house, a door closing, the five steps from the stairs and then the doorbell.

Esme opened the door with a bouquet in her arms. The man stared at her like she was an angel sent by heaven to brighten his day.

"uhmm…" he cleared his throat."Package for Dr. Carlisle Cullen." Giving her a box and tablet to sign.

She took the box inside and heard the truck's door closing and driving away after three deep breaths.

Carlisle was at her side in a second and opened the box. It contained a jean jacket and a letter.

After reading the letter he called for his children.

"What is it Carlisle?" asked Rosalie.

"Well it looks like our family will grow." She said looking at Esme.

"How many?" asked Emmet.

"Three and they will be arriving tomorrow."

"Is it safe?" Edward asked.

"We'll have to wait and see. But there's something unusual, one of the three is human, been raised by the other two, it'll be interesting see how a human that lasted at least 10 years with two vampires."

"Oh… Exciting indeed, I'll have the chance to use my kitchen for a change." Esme said.

"Am I the only one thinking this is a bad idea?" Rosalie nearly yelled.

"They sent a warning of sorts, they sent her scent for us to get used to." Carlisle said.

"How considerate of them." Said Rosalie sarcastically

Esme opened the bag and Bella's scent was flooding the room. There was a loud crack and Edward had a big chunk of wood dust in his hands and was leaning forward at the offending clothing.

"Don't you smell that mouthwatering scent? It's maddening" he said his nostril flaring.

"It smells normal to me, it's a nice combination of fruits and flowers very pleasant, taking away the light burning." Carlisle said. "I don't know why you react that way Edward."

"Take it away" He said through clenched teeth's. "They can't bring that human here she'll be at risk and us if the Volturi found out."

"Edward be reasonable they are vampires that share our views and philosophy about human life, can you do this for me at least try? I am just asking of you to make an effort, try to get accustomed to her scent if when they come here you can't take it, they'll have to leave."

"You are not being fair Carlisle, using a humongous guilt trip."

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