Set after series two for Torchwood time frame and after Serenity for Firefly time frame.

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Chapter One

It was extremely dark during the late twilight hours of the night as Gwen lay on her back staring up at the ceiling, in bed and unable to sleep. Usually she was thankful for the quiet spells that the Rift gave every now and then as it meant that she got to spend more quality time with her husband. But right now she longed to be back at work; hunting Weevils, typing up case reports, drinking coffee, or even just clearing up pteranodon poop. Heck, she'd even referee a game of naked hide and seek if it meant she would be able to escape the snoring.

With a tired sigh she rolled onto her side and looked at the man she adored lying next to her. Rhys lay on his front, limbs hanging over the side of the bed, his bare behind exposed to the chill of the night air whilst the covers were pinned beneath him. His face was half buried in the pillow with an open drooling mouth emitting the thunderous noise. A warm smile crossed her face as she reached out to rub her husband's back, the action working like a volume remote as the snoring eased a little. He may not be every woman's dream come true, but he was definitely hers and all she needed. Almost. Nobody even came close to how much she loved him; except for one other man.

Gwen shook the thought from her head. She'd been married going on six months now and shouldn't be allowing past feelings for her boss to rise once more. By all rights she knew that she shouldn't have allowed those feelings to develop at all in the first place. Especially since…

Suddenly there was a bright flare of light from outside and the whole bedroom shook from the rumbling force that soon followed, indicating only one thing. The Rift was active. And judging by the strength of the aftershock it was most likely something on quite a large scale.

"Holy shit, what was that?!" The vigorous shaking had startled Rhys who now sat up looking around in a rather panicky but still heavily sleepy manner.

"It's nothing love." Gwen assured as she quickly pulled on the clothes that always remained on standby just in case of such instances. "Work call, you know how it is." She leaned over to kiss him and gently lay him back down in the bed. "Go back to sleep."

"Okay." The Welshman muttered as he stole another kiss before his wife pulled away from him. "But you tell 'Mr Happy' that next time you're needed urgently for work that he's to use the phone like any other normal person would." He gave a yawn as he made himself comfortable and placed his arms under the pillows. "No more earthquakes, he'll wake the whole of South Wales with doing things like that."

"I'll be sure to point that out." Gwen chuckled as she tried to contain her laughter from hearing the rambled sleep talk nonsense. She needn't have bothered replying to him though as he was already fast asleep and starting to snore again.

Full of bouncy eagerness, she left the flat, got into her car and drove her way towards the concealed Hub in the bay area of the city. Despite the fact that her work was not only hugely time demanding but also highly dangerous, she loved her job. To her there was only thing better than being part of the Torchwood team; the man leading them.


The Hub was finally returning back to its normal quietness after several pieces of equipment had fallen over during the Rift's tremor. A faint metal ding echoed in the vast space whilst the light hanging in the captain's office continued to sway slightly. Jack struggled to quickly climb out of the hole leading down to his bunk. A task that would have been so much easier if he hadn't had his trousers pulled only half way up his legs.

As he reached the top of the rope ladder and stepped onto the firm flooring of his workspace, he swiftly drew up the only item of clothing he currently wore. He fastened the zipper and buttons whilst speedily making his way out to the main information terminal in the Hub. Instantly the captain began to hammer on the keyboard as he scoured for details relating to the Rift's latest activity. "It's been a little while since the Earth moved like that!" He shouted over his shoulder and back towards his office. "Think it should happen more often?"

Ianto had been smart and dressed himself before climbing up out of the hole. The fact that his shirt was out of his trousers and tie hung askew round his neck were the only indications that he had been naked just a couple of moments ago when the Rift had ruptured.

"If you're referring to you and me; then most definitely." The Welshman smiled the kind of jaunty fixated smile that was reserved for the captain's eyes only. A light blue shirt draped over his right arm as he tucked his own shirt into his trousers and approached his lover. The smile vanished from his features leaving behind a blank expression. "But if you're talking about the Rift sending us more chaos to investigate and smooth over, not to mention a shit-load of paperwork to accompany it, then I have this to say; No. Effing. Way."

Jack chuckled at the response and took the shirt that was now being held out to him. He slipped it over his arms and began to button up the front.

"So what have we got?" Ianto asked straightening up his tie. Before the captain had chance to speak he'd already answered his own question as he stared at the monitor screen which displayed a skeletal framework image. "Ooo, spacecraft!" He began to frown. "Looks a little on the small side to have caused such a big entry vibration."

Resisting the urge to spurt out a humorous comeback, Jack bit down on his tongue. The world could be at risk from whatever was inside the ship, so the laughing and joking would have to be saved until later. "Short range shuttle craft. Twenty-fifth, possibly twenty-sixth century, most likely to have originated from a larger craft such as a 03 Firefly-class or……What?" He received a curious one-arched eyebrow look from the other man for having supplied the information with only a vague image to go by. "I love my spaceships."

"Not as much as you love that other thing, I hope. Otherwise I really will have to start worrying about you."

"Nothing compares to your coffee Yan."

"I wasn't talking about the coffee." The Welshman rolled his eyes with an exasperated sigh.

Jack grinned mischievously as his hands found their way around his lover's hips to draw him closer. "How about we go check this thing out, and then after that you can show me exactly what you meant?"

"You've got a pretty lousy memory if you need reminding of what happened just a short while ago."

The captain gave a casual shrug and tugged the Welshman closer still, so that their midsections were pressed up against each other. "It's just one of those things that I need to constantly be reminded about. Like peoples' Birthdays, replying to Archie's e-mails, and indicating when I'm driving."

A hand now gently guided Ianto's chin and the two men's lips met. "We've got work to do Jack." His words were mumbled in a breathless whisper as he pulled back from the kiss and fought against every urge in his body telling him to bow down to the seductive game being played.

"I know, but it's still gonna be a while before Gwen gets here." Jack's fingers fumbled at the knotted tie, loosened and eased it up over the younger man's head. "I'm sure we could do something during that time." Their lips met again, rougher and firmer with the passion that they contained.

This time the Welshman broke and went straight for the buttons of the captain's shirt, beginning to undo them once more. Some days Ianto wondered why they even bothered to redress at all. More often than not, after their antics, this would happen. They'd rush about to discover what incident the Rift had chosen to throw their way, only for Jack to then tempt him back out of his clothes for a little while longer. And every single time that that happened, he would try his best to resist but end up giving in, so rewarding the other man like a spoilt child who always got want they wanted. Not that he minded much, as the captain was like an addiction; constantly craved for no matter how hard he tried to resist. Only sometimes he wished …

The mobile phone in Jack's pocket sounded and vibrated to break apart the two lovers before they had finished their tease and stripping of each other. Turning away from the Welshman he answered the call with an irritated tone to his speech. "Yes?"

"Only me." Gwen's voice came down the line. "Just wanted to ring ahead to make sure that you both were decent. I didn't want to walk in and find you two docking again."

"No chance of that now, since you kinda ruined the flow of the moment." He sighed heavily with disappointment. "How far away are you?"

"Not far. I should be down there within the next five minutes or so."

"No, don't bother coming down, we're on our way up."

"I hope that's not innuendo talk Jack. I know what your mind's like."

"Your mind must be pretty dirty too, to have thought about it like that 'Mrs Williams'." The captain snickered and heard the line go dead as Gwen hung up. He loved winding her up, especially over the choice to keep her own surname and not that of the idiot she had married.

Gwen Williams. It didn't suit her; she would always be Gwen Cooper.

Placing his mobile back into his pocket, Jack turned back around to find that his lover had disappeared. "Yan?"

"Over here." Ianto called as he stood in the doorway of the captain's office. In his hands he held the rest of the older man's clothing, - including the infamous greatcoat, - as well as a backpack full of equipment that might be needed for the investigation of the spacecraft. "One of us has to be organised." He gave a haughty smirk.

"What would I do without you?" Jack beamed and, as he saw the Welshman open his mouth to reply, he was quick to add; "You don't have to answer that, I was being rhetorical."


The spacecraft had crashed landed near a copse just outside of Pontypridd and was well hidden from view by all the surrounding shrubbery. In fact it was so well veiled that if it hadn't been for Gwen checking the location readout on their portable systems then Ianto would have drove the huge black reinforced vehicle straight by the spot.

"I'm picking up seven life forms onboard." She told the two men as she sat alone on the back seat of the SUV that was now coming to a standstill. "All of them appear to be human."

"Such a shame." Ianto spoke dryly as he turned off the engine. "I was really looking forward to dealing with some blood thirsty beings tonight."

"Just because they're human, it does not mean that they aren't blood thirsty." Jack pointed out as he unbuckled his seatbelt. "They could be extremely hostile, or scared, - possibly both, - so I advise you two to stay alert at all times." He opened the door, stepped out and began to approach the smouldering wreck with his torch and gun drawn in front of him. The rest of his team followed his lead.

As they got closer to their target, the three of them fanned out in a triangle formation with the captain remaining centre upfront. The beams from their flashlights bounced off the metal exterior of the spaceship and revealed an arching doorway. Jack signalled for the other two to stop while he made a closer inspection and stepped right up to touch the craft's bodywork.

A soft hissing sound then started to commence as the door slowly began to open. No doubt that whoever was inside was now aware of their presence and was coming out to investigate. The captain took several steps backwards to allow the strangers room to alight, and lowered the Webley in his hand, just enough to help ease the intimidation factor but still ready to shot if need be.

When the door had fully opened there was no sign of anyone waiting in its hold to step out, and after having counted to ten in his head, giving the passengers plenty of time to show themselves, Jack decided that he would take it upon himself to investigate further. Pulling his weapon closer to his body, he took a step forward only to immediately draw it again as a man leapt out at him in response to his actions. He now found himself staring down the barrel of a gun as he stood off against the stranger, both of them at arms length, aiming their weapons at each other and ready to shoot at any moment.

The man that had emerged from the spacecraft was wearing a long battered and worn brown coat, looking very much like he had stepped out of a Western. Even his weapon had the same feel about it, but of course this guy was from sometime in the future not the past. Fallow hair hung in curtains at the top of the overall handsome face, - so Jack had decided, though not as handsome as his, - with narrowed brows and a firm jawbone that displayed an inquisitive, narked expression.

"Mal?!" The captain exclaimed in surprise and lowered the Webley. "Malcolm Reynolds?"

"Jack?" The stranger shared the same stunned expression which was only short lived. "Hao jiu bu jian!" He sheered before swiftly altering the grip on his gun and then struck the other man hard across the face with the weapon's butt.

The force of the strike sent Jack toppling to the ground, where he remained to nurse his bruising face, whilst listening to the sound of clicking coming from Gwen and Ianto's guns as they locked onto his attacker.

At hearing the noises which told him he would be shot if he made another move like that, Mal slowly released his grip on his bronze .38 calibre weapon and it fell to the floor with a thump. He raised his hands in a surrendering manner, and looked at the man and the woman with a wide eyed jeering expression. "What?"


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