Fifteen Years Later

Phoenix pulled the car into the driveway and climbed out, locking the vehicle with a quick beep as he bounded up the front stairs and into the house.

"Hello? Anybody home?" he called. The house was uncharacteristically quiet.

"I'm in the kitchen, Nick!" Maya called.

With a smile he placed his briefcase down in the usual spot and hung his suit jacket on the coat rack before making his way towards the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen, as well as the woman responsible for them.

"Good evening, beautiful wife." Phoenix said happily as he greeted Maya, who was busy with the salt and pepper grinders. He kissed her forehead as he rubbed her protruding belly.

"And good evening baby Wright." He added, directing his greeting down at Maya's stomach as she smiled. "What's for dinner?"

Maya shook her head. How could he possibly not know what was for dinner?

"What day is it, Nick?" Maya asked.

"Friday," he responded with a small smile.

"And what do we have every Friday night?" Maya urged him to answer.

"I know, but I just like hearing you say it." Phoenix grinned. "You get so excited."

Maya laughed.

"The kids are more excited than I am," she reasoned.

"I doubt that," Phoenix said, narrowing his eyes. "So tell me what we're having for dinner?"

"Burgers..." Maya said, trying her hardest to contain her grin, but failing miserably.

"See?" Phoenix said, "You can't stop grinning."

"How was work?" Maya asked, changing the subject as she laughed.

"Typical." Phoenix groaned, leaning back dramatically against the kitchen counter. "Apollo has that big trial next week and I swear, you'd think he'd never set foot in a court room before."

"He needs to learn to calm down." Maya said as she flipped the burgers.

"I know," Phoenix agreed. "He'll do fine. His client is innocent but he's just still a giant bundle of nerves. I don't know how Vera puts up with him sometimes. It's like every day is his first day all over again."

"Love gives you the patience to put up with a lot of things." Maya shrugged. "I put up with you, don't I?"

"Hey, watch it, missy." Phoenix said, feigning a hurt expression. "If you're not careful you might hurt my feelings."

"Aww," Maya said, turning to Phoenix and pouting at him mockingly.

"Other than that, not much happening," Phoenix shrugged. "I wrapped up the extortion case I was working on last Wednesday, and the junior partners are dealing with the Lady Williams case."

"Is that the one where she left everything to the poodle and not her son and daughter?" Maya asked, pausing to try and remember.

"That's the one." Phoenix nodded.

"What are your thoughts on that one?" Maya asked, flipping the burger patties again.

"To be honest, I'm glad I'm not handling it." Phoenix shrugged "On one hand, I guess it's her right to leave her money to whomever, or whatever, she wants. But on the other hand, she also left her Aston Martin to a six foot purple leopard named Ziggy. That case is going to get tricky."

"Sounds great," Maya said sarcastically. "I still can't wait to get back to the office, though. Now that the boys have started school I'm so bored here. There isn't even anything for me to do in Kurain. Pearl's got everything under control."

Phoenix shook his head at his wife. Even at thirty five years old she still couldn't sit still.

"Well I do miss you making me coffee and those afternoon shoulder massages..." Phoenix said, stroking his chin.

Maya picked up a wooden spoon from the bench and whacked her husband on the arm with it.

"Is that all I'm good for?" Maya said, raising her eyebrows. "If that's the case, I'll just tear up my law degree and take a typewriting class instead."

Phoenix laughed as he rubbed at his shoulder.

"Aw, you know I'm kidding. Besides, the kids are still on summer break for the next week anyway, they'll keep you busy. Not to mention the fact that you're supposed to be taking it easy. At least until we get that little burger monster out of you," Phoenix finished, motioning to her stomach.

Maya sighed rubbing her belly. This third pregnancy seemed to be draining her more than the other two combined, and considering the last one was twins, she was getting the feeling that perhaps she was getting a little too old for the strain that pregnancy put on her body.

"This is the last one, Nick, I swear," she groaned.

Phoenix chuckled.

"You said that last time."

"I know, but I mean it this time," she argued.

"Sure," Phoenix nodded sarcastically.

"I think we're both getting too old for this," Maya sighed, scooping the beef patties from the pan and transferring them to a plate.

"Speak for yourself," Phoenix said as he reached for a piece of the tasty looking meat, earning him another whack on the hand from his wife. "Ow!" he complained, as his five year old sons came barrelling into the kitchen from the backyard.

"Well if it isn't cyclone Christopher and hurricane Alexander!" Phoenix cried, scooping up his twin boys in each arm and settling them on his hips. The boys laughed predictably at his usual greeting.

"So... boys... Tell Daddy what you have destroyed today," Phoenix asked, causing the boys to giggle again.

"Hey Daddy!" Alex cried, grinning through his missing front tooth. "Guess what? Lola can't swim."

"Neither can the patio chair!" Chris added happily.

Phoenix turned back to Maya, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"Don't ask." Maya sighed, turning her attention back to cleaning the frying pan she had been using.

Poor Maya had spent the morning retrieving items from the swimming pool after her sons had taken it upon themselves to conduct buoyancy experiments, even dragging items of the patio furniture into the pool. She had no worries about both boys being near the pool, as it was summer and both were already strong swimmers, but she hadn't dared imagine the kind of mischief they could get themselves into when she wasn't watching.

Thankfully, she had noticed just in time as Alex had decided to find out if their three year old Beagle Lola could swim. As it turned out, Lola couldn't. Maya had to wade quickly into the pool to pick her up.

"I have a feeling I don't want to know..." Phoenix said, setting the boys on their feet, giving them a look that told them that they had better behave for their mother.

"You two go wash up. Dinner's almost ready," Maya instructed her sons. "Nick, you might need to go help them wash the backyard off their faces."

"You heard your Mom, off you go." Phoenix said, waving the boys off. Alex and Chris ran off in a whirlwind of noise, hopefully towards the bathroom to wash up.

"Where's Mia?" Phoenix asked.

"I think she's in her room." Maya replied. "Can you go keep an eye on the boys, Nick? I don't want them destroying the bathroom," she pleaded as she went to the fridge to collect other bits and pieces for their burgers.

"Alright, I'm going." Phoenix said as he leaned down to give his wife a quick kiss before sprinting off after his mischievous sons.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Phoenix headed towards the bathroom to supervise, but decided to stop outside his daughter's room. She was spread out on the floor, reading from one thing and writing in another while she kicked her legs in time to the music that pumped through her headphones. Mia had not long turned twelve, but had already skipped a grade. His daughter was quite mature for her age.

Phoenix knocked gently on the door frame, causing Mia to look up. She pulled her headphones out of her ears and raised her eyebrows questioningly as her father smiled down at her.

"Hey, Princess." Phoenix said with a smile.

"Hey Dad." Mia replied. "Did you just get home?"

"Yep." Phoenix nodded. "What you up to?"

"Homework," Mia said with an exaggerated sigh.

"Aren't you on a break at the moment?" Phoenix asked.

"Extra credit. It's due when we get back. My new history teacher is a real pain in the ass." Mia complained.

"Mia," Phoenix warned. "Don't let your mother hear you talk like that."

"That's okay, Dad. I only say it in front of you." Mia grinned.

"I'm way too soft on you," Phoenix said, shaking his head at his daughter.

"Speaking of your Mom, dinner's almost ready. She'll probably call you to wash up soon."

Mia nodded.

"Is she making burgers?" she asked hopefully.

"Sure is," Phoenix confirmed.

"Awesome," came the response from his daughter as she closed her book and pulled herself to her feet. Phoenix had been noticing recently that his little Mia had started getting a lot taller. She was definitely going to be taller than her mother, and he couldn't help but feel a little sad that his baby girl was growing up.

"Oh, while I remember, don't make any plans with your friends for Sunday. Your sisters will be here for a barbecue. Apollo and Vera too." Phoenix said.

"I'll be here," Mia said with a quick smile.

"Your Uncle Larry will be here as well, of course, and I'm going to tell your Uncle Miles to bring Benjamin over too. Did you know he's here with his father for the summer?"

Phoenix watched on, unable to hide his amusement as his daughters cheeks reddened ever so slightly. It was no secret that Mia and her friends thought that Benjamin Edgeworth was, like, a totally cute boy, and it was fun to tease his daughter every once in a while. At a year older than Mia, Benjamin was a good kid, even if he was a little stuffy and uptight. Of course it was obvious where those traits came from.

"Yeah, I know he's here for the summer," Mia answered, letting her hair fall in front of her face as she often did when she was embarrassed.

At that moment, Christopher peeked out from behind Phoenix's legs to taunt his older sister.

"Mia loves Benjamin! Mia loves Benjamin!" Chris sang as he shook his hips from side to side.

"Mia loves Benjamin!" Alex chimed in from down the hall.

"Christopher, get out of my room, right now!" Mia yelled.

"Go on," Phoenix prompted his son as he shooed him down the hall. "Don't tease your sister."

Chris giggled maniacally as he headed back to the bathroom to join his brother.

"Don't worry, Princess. Daddy can keep a secret," Phoenix said with a wink.

"Daaad…" Mia whined, rolling her eyes. "You're so embarrassing."

She stopped to stand on her tiptoes and give her father a kiss on the cheek before heading downstairs to join her mother in the kitchen.

Phoenix smiled happily to himself as he watched his little girl head down the stairs. He had never forgotten what Sebastian Fey had told Morgan on the day he died. Sebastian had told her that he didn't want her money, and that his beautiful family were all the riches he would ever need. Now having experienced the same thing himself, Phoenix couldn't think of truer words.

And even as he stepped into the bathroom and surveyed the chaos that his sons had managed to create in mere minutes, Phoenix Wright still felt like the richest man on earth.

A/N: Well, that was the most spoilerific venture into my head-canon that I think you're ever going to get. That's why my next fic, The Pieces In Between, is a collection of one-shots that will cover the fifteen years between chapter 39 and this epilogue.

There are lots of questions to be answered.

When did Phoenix learn to drive a car and why?

When did Phoenix and Maya get married?

How do they have a twelve year old daughter?

Who did Phoenix mean when he mentioned Mia's sisters?

How did Maya get her law degree?

Who is Benjamin Edgeworth's mother?

All will be revealed, in time.

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