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Chapter Five: 13 stalks of roses meant....

"You received a bouquet of roses this morning?" Harry looked through the window and stare at the vase of roses with a frown.

"Yes. And it was Andrew who found it on the doorstep of the café."

"Andrew? You mean the other waiter whose working in the café? " He continued with his questions and I felt like a criminal in investigation. It's really uncomfortable.

"Yes, why is there a problem?"

Harry shifted his eyes to and fro between the vase and Andrew. Was there any connection between the two of them?

"Could it be Andrew who's the one that brought the roses?"

"It couldn't be him. If it was him that bought the roses, he wouldn't be jealous over you."

"Me?" He snapped back into reality and looked like a kid who was told that he had gotten full marks for the exam.

"Y-eah. He thought it was you who bought the roses for me. That was why I felt that it was strange that you appear with another bouquet."

"Were you happy when he told the roses were from me?"


Harry stood there looking like a kid waiting for a surprise. He was waiting for my answer; am I happy?

"Kinda… I was pleased when I saw the roses and when I knew that the sender was you; I was glad."

"I wished that the smile was direct at my bouquet instead of some random rose from some random person." Harry sulked at the vase inside.

I laughed at Harry action and it made him guilty of being jealous over a vase of roses.

"Where's my roses? I thought you had bought a bouquet for me?"

"Ah~" Harry gave me the bouquet that he hold next to him.

"I guessed this bouquet is much better than the ones previously. At least, I know who's the sender so as for me to return the flavor" I played with the soft petals of the roses before flashing a smile at him.

"Thank You. Want a cup of black coffee? It's on me." He followed me inside and I gave him a seat next to the window before I went to prepare his order.

"Another bouquet?" Andrew looked at the roses in my hand.

"Seemed like it's my lucky day." I'm drowned by happiness.

I walked swiftly towards Harry with his cup of black coffee. He was deep in thoughts and didn't realize that I was next to him till I place the coffee sharply on the table.

"Here's your coffee, Potter"

"Thanks. Erm.. Draco." He wanted to ask something that he didn't dare to voice out. When was Harry so intimated by me?

"May I ask how many stalk of roses was there in the bouquet from your mystery sender?" He had this serious expression his face that stopped me from laughing. I thought he was still jealous over the roses and had taken it as a joke.

I pondered at the question and think hard. Was it eleven stalks or thirteen? I did give it a count just now, but I didn't really remember the number.

"Erm… I had forgotten. I could check it for you at lunch time if it's really that immportant to you."

I bended over and whispered in his ears ," My boss is around; I could not idle much anymore." I saw my boss watching me from the corner and I had better get my ass back to work.

He nodded his head and after that I went straight back to work. Harry would ask for another cup of coffee after he had finished the previous cup while keeping his face blank and he was always looking out of the window. Like he was searching for something or waiting for someone to appear.

"Andrew, I'm going for lunch." Please look out for that friend of mine." I looked over my head and saw that Harry was still glancing out of the window. his actions looked weird and why was he so serious out of sudden.

"Alright, just go and have your lunch."

I looked over at Harry for the last time before heading into the kitchen of the café. Normally, we had lunch prepared for us. Unless we wanted to lunch out, if not usually the lunch would be done inside.

I had hardly finished up my meal when there was a uproar outside and I recognized that for Harry's voice.

"What happened" I rushed outside and saw Harry with Andrew having in a quarrel. Gosh, what was this leading to? Luckily the boss had went out for lunch, if not we be dead. The café was quite deserted, with a few customers left.

"Hey hey. What is happening over here?" I tried to hold Harry back with my strength and why must him be so built in muscle and agitated. I couldn't hold him back before he punched at Andrew.

"POTTER! What the hell are you doing?" I exclaimed before examining the wound on Andrew's face.

It looked bad, and his face would leave a bruise later on.

"Come on , I need to talk to you." Harry had a dead grip on my wrist and pulled me out of the café before I could protest.

"Potter, stop! You are hurting me! Potter!"

He completely ignored me continued walking which led us to another alley before he stopped. I pulled my wrist away and massage the red mark on it. Potter and his strength, doesn't he have any self-control? Quarrelling with Andrew and punched him right on his face, and let's not forget that he 'kidnapped' me during working hours. I better pray hard that boss wouldn't be back till late evening.

"Potter, you better explain yourself"

"EH!?" Out of sudden, he pushed me onto the hard wall and had his hand at either side of my head.

"Did you date that Andrew before?"

What is this about? Andrew? Dating him?

"I don't suffer from senile! I clearly remembered who I been in a relationship before and Andrew isn't one of them"

"Really?" He leaned in nearer and maybe it was seconds later when we kissed. I don't remember anything at all when we snogged the hell out of each other. It was sweet when it turned into more, passion and desperate. How did he taste so sweet even after so many cups of black coffee?

"H-arry?" I could feel the tip of his tongue making a trail from the side of my neck an stopped at the collarbone.

"Ah h -h" he bit down on my sweet spot.

"Like it, huh?" he smirked at him before continuing his 'work. Just then, I felt that expression fits him better than the goody-goody boy look.

"He-y H-arr-y I strained away from him when I felt my arousal building up. Better stop before it turned out into something more. Plus, I need to get back to work soon.

"What is it , Draco? Want me to stop?

"Ah…" he started another work of nipping on my earlobe as his hands wandered off to the front of my pants trying to unbutton it.

"Ha-rry…" I fisted my hand on his shirt and moaned loud. How embarrassing and we are near an alley that's a shortcut to the other side of the road. Which means there will be passerby coming along soon.

"The more you made such noises, the more I couldn't stop. It made me want you more"…. and I never realized that before. How stupid am I.

"Wha-t are you talk-ing about" I could not hear the last part of the sentence when he cupped my hard arousal.

"H-arry, n—eed to stop.. plea-se" I don't want our first time in a smelly alley and we are in an uncomfortable position.

"Alright then." Harry gave a long kiss before buttoning up my pants and straightening my shirt. He combed my hair with his fingers and I just stood there letting him do what he wanted.

"Done." He tilted his head and smiled silly at me.

"What's with that smile?"

"Hmm… You tasted just like a drug. Addicted after first try. "

"Stopped the sweet talks." I turned my head to the side and tried to hide the red cheeks.

Harry turned my face back to face him and leaned in for another kiss. That Potter really knows his way with him.

" It's not sweet talks. I had guys who sweet talk their way into their partners but never meant any of them." He looked at me with a sincere look with a serious tone.

"Humph… alright but I still had unfinished matter with you. What's wrong with you and Andrew? Fighting out there with customers around! MR POTTER, you had nearly got me fired, if my boss is around" I glared at him.

"You had to blame it on that guy. I was merely counting the roses on the vase when he suddenly made some comments on me"

"Andrew? What did he say about you?"

"He mentioned that he was dating you before my appearance and … and.."


"He said the both of you had sex already! I was furious at that statement, I didn't know what comes into me, and before I knew it. I had punched him hard on the face."

"Sex with Andrew? Please he was just a friend at work. You should have at least asked me before punching him."

"Now I had to settle this problem for you."

"Let me thank you beforehand" Harry tried to kiss me again when I shoved him away.

"I had to get back to work. I'm out for too long already. Andrew couldn't possibly be handling the whole café by himself"

"That'll serve him right." He crossed his arms and was angry again because of Andrew.

"By the way, let's have dinner later again. I have something to talk to you about the mystery roses."

"Those roses?"

"TThe 13 stalks of roses"

"What about the number?" I leaned on the wall as I listened to his explanation.

"Each number of roses actually had meaning behind them"

"For example, 1 stalk of rose meant Love at first sight"

"2 stalk of roses meant Mutual love between both"

"As for 3 stalk of roses meant… I love you." He said the words directly at me and I shifted uneasily under his direct look.

"So what does 13 stalk of roses meant then?" I tried to direct another question at him,

"Secret admirer" He frowned badly at the statement, deep in his own thoughts.

"Secret admirer? You meant that roses are from a secret admirer? "

I tried to stop giggling but I couldn't!

"Harry, I had tons of admirer much less secret admirers. It didn't mean anything, maybe the person just wanted to give me a present. Plus not many people had the knowledge of what different number of roses meant. " I joked.

But it seemed like Harry doesn't agree and he was fuming with anger

"It's a serious matter! How could you have let down your guards? Secret admirers are nothing but troubles."

"Potter! I believed that those roses were for me. I don't need any criticism, if you had nothing nice to say."

I pushed myself off the wall and walked away. "I'm going back to work and be thankful that I'm helping you to settle one injured Andrew"

"We have dinner at the same diner as yesterday. The same timing!"

"I didn't turn back to reply him but walked straight back to work."

Those roses, I'm sure it's from him- Ronald Weasley.

I looked at the watch on my wrist and it shown only four-thirty in the afternoon. Maybe I should head back home first for a rest before meeting Draco at nine.

While walking back home, my mind drifted off to the day where everything starts.

"Hey Harry!" Hermione waves at me. Hermione and I meet up usually once every two week ever since I lived in the muggle world. Today we decided to meet up at this Chinese restaurant, which we both loved, for lunch.

"Hermione, how's your weekdays at work?"

"Nothing but misery. We are still working on the Magical Right for the elves, it isn't easy at all" She sipped on the cup of tea and continued. "Ronald isn't helping either, always slacking away. I swore that I'll kick his ass out of the department soon."

"I'll be the first to agree with you, Hermione. Isn't this the fourth department that he had been kicked out?"

"That's correct. That's why I tried to persuade him to work hard instead of always slacking. As his colleague, I wouldn't want him to be fired again"

"It's no use Hermione. He had changed, not the same Ronald Weasley we knew back in Howgrats"

"Harry, I know that you are still mad with Ronald about that event. He's at fault but he's still our friend"

"No Hermione. He's your friend. But Weasley isn't any friend of mine ever since then."

"Alright, Ron was at fault for breaking you and Thomas, but it been 2years since the matter. You couldn't put it away?"

"Hermione, just think of the different guys that he tried to seduce and put them in his bed. He could spread his legs for any guys that wanted to fuck him. That happened to Ben. Because I wouldn't have sex with Ben, that doesn't mean that Weasley could lay his hand on my BOYFRIEND. That's just too much. Oh yeah, I shouldn't forget the worst part was that I found them both naked on my bed at my home!" I tried to calm down my nerves. It's not worth is getting angry with such a slut guy like Weasley.

"And you had to agree with me that his boyfriend doesn't last long. Weasley got them in bed and make them fallen love with him, but dumped them straight after they confessed their ever dying love for him. What's wrong with him; playing around with people's feelings"

"He's just playing with those guys. Having fun with them and dumped them before they realized what wrong were they in. If you ask me, they were wrong for trusting Weasley and his sweet talks." I slammed the cup of coffee onto the table. Whenever I talked about Weasley, I would fired up and be so mad.

"True to your words, he is always changing boyfriends." Hermione sighed in despair, wondering what made Weasley changed.

"He not changing boyfriends, Hermione. It's Weasley snatching boyfriends from others or making bets with other friends of his whether he could get certain guy by the end of one month. "

"That's another reason why I wanted to meet up with you today." She said and started searching for something in her bag.

"It had to do with Weasley?" What is that guy up to this time

"Right. It seemed that he had set his target for the next bet already."

"Who is it?"

"Ah! I found it "

She placed a photo of on the table and it felt so strange looking at him through a photo.

"Draco Malfoy"

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