Back after extended absence. Truth be told, I've been itching to get a fic up for months, but I didn't feel like anything good was coming from my many dabbles. But this one actually seems to be working out so far, so I said I'd give it a shot. I hope you all enjoy.

Rated M for language, and possible future encounters...


Kagome isn't portrayed here like she is in the anime/manga. At least, I don't think she is. However, I'm also not trying to stereotype her as the "bad girl" type. She's just a new kind of Kagome. Also, I decided to keep Inuyasha's charming half-demon appearance, without the half-demon part. So (unfortunately), there will be no mention of the adorable puppy ears in this fic. But there will be much talk of the gleaming silver hair and beautiful amber eyes. You've been warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters. Also, because I am unaware of how original this plot is (I'm thinking it might not be that much), I'm going to say that I claim no ownership over that either. The most I can say is that I tried my best to make this story my own. If you find similiarties as you're reading this with your own work, or work you've read before, realize that I had no intention of taking your ideas.

On with the show!

Week One

Sixteen-year-old Kagome Higurashi had decided from the moment that her mother and stepfather said the words 'summer camp' that the whole thing was going to be a disaster. But she didn't know how bad she was in for, until she arrived at the damn place. The car was slowing down in front of three brightly colored buildings: pink, green and yellow. The pink was decorated with butterflies, the green with flowers, and the yellow with bumblebees. There were already a couple of parents standing in front of said buildings with their respective daughters. Kagome could imagine that she was wearing the same expression some of these girls were: severely annoyed.

"Turn the damn car around." Kagome hissed from the back seat.

"Who the hell are you speaking to like that?" Her stepfather, Naraku Onigumo, asked in a raised voice.

"Well since you were the first to reply, I'm talking to you like that." Kagome snapped back. "Turn the damn car around!"

"Kagome, please." Her mother said wearily.

Kagome scoffed loudly in response to her mother, sitting back in the seat and folding her arms. The two of them were losing their damn mind if they thought she was going to stay here. She'd rather spend the eight weeks of summer with her grandfather like her younger brother, Souta, was doing.

Not that she was getting the option: she knew that much already. Mr. Onigumo – her stepfather – was in charge when it came to making these so-called 'family' decisions. It was he who decided Kagome needed to be sent off to camp. He believed it would…what was the lame excuse he had given her mother? "Build character". Yeah fucking right.

The car finally came to a stop. She didn't get out of the car, even as her parental units did. She only pulled her aviator sunglasses over her eyes and pouted further. They must think that I'm going along with this fucking joke, she thought bitterly.

There was a tap on her window, and she glanced up to see her mother peering down at her. Her expression was begging; pathetic. Kagome couldn't take it. Why couldn't this woman stand up for herself? She remembered when her mother was a leading lady: when she and her father used to run the household with equal power. Now she was the submissive wench to Mr. Naraku Onigumo – the nastiest rat ever to crawl out of the sewers and live among the humans.

"Kagome honey," her mother said pleadingly. Her voice was muffled due to the glass, but Kagome could hear her enough. "Come out honey and join the others. They're going to start the orientation soon."

Kagome didn't move, still staring forward. She could hear her mother's heavy sigh. Suddenly the other backseat door opened and Naraku stuck his head in. His smile was borderline sexual, but his eyes reflected sheer evil.

"Kagome honey, you're making your mother cry." He purred in a mockingly sweet tone.

"Don't call me 'honey' you nasty bastard." Kagome hissed. "All this shit is your fault."

He smiled again. "You're right, it is. And I can undo it all if you want. But you know what the terms are for that."

Kagome shuddered. "You can fuck that."

"How I'd like to."

His voice dropped to dangerous levels, and sent an uncomfortable shiver up her spine. She opened her car door and got out of the vehicle, not want to be in the same space as the slime anymore.

Her mother smiled with relief when Kagome's sneakers touched the gravel. She could sense her mother was about to come over and hug her, so she walked towards the crowd that was gathering in front of the pink house: she wasn't in the mood for affection.

Someone was already talking: an older girl with straight dark hair pulled into a high ponytail. She was dressed in a white tank top with a bumblebee on the front, a pair of jeans and white sneakers. Two other girls stood with her, dressed similarly except one wore a shirt with a flower on the front, and the other had a butterfly. "The girls here will all take part in the same offered activities at the camp. Basically, we as peer leaders want our girls to feel like sisters at the end of this experience." The girl glanced down at her clipboard. "Now I will call the names for the future Bumblebees. Parents, if you could say your final goodbyes…"

As the head girl began to read a list of girl names, parents began clamoring around their daughters. Some daughters reciprocated, some stood in place, and some were bantering on how they could get themselves out of this mess. Kagome could empathize with the later.

"Higurashi Kagome."

When Kagome heard her name, her anger surged. Not only was she being forced to this damn camp, but she was going to be a fucking Bumblebee?

"Higurashi Kagome?"

"That's you sweetheart." Her mother said, coming up behind her. Kagome turned around just in time to be sucked into a motherly hug. "I'm going to miss you so much while you're gone."

"You could just send me to Grandpa's house." Kagome choked out, before adding: "Mom let me go, you're suffocating me." Her mother released her and she continued. "It's not too late for us to drive back. If I was at Grandpa's house, you could visit me all the time."

"But we already came all the way out here. And we paid for the camp."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Mr. Onigumo is rolling in the dough. Whatever you dropped on this camp won't make a difference to his bank account. I could still leave."

Her mother sighed. "I wish you wouldn't call Naraku that."

Kagome scoffed, irritation rising. "I sure as hell hope you don't expect me to call that bastard 'Dad'. Cause my only dad died years ago."

At that point, the bastard appeared with Kagome's duffel bag in tow. "Here you are my dear." He said handing it to her. Kagome snatched it from him, careful not to make any physical contact with him as she did. "I hope you have a wonderful time at camp Kagome."

She cut her eyes, but he couldn't see due to her shades. "I'm sure you'd like that."

"There are a lot of things I would like, my dear Kagome."

She scowled. "You are so fucking–"

"Kagome!" her mother exclaimed, outraged. "Watch your tongue."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Please don't step up and try to be my mom, right now." She said, waving her mother off. "You're a little late for that."

Her mother immediately looked deflated at Kagome's comment. Naraku placed his hands gently on her shoulders in a way Kagome could recognized – he had done that same to her once before. "See what I was saying Azuna? Being away from home will help her attitude simmer down. This is good for the family, I promise."

Kagome felt like punching the man. But at the same time, she never wanted to touch him again. Instead, she adjusted her duffel bag on her shoulder. "I'm getting out of here. Bye."

She turned around and stormed towards the yellow building before either adult could return her goodbyes. Not that she really wanted to hear anything from them. In every way, she was happy to get to be away from the two of them. She just didn't want to have to be a fucking summer camp. And especially not as a Bumblebee.

The yellow building on the inside was still yellow, and had more damn bumblebees painted on the walls. The doors were their normal brown however, thank god. She was standing in the hallway: three doors were on the right, and another three on the left. Directly in front of her was the final door that had the word "PEER LEADER" on the front. Underneath it was a tacked on sign with a name: Kikyo. Kagome could only assume that was bumblebee shirt girl.

She walked down the short hallway and checked the doors for her name. She realized soon enough that the middle doors were the bathroom. She found her name on the right hand side: the door closer to Kikyo's room. With her name were two others: Sango and Ayame. She hoped the girls wouldn't cause her too much strife.

Inside the room there was even more yellow. And more of the fucking bumblebees. Damn, now Kagome wanted a cigarette. But her mother had gone through her duffel bag right after Kagome was done packing it, and took out anything she deemed unworthy. Unfortunately, her cigarettes fell into that category – that and her condoms. Kagome wasn't even a serious smoker: there was just times when she needed to take the edge off. And as for the condoms: that would be a completely different conversation. Not that she could explain any of this to her suddenly idiotic mother. Not that she cared to explain anything to that woman anymore anyway. She just let her mother lecture her for a couple minutes upon finding them, and let her walk away with them. There had to be someone or somewhere around this place where she could restock those specific items.

Kagome did a quick sweep of the room: a couple sets of drawers to put away clothes, a door that was labeled bathroom – so she didn't necessarily have to walk into the hallway to go take a piss – a single bed pushed against the wall by a window, and a bunk bed set. She claimed the single bed for herself: not wanting to bunk with anyone. The other girls would just have to get over it. Just as she was deciding whether she wanted to unpack her things into one of the available drawers or just live out of her duffel bag, another girl walked in.

She had dark brown hair, but had it pinned up and hidden under a red baseball cap. The only way she knew the hair color was due to the bangs framing her face. She had a pair of dark sunglasses as well, and was wearing a red tank top and black capris.

She glanced over at Kagome. "Ayame or Kagome?"

"Kagome." She replied accordingly. "I'm going to guess you're Sango."

The girl didn't answer. She looked up at the walls, then cursed. "I can't believe I'm seeing more of these fucking bumblebees."

Kagome smiled, already sensing she was going to like this girl. Sango turned back to Kagome and eyed her duffel bag sitting on top of the single bed. Kagome sat down on the bed, just in case she had to show that she was serious about keeping the single. Sango only shrugged, then walked over to the bunk, claiming the bottom.

"So why are you here?" she asked after a moment.

Kagome sighed. "Stepfather. My mother just agrees with everything he says. So here I am."

Sango nodded. "That's balls." Then she told her own story. "I told my parents I wanted to go to Florida with the rest of my swim team for summer training. Instead, they heard that I wanted to come to fucking middle of nowhere Connecticut and become a Bumblebee."

"That's rough."

"Yeah, but at least this place has a swimming pool, so I can get some form of training in."

Suddenly, then another girl – the final – came rushing into the room. Her red hair was pulled into one and her green eyes were wild.

"Please," she said in a loud whisper. "Please tell me one of you has a cigarette."

Sango rooted through her knapsack and pulled out a box of Marlboros, then tossed it towards the redhead, who immediately pulled a single out of the pack and began fumbling with a lighter. Oh yeah, I can definitely get used to these girls.

Turns out, Ayame – the redhead in desperate need to smoke – was being sent here for similar reasons like Kagome: her parents were just dropping her somewhere.

"I don't even play a goddamn sport." Ayame said between puffs, blowing her smoke out the window. "What the hell am I suppose to do here?"

Camp Tekawitha, or simply Tek, was a sports camp. The campus was set up in this fashion. Upon driving in, the first thing approached was the master house, which was Mr. Myoga's personal dormitory, but nothing fancy. Further off to the right were the girls' dorms. To the left of those was the gym, then the cafeteria, then the boys' dorms. Behind the cafeteria was the playing field, which housed any outdoor sports. To the left of the field, behind the gym, was the swimming pool, fenced off accordingly. On the farther end of the entire campus was forest, but several trails had been roped out for hikes. One of these trails led to the Outhouse, which was the place students had to spend the night if they caused too much trouble on campus.

From a bird's eye view, it would be Mr. Myoga's at the head and center, three dorm houses on the far right – aligned in a triangle – followed by the gym, the cafeteria, and another triangle of dorm houses. Pool and playing field behind the buildings and finally the forestry.

A daily basic schedule alternated between time in the camp's weight room for muscle training, hikes and trail-walking to build endurance, on top of various sport practices. Sango was going to specialize for swimming, which meant that on occasions, if she didn't want to participate in the scheduled sport, she could swim instead. But everyone had to do the muscle training, and everyone had to do the hikes and runs.

Kagome played some basketball, but not enough to be sentenced to sports camp. Tek was for people who were trying to be sportsmen and women in the future, or at least wanted to pursue the damn thing for college. Kagome wanted to be a writer for god's sake. This was some cruel and unusual punishment.

"You must play something." Sango said after blowing out a long stream of smoke. "The way your body looks?"

Ayame blushed. Kagome nodded in agreement. The blue polo dress that Ayame was wearing showed off her slim figure, svelte curves and lean legs. She shrugged in response. "I run in the mornings, but I'm not a runner. Not unless I'm trying to catch a man."

Sango and Kagome giggled at the comment. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Instantly, the three of them put out their cigarettes on the floor, then swept the incriminating things underneath the bunk bed. The door opened just as Kagome had kicked hers as far back as possible.

Kikyo stood in the doorway, still wearing her Bumblebee shirt, but wearing a pair of denim shorts now with her sneakers. "Hey girls." She said pleasantly. "How goes the moving in?"

"All done." Sango said with a wide, but extremely fake smile.

"Lovely. Everyone will be gathering in the cafeteria for grand orientation in fifteen minutes. What the three of you can do in the meantime is change into these."

At the end of her sentence, she tossed three shirts into towards the girls. They were sitting on Kagome's distance, and in catching range. Once Kagome unfolded hers, she grimaced. It was a bright pink T-shirt with a – guess what? – bumblebee on the front. On the back in large block letters was her first name.

She looked up at Kikyo's shirt – a form fitting wide strap tank top, then looked back down at hers – a less than figure flattering pink mess. Then she glanced over at her friends' own: Sango's was light blue and Ayame's was green – all extremely large. Bumblebees or no, Kikyo was getting the better deal. "Why don't we get shirts like yours?" she asked.

"Because you guys are the campers." Kikyo explained. "House peer leaders get white so that we can tell ourselves apart amongst the campers. You better learn to love those shirts too girls, because you're required to wear them at least once a week while you're here."

"This is bullshit." Ayame muttered.

"At least yours match your eyes." Sango said in response.

"You girls get changed quick and come down to the cafeteria. Don't make me have to come back here." She said that last part teasingly, but they could see the warning in her eyes. Just before she turned to go, she gave the girls strange look. "Do you smell that?"

Instantly, the girls assumed a role of innocence. "What?" Ayame asked.

"Smells like cigarette smoke." Kikyo said, looking pointedly at them.

Kagome shrugged: "I don't smell anything."

She gave them long and searching looks. "Uh huh." She paused. "Get changed and get going." Once she was gone from the door and it closed behind her, the three girls simultaneously said: "Hate that bitch already."

"What are we going to do about these things?" Ayame asked afterwards. "Yeah it matches my eyes, but it doesn't do much else."

Kagome smiled. "Relax guys, this is my specialty. When you have parents like mine, you learn to turn anything they try to degrade you with into a total upgrade. I just need a scissors and a little more than fifteen minutes. We need to learn to love these shirts? Well once I'm done with them, we will."

They were twenty minutes late, but it was obvious that the orientation hadn't started yet. Kagome was proud of the three masterpieces she had created. Her two friends were wearing sweet off-the-shoulder tops with cinched waists to show off their figures. Kagome made for herself a form-fitting spaghetti strap V-neck tank, only because her breasts were bigger and –what the hey? – she liked to show those bad girls off. Their names were somewhat marred in the back, but still legible, so no one could complain. And even if they did complain: Kagome was pretty sure they didn't have back up shirts with her name on it to provide.

Once they found some seats together near the back, Kagome noted that a couple other girls had done the same creative-destructive thing with their own T-shirts. Nothing as cute or drastic as their set, but definitely not the mess it was before. At least they would be under the radar that way.

Kagome scanned the room slowly, people-watching. Most of the people here were in great shape. Some of the girls were in too much of a great shape – they looked like body builders. But the upside to sports camp so far was that all the boys had impeccable body types. She could already see herself getting close with more than just one over these eight weeks.

Her first male target walked in from one of the doors on the opposite side of the room. He was clearly older, and definitely the most beautiful guy she had seen in her sixteen years of existence. He had to be a good few inches over six feet; a slender frame, hard with muscle. His hair was long and silver in color, natural bangs tumbling into a pair stunning amber eyes. Kagome stared at him, unashamed – he was too captivating to look away. The white T-shirt he wore accented his sun-browned complexion. And his legs went on for miles. Kagome had never been more instantly attracted to anyone, ever.

She followed him with her eyes, safe behind her sunglasses, until he joined the bunch of other people standing across from the campers. He said hello to a couple of them, then ended up standing next to a familiar female – Kikyo. Then something clicked inside Kagome. He was wearing a white shirt – one that clung to him in all the right places. And he was standing with Kikyo and several others dressed in white tops. And he had a picture of a bear on the front of his shirt.

"Can we have everyone's attention?" the words came over a loudspeaker. "Hello all, you may recognize me from your interviews or the cover of your camp brochures. My name is Mr. Myoga, and I am head of Camp Tekawitha. We're taking this time out to introduce you to my fellow staff members, coaches, and house peer leaders."

Kagome watched as everyone standing on that side of the room said their names and their positions. She waited for the beautiful boy to speak. And when he finally did, his voice was deep but clear. "Inuyasha. House peer leader. Assistant basketball coach."

Inuyasha. Great name. Inuyasha.

"He's hot." Kagome whispered to the girls.

"Yeah he is." Ayame said.

"I could see myself getting down with that." Sango said with a nod.

Kagome could see herself getting down with that as well. Easily.

Maybe this place wouldn't be such a complete waste.

For anyone who lives in Connecticuit:: in no shape or form am I trying to say that your home state sucks. I just need a state that was urban, but had it's (for lack of better word) "rural" areas. Much like New York has its city, and then has its upstate foresty counties. But I didn't want to use New York, it felt too....commonplace.

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