Just a mini fic I was beaten by my subconscious into writing while coming down from my high after finishing Changing Lives, and before I start on my next BIG project "Paper Hearts". This is all planned and out and half written and will probably be posted in its entirety by the end of next week.

And so, the usual junk: M rated for male on male explicit sexual situations and foul language. Yullen and AreKan and No, I don't own DGM. K?

Summary: They had a stressful job, and it was a way to let off steam. Meaningless intimacy in the middle of a war. They weren't lovers, they weren't friends. Hell, they hated each other. It didn't mean anything to either of them. Did it?

Misunderstandings make the world go round

One: How did it come to this?

He wasn't sure how it had happened. He hated the little sprout, and the Moyashi certainly made it no secret that Kanda was the one person in the whole Order that he couldn't stand, so how had it come to this?

When the insults had started flying, he'd naturally thought fists would follow- he'd never expected clothing to be shed, especially not in the frenzied way they had been. Not that a few punches hadn't been thrown into the mix as well. Damn that kid hit hard. Slept hard too, little idiot.

He looked at the boy sleeping next to him, though he couldn't really call him a boy, not really. Seventeen years old and a critical to boot, there was no longer anything boyish about Allen Walker. Not during the day and certainly not at night if what had just occurred was anything to go by. Only now… he was fast asleep as though he hadn't got a care- his forehead free of the thoughtful frown he wore when he thought no one else was looking, and the fake cheerful smile he wore when they were was absent too and he looked calm… at peace.

But even sleep couldn't wipe away the deep smudges of fatigue from under his eyes. Kanda wondered how many sleepless nights and tiring missions it took to permanently scribe exhaustion onto your features. That was why, despite the fact that they were both squeezed uncomfortably onto Kanda's bed, he couldn't quite find it in himself to wake the bean sprout up and kick him out.

Even though if anyone found out he had Allen Walker naked in his bed covered in the release from their encounter… well… Kanda always carried Mugen with him for a reason.

He looked at the mission documents on the floor at the bedside, the whole reason for their tryst in the first place and decided that since he obviously wasn't getting any sleep tonight he'd better read the missive and familiarise himself with the details of his next mission.

It was going to be awkward enough when Allen woke without admitting he knew nothing about the mission that they were leaving for in a matter of hours as well…


Two hours earlier…

Allen muttered angrily under his breath as he stomped down the corridor wielding a mission folder that Komui made him go and deliver to his partner for the next month. It wasn't like he wasn't going to be seeing enough of Kanda to last him a lifetime on this mission anyway.

It was getting late- Kanda was going to be pretty pissed off at being disturbed at this time of night. Asshole, Allen added mentally and felt at little better for the insult, even if it was only internal. He took a breath and hammered on Kanda's door, a little too loudly, until the man yanked it open, a foul expression on his face. "Here you go, asshole." Wow, saying it out loud to his face was even better. "Mission briefing" and he shoved the folder at the other man, intending to get away and go to bed as soon as possible.

Kanda took the folder, flipping to the front page while Allen hung about, waiting for some sort of thank you.

"A mission. With you."

Allen blinked. Damn he was tired. "That's what it says baKanda."

"What the hell are they doing pairing me with you Moyashi?"

"It's Allen" he grated out from between clenched teeth. "And it's not like I'm happy about it either."

Kanda sneered. "Why not Moyashi? It's not like you'll be doing any work."

"Allen, my name is Allen, you dick! And what the hell is that supposed to mean?" the white haired exorcist's voice grew louder as he spoke.

"Tch, shut up Moyashi, you're giving me a headache."

Allen threw his arms into the air with a frustrated noise. "Whatever. God, you're such a prick!" he rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Just read the damn folder and be ready to leave at ten tomorrow morning."

"Are you sure you'll be up in time tomorrow?" Kanda smirked. "You look dead on your feet- surely you're not so weak that such a simple mission as your last one wore you out?"

Allen spun so quickly that Kanda didn't even register the motion until after his jaw was throbbing.

"Shut the hell up Kanda, I'm not dealing with your shit right now."

"You just fucking hit me" Kanda said in something like disbelief. Not shock, never shock- he was Kanda after all. "You fucking little shit, you just fucking hit me!"

"What's the matter? Too fast for you?" Allen smirked. It was his turn to reel back as Kanda's fist met his face, over his right eye.

It descended quickly into a mad brawl, but Allen was tired, drained from his last mission, and soon found himself pressed against a wall inside Kanda's room, arms pinned above his head and Kanda glaring down at him, both panting heavily.

"You little shit" Kanda said again, pressing Allen into the wall with his body and pulling his head back by his hair. "How dare you fucking hit me!" he growled, pressing closer and looming threateningly over the smaller exorcist.

A noise that wasn't quite one of pain escaped Allen's throat as the dark haired man hung over him, and it made Kanda paused, realising how compromising their position was, his lower body cradled against the shorter man's. And Allen's body didn't seem to be complaining.

Kanda frowned when he realised that this didn't disgust him at all. Quite the opposite in fact. Interesting.

He met the challenging silver eyes and smirked. "Having problems Moyashi?"

Allen's face burned red. "Shut the hell up you asshole!" and he tried to twist away, his struggle becoming more pronounced when the grip on his wrists and hair didn't slacken.

And then Kanda was kissing him and he was no longer fighting to get away but trying to free his hands to feel that hair that hung loose down Kanda's back. Something in his posture must have told Kanda that his victim was far from unwilling and he released Allen's hands in favour of undoing the smaller man's clothing while those mismatched hands flew into midnight hair, using it as a handle to direct Kanda's mouth.

Neither man could pinpoint when they became naked but neither minded as they fell upon the bed in a tangle of limbs.

By chance Kanda ended up on top. He'd not done this before, but common sense and a vague recollection of something Lenalee called 'doujins' told him that a dry run would hurt, and he didn't hate the sprout that much. Plus it would interfere with their mission. He found he wanted this, and thought that slowing down to hunt for some form of lubrication would kill the mood and make it awkward to continue, much less look each other in the eyes tomorrow. And he didn't want to seem like he cared.

God he needed this, it was intoxicating- a feeling he'd never had before- the feeling of just letting go. He sucked hard on Allen's neck, leaving a dark reddening bruise before spitting on his fingers and shoving one roughly into the man beneath them, revelling in the half-pained surprised cry the action drew, and it spurred him to add a second finger, slowing down just enough to widen the passage for a third.

There were tears running down Allen's face and they were intoxicating too, especially when he curled his fingers just so and those metallic eyes flew open and a strangled shout that was not of pain escaped him.

"Again" Allen urged, bucking onto the fingers buried within him.

God it hurt so much, but the pain was wonderful and cleansing and he'd not felt so free in such a long time it was worth going through this just to feel it.

Kanda complied willingly, wanting to see that expression again before pulling his fingers free and lining himself up, slinging Allen's legs over his shoulders and pushing the younger man's thighs back against his body as he sank in.

The grimace on Allen's face spoke of pain, but he as didn't tell Kanda to stop he pressed in fully, pausing for a moment until that expression had faded before starting to move.

Every noise and expression was perfection personified as he thrust again and again, motions frenzied and rough and just so wonderful he knew he'd do anything to feel it again.

Allen's length was hard between them, and he ran his hand along it curiously. Communal baths left little to the imagination, but he'd never touched and he found himself cataloguing each ridge of flesh. The slow teasing strokes were completely at odds with the thrusting of his body and Allen cried out as his thumb explored the head, running a calloused digit over the slit and squeezing.

Kanda grunted as it suddenly became harder to move as Allen's inner walls clenched around him with his release and the additional friction felt so good that he sped up, his motions feeling slicker now, smoother and it was so wonderful that he gave himself over to the climax, soaking up the sensation before pulling away.

He was a little concerned at the blood that mixed with the semen running down Allen's leg and glanced up at the other man.

It appeared that Allen had fallen asleep, maybe even passed out, and he remembered how tired the younger exorcist had been when he had first come to Kanda's room. He considered getting something to clean up with, but the thought of additional movement made his body ache, so he pulled the covers from the floor where they'd been kicked at some point and lay down beside the other man, covering them both. Though for him, sleep proved elusive.