It was a very hot day in Konoha, and by hot, I mean hot. It was so hot, that most of the people stayed inside, even the people that were suspose to sell things to other people. It's been a week since Naruto and Sasuke came back and about time they reached the village, the heat had tooken it's toll. So, why in the world would anybody want to come out in this heat? That question you should be asking to Hinata, the only person out. Near the woods, hinata had been practicing similar moves that she had done when she was young at the waterfall. Only, instead of drips of water, it had pieces of grass and leaves and kept attacking a tree. Again. She thought, and kept doing the moves all over again. When she got hot and tired, she took off her coat, hoping that if she had less pieces of clothing (not like that pervs), it would prevent anything from happening to her. Little did she know how wrong she was. Just as she was about to hit the tree again, a wave of pain came crashing from her head to her feet, causing her to scream and faint. Moments later, hinata woke up to see a pink-headed girl with green eyes.

"Oh thank kami you're awake!" Sakura said, smiling before she open the door and called out to the hokage.

"Hokage-sama, she's awake!" Tusande came in, smiling down at hinata. She blinked.

"Hokage-sama, what am I doing here?" She asked quietly.

"I was hoping you would tell me. Kiba and Shino heard you scream and find you laying on the ground." Tusande said. Kiba-kun? Shino-kun? Hinata looked over her side to see her teammates standing there. Kiba waved.

"So, hinata, what happened?" She asked. Hinata started to blush.

"Well, I was training and-"

"Wait, training? In this heat? Even naruto wouldn't be training!" Sakura exclaimed, causing tusande to glare at her. She covered her mouth, preventing anything else from escaping her mouth.

"Go on."

"Like I said, I was training when all of a sudden, a wave of pain came hurling from my head to my feet. That's all I know." Hinata said. Tusande thought about it.

"Hmm, it looks like you overworked youself hinata." Hinata nodded slowly. Tusande sighed. She knew hinata always trained hard, but this has gone far enough. For god's sake, it's over 90 degrees! She looked at her.

"Hinata, for two weeks you are not to train anymore, got it?" Hinata eyes went wide and just before she made a fuss, tusande continued. "At this rate, you may have gotten a stroke or even death!" That shut her up. Sakura looked at her. Hinata. She thought.

"But hokage-sama!" Kiba started to whine, but shino got to him before she could.

"Kiba, do you not understand why hinata cannot train? It's the simple fact that she might die due from the heat combined with training hard." He said. Kiba growled. Why did he always make him feel dumb?!

"I know that, but-"

"Kiba, shino's right." Hinata said, even thought she's totally against the idea. She didn't want to die, but she didn't want to give up! Kiba grunted but gave up anyways. After a few medical treatments and staying in the hospital, hinata finally recovered and was on her way home when she saw boxes and her little sister who was pushing the boxes out.

"Hibani (I know, it's wrong, I can't spell her name for shit!), what's this?" She asked. Hibani looked at her big sister with tearful eyes.

"Father's disowning you."

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