The next morning, Hinata was the first to wake up when she realize something...

This isn't my room. What the? Looking around, she realized she was in Naruto's room. Hinata blushed. He invited me in here! I'm his girlfriend! So it wasn't a dream after all. She thought, smiling slightly. A loud snore broke her from her dazed as she turned her head to see a still sleeping Naruto, who had drool falling down on the side of his face. She giggled quietly. Guess he's still sleepy. Suddenly, there a small grumble coming from Hinata's stomach and she blushed. Surprisingly, Naruto didn't wake. I guess I could make some breakfast for the two of us. She thought and with that, she went down stairs.

As soon as she got to the kitchen, she open up the cabin and pulled out some flour and then poured it into a big bowl. Then she moved to the sink and added water as she stirred up the two up. Closing her eyes, she hummed as she moved around the kitchen in a dance.

Back upstairs, Naruto stirred a little before his nose caught of wiff of something wonderful. Groaning, he open his eyes and yawned. He blinked. Where's Hina-hime? And what's that smell? He thought and sniff the air until he realized what he was smelling the scent of pancakes and bacon. He blinked again before following the the scent all the way downstairs and into the kitchen. Once there, he blinked. There was Hinata, humming a song as she dance around the kitchen like a bellerina. He stared.

Meanwhile, Hinata was too busy humming the song to notice her boyfriend staring at her at the doorway as she cracked some eggs into a clear bowl and stirred them until they were scrambled. As she continue to work her way in the kitchen, she started to sing lowly.

Aishiatte tsutaeatte motto soba de kanjitai no

Love letter from my heart

Love letter for your smile

Uchiagetai kono omoi wo

Dare no sei demo nai noni ne

Itsuka kuwakunnatte iitai kimochi kuchibiru de kakurenbo no one sided love

As she continued cooking, she did not notice the blond creeping up to her. Before she could continue, though, she gasped as she felt tight arms wrapping around her mid waist. She turned to see him smiling at her.

"Whatcha making?" He asked, childishly. She giggled at that.

"Pancakes, eggs, and bacon. You were too busy sleeping, so I decided to get a headstart." Naruto hummed before snuzzling her cheek. Hinata ignore this, though, and continued to cook and sing.

Tomori hajimeru machiakari suki to MAIRU ni shite

Pikapika no hikari ni no sa kimi ni todokitai no ni

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed. It's times like this that made Naruto wished he'd notice Hinata earlier. She was so sweet and loving, it's impossible to hate her.

Aishiatte tsutaeatte motto soba de kanjitai no

Love letters from my heart

Love letters to your smile

Uchiagetai kono omoi wo

Finishing the breakfast, Hinata sighed and held up the plate with sparkling eyes.

"Well?" She asked, looking at Naruto. Naruto blinked at her.

"Hinata, I had your cooking."

"I know, but it's been a while since then. I want to see if I still got it." She said, pushing the plate to him. Naruto sighed before taking a bite, and smiled, blue eyes glittering.

"It's still as awesome as ever! Thanks Hina!" With that, Naruto nearly shoved the whole thing into his mouth. Hinata sighed as she looked at him, small smile forming on her face. Some things will never change. I'm glad for that. She thought, still smiling. Naruto looked at her.

"Aren't you gonna eat, Hinata-hime?" He asked. She just tilted her head cutely.

"I'm not hungry. You can have it, if you want." Suddenly, her stomach growled, causing her to blush (Translation: No you don't girl! He ate! We didn't! I'm HUNGRY!). Naruto chuckled as she stuff a tiny bit of scrambled eggs into her mouth.

"It's alright, Hina-chan. You don't have to feel embarrassed around me." Hinata looked at him shyly before continuing to eat, this time a bit more faster.

"So, we're going this time?" He asked. Hinata thought about it.

"Well, I think me and my team have a mission today. To Suna Village, I think." She said.

"Suna? You mean where Gaara is? Aww, I wonder if I can go. I haven't seen him since."

"Well, apparently, there's something strange going on. People are mysteriously disappearing in the village, and Gaara wants to find the person who is responsible and bring him to justice. The only problem is that this person seems to escape his sand jutsu, so I'm guessing this guy knows Gaara or the Sand Village well." She said. Naruto tensed.

"It can't be the Akatsuki, is it? I thought those guys are dead." (Which is sad, cause I really liked them T.T) He said, remembering the last time an Akatsuki member entered Suna. He almost lost Gaara.

"I don't think so. We haven't heard from them in a long time. Well, anyways, Gaara wants us to help him with this and Tsunade wants us to help them." Hinata said, picking up the plate. "I should go right now. Can you wash the dishes for me while I'm gone?" Naruto nodded.

"Sure, but you might wanna change your clothes." Hinata looked at the same clothes she was wearing from last night and blushed.

"Yeah. Gotta go, see you later Naruto-kun!" With that, she went upstairs to change. Naruto stared at the dishes. He had never washed dishes before (How did he live so long?), but it couldn't be hard, could it?

(A Minute Later)

"Oh, come on! It was in here somewhere!"

Hinata blinked at the comment before looking into the kitchen to see a sink full of bubble spuds and water. Lots and lots of water. She couldn't help it, she laughed. Naruto, spooked, looked at her and huffed.

"It's not funny, shouldn't you be going?" Hinata lowered her voice to a giggle.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you later, don't destroy the house!" Naruto narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

"I won't!" Hinata just laughed and walked out the door and turning to the Hokage Tower.