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Key: "Speech" "OtherLanguage" "Thought"

Title: Slytherin Harry and The Goblet of Fire



"It's time out!" yelled Bagman's voice. "As trained medi-wizards hurry onto the pitch to examine Aidan Lynch!" - Taken from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, Page 98.


A pair of omnioculars lowered from bright green eyes and a pale hand came up and brushed a loose pitch black hair out of his face. The boy sat tall in his seat even though if he stood he would only be about five foot five. He was dressed in the traditional black wizards robe like most of the people around him, although most people didn't have their traditional robes made from the finest Egyptian cotton's and silks money could buy. His handsome face was marred only by a lightning bolt shaped scar on it forehead and the small smirk he currently sported as he watched the medical team tend to the downed Irish seeker.

It was far to obvious to him that Krum was fainting but obviously not to the now downed Lynch, Krum was no doubt using the time to search for the snitch unimpeded. Green eyes glanced to his left to see that the boy next to him had also found that last exchange amusing. Like him the boy was dressed in a simple but expensive robe. His brown eyes glanced slightly his way but it was enough for him to know that he too found this match dreadfully predictable. His short black hair was the same pitch black colour as his own but it didn't stand out nearly as much, against his tanned skin.

The boy next to him, Blaise Zabini, his best friend he had made on the train ride in first year and the one he had received the invite to this little match from. He couldn't really remember how they had become friends, something had just clicked between the two of them and had only gotten stronger since then. The fact that both of them could speak Italian had been a nice thing to discover, that and the fact that they both shared the same disdain for a certain blonde ponce.

The green eyed boy glanced back to the game as the medics left the field and watched Lynch make his way back into the sky. He already knew how this game was going to end. The Irish chasers were far to good for their Bulgarian opposites, so it was obvious that Krum was going to catch the snitch and end the game on his own terms to salvage some of Bulgaria's pride. He watched as Lynch once again crashed into the ground and sighed with boredom. Lifting his omnioculars back to his eyes he began to browse the crowd only stopping every now and then as he found people he recognised from school.

He turned his attention up to the V.I.P box, he wasn't surprised to see the Malfoy's sitting next to Fudge and his Bulgarian counter part. 'No doubt Malfoy senior bribed Fudge with a so called 'donation' to get there' He felt his eyebrow twitch with annoyance as the Malfoy heir openly laughed about the Irish seekers plight.'He's forgetting rule six again. In public a Slytherin must keep their emotions well hidden at all times, as people can and will use them against you. I would of thought Malfoy would know this by now, then again we don't refer to him as the failure of Slytherin for nothing.'

He didn't like Draco Malfoy at all. As far as he was concerned the boy was everything that was wrong with the once great Slytherin house, since he was about as anti-Slytherin as one could get. Sure he had ambition, even if it was just to be a boot liker, but he was too arrogant and he foolishly charged into everything without planning it properly, like some stupid Gryffindor. Malfoy was lucky that everyone in the Slytherin dungeon got their own rooms, as if he had to share a dorm like the other houses he would have killed him by now. Been in Slytherin was a hard place to be with background politics and posturing. It didn't need an arrogant little git strutting around like he owned the place and making people think all Slytherin's were evil, hell if it wasn't for the fact the his father was one of Voldemort's inner circle Draco wouldn't even be in the pecking order. He had noted last year that some of his and the lower years had begun calling him The Dark Prince of Slytherin, helping to inflate his already massive ego further, of course the older ones hadn't called him that they'd seen what he was doing around the school and changed the Dark Prince bit to Failure.

He caught the disgusted look Malfoy sent to his left and moved his omnioculars to see what had caused it. He was very surprised to see a whole row of red haired Weasley's sitting there enjoying the game. 'I wonder who Weasley senior had to blow to get those tickets' he though idly as he moved his eyes from one red head to the next finally stopping at one, Ronald Weasley, the only person he and Malfoy had a mutual dislike of.

It had stared off alright, they had stood next to each other in the line at the sorting and had made pleasant conversation, he had even managed to ignore the envious looks the boy took at his robes. However the next time he had seen him after he was sorted the boy had called him a traitor to Gryffindor house and said the he would be the next Dark Lord. After that he had decided that Ron Weasley was an absolute idiot and took every chance he could get to tell him so, much to Weasley's chagrin. 'Though it is highly amusing to see how red he goes.'

However Weasley's dislike of him only grew after the end of their second year. He had ended up saving the youngest Weasley, 'Gerry I think?' from been killed by a young Tom Riddle. After which he had ended up incurring a life debt from the Weasley's. Something Ronald wasn't happy about at all, what made it worse for him was that he didn't know when it would be called in. Like the Sword of Damocles over his and his family's head. 'The funny thing is, that I have no real intention of using it since it's one of the lesser life debts I have.' The only real problem after gaining the life debt was that the youngest Weasley had begun to follow him around thinking he was her knight in shining armour. 'Well she did think that till I told her two days later to fuck off in the middle of dinner.'

It was that that had sealed his on title as The Grey Prince of Slytherin much to his personal chagrin and his friends amusement. A prince that would rescue the princess, occasionally using dubious means and then when she had been saved and fallen in love with her rescuer, would shatter her heart. He had already done something similar in his first year when he had saved a young muggle-born from a troll. She had then pestered him for a month till he snapped and told her to get a fucking life. 'Note to self, I have an experimental potion that I need to test and Granger would make an interesting subject.'

A collective intake of breath made him move his omnioculars back to the action just in time to see Krum catch the snitch. Lowering his omnioculars, he turned to Blaise and spoke to him in rapid Italian. "Well that was boring, I told you how it would end so you now owe me something new for my collection."

"*sigh*Fine" said Blaise, his voice a deep baritone. "But nothing to expensive and don't blame me if it gets destroyed again."

He waved him off. "That's fine. Do you want to head back to the tents now to avoid everyone? After all the only funny thing that could happen is Weasley having an orgasm over the fact that he's in the same room as Krum."

Blaise Laughed "I did notice he was up there after I saw Malfoy look like someone told him his family was destitute." He stood. "Come on Potter lets go before the youngest Weasley comes after you again."

Harry Potter gave an exaggerated shudder. "Like hell that'll happen. Next time I won't be as nice as to just tell her to fuck off." He too stood and they both made their way to the exit ignoring the cheering that followed them. "Besides little Ronald wouldn't allow that, It's the only good use I've found for him so far."

Blaise smirked. "What about as cannon fodder?"

Harry laughed "That Too."


Bang! The ground shook jolting Harry awake, he quickly got up and grabbed his wand and wrapped himself in his dressing gown. Opening up his tent he was surprised to see fire and loud shouts and screams coming from the Bulgarian tents. He looked to his right to see Blaise coming out of his tent wand in hand. "I don't think that's a bonfire gone wrong, do you?"

Harry shook his head. "No, I don't think so either." He watched as everyone around them began to scream and run away. 'Stupid sheeple.'

"Should we go?" Blaise nodded his head towards the fire.

Harry shook his head again. "No, it's better if we head to the forest and watched. We are still technically under-age and not ready yet so no need to show our hand, let the adults handle it." with that he took off towards the woods with Blaise following after him.

Going into the woods a little way they ducked down behind some trees so they could still see what was going on. Harry watched in disgust as a small amount of people dressed in Death Eater attire began going passed their position setting fire to tents and juggling a couple of muggles. Out the corner of his eye he spotted a head of platinum blonde hair hidden just a few meters away from them.

He tapped Blaise on the shoulder and pointed, before mouthing. "You reckon his mother and father are with those lot?" He received a nod of agreement before the people they were watching suddenly apparated away leaving three very sick looking muggles. He felt Blaise tug at his sleeve and turned to see him pointing up. Following his finger to the night sky, there against the black was a giant green skull with a snake intertwining with it. "The Dark Mark." he whispered to Blaise, who nodded before saying they should get back to their tents. 'I wonder if this is a sign of another interesting year to come?"