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Key: "Speech" "OtherLanguage" "Thought"

Title: Slytherin Harry and The Goblet of Fire

Chapter one

The Hogwarts express had very few traditions but the only one that was followed was that the first two compartments of the train were reserved for any teachers on the train and for the prefects to have their meeting in. However for the past three years, much to the prefects annoyance, their meeting compartment was locked and the windows blacked out with spells none of them had ever heard of, much less could undo. So when they boarded the train and found the compartment like that once again they just sighed and moved into the teachers compartment without any fuss.

Harry watched in amusement as the prefects entered the other compartment, at least this time there was no hour long session of Weasley knocking on the door repeatedly and demanding that they leave or else he would tell the teachers. Moving his eyes away from the mildly annoyed prefect, he glanced at Blaise only to see his amusement been directed at the people sitting next too him. Looking at them Harry rolled his eyes. 'Must they do this everytime?'

Tracy Davis was the only daughter of the Davis family and unfortunately for her she had inherited her height from her mother putting her at only five foot two inches tall, add in her long brown hair and violet eyes and she looked a lot like a pixie. However as many a fool had found out, if you called her that to her face she'd show you exactly why she was second in their year when it came to academics. He'd been introduced to her through Blaise after been sorted and had quickly become friends with her and her best friend.

Flicking his eyes over to the other person he couldn't help but marvel at the difference between her and Tracy. Daphne Greengrass redefined the term pure-blood princess, even now at fourteen you could tell that she would become a beautiful woman. Her almost perfect face was framed by a head of honey blonde hair that made her ice blue eyes stand out even more. She unlike Tracy and much to his own silent annoyance, himself, was tall at around five foot seven inches and was starting to bloom.'Though no were near Megan Jones' He thought absently. She looked like a stereotypical air-headed blonde but she wasn't known to the school at large as the Ice Princess for nothing, however her nickname was mostly due to the fact that she had turned each and every person who had asked her out she had turned down. Her nickname had been cemented when in third year she'd pulled a Ravenclaw fifth years arm out of it socket after he had called her a stupid bimbo because she had turned him down in front of his friends.

Right now they were both glaring holes at the last person in the compartment. Deliberately Harry moved his hand and started stroking her hair, making the glares intensify by ten.

Su Li looked like your typical Japanese girl with long straight black hair, deep almost black, brown eyes and was the only person in their year that was smaller than Tracy at four foot ten. However she was probably the strongest duellist in the compartment and could give Tracy a run for her money when it came to academics. Harry had met her in his second year when he had found her been attacked by an older Slytherin and had ended up saving her by shattering her attackers knee and stunning him. 'Montague hasn't walked properly since' However unlike the other girls he'd saved she hadn't gotten all fan-girlish. She had simply said a politely thank you and walked away. It wasn't until he was in the Forbidden Forest and was attacked by Hagrid's so called pet Acromantula's that he found out that she could duel extraordinarily well and when that was over she had simply declared herself as his servant, much to his shock.'Though I think she'd watched a bit to much Fate/Stay Night beforehand.' he chuckled under his breath, mentally recalling the scene.


Harry watched entranced as the small girl weaved in and out of attacks, there was the occasional flash of a blade as it sliced through a spider while another was felled by a well placed spell that Harry didn't know, to is unprotected underbelly. Harry couldn't believe his eyes, he considered himself proficient with magic and decent enough with a blade since Blaise had started teaching him but this dance of death was so far above his and Blaise's level it wasn't funny. The Acromantula's that had been so quick to attack him and once she had shown up, her as well, had begun to retreat in realisation that this was one battle they could not win.

Once they had left she had stood in front of him, her face and clothes splattered with blood, her mouth set into a small comforting smile as moonlight illuminated her form from behind making her look like one of deaths angels and said. "I ask of you, are you my Master?"

(Flashback ends)

From that point on she had become part of their little group and he had stayed with her family a couple of times during the summer. Seeing that Tracy and Daphne's glares weren't letting up he sighed. "You two know the rules, it's first come first serve." seeing their glares move to him he shook his head. "You both know that's not going to work on me. If you had turned up earlier..." he saw them open their mouths to argue and cut them off. "The excuse that dad slept in" he glanced at Tracy who's mouth clicked shut, before moving his eyes to Daphne. "Or that Astoria was been a brat aren't going to change anything."

They both still looked ready to argue until Blaise interrupted by chuckling drawing everyone's attention to him. "While I'm enjoying the show I remember that I owe you something."

Green eyes widened in involuntary shock before slipping into a glare. "Blaise" Harry said warningly only to get a smug smile in return. "don't you dare."

"Oh but I have to Harry, I have to." a tanned hand handed him a magazine that Harry quickly banished to his trunk before Tracy or Daphne could use the wands they'd suddenly materialised out of nowhere.

Harry sighed in annoyance and lay back slightly before glaring at Blaise. "Don't glare at me, what on earth you need a porn collection for when you have these three is beyond me."

"It's not porn." Harry snapped before calming himself by stroking Su's hair again. "It's art." seeing Blaise's disbelieving stare and the girls open their mouths to argue he cut them off before he received a verbal beat down. "But that's an argument for another time for now let get changed were almost there."


Harry absently listened in as the new first years were sorted, clapping when appropriate and keeping all emotion but apathy of his face while trying not to laugh at the still soaking Ronald Weasley who was now extra soaking thanks to Peeves. Looking at the staff table he was surprised to see an empty space. 'Looks like the new defence professors late or they couldn't find one.' He took a quick look at the sour faced Professor Snape before looking back at the sorting.'Judging by the look on Snape's face he's not our defence Professor which means their late.'Harry's thoughts derailed as all the house tables erupted in noise only to suddenly be silenced as the great hall doors slammed open revealing a hunched man leaning on a staff and judging by the clunking sound he made as he walked up to the teachers table he had a wooden leg.'and theirs only one person I know in the wizarding world with a wooden leg.' The hunched figure was suddenly illuminated to reveal the grizzled face and magical electric blue eye of Mad-Eye Moody. 'I have to give Dumbledore some credit, he actually found us a decent teacher for a change.'

"It looks like Dumbledore got his head out his arse and found us a proper teacher for a change."

Giving Blaise an amused nod for mirroring his thoughts Harry went back to watching the faces of the other students as the Headmaster told them about the Tri-Wizard tournament. 'Looks like the twins and Ronald are going to enter.' looking down the Slytherin table he could see Malfoy whispering to his two book ends and pug like girlfriend. 'Looks like that twits going to try and enter as well, hopefully this will give me some form of amusement this year.' Feeling a poke in his side he turned only to find a note next to him.


We need to talk about this, tonight in your room.



Harry sat comfortably on his bed with Daphne and Tracy snuggled either side of him as Blaise pulled up a seat. One of the bonus's of been in Slytherin house was that due to the fact the Slytherin common room was in the dungeons there was plenty of space available for every student to have their own little room. Admittedly it wasn't much of a room just a double bed, a desk, a comfy chair and an enchanted window that changed to reflect the time of day and the weather outside, still it was a nice private area to escape to. The only real rule about them was that first and second years weren't allowed to have anyone in their room after ten pm, something Snape and the Slytherin prefects enforced thoroughly.

"So why did you walk to talk about this? We're all to young to compete..." he trailed off at the looks of worry on Tracy's face and the looks of exasperation on Daphne and Blaise's.

"Harry" Tracy said softly. "we're worried because of this tournament because knowing everything that's happened these past couple of years to you..." she trailed off.

Daphne sighed and looked at him. "Basically Harry knowing your luck your going to get dragged into this like it or not. So we want you to prepare for this eventuality."

"I had a feeling something like this was going to happen this year." Harry sighed tiredly and lightly brushed his finger through Tracy's hair. "The one time I think I can rest a little and watch others making fools of themselves." He glanced over to the up till now silent Blaise. "Has she said anything?"

Blaise nodded with an amused grin and handed him another note. "She gave me that before we came into the hall."

Harry looked at it and half smiled, all it said was I hope you win Harry Potter."Well if she says I'm going to be in this, I'm going to be in it I suppose." Sighing he moved his hand from Tracy's hair to his own. "Looks like I'll get to show case our training a little earlier than we had planned, of course we'll have to step up our game in the mean time. You three do realise that if I do get entered into this your going to get some flack for just been my friends?"

Daphne flashed him a predatory grin. "We know but in case you've forgotten we can protect our selves quite well."

"And people know not to target Su after last time." Tracy piped in absently stroking his stomach "and no one knows that you and her are friends, so she's safe. All that's left are the unknowns that are the tasks, how your going to get put into the tournament, who's going to put you in the tournament, why their going to put you in it and who the other competitors are going to be."

He smiled at her and lightly traced his fingers up her arm. "Blaise can you and Daphne look into who might be competing against me from here, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons?"

Blaise shrugged as he and Daphne stood up and dusted themselves down. "Sure, but Tracy would be able to find out these things easier than we would with her mums access to records and what not."

Harry grinned as his hand came to rest on one of Tracy's breasts. "She'll help in the morning but tonight she's going to be rather busy tonight." Tracy blushed tomato red ignoring Blaise's chuckles and the muttered "Lucky bitch" from Daphne as she shut the door.


Breakfast the next morning was filled with nervous excitement from the first years wondering what they would be doing in their first actual day of school. Normal Harry would sit and listen in to all the wild ideas they would have and pass the most amusing ones to Blaise but today he had his attention fixed across the table where Daphne and Tracy were whispering to each other with the occasional glance in his direction. It was something they had started doing since he had started sleeping with them at the end of last year and much to his annoyance he'd never been able to find out what they talked about and it made him, much to their silent amusement, slightly paranoid.

Loud rustling brought him out of his paranoia as hundreds of owls came soaring through the windows. Looking closely he didn't see any white among the mass of browns and greys and instead watched as Longbottom was given a parcel by a large tawny owl, no doubt something he'd forgotten to pack again. Looking down the table he saw Malfoy take his usual supply of sweets and cakes like a spoilt child. Shaking his head slightly to clear the image off Malfoy in a high chair with two missing front teeth while crying because he wasn't allowed any more sweets, he glanced at his timetable. 'Hmm, Charms first with the Ravens, followed by Care with the idiots and finishing up with double Arithmancy all in all not a bad day.'


Charms was over quickly since all Flitwick had had them do was go over the last three years of spells to see how they were doing and naturally the only people still struggling were Crabbe and Goyle. The walk down to Care was done slowly and with a slight nervousness especially since it was Hagrid teaching them, that trepidation increased when, as the approached Hagrid's hut Lavender Brown squealed "Eurgh" loudly and jumped backwards from the wooded crate she was looking in.

Looking in the crate Harry could see why she'd recoiled and could hear Daphne, Blaise and Tracy echoing her sentiments, after all 'Eurgh' summed up these Blast-Ended Skrewts rather well. Each one looked like some sort of deformed, pale, slimy-looking lobster. They gave off a powerful reek of rotting fish and ever now and then one of the hundred or so in the crate would give off sparks and fly forward hitting the sides of the boxes.

Harry only half listened as Hagrid blabbed on about these things and chuckled mentally at Granger's rebuke to Malfoy as she too looked like she'd rather kill the beasts than raise them.


Harry settled into his seat in the Arithmancy class room with Su next to him far closer than most people would be comfortable with. Arithmancy, while not one of his favourite lessons, was quite interesting in that it could be applied, with the help of Runes into creating spells, something he had begun looking into last year. It was also the only class he and Su had alone together. A fact that they both took full advantage of with little rubs on the shoulder and legs as well as the occasional grope her and there when even Professor Vectors back was turned. It was also amusing to watch Granger's face as she caught this flirting and started getting redder and redder as the class went on, so far they hadn't caused her to crack but Harry thought they would eventually.

Chuckling mentally at the idea of a raving Hermione Granger shouting in the middle of class to stop doing indecent things Harry kissed Su goodbye before starting to head towards the Great Hall only to stop as a loud voice rang out behind him.

"Oi, Weasley!"

Rolling his eyes in annoyance Harry Watched as Malfoy stood with Crabbe and Goyle looking immensely pleased about about something he'd found in the Daily Prophet. Harry sighed as he listened to Malfoy read verbatim from it about the fact that Weasley Senior had been forced to modify several memories after Moody had raised a fuss and speaking of Moody. Harry watched as Malfoy suddenly became a pure white ferret and Moody proceeded to bounce him round the room until Professor McGonagall put a stop to it. Masking his joy from the world he walked towards his friends part of him wondering where to find a Pensieve the other part now thoroughly looking forward to Defence.

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