Writer's note-I do not own clover field or its characters

As me and my brothers and sisters fall off our host I saw soldiers firing at us, I scurried behind a dumpster to avoid the bullets. As I peek around the corner I see one of my brothers mauling a man while an other sibling was attacking a soldier. Our hosts let out a roar and continued to rampage through Manhattan. I came out from behind the dumpster and followed several brothers and sisters as we moved down the street. People lied dead or dying in the streets, buildings were on fire or destroyed by our host.

Smoke was in the air, I looked around nervously at the buildings this city was huge, we finally came to an electronic store we could hear some people in side. One brother hissed angrily and gave us orders to break down the door; two brothers then slammed into the door followed by three of my sisters and one more brother. As soon as the door collapsed we swarmed humans had some weapons but most were unarmed. One sister took a bullet to the head but the brother to my left leaped on to the man and tore hisThroat out with his pincers. It was all happening so fast I felt fatigued.

I saw a woman ripped apart by two sisters while the brother in charge leaped on to a man and bit down on his throat. I scurried around the store trying to avoid the bodies falling to the ground or trying not to get hit by a human, I sniffed the air; something sweet filled my nostrils it smelled so good I never smelled any thing like it; I kept moving looking for the thing that smelled so good. I came around a corner when I spotted what was left of the store his hand he had something brown and in a wrapper, I went up to it and gave it a sniff this was it. On the wrapper I could make out the bold lettersHERSHEY, I licked my lips and gave it a nip I never tasted ant thing like it.

After I consumed the entire thing, I looked around my brothers and sisters were gone, I then ran out the store and hurried down the street and called outFor them. I waited no response, tried again and still no response. I could here screams and gunfire, I yelped as two M1A1 Abrams tanks passed by and took cover behind a car and continued to watch, the two tanks were followed by about forty marines and six LAV-M mortar carriers, I looked up at the sky was shocked to see twenty AH-1W super cobras, as the human troops past I ran out of my hiding spot and continued to look for the others. I had reached a book store when I heard crying.