*this is through roberto's eyes*

i knew this was suicide as we ran out of the mcdonald's. that monster was roaming out there somewhere causing all sorts of hell, i checked to make sure my M249 was in working order. it still had at least forty more shots before i needed reload the bloody thing and ammo was a problem, i only had three extra clips before this gun was useless but i hoped we would get out of here by then, rachel and that parasite seemed to like eachwrecked cars other since it didn't try to attack us i was willing to give it a chance. as we ran down the road we saw all the devsatation this thing had done.

"hurry up!" sam cried impatiently, i could tell he really wanted to get out of here bad, we searched for a working vehicle for at least an hour but we still couldn,t find one. rachel and the friendly parasite who she named hershey just slumped against a wrecked car, i could see tears forming in rachel,s eyes and hershey just let out a soft sad whimper. "we aren,t going to make it are we?" she sobbed, i coulnd,t help feel sorry for her she lost her parents in the intial attack and she was so scared, i tried to tell her everything would be okay but suddenly sam screamed "roberto!, we company!!!!". i whipped around to see more of hershey's kin right behind us." eat shit and die!" i screamed as i let out a short burst of gunfire, the rounds tore through the first three like butter. "come get some!" i heard sam cry as he fired his M16,, shooting down four more parasites. as i continued to fire short round bursts one of the parasites lunged for me, i quickly batted it away and placed a round in it"s head ending it,s life.

" roberto we need to go!" sam yelled as he kicked a parasite away, rachel who was pulled onto her feet by sam began to run with hershey right behind her followed by sam. "fuck!" i cursed as i shot more of the bastards down and ran after them, i could hear them gaining on us" we are so fucked!" i yelled. i continued running not wanting to look back, i felt my heart pounding like a drum, suddenly rachel tripped and fell , " aw, fuck it" i said to my self and fired at the horde behind us, i managed to kill several more before i heard the click of my gun meaning the clip was empty "shit!!!" i cursed as one of them lunged at my face. luckily sam shot it square in the head and yelled again" hurry up!". picking up the pace i continued to run, i never ran so hard in my life, my limbs started to burn, i thought we were not going to make it......

to be continued